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  • atlantathrashers atlantathrashers Jul 25, 2003 10:43 AM Flag

    Last year earnings.........

    for this quarter was released on August 14th. Expect the same time frame for this year and earnings of around 10 to 14 cents. The time is now for this baby to hit the roof.

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    • Maybe Featherlite will show some earnings, maybe it will show another loss. But earnings, or lack thereof, are possibly irrelevant. Two potentially bigger issues have the potential to have a major negative impact on this company and this stock. These issues have been raised on this board previously, but bear repeating lest anyone thinks this stock is a good potential investment.

      According to Featherlite's own SEC filings, on July 31, Featherlite has a payment of probably more than $10 million due to GE Capital to reduce its inventory financing on overage units. Almost certainly, Featherlite doesn't have the cash to pay. Unless this debt can be renegotiated (and it appears that this is going down to the wire, as no announcement has yet been made), Featherlite will be insolvent once this repayment becomes due. If GE Capital forecloses on the loan, as would be their option to do, the party is probably over. Foreclosure is not a forgone conclusion, as GE Capital may not want to take ownership of Featherlite's inventory. But GE's options are limited.

      The second issue, which may not become critical in the near term but will certainly raise huge questions down the road, is Universal Luxury Coaches, an LLC owned by Conrad Clements, Tracy Clements, Eric Clements, and James Wooley, all key executives of Featherlite. The relationship between Featherlite and Universal Luxury Coaches puts these Featherlite executives in a huge conflict of interest. Universal Luxury Coaches presents the opportunity to negotiate transactions that would move large sums of money out of Featherlite into the LLC, to the personal benefit of these Featherlite executives and the detriment of Featherlite's stockholders, in ways that would be difficult for even the auditors to accurately track. In my opinion, Featherlite's auditors will have to identify this situation as completely unacceptable and disclose it publicly, with possible SEC interest and action.

      A few cents earnings or a few cents loss? It may make no difference.

    • CON, (or one of his few remaining cheerleaders) GIVE IT A FU@KING REST! No one on here with even half a brain believes the crap you spew. The only thing going through the roof is CON's airplane into the State Pen!