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  • ramcba ramcba May 10, 1999 10:16 PM Flag

    22% increase

    Only good if you got in on the bottom. Just seems
    to be core amount of posters out here for VTA. Not
    sure if the message gets through to VTA at large.
    don't know, I'm glad I got in early and move bit on
    eBay. Makes up for the VTA pain.
    Have you positioned
    yourself with some of the brokers listed on the market
    that sell insurance? Some opportunities coming up

    Nighters all!

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    • i'm not fretting over this new rating and neither
      is the market as is evident by the recent slight
      upward price movement even after they were downgraded by
      am best...reasons:

      earnings for the quarter
      are expected to be positive....this should help vta
      get back to a b+ or b++..

      they won't lose much
      homeowner renewal business even if the mtge won't accept a
      b rating....reason: the mtges are so inept at
      keeping track of insurance company ratings that they
      won't even question the b rating...

      increase in
      homeowner rates will not lead to people
      shopping...insured's just don't watch their homeowner rates....most
      are escrow billed and are never shopped regardles of
      price.....people shop auto...

      an auto increase of say, 10%
      may cause a loss of 10% of a book of business.....not
      a bad deal....less exposure and you get the same
      premium...this is a good thing...

      agents will take their
      time to roll their books, if they do it at
      all.....rolling a book is a real nightmare and even if they want
      to go thru the rollover hell, it takes a good four
      to eight months to set up a rollover...

      business....there won't be much until confidence is resored in

      my forcast.....decent earnings this
      upgrade by am increase in stock price to
      <<<insert your hype driven price
      here>>>>......a sale of the company to a moderate sized regional
      carrier within the next 12 months...

      good luck to


      • 1 Reply to CudaHadaV7
      • I just voted my 90K shares (1/2 of 1% of
        outstanding) witholding authority for Norman Gayle.

        Poorstreets I think you have the balls to withhold authority.
        I voted @ It took 2 minutes to do. I
        have more than one account with VTA shares. The first
        four digits of the twelve digit control # start with
        1792. If one has mucho time on your hands, you could go
        through the 10 million 8 digit combinations in order to
        withhold authority on a majority of shares.

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