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  • robertnupstatecarolina robertnupstatecarolina Nov 23, 2010 9:38 PM Flag

    Why is the market down on a day like today!

    You are right about that. Obama is out to destroy America and I believe it is deliberate and intentional. The Muslim Dictator hates America.

    1 billion dollars a day is what the United States spends to purchase foreign oil. In 2008 the last year before the recession we spent 700 billion dollars to purchase foreign oil.

    Imagine if the government allowed us to go full speed ahead with domestic oil/gas drilling. Look at the thousands of jobs that would be created and the tax revenue that would go to rebuild our infrastructure, roads and bridges and also help pay off our 1 trillion dollar debt we owe China.

    It doesn't take rocket science to figure out that if all your money is going out of the country to purchase foreign goods, including oil, that we will eventually go bankrupt.

    I personally make about 10 phone calls a day to our elected officials on capital to push for more domestic drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and other areas of the U.S. too.

    I urge all Hero share holders to call your elected officials. Have you ever heard the squeaky wheel gets the grease first?

    Well the more we squeak the more they will start to listen. They work for us and should be held accountable.

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