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  • texastwitter texastwitter Jun 10, 2011 1:49 PM Flag

    Not Bad !!

    With the S&P down 21 points and HERO only down 3-3.5%. I really believe we are finding a bottom.If you are wanting to add sharesor start a new position,I would do it in the next couple of days.

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    • U.S. Spent $41.7 Billion on Foreign Oil in Month of May
      Posted by admin on June 8th, 2011
      June 08, 2011 02:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time

      Billions Spent on OPEC Oil the Height of Fiscal Irresponsibility,
      Subsidy for Terrorism

      OPEC Decision to Keep Production Levels Constant and Oil Prices High
      Reinforces Need to Get on Our Own Resources

      Pickens Urges Congress to Pass Bi-Partisan NAT GAS Act

      DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In his monthly update on the level of foreign oil imports in the U.S.,
      energy expert T. Boone Pickens said that based on the latest figures
      from the Federal Reserve Economic Database, the U.S. imported 62 percent
      of its oil, or 362 million barrels in May 2011, sending approximately
      $ 41.7 billion, or $ 934,357.63 per minute, to foreign countries.

      “In a time of great
      economic turmoil, our crippling dependence on OPEC oil represents the
      height of fiscal irresponsibility – particularly when we have the
      ability to use our own vast domestic natural gas resources.”
      “The oil import numbers continue to be astronomical and our country
      continues to suffer as a result,” said Pickens. “In a time of great
      economic turmoil, our crippling dependence on OPEC oil represents the
      height of fiscal irresponsibility – particularly when we have the
      ability to use our own vast domestic natural gas resources.”

      “OPEC’s dangerous decision today to keep production levels constant and
      thereby keeping oil prices high reinforces the need to get on our own
      resources if we seriously want to address the ongoing price volatility
      and address our national security concerns.”

      “The NAT GAS Act (H.R. 1380) represents a rare opportunity to effect
      real change in America, which is why the legislation has garnered such
      tremendous bi-partisan support. We now have 84 Republican and 106
      Democratic representatives co-sponsoring the legislation because they
      realize we must act now. The NAT GAS Act provides a real path for
      Congress to enhance national security, create American jobs, and improve
      our economy and environment. We simply cannot afford to let this
      opportunity go to waste.”

      The NAT GAS Act (H.R. 1380) encourages the use of domestic natural gas
      to fuel heavy-duty vehicles, simultaneously improving our national
      security and strengthening our economy. The legislation, introduced in
      the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressman John Sullivan (R-OK),
      Congressman Dan Boren (D-OK), Congressman John Larson (D-CT) and
      Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX), currently has 190 bipartisan co-sponsors
      from across the country – that includes Tea Party members from the
      Republican Study Committee; the Black Caucus; and, the Blue Dog
      Coalition. Additionally, President Barack Obama has declared his support
      for using natural gas to wean America off OPEC oil and secure our energy
      future. The Pickens Plan to encourage more heavy-duty vehicles to run on
      domestic resources is included in the NAT GAS Act.

      About the Pickens Plan

      Unveiled on July 8, 2008 by T. Boone Pickens, the Pickens Plan is a
      detailed solution for ending the United States’ growing dependence on
      foreign oil. That year, when oil prices reached $ 140/barrel, America was
      spending about $ 700 billion for foreign oil, equaling the greatest
      transfer of wealth in history. That figure has decreased some while oil
      prices have retreated, but the U.S. is still dependent on foreign
      nations for nearly 70 percent of its oil, representing a continuing
      national security and national economic threat. The plan calls for
      expanding the use of domestic renewable resources, such as wind and
      solar, in power generation and using our abundant supplies of natural
      gas as a transportation fuel alternative to OPEC oil.

    • I agree with Tex & Rafay11, in a few months we will look back on all this, and say....WOW, I'm sure glad I held on to Hero. Soon we will see profit at the bottom line, and for those who are not on board now, well they will have missed the boat.

      Not to brag on myself, and it does require some work on my part, but I make it a point to call at least 20 congressman or senators every week, and ask them to vote yes for "The Natural Gas Act". This will have a positive impact on the increase in business for Hero. I hope you guys will join me and help put some pressure on our elected officials on capital hill.

      Last I heard they're were 190 sponcers for the "The Natural Gas Act" and when they get 210 sponcers, they will take a vote, and I'm hearing the bill is getting support on both sides of the isle, Democrats and republicans are for it. Cross your fingers that we get good news soon.

    • Hold on - I am having my heart resuscitated! Did you just say something positive? Holy Moly! Now,did that not feel good?!

      Well ,what was your reason for buying? Speculating? If so,well the odds are even better. You yourslf said this company is undervalued with the Seahawk fleet! You are just skiddish of the over-all market,like alot of folks. Yes,I am alittle skiddish too.But not as much as others. We are in a pull-back mode period.Within two,three weeks everyone is going to be talking how great stocks are again.Seen this movie play out many times over the years.If you think we are headed to a 2008 crisis,there is no way! You have a President who is going to do anything and everything to get votes,even if that means back-tracking some of his stupid decisions.(not it will matter.GOP will take office in 2012)

      Hang in there! HERO will be fine!

    • Started buying in the 4's at the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010. I added more as we fell and my last purchase was 4000 shares at 2.30. I wanted to hold until the company returned to profitability but it's just quarter after quarter of losses. The next quarter should look good with the added rigs from HAWK but those numbers won't come out until the end of August. It's hard to tell where the stock will be then.

    • tex buddy things are looking good from here GOM will open pretty soon they are issuing permit more fast more pressure on gov.they have to creat jobs bring down oil price very soon drill baby drill in GOM and hero will fly from there could be few weeks or monts but they have no choice election is not far

    • At what price did you first get in at? if you dont mind me asking.

    • No, I just sold 2000 shares to reduce my margin debit to 0. No need to pay interest on top of losing money every day.

    • Did not call you a liar.But you did say you sold some the other day.Did you sell all of it?

    • So when HERO went from $2 to $7 in about six months ,the dow was suppose to go from 10,000 to 35,000!! Samething as what you just said. <<That's a 15% drop when the DOW has dropped 5%>> It is called RISK! Question. Has the fundamentals changed with this stock in the last three weeks? Let me answer for you. NO!

      If you are afraid,then now is the time to sell by your prediction. I can respect that.But,the "Negative Nancy / Debbie Downer" has got to stop.Please.

    • Not bad? It's still the worst performing stock on my list - and it's a long list.

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      • Well Mike buddy, hit the SELL button.I do not mean to be ugly,but for someone who says they have 30,000 shares,you sure do seam to worry alot. If it is keeping you up at night than sell at least half. I am begining to think you want the stock to go down. Try posting something positive for a change.Not trying to p/i/s/s you off,but enough already! The stock has done dang good today considering the dow dropped 187 points!

        And if HERO is your only stock down today you should be in good shape-did I mention the dow was down as much as 187 points!

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