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  • texastwitter texastwitter Aug 5, 2011 6:51 PM Flag

    Well its been fun!

    I have been in the markets for 17 years and even the March lows of 2009 does not compare to this! I semi-bragged a month ago when Petrohawk was bought out and I put half my monies in Sandridge.SD took a 17% haircut yesterday on what I thought was semi-decent earnings.So,dumb me put another 15K in early this morning thinking I would get a bounce back.It bounced alright,THE OTHER F**KING WAY! SD lost 21% today! So HERO fans,I got my due!!! I honestly know how you feel.With loosing my a/s/s with HERO/GMXR and SD,I am OUT!!! That probably means it will now bounce upwards for you guys-ha,ha! I am still well off from the bottom of 2009,but scared to death we are repeating the fall of 2008 all over again! I will cut my two postions back in my heathcare stocks and I AM DONE!! Honestly, it was fun in the begining and the last two weeks have put me over the edge!

    Until we as a nation get our act together and put people back to work and quit playing the blame game in Washington,I am afraid things are only going to get worse!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!!

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    • Just wanted to drop in and say "HI". Sort-of missed chit-chating with you all.Took a beating a couple weeks back.Had to go get more heart pills. LOL! Hero is looking semi-decent.Where is palm-palm? (aka RAEMAEB) Good luck to you all.Sitting a few more weeks out and trying to see which way this crazy market wants to go.My gut feeling... down.

      Not in,but still got my "SUPER strong buy" on for you all.

    • buy tkecf...

    • I share your concern, but earnings for corporations have never been better. QE3 is next and that should stabilize the market, but won't help with jobs creation. Oil has been hit hard, but there is demand worldwide and I expect things to change going forward.

      I do not like what I am seeing with this volatility and unusual and sudden plummet. Today looked like a classic turnaround day. Next week should be helpful and I look for one of three things: 1. A 200-300 point rebound in one day. 2. More downside, with today having been a dead cat bounce. 3. A flat market as investors recover from the shock. I covered all bases, but think those three scenarios are the most likely, with up being the first choice, flat being the second and down being the last.

      What HERO does is entirely a different thing, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the stock recover to $5.00 a share during the next several weeks.

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