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  • texastwitter texastwitter Aug 22, 2011 1:02 PM Flag


    Well,where do you stand today with your 3.31? We also touched your 3.17 support. Like I said this thing will suck you in,spit you out and make you like it.I have truly been beat by this stock. Well,I always have the book deal!

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    • If the selling does start again,I know a guy who lives in Hawaii who will be firing bullet #2,#3, and #4. He better get him a semi-automatic with a 19 clip if he is going to play this stock.Teacher,my a$$!

    • Well, it popped nice yesterday at the open only to have massive selling come in. I just expect more of the same.

    • I do not see that ever happening.They would sell cheap first.Look for a good pop today and tomorrow,then probably back to the sell side with the markets.

    • Nope, haven't heard a thing about it. I almost forgot about it but I guess it may be playing a large part of the exodus from this stock. The gov't is looking for revenue and I guess they have the power to put any company they want out of business. Obama put HAWK out and he may want to do the same to HERO.

    • Also Mike,the SEC thingy could still have a lot of investors worried.I have not heard any new news on this,you?

      Did you see "hawaiian 5 o's" hissy fit he posted.Man what a sore loser!

    • Not the answer I was looking for! Well,that ought to make for a good chapter in its self. Talk to you tomorrow in the 2's!

    • It appears the HAWK deal was just another disaster. They bought 20 rigs and only 7 were working ones. Since then there hasn't been a single idle rig put back to work. And the revenue they got from the working rigs was absolutely pathetic. And I remember Rynd saying something about saving on costs. Well, big phucking deal - that's not what people wanted to hear. Without rising revenues this company will be in serious trouble. Just like HAWK.

    • He still is not getting any book royalties!!

      Mike,on a serious note. You know about how long I have been in and out of this stock.Remember,I was even a basher at the $6+ level.Here is my thinking.This stock was knocked to its knees a couple years ago from the thirties. If I remember right,it had another run up to the fives early last year. Then it went back to the two's(which is where we are headed again) and in Febuary it started making its way up to 6.99.Here is my point.Do you think all that was just pure speculation on the HAWK deal from people on the inside.And maybe the deal did not tranfer like maybe they thought it would.Any thoughts on that? I know a lot of OIL/GAS stocks have come down recently(month),but this POS(your words) has been falling for three months now.What gives?!All BS aside,give me you reasoning.

      On a funny note.Has anybody heard from RAEMAEB? Man,I miss that turd! Probabl has a new alias.

    • Everybody that owns this dogschitt will eventually get eaten up and spit out. I predict Robert will soon start hating it. In two months the relative strength has gone from 96 to 7 - meaning that 93% of ALL stocks have outperformed this POS.

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