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  • halcon.rm halcon.rm Feb 1, 2011 7:40 PM Flag

    The FDA is great! Thanks much.

    The reality...
    Forget for ome moment that you have money invested on any of these "obesity drugs". According to what i have seen, according to the FDA and so on, one can produce cancer, the other maybe birth defects and the last one maybe heart attacks. So, will you take one these drugs knowing that 'it could cause' any of these problems? If you dont why do you want someone else to do it? The FDA is doing their work and well done. They are there approving what is safe and healthy for you to buy.

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    • Tell me you don't work for the FDA.

      You ever here of cigarettes?? alcohol??...Where the h*ll is the FDA on those babies.....

      This OREX decision is a sham.....

      PS I have never lost a penny on OREX..

      ":>) JL

    • If the process were to approve drugs with no risk or side affects, no drugs would ever get approved. You ever listen to commercials advertising drugs and then they list their possible side affects. What happen there, the FDA screwed up and approved the drugs?

    • Another truism is that we all die sometime. Which would you prefer...dying with an obese corpse, or a slender looking corpse?

      It matters not to me personally. We are all eventually dead, and I intend to select the cremation alternative.

      So, the FDA can do as they like, but they will eventually also one day leave an individual corpse. One day, the drug Contrave will gain approval in the United States.

      Sorry if this post is a bit morbid, I just did a re-read of Orwell--"1984".


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