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  • mackgreene33 mackgreene33 Jun 28, 2012 2:29 AM Flag

    Bought Orex

    How does it change the health care problem? These overweight people are still mentally ill..They are going to seek psychiatric treatment following their weight loss regardless.

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    • I can see the value of this stock declining over time simply because the existence of a weight loss drug will convince a great many conservative people that they have a problem, or that being overweight is a problem, thus rapidly decreasing obesity rates simply by acknowledging it as a treatable disease, thus causing people who do not want to be labelled to find a natural remedy such as living a different lifestyle. Conservative peoples accept being overweight, as conservatives are very accepting of individualism. Now, an overweight liberal is another story, they reject their image in favor of whatever the law or mainstream promotes.

      In this case, conservative overweight people are going to find ways to treat this disease WITHOUT USING THE DRUG IF POSSIBLE which is now being called into a much greater spotlight as of 2012. Descendants of these conservatives will learn to be healthier from the acknowledgement of their elders that weight/health are important.

      Also in this case, liberal overweight people who are more prone to using the drug for treatment due to a lack of self respect and self esteem (the liberals are too mentally soft to maintain the status of "individual," in fact usually they are just proud to be one of the batch, that's how low their expectations are of themselves). That said, these people naturally look to conservative leaders for advice and guidance.

      In the end, liberals look to conservatives for advice/guidance. Why? Because the liberals have low self esteem, and conservatives have high self esteem. Don't ask me why again. Because you know why. The liberals are too busy trying to be cool, conservatives are too busy being bosses.

      In the end, this drug has a small future. Especially given the mass starvation that is coming our way!

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