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  • fibrechannelwizard fibrechannelwizard Jul 18, 2000 12:58 PM Flag

    Dont buy ADPT. Do the research

    SCSI is losing technology. Fibrechannel is
    replacing SCSI very fast.
    In january ADPT announced the
    Agilent deal to make Fibrechannel HBAs when they finally
    realized that fibrechannel is the future. Even until few
    weeks ago they were talking about scsi over tcp/ip but
    the race is already won by Fibrechannel.
    research for interested.
    News release from HWP had no mention of exclusivity.
    Just a joint venture.
    See how HP's open SAN
    initiatives extend to all Host bus adapter makers including
    Agilent. This is where the industry is heading. Adaptec
    becomes a tiny player in this already grown fibrechannel
    market. Finally technical and pricing performance witll
    bring out the winners.
    Host Bus Adapters (HBA) vendors: Agilent, Cambex,
    Emulex, Interphase, JNI, and Qlogic
    Adaptec sells only
    two adapters right now.
    They do not have a 2GB product
    Agilent makes their
    own host bus adapters. Agilent adapters seems to be
    competing with adapters made by Adaptec.

    &quickView=Adaptor&BV_SessionID=@@@@0895211759.0963775278@@@@&BV_Engin eID=califfifihdbemfcgjcfijcio.0
    Who is the
    best bet in Fibrechannel sector. It is INPH wihout
    doubt. Best price and best growth going forward. In
    addition to that INPH has worlds best pci compact telecom
    adapter with NOK as a client. (Official announcement to
    come.) Do all the research. Some analysts are very
    stupid when it comes to technology. You saw how they
    touted Iridium before it got blown up. Tech investors
    should do all research before picking stocks. Dont
    follow Analysts who are trying to sell into your buying.

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    • I had missed that the HP j-v might not be
      exclusive, and I thank you for bringing it to my attention.
      I'd still like to own this, but being on margin I
      thought I'd take this opportunity to almost get off
      margin by selling APDT at 24 5/8 (in at 18 5/8 a few
      weeks ago). Dr G will be so happy that I'm following
      his directions.

      Best to the


    • Granted, ADPT is losing certain technology; SCSI
      is less desirable and their revenues and income are
      sure to decline.

      Hasn't this already been
      discounted in ADPTs stock price, however? It's trading at
      only an 11 PE.

      Most importantly, what about
      their CD-R & CD-RW technology? What market share does
      Adaptec have for the creation of music CDs? The
      multi-billion dollar music business is being severly threatened
      by Napster & MP3.

      If a consortium of these
      music titans purchased Adaptec and tried to include a
      registration and fee technology for stamping CDs, would this
      be viable? Could it create a much larger value for a
      troubled ADPT?

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