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  • w.bennett18 w.bennett18 Feb 6, 2014 10:18 AM Flag

    If insulin pills work we see big upside, and if not we have delivery system, and Type 1 drug

    I think to hold is smart, and the pill will eventually be modified and approved.

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    • Oh is not economically viable. It takes 20X to 40X dosage the standard of care to get a response. It would cost on the order of $70 per day, no insurance company is going to pay for this.

      Oral insulin is a song and dance. It is common sense.

    • ...uhhhhh, let's see...they won't work...they might get "modified," but they still won't work...they won't be approved -- at least not in your lifetime...not even in Israel...

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      • rrt, some of these pumpers remind me of story of Nero who played his violin as Rome burned to the ground. Despite ORMP engulfed in flames and falling to the ground they dream of ORMP rebuilding one day. Here is a little history lesson for those still holding onto hope ORMP will one day rise from the ashes. Once upon a time Romans started getting sick and many died and no one could figure out why till one day someone discovered the cause was lead in the aqueducts that supplied all the water the Romans drank and washed with. It took years to figure out and then dig up and replace the aqueducts. Needless to say lead adqueducts were never used again. oral insulin pills like lead aqueducts likely will be shelved as after already 93 years and counting no oral insulin pill has ever been successful. I give oral insulin another 7 years of trial and failure before it is nothing but ashes and a distant memory like that of Nero.

    • Keep pumpin pal, If my aunt had ball*s she would be my uncle but hat is never gonna happen . Just an analogy to ponder as ORMP PPS continues to bleed like a stuck pig.

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