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  • whhb33 whhb33 Feb 18, 2014 7:20 PM Flag

    Hadassah Hospital, Aegis, and 30% insiders own

    My thought is the delivery system works, and patents being filed for new drug enhancers, and enzyme protectors, and new insulin therapy, and drugs that work different depending on disease progression, and 30 yrs research, and FDA approval no matter how you look at it, no vaccines, and better type 1, and 2 management with pill thats is able top enter portal vein and metabolize in liver.

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    • ....hmmmmmmm...well, "my thought is" you're STUPID!...HAW!!!!...the delivery system DOESN'T WORK -- or at least doesn't work to sufficient extent that it deserves any investment...

      ...and exactly what "new drug enhancers and enzyme protectors" are you talking about?...reading the one patent from around 2009, in its various "embodiments," the "formula" can include just about everything under the sun -- but NOTHING new...

      ...."30 years research"???...yeah, tell that to GNBT and EMIS shareholders...

      ..."enter portal vein"???...whooptedoo!!!...of course, you might want to look around see what kind of experimental evidence supports any claims of benefit...

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