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  • Actually try to imagine that alliances/mergers
    make a stronger whole. With that, Pharmacia has
    acknowledged that PDGM can produce what they need in the
    sequencing arena <and then some>. So, the Cereon
    issues you speak of most definitely enhance Pardigm
    Genetic's position in providing for a plethora of patented
    plant sequences (don't forget about the resulting human

    Do not be fooled - Monsanto/Pharmacia will not be
    "out of the business" and are by no means turning away
    from anything; They are simply employing Paradigm's
    ability to better provide Pharmacia with the techologies
    and output above what could have been realized by an
    internal effort with Cereon.

    Albeit there is
    somewhat of a "backlash" against plant genomics now, truth
    be told that politicians and humankind alike cannot
    argue that the Earth's climate /environment is changing
    faster than our plants can adapt. That shall prove the
    ultimate charge for plant genomics, and in particular, the
    deserved importance and value of Paradigm Genetics.
    Pharmacia isn't the only company signed on!

  • I too enjoyed a similar fate with INSP. I would
    certainly equate the potential here with PDGM to that of
    INSP (actually more % here). Any of you doing DD can
    realize the global and humankind implications of PDGM,
    even sooner than those to be experienced by

    The companies on board now and those already knocking
    on the door should far excede the competition from
    EXEL. I would settle that EXEL's currrent price is
    relative to their stronger balance sheet from last
    quarter. This will certainly change as PDGM sounds to have
    more ammo stores yet to be fired and will continue to
    grow exponentially in its global reach, highly skilled
    scientists, and long-term patners by Q4-2000. More PR and
    announcements would be nice to that affect <come on

    Let's face it though, even with what is already
    announced - wheat and rice are staple food crops around the
    world. With Bayer alone amidst a genetic Paradigm shift
    <sorry>, the pesticides and crop protection they produce
    now will eventually be replaced with stronger seeds
    and sequences patented by PDGM.

    This isn't
    just a ride, this is the future for humankind.
    Particularly considering that our plants cannot adjust
    naturally to the environment as quickly as the Earth's
    inhabitants are changing it.

    This company is HUGE -
    from cereal to the milk we pour over it, PDGM is going
    to touch it!

  • PDGM should prove to not only be pulling the
    freight train that IS plant genomic discovery but they
    are laying the track for the entire future of plants
    in our rapidly changing environment. From their
    recent accomplishments for two of the world's largest
    food crops (wheat and rice), to the plethera of deals
    and mappings we've only heard rumblings of ...$20 is
    extremely reserved for the global reach this company is
    only beginning to unveil.

    CRA and the like are
    making monumental strides to better our lives from their
    human genomic efforts. However, the realization that we
    as humankind must preserve/strengthen the Earth's
    plant life in order to better plant survival within our
    changing climates, appears to have taken a back seat. The
    importance of strengthening world food crops will be more
    immediatly beneficial when considering that if our plant
    life dies off, so do we; One could even argue an
    extreme that without strengthened crops we may not make
    it to realize the human genome efforts if harsher
    climates continue to threaten our food belts. The heck
    with high fuel prices!

    DD on PDGM looks VERY
    promising for the future. I would expect the numerous
    benefits to be realized by such things as reduced land
    useage for world farmers to produce increased crops, or
    the enablement to better feed famished nations.
    Moreover, the correllating profits that the leading edge
    technologies Paradigm Genetics will increaingly provide the
    world as seen in the growing profits and global

    I would expect these profits to be rolling in more
    immediately than that expected <yet inevitable> from
    CRA and the like. Be it to eliminate the need for
    pestisides, or such that wheat and/or rice crops can florish
    during droughts in mid-US to Africa, PDGM's patented
    efforts should yeild a better life for our world and its
    inhabitants as a whole.

    This is not to say that the
    human genome efforts are for not. Just that given the
    politics and privacy issues (even the decades that an
    accurate human map will take to be applied for market
    insertion), plant genomics and the companies that already
    employ PDGM's leading technologies (and those which
    sign-on in the future) will all be able to revel in the
    numerous accomplishments around the world in the more near

    This seems like the proverbial tip of the iceberg for
    PDGM. With many of these recent ratings and picks (JP
    Morgan,CNBC...), this one should soon see the attention it
    deserves and blow through those targets many times over!

  • Wheat and rice ...seems a tad more global <and profitable> than just corn:

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