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    Partnership and Additional points

    by zurdoc1 Nov 20, 2003 4:20 PM
    Dietrich_67 Dietrich_67 Nov 20, 2003 4:36 PM Flag

    >>One of the most important suggestions Tony gave was to guide people to MEDI's conference call. If you go there, you will find that FluMist's weaknesses mentioned(in MEDI's own words) are FluInsure's strengths. Talk about letting your competition prove your case.<<

    This was the part that could have been verbatim from Biotech Monthly's 11/18 Alert.

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    the 12pm article stated

    by rezoom2 Sep 18, 2003 8:53 PM
    Dietrich_67 Dietrich_67 Sep 19, 2003 12:35 AM Flag

    Oh knock it off. You make me sound like a geezer.

    I heard from a friend at a big hedge fund the shorties were getting their clocks cleaned over here so I though I'd stop in and see the fun.

    I couldn't resist chiming in for old time's sake. It took me about 45 minutes to find the log in for my Yahoo account. I was worried they punted it since it has been forever since I posted anywhere.

    Keep up the good work...

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    the 12pm article stated

    by rezoom2 Sep 18, 2003 8:53 PM
    Dietrich_67 Dietrich_67 Sep 18, 2003 11:14 PM Flag

    Ooh, same thing, this time with a "strong buy" rating.

    Folks, this is news we've known for over a year. The new information is the data from the 9901 trial concluded in 2001 is even more clearly supportive of the mid-2004 BLA filing, there is a trend toward an astonishing survival benefit, an the FDA has said they'll appriove teh drug if the 9902B trial (to be completed in about six months) is positive.

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    Big, dumb deal

    by tooskookum4u Feb 26, 2003 3:38 AM
    Dietrich_67 Dietrich_67 Feb 27, 2003 11:23 AM Flag

    <<The extra cash only improves their bargaining power with a potential partner for Provenge. >>>

    The market doesn't agree, tanking the stock. The big dilution suggests that Dendreon was dealing from weakness.

    The first statement is correct. Some of the decline in the stock is because Wall Street is one dimensional, selling first because they don't take a second to comprehend ancillary impacts like the one at the top of this post.

    The significant portion of the initial decline is arbitrage, which causes selling pressure on Dendreon shares.

    The remainder is people selling because, since the price is going down, it must mean the news is bad...

  • What a racket they have... Run the stops to load
    up. Flash big numbers on the ask to scare away bids
    but pull them before anyone can hit

    Remind me again why we need these sharks in an
    electronic marketplace where computers can competently do
    all the trade matching cheaper and with complete

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    TERA all grown up???

    by Dietrich_67 Sep 6, 2000 1:00 AM
    Dietrich_67 Dietrich_67 Sep 11, 2000 12:44 AM Flag

    I offed those shares a long time ago... Put them
    into another "learning experience" before I adopted
    purely technical trading for 75% of my portfolio. Now I
    only dabble in long term stuff -- mostly biotech like
    ALLP and TGEN -- and keep the bulk of my portfolio
    moving fast.

    Been pretty successful thus

    Good luck with this company. As long as the ex-TERA
    Seattle morons aren't running the show you should be

    Who knows, maybe global warming has the opposite
    effect in hell and they will actually make a retail sale
    of an MTA!


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    TERA all grown up???

    by Dietrich_67 Sep 6, 2000 1:00 AM
    Dietrich_67 Dietrich_67 Sep 6, 2000 2:54 PM Flag

    I saw the Cray/Tera purchase/merger and just
    about split a gut laughing. Especially funny was the
    spin that TERA was buying Cray and that TERA was going
    to "add its expertise to make cray a better
    company." Whew... still get the giggles about

    To think I sat there at the Red Chip review
    conference 2-3 years back and watched them lie to the entire
    crowd that the 32-processor MTA would be shipped in "a
    week or two".

    Worst part was I bought

    I assume that they adopted Cray management except
    for some token positions for TERA people.

    kept a few shares for quite some time as a lark,
    hoping that if they went Chapter 11 I could somehow use
    them as leverage to get one of those swoopy MTA

    I had plans to use it as a compost container in the
    back yard... unless they dropped it on the loading
    dock between there and here in which case it would
    have become outdoor abstract art!



  • Dietrich_67 by Dietrich_67 Sep 6, 2000 1:00 AM Flag

    Wow, this dog-ass company (and I can say that
    with some experience having lost a fair amount of
    money in it) actually showed up on one of my bullish
    technical stock screens.

    As a point of curiosity,
    did the lying morons (I have the recording to prove
    that, too -- at least the lying part. The moron part is
    opinion) ever get their MTA pipe-dream to work?

    did they drop the latest version of that swoopy blue
    box off the loading dock again?

    Hmmm. We had
    some fun a while back with the top ten things the
    swoopy blue box was good for. Wonder if I can dig that
    up again...

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    News release

    by Dietrich_67 Dec 8, 1998 11:19 AM
    Dietrich_67 Dietrich_67 Feb 16, 2000 3:34 PM Flag

    nothinbutthetruth (and
    his siblings) (message

    Congratulations to all those who have stuck it out understanding
    that biotechs are a long term investment where
    earnings matter little -- only consistent scientific
    advances, excellent partnerships, and cash burn make a
    difference in the long term.

    Who knows how long this
    recent boon in the share price will last. I took a tiny
    bit off the table (my basis was like $3) to cover my
    costs and now all the rest of my shares are free. It
    matter little to me know where the price goes as long as
    the fundamentals stay sound because I can never have
    a loss.

    Congrats to the gang at TGEN as well
    for executing very well. It is gratifying to hear on
    one hand biotech analysts telling people the
    preferred model is "X" and knowing that is exactly the
    model you people have put together.


    (P.S. Anyone else remember the darker days at $15/16

  • Dietrich_67 by Dietrich_67 Dec 9, 1999 9:13 PM Flag

    Thank god someone translated the press release.

    Good, easy to understand intro paragraph and the first
    five paragraphs give those not-so-bright Wall Street
    traders a clue as to how huge a breakthrough this
    actually is.

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    Nice to see some movement

    by Dietrich_67 Dec 6, 1999 5:24 PM
    Dietrich_67 Dietrich_67 Dec 7, 1999 1:06 AM Flag

    There is a biotech company theory I've heard
    espoused called the partner of choice. Another biotech I'm
    in made a real point of this as they consolidated
    their industry.

    Frankly, if I hadn't been
    exposed to it, I'd have dumped TGEN when they made such a
    point of building infrastructure before having much
    clinical success.

    By having a system to replicate
    AAVs in quantity, they becaome a partner of choice for
    those doing AAV research. AMGN loses out in this regard
    and TGEN looks great to this researcher, who is
    obviously committed to find a solution to the disease,
    because they can get this thing to market faster because
    they already have the production issue solved and

    You have to remember these academic researchers are
    not it in for stock options, they are in it because
    they wasnt to solve nasty diseases and "make the world
    a better place." As such, they'll go with who can
    get them there fastest.

    Walsh obviously
    thought TGEN could get them there faster.

  • Dietrich_67 by Dietrich_67 Dec 6, 1999 5:24 PM Flag

    Last time we say movement like this was during
    the Seattle Times profile.

    I suspect this will
    be a bit more lasting, however. Biotech is creeping
    back into people's minds as a good place to get in on
    the "next" internet.

    Like I said way back
    when, nice to be a shareholder in a company doing
    research into some really nasty diseases like CF,
    HIV/AIDS, cancer, and now hemophilia.

    Also nice to
    have been able to average down periodically over the
    last year so that I'm above water at this price level.

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    This will move steadily

    by stocksing Nov 24, 1999 10:39 AM
    Dietrich_67 Dietrich_67 Nov 24, 1999 10:49 AM Flag

    I always tell people that TGEN is one of the most
    undervalued biotech stocks I know.

    They did things a
    bit backwards according to the conventional wisdom by
    developing a production system before they even get to late
    stage trials, but that just means they'll be more
    attractive to analysts and institutions as their products
    get into P3 trials.

    Proud to own shares in a
    company that might have a cure for CF...


    P.S. The poster who noted we can probably expect news
    soon is right. Stock always seems to run up into a
    release. Only major complaint against the company -- a bit
    leaky in that regard. Also, the AAV release may have
    helped. Nice to see some proactive PR recently.

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    Deleted Message

    by yahoo May 11, 2005 11:18 AM
    Dietrich_67 Dietrich_67 Sep 22, 1999 10:23 AM Flag

    Romulans. Definitely Romulans...

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    Deleted Message

    by yahoo May 11, 2005 11:18 AM
    Dietrich_67 Dietrich_67 Sep 22, 1999 10:21 AM Flag

    ... but it looks like the morning dip was driven
    by the market makers to handle that big block

    We're likely to be wildly volatile today as daytraders
    see the volume spike and figure out which way they
    want to run the stock...

    Personally, I'd prefer
    they run it long <grin>.

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    Deleted Message

    by yahoo May 11, 2005 11:18 AM
    Dietrich_67 Dietrich_67 Sep 22, 1999 10:04 AM Flag

    traded at $18, which was 1/8 over the ask at the time of the print.

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    Deleted Message

    by yahoo May 11, 2005 11:18 AM
    Dietrich_67 Dietrich_67 Sep 21, 1999 2:19 PM Flag

    Previous was a cross post from Raging Bull...

    Just so no confusion.

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    Deleted Message

    by yahoo May 11, 2005 11:18 AM
    Dietrich_67 Dietrich_67 Sep 21, 1999 2:18 PM Flag

    As I'm sure most here are aware, BNBN is a
    drastically undervalued e-commerce play. Technically, the
    stock is putting in some important supports.
    Fundamentally, the Christmas shopping season should spur
    revenues and perhaps earnings -- possibly making the
    investment community at large finally recognize BNBN's true

    Here's what we said, in part, on September 7th when we
    made BNBN one of our Special Prospects:

    been watching BNBN for some time. It was also among
    the stocks on Mr. Blodget�s list. Technically, the
    stock appears to have formed a base of support and this
    level looks like a relatively safe entry point � or at
    least as safe as an internet stock can be.

    is, and will likely always be, second fiddle to However, their web site is very good. Their
    network of used booksellers for the purpose of obtaining
    out-of-print books is far superior to that of Amazon. This, in
    combination with the Christmas effect, leads us to name this
    a Special Prospect for your further due

    Since we profiled the stock on our Daily Prospect List
    at it is up over 5%,
    or over 125% on an annualized basis.

    In a
    Prospect Update on our September 7th Daily Prospect List,
    we noted a Canadian market research company picked
    the BNBN site as the best online bookstore and placed (NASDAQ:AMZN) a distant fourth. They detailed the
    ease of ordering and ease of browsing the site as the
    most important positive differences between BNBN and

    We expect BNBN to be one of the few technology
    stocks to emerge from the coming fall correction
    relatively unscathed.

    Good luck.

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    Question to current and x LU employees

    by Alpha_Yankee Jun 16, 1999 10:10 AM
    Dietrich_67 Dietrich_67 Jun 17, 1999 7:09 PM Flag

    Thanks. That makes sense.

    Any idea if the ASND deal coincided with an increase in reported short interest?


  • Dietrich_67 by Dietrich_67 Jun 17, 1999 7:06 PM Flag

    not typically bull/bear, it is short/long.

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