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  • patrick_91403 by patrick_91403 May 3, 2016 2:10 PM Flag

    Hi: I have only one major complaint. I have no financial interest in American Express. I joined because of Costco which now only accepts VISA. The complaint is that when I call to pay my bill on the phone the automated phone attendant keeps cutting out. When it asks a question for me to answer it cuts out saying sorry I didn't get that. After repeated attempts I finally get a live person to pay the bill. I've complained to the live person about the problem for years. Sorry Sir we are having problem with the system is what the last person said. I said this has been going on for years. At that she was dumbfounded and didn't know what to say. I don't have this trouble with Discover or Visa. No wonder Costco isn't with American Express any more. Fees are to high and automated phone service is a -0-. Wake up Management you are letting your competition eat your lunch. I'll keep the card and use it twice a year when I have to buy something from Canada. They only accept American Express.

  • patrick_91403 by patrick_91403 Apr 15, 2016 7:17 PM Flag

    Of course it is tax time and the HP Laptop we bought a year ago doesn't work. My wife is disabled but use to teach computers when she was a teacher at a Middle school here in New Mexico. She has spent hours on line with Tech support to no avail the problems still persist. The warranty still has another 9 months to go. Can someone recommend a GOOD Laptop that isn't a piece of S*** like the HP we have. Don't need a gaming computer just a good quality laptop computer.

  • patrick_91403 by patrick_91403 Mar 9, 2016 9:42 PM Flag

    How do you express a heart felt Thank You to someone? For many years I’ve been a vocal critic of Wal-Mart. Recently I posted a 4 part post about my experiences at Wal-Mart. I did so because I never received any acknowledgement from the complaint I sent on line to Wal-Mart. A few years ago I sent Mr. Foran’s predecessor a complaint and never heard anything. Recently I sent a letter to Mr. Foran, CEO and President of Wal-Mart U.S. I never expected to hear anything. I was pleasantly surprised when Carolyn called me. Please excuse me if I have spelled your name wrong. I’m 72 and my memory isn’t like it use to be. I think she is a Regional Manager based in Arizona. Again please excuse me if I’ve gotten your title wrong. Many times in the past someone would call me from Wal-Mart and offer me a gift card. In the beginning I would decline the certificates saying give the card to a deserving/struggling associate. Later I found that the Managers weren’t allowed to do this. After that I accepted the gift card and gave it away when an associate really helped me. No we are not rich. Yes we have struggles in life like many as my wife is disabled. For the first time I came away with the feeling that Carolyn and Mr. Foran really wanted to do what was right. Not just for us but for Wal-Mart and the millions of customers that shop at Wal-Mart every day. If Carolyn reads this I want to tell her that my wife Loved the birthday cake. Thank You Carolyn and Please if possible tell Mr. Foran Thank You for us as well.

  • A short while ago I posted a 4 part post about my experiences at Wal-Mart. I also sent a letter to Mr. Foran. I thought I'd never hear from Wal-Mart as I sent them a letter many years ago and never heard anything. Well I was wrong. A Wal-Mart representative from AZ called me about the letter. We discussed the problems and I'm holding my breath and hopefully will see a better Wal-Mart. They send gift certificates when something would be wrong. No I don't want any gift certificates just a better Wal-Mart. It sure beats driving 160 miles to El Paso Costco.

    Thank you Mr. Foran for listening!!!

    Patrick Hart

  • patrick_91403 by patrick_91403 Feb 22, 2016 7:41 PM Flag


    Do complaints do any good? Does anyone have their story to tell? My wife had 2 severe auto accidents. She needed 2 operations, one on her lower back and one on her neck. Then a heart attack plus many other complications. She is on more than 20 different drugs of which UNH covers most. Every year UNH changes their formulary. Customer Service at UNH doesn't get their changed formulary until late September or October. When this happens we have to go through the process of an exception on each drug that is changed. Her doctor is hard to reach as she works in 4 different clinics from one day to the next. She only works 1/2 days and some are mornings and others are afternoons. She has a 3 month waiting list for her patients to make an appointment. By the time my wife's doctor gets the information and gets back to UNH it exceeds their time limit and we have to start all over again. Something that receives an exception one year will probably need an exception next year. This over works the doctor and the patient. We either have to pay cash or do without. Several of her drugs run into the hundreds of dollars each month. There has to be a way of streamlining the process. Does UNH really want to streamline the process?

    Have any thoughts?

    Thanks for listening/reading this message!!!


  • The next time I did receive a $25 from Wal-Mart I gave it to a wonderful young lady that spent a lot of time looking for a good battery for my wife’s watch. She didn’t use the normal battery but looked for the name brand as we had problems in the past with watch batteries. I sent an email to thank Wal-Mart for her help. Can’t remember the item but we went to return it to Customer Service that we bought in the Jewelry Department. There were about 4 people in front of us. When we reached the Customer Service Associate she said we would have to go to the Jewelry Department for a refund. We had our receipt. My wife was at the time 63 years old and disabled due to a severe auto accident can’t stand on her feet very long was very tired and cranky at the thought of going to the jewelry department to get the refund. Of course there wasn’t anyone there when we got there. We had to ask for someone to get an Associate. Thank you for your electric wheel chairs but none were available at that time.

    No longer will we buy cakes at Wal-Mart as we didn’t get what we ordered. We ordered chocolate whipped cream frosting and received white. The associate said they hadn’t had chocolate in about 3 months. When I ordered the cake I asked how much would the cake be. The Associate said $9.98. At the check out I was charged $12.98 for the cake. When I mentioned it to the Cashier Associate he just shrugged his shoulders. My wife complained that the cake tasted like it had been frozen and had an off taste. For me it was ok but then I’m 72 years old and lost my sense of smell and I guess some of my taste as well. We will buy from Albertsons from now on. My wife loves cherry turnovers. The last time we bought turnovers there wasn’t a teaspoon of cherries in each turnover. I did complain but heard nothing. Maybe it was a one time fluke.

  • Dear Wal-Mart:

    You have slowly driven us away to your competitors. Most do better when they are held accountable. This letter is written in hope that Wal-Mart will do better. A email was sent to Wal-Mart in Silver City about 2 weeks ago to which we have not received any response.

    You had very good beef some 15 years ago and then you started buying your meat from a supplier in South Dakota. Back then the meat was cut and packaged in each store. We no longer buy meat at Wal-Mart because the quality was terrible. Chicken was the same. You tried to put better quality beef in the case at Wal-Mart but where does that meat come from. We will not go back to Wal-Mart because we can go to Albertsons where we know the quality is good.

    After much green (unripe) fruit, I quit buying fruit at Wal-Mart, watermelon or cantaloupe. The strawberries had an off taste. Probably an additive that was suppose to be a preservative. A head of packaged romaine lettuce had enough dirt in it to make an 8” mud pie. An overpriced veggie tray that didn’t have the wide variety of veggies that your pre-packed much cheaper veggie trays did. We almost dropped the tray putting it into the car (very awkward to handle). After the complaint a nice lady manager offered me a $50 gift certificate, the price we paid for the veggie tray. I told her to give it to a deserving Associate. Later I found out that you can’t give away those gift certificates to employees. I no longer buy veggies or fruit at Wal-Mart. The exception is tomatoes, onion, broccoli, lettuce and potatoes. The rest we buy at Albertsons.

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    Get out now --- high enough

    by martha_on_the_ragg2 Dec 30, 2015 4:22 PM
    patrick_91403 patrick_91403 Jan 8, 2016 6:11 PM Flag

    Hiya Martha.... It is yur old friend Patricio. Haven't watched PBY in a long time. WOW great things must be happening for PBY especially in this market to hit 18. Must be a home run. Haven't read anything on what is happening. Buy Out? Icahn? All the best to those in PBY!!! Come on Martha wish the best for those Longs and quit being a $h#%!

  • I'm writing this to make myself feel better. Bought a Kenmore stove from Sears almost 3 years ago. Nothing much goes wrong with a stove or so I thought. No I don't have an extended warranty. Two prongs broke off one of the heavy grate. The prongs are about 3-4" long. Not a big deal but what if it continues to happen? One about 8 months ago and the other today. The grates have never been abused. I Called Sears and they said to call Kenmore which I did. I was disconnected and had to call again. The lady at Kenmore said she would put me through to the right person and different lady said the right hand grate was $194. That is 1/3 the price of what I paid for the stove. She told me that Frigidaire made the grate. She also said that Frigidaire, GE, etc made their appliances. They contract out for the best price. Stupid me I didn't know that. She gave me the phone number to Frigidaire and I called them and they said that Kenmore once they put their name on the stove was responsible. I guess I just live with the stove the way it is unless any one out there has a suggestions.

  • patrick_91403 by patrick_91403 Dec 14, 2015 1:14 PM Flag

    We have complained so many times about Walmart I can't count them all. Please don't send us a gift card. All we want are decent products. Last time I was in your Silver City, New Mexico store I bought my wife some cherry turnovers. Do you remember the negative ads they ran for Mc Donalds? Where's the beef? Well your turnovers had one bite of cherries and the rest was dough and sugar icing.

    We live in a small town about 15000 and yes Walmart has the best prices BUT that is where it ends. Walmart is the only game in town. We are happy that you are raising the pay of your front line employees. Is it self-serving? More money an employee has the more money they will spend at Walmart.

    In the beginning you asked how likely are you to recommend Walmart to your friends and family. I put -0- chance. If your name was Costco instead of Walmart I would have put an 8.

    We no longer service our vehicles at Walmart. Spare tire dropped off our vehicle onto the driveway. Oil Drain plug had to be replaced because if was stripped by Walmart. Yes they paid for it to be replaced.
    We no longer buy chicken at Walmart. Comes from over 1000 miles away. Quality use to stink. Does the quality still stink now, I don't know.
    We no longer buy red meat at Walmart. Comes from over 1000 miles away. Quality use to stink. Does it still stink, I don't know.
    We no longer buy furniture etc at Walmart. Doesn't last
    We no longer buy most of the produce at Walmart. Some are picked green and doesn't ripen, like watermelon.
    Now we will no longer buy bakery goods at Walmart. Skimping on quality.

    The people that work on the front lines at Walmart are for the most part wonderful, that includes management. The corporate decision makers stink for they are the ones responsible for the lousy products that are in the stores. Profit, prices, people are in just that order. All of this is just my opinion. Others may have different experiences. Do you have a different experience?

  • patrick_91403 by patrick_91403 Oct 27, 2015 1:55 PM Flag

    First I don't own any WM stock, options or have any interest in WM

    Wal-Mart use to be a good place to shop. That was probably 14 years ago when I came to Silver City, N.M. Not so Today. No longer do I buy your meat. No longer do I buy your shoes. No longer do I buy your furniture. No longer will I have you work on my auto with oil changes and tires. No longer do I buy many of the things you offer. Today I'm adding to that list. It was the straw that broke the camels back as far as produce was concerned. I've had many unsatisfactory produce items that I have bought in the past. Yesterday, I bought a cello packaged romaine head of lettuce. As I opened it I noticed more than normal amount of dirt on the outside of the lettuce. As I broke off the leafs of lettuce there was more and more DIRT. All total about a half cup of dirt. It looks as if someone poured a 1/2 cup of dirt down into the head of romaine lettuce. In the 71 years I've been on the planet I've never bought a head of romaine lettuce with 10% of the dirt that was in this head of lettuce. If I wrote to you about all the lousy products you sell this email would become a 200 page book. Forget sending me your LOUSY $10, 20, 50 cards. All I want are decent products. Most of your employees are super but your products stink. Who is at fault? Corporate!!! Until you change all that matters is bottom line things will remain the same. Vendors be damned. Squeeze them to death. Make it cheaper and cheaper so we can make more money. Corporate needs to LOOK GOOD!!! If we lived in or near a Large City Wal-Mart wouldn't get a penny of my money. I'm going to post this on Yahoo's stock page.

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    by daninfw04 Aug 23, 2015 9:15 AM
    patrick_91403 patrick_91403 Aug 25, 2015 7:50 PM Flag

    Hi Dan!

    Yes I've been posting here for about 12 years that I can remember. I do think we are in for trouble. Have you read Harry Dent? To me he is the first person I've read in a LONG time that makes sense. He is an authority of Demographics. He has predicted the 08-09 recession and a lot more like the strong dollar. He says this time will make 08-09 look like a walk in the park. He is not a doom and gloom guy. China is in more trouble that we are. According to him we won't have a sustained bull market until at least 2020 and probably longer. There are plenty of short positions and etf/etn's that short the market but for me with Russia and China saber rattling the vxx seem a good place to be. I've only recently had this sentiment.


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    by daninfw04 Aug 23, 2015 9:15 AM
    patrick_91403 patrick_91403 Aug 25, 2015 2:13 PM Flag

    The old cliche comes to mind. They threw the Baby out with the bath water. I'd agree with you if it weren't for so MANY negatives in the World today. It isn't just China. As you say PBY is a lot different today but so is the Market. If selling continues like it has it doesn't matter about fundamentals, everything sinks. Yes there are exceptions but they are very few. Things are a lot worse today than 08, 09. Nothing really has improved. Do you really believe the unemployment figures. If so you trust our government and believe the Democrats. Do you really believe the numbers coming out of China? Cheap fuel? Many Fracking companies have a cost much higher than the $39 oil we have today. If it continues there will be wholesale BKs in the oil patch. Some are predicting $20 oil and even lower. Who would have predicted $40 oil a year or two ago. Those that are in Gold are going to get crushed as well. As you know there are 2 sides to every coin.

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    NOBODY is buying out this Turkey

    by martha_on_the_ragg2 Jul 31, 2015 2:06 AM
    patrick_91403 patrick_91403 Aug 24, 2015 5:49 PM Flag

    Hay Murtha!

    I haven't been here in a while. Watt you tink about dis bear market dat is startin? I'z goin tu buy some mor vxx calls tomorrow. Auto parts is probably a saffer plac tu be dan most and PBY probably won't get hits as bad as some. I'm tryin to talks at's yur grade level so yuz understand.

    Su Amigo


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    by daninfw04 Aug 23, 2015 9:15 AM
    patrick_91403 patrick_91403 Aug 24, 2015 5:35 PM Flag

    Haven't been here in a long time. I think it is way to early to jump in. So many troubled areas in our country and the World. Figures you mention don't mean a thing when there are so many things that are wrong in the world. Is this the perfect storm? If so it will crush even the best and PBY is a long way from being the best. I can remember PBY in the 2-3 dollar range not to many years ago. Will that happen again? If what I read is correct the answer is a HUGE YES!

    Hey Martha how is you doin?


    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    wonderful buying opportunity

    by joe_mountain2003 Aug 21, 2015 1:36 PM
    patrick_91403 patrick_91403 Aug 24, 2015 5:21 PM Flag

    This is a long time coming. The world has a long way to unwind. You may sit on your ewz for more than you like. Some say this might last 5 years or longer. Are you prepared?

  • patrick_91403 by patrick_91403 Jun 17, 2015 5:44 PM Flag

    Our phone rings incessantly with text messages coming from FB users. Usually 25-40 a day. Can't turn off text messages on my phone. Went to FB to see if I could turn off texts coming in and went to settings and then notifications and edit. It did no good when I clicked it said "To get these notifications you need to activate text messaging. Heck I don't want to get messages I want to keep from getting them. On 2 occasions I typed in the problem to face book but have heard nothing. I went to cancel my account and after typing in my password it said please type in the numbers/letters in the text box. I tried this 3 different times and there was Never a text box. Seems FB doesn't want to lose any disgruntled users. Does anyone have similar experiences or knows how to help? Thanks!!!

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    newbie here...what does anyone think about

    by ebass100 May 25, 2015 1:25 PM
    patrick_91403 patrick_91403 Jun 6, 2015 5:41 PM Flag

    Read Harry Dent and see what you think. He is bullish on the dollar and short on Gold.

  • patrick_91403 by patrick_91403 May 23, 2015 2:49 PM Flag

    There is nothing more frustrating than to search a website when all you want to do is contact a company via email. Under contact it takes you to a bunch of answered questions and none of them apply. Like I said I hate your website.

    I wanted to compliment our Silver City, New Mexico McDonalds! My wife loves the parfaits and so I buy usually 4 at a time which she eats 1 a day. The remodel was wonderful with 2 lines for drive up. After I pay at the window and drive up to the pickup window the order is ready. I've even ordered other things with the same results. Never have to wait. The order is always ready as I pull up to the take pickup window. I could go on facebook but then no one at corporate would probably see it. 5 years ago I would have given our McDonalds a 3-4 for service at the pickup window. Today it has to be a 10!!! Thank You McDonalds!!!

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    So Frustrating

    by patrick_91403 Mar 15, 2015 11:01 PM
    patrick_91403 patrick_91403 Mar 16, 2015 1:33 PM Flag

    Thank You so much! With all the websites you have to come in contact with in the course of just living it can be daunting. Many times it is so time consuming to find these numbers. Again Thanks,

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