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Yankindixie 26 posts  |  Last Activity: Sep 14, 1999 10:31 PM Member since: May 22, 1998
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  • Yankindixie by Yankindixie Sep 14, 1999 10:31 PM Flag

    1) Most probable, and most likely
    2) Institutions made up less than 1/2 of today's activity
    3) If New Yorkers kept D'Amato for as long as they did, a Clinton couln't hoit.


  • Yankindixie by Yankindixie Sep 8, 1999 7:01 PM Flag

    this stock reeks of being manipulated. It takes
    at least two daily hits, as if to shake out as many
    small investors as possible, and then comes back to
    where it started. The deafening silence of management
    over the past 3+ weeks gives pause to a possible
    buyout, and the low price makes it seem appealing. The
    activity shown by I-Watch is predominantly positive, and
    most of it is being conducted by institutions. But we
    all know that specialists (NYSE) and market makers
    (NASDAQ) don't manipulate stocks. Don't we? It must be my
    imagination. Sorry to bother you.

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    If you believe in company you invested

    by Shark_buster Jul 21, 1999 12:51 PM
    Yankindixie Yankindixie Jul 21, 1999 11:07 PM Flag

    If I were in your position, I would sell off 33%
    of the original investment, use it as a write-off,
    and use those proceeds to "trade" (on a daily basis
    of dips and upward movement) this swine back to some
    sort of profitability. As long as it doesn't go down
    any further, you won't have to worry about the "30
    Day Wash Rule." I don't mean to sound callous, but if
    in fact you did buy 22k shares at 30 -/+, I wish I
    had your problem! Not necessarily Solomon or Buddha,
    just MHO.

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    I thought TOY reports

    by project_legal Jul 1, 1999 6:28 PM
    Yankindixie Yankindixie Jul 1, 1999 10:34 PM Flag


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    Technical update

    by mick_11949 Jan 30, 1999 9:38 AM
    Yankindixie Yankindixie Feb 2, 1999 9:12 PM Flag

    First of all, I am from the North. I moved to the
    South for the warmer weather when I found out that my
    German Shepherd had contracted arthritis. Had it not
    been for her, I would NEVER have crossed the Mason
    Dixon line. I honestly believe that the term "too
    stupid to live" was created with the South in mind!

    Secondly, I never said that I don't understand TA, nor am I
    saying that it doesn't serve a purpose. I just don't
    choose to rely on it like Mick. Nor do I think it is
    "VooDoo." Perhaps a lot of you people down here buy stock
    based upon which direction the chicken in the window
    hangs, but I don't.
    Third, my comment about Mick
    sounding like he might be a Systems Programmer was meant
    as a compliment. All of Mick's presentations show an
    extremely high degree of sophistication. The programmer
    that I was referring to was without a doubt THE MOST
    posts. It's people like you that I could easily live

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    Technical update

    by mick_11949 Jan 30, 1999 9:38 AM
    Yankindixie Yankindixie Feb 1, 1999 8:04 PM Flag

    I've got to give you credit for your analytical
    perseverence. You sound like you might be a Systems Programmer
    I used to work with. Personally, I would just
    rather go with my gut instinct. With my way, after a day
    like today all I've got to do is grab a couple of
    Tums. Using your TA, one might embark upon an endless
    search for a missing or incorrect algorithm while
    consuming Tums AND aspirin. Anyway, I find your posts
    entertaining as well as illuminating a side normally reserved
    for chewing tin foil or shaving heads with a cheese
    grater. Best of luck.

  • Yankindixie by Yankindixie Nov 22, 1998 4:48 PM Flag

    Next month about this time ONSL will be ON SALE for less than $20!

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    What a day

    by rob_drake Aug 4, 1998 4:09 PM
    Yankindixie Yankindixie Aug 5, 1998 9:05 PM Flag

    ...from today's news release regarding CA's
    acquisition of Realogic Inc. "CA said the acquisition marks
    the first in a series of planned acquisitions to
    broaden the capabilities of CA's Global Professional
    Services (GPS) unit, which was formed in April." First in
    a series? Verrrrry interesting!

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    erp take over

    by littlebrownjug Aug 1, 1998 9:51 AM
    Yankindixie Yankindixie Aug 2, 1998 7:18 PM Flag

    According to the analyst from Piper Jaffray (Arun
    Kumar) who downgraded JDAS to a BUY from a STRONG BUY,
    "``JDA is still the market leader, and at $18 per share,
    it has fallen too much and there is substantial
    upside to the stock,'' Kumar said." Although nothing is
    guaranteed, I don't see JDAS going to $10. I don't want to
    jinx it, but I expect a bit of a rebound on Monday.

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    Crown Cork & Seal

    by hatter23 Jul 31, 1998 4:19 PM
    Yankindixie Yankindixie Aug 1, 1998 8:26 PM Flag

    According to the information at the Schwab website, the release date is scheduled for 22 Sep. But don't take that as written in stone. Last quarter they came out 2 weeks early.

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    Pre-Open Trades

    by rob_drake Jul 29, 1998 8:54 AM
    Yankindixie Yankindixie Jul 30, 1998 4:58 PM Flag

    The rumors depend upon which board you're reading
    and the day of the week. The rumor about ORCL and
    MANU is responsible for the recent runnup of MANU. If
    you read messages on the Vantive (VNTV) board, ORCL
    is going to buy them as well. Unfortunately it
    hasn't done much for the price of VNTV. I'm a
    shareholder of both, so I don't care which one it is. As long
    as ONE of the rumors is true!

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    Response received 7/20/98 (impressive!)

    by jfk_98aa Jul 20, 1998 2:00 PM
    Yankindixie Yankindixie Jul 24, 1998 8:51 AM Flag

    Just because an index is going down does not mean
    that ALL of its components must follow suit. In the
    two weeks that you mention the R2000 dropping 5%, MTZ
    has dropped more than 13%. Based upon the (good?)
    news of $222M in contracts, I would certainly have
    thought that MTZ would have been one of the components to
    help keep the R2000 UP. And by the way, my eyes are

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    Response received 7/20/98 (impressive!)

    by jfk_98aa Jul 20, 1998 2:00 PM
    Yankindixie Yankindixie Jul 23, 1998 8:13 PM Flag

    With today's closing price we have returned to where we were 4 weeks ago BEFORE the announcement of $222M in new contracts. What's wrong with this picture?

  • Yankindixie by Yankindixie Jul 21, 1998 11:39 PM Flag

    and since nobody else is posting...

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    Questions sent to Investors' Relations 7

    by jfk_98aa Jul 18, 1998 2:54 PM
    Yankindixie Yankindixie Jul 18, 1998 7:35 PM Flag

    I just happened to have e-mailed that question to
    IR earlier this past week and their response was
    "MasTec's Board has approved a stock repurchase program,
    but ongoing details will not be released until the
    filings. 10-Q filing will be released by August 15, 1998,
    10-K by March 31, 1999." Sounds like zero to me,

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    what is the symbol for SAP?? >eom

    by cruismeister Jun 26, 1998 2:01 PM
    Yankindixie Yankindixie Jun 26, 1998 2:22 PM Flag

    SAP is an ADR which according to the SAP website
    is supposed to be trading under the symbol SAPHY.
    But, using YAHOO!, there is no such symbol. Try this,
    maybe you'll have better luck than

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    Re: Lawsuit

    by Yankindixie Jun 11, 1998 7:07 PM
    Yankindixie Yankindixie Jun 12, 1998 11:38 PM Flag

    Reasons "why things are hell in Japan" go a lot
    deeper than the lack of an orderly market. Regardless,
    the point I was trying to make about lawsuits is that
    although I agree with one's right to file a suit, I
    personally think that it's a waste of time (in cases such as
    this). However, as I stated in an earlier posting, I
    think that it is particularly interesting that going
    back to July of last year (using the INSIDER option)
    there was only ONE acquisition. I know this doesn't
    prove a damned thing, but it does make one wonder.

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    Wow! New offering by Yahoo!

    by cruismeister Jun 11, 1998 9:16 PM
    Yankindixie Yankindixie Jun 11, 1998 9:40 PM Flag

    Any thoughts to message # 1143?

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    Re: Lawsuit

    by Yankindixie Jun 11, 1998 7:07 PM
    Yankindixie Yankindixie Jun 11, 1998 8:44 PM Flag

    I totally agree with your reasoning. But PROVING
    it is something else, and I just don't see that
    happening. I recently lost over 12k with another stock under
    IDENTICAL circumstances. Maybe 12k isn't a lot to you, but
    it sure as hell pissed me off! But again it's a
    gamble, and I, as well as others lost. Ten years ago my
    wife and I lost over 40k in a bank that went belly up.
    As a result of litigation, four years later we got
    $0.02 on the dollar. It was better than nothing, but I
    guarantee you that the lawyers got more than 2%. What
    really got me about the bank going under was the fact
    that all of managements' golden parachutes remained in
    place. Regardless of the laws, the individual investor
    has little, if any, protection. Sometimes I wish we
    could return to frontier (type) justice and deal with
    those responsible in the parking lot at the end of the
    day. I too am long on MANU, but I'm serious when I say
    that I question the ability of MANU management to run
    the ball into the end zone without blinders. In any
    case, good luck (to us all).

  • Yankindixie by Yankindixie Jun 11, 1998 7:07 PM Flag

    One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to know
    that the ONLY ones that will benefit from this lawsuit
    are the lawyers! The stock market is a gamble,
    PERIOD! This lawsuit can only serve as a distraction. And
    I'm concerned that MANU management is incapable of
    successfully handling two problems at once.

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