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  • advanceiscoming advanceiscoming Jul 11, 2016 9:28 AM Flag

    Agree advance to $30 plus is coming.

    It could get there this week in the run up to earnings call.

    LMAO at your "torched" comment.

  • advanceiscoming advanceiscoming Jun 9, 2016 8:40 AM Flag

    on track

  • Good to see these moving right on up just as called with CAR at $22 and HTZ at sub $7.

    Both HTZ and CAR are going to continue moving up hard over the summer. Despite the recent 30% or so moves to the upside, they remain cheap on historical ebitda and other relative valuation metrics.

    Own them both -- still dumb dumb cheap while the companies continue raking in shares under the buyback programs.

  • advanceiscoming advanceiscoming May 31, 2016 3:58 PM Flag

    HTZ is up 28% since my post.

    Avis is up16%.

    Here's the update today: Both stocks are going much higher this year, but HTZ remains the most dynamic story down here and continues to have the most upside as the EU economy picks up and the currency issues from last year abate further. Big deal is that the HERC spinoff now within weeks.

    I own both but more capital in HTZ than CAR.

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    by advanceiscoming Apr 25, 2016 10:27 AM
    advanceiscoming advanceiscoming May 18, 2016 8:16 AM Flag

    If you missed my comments above, you might give them a read... it IS what Parker is telling the street with his middle fingers pointed up. Also see my comment below on May 16, but the turnaround is now underway.

  • advanceiscoming advanceiscoming May 18, 2016 8:08 AM Flag

    As I said on your similar post on the 16th, both companies are close to historically cheap, but HTZ is the cheapest of the two on ebitda metrics. Those who did some work and or considered that view likely benefitted from the big bump on HTZ yestewrday, though CAR moved too.

    Again, both stocks are too cheap, and hopefully some here benefited from considering my comments posted a day BEFORE three HTZ executives bought some 200k or so shares in the open market... that is called "putting your money where your mouth is."

  • advanceiscoming advanceiscoming May 18, 2016 8:03 AM Flag

    Posted without the knowledge of the BIG insider buying too... and do listen to what the Avis guys said making fun od the dweebs suggesting that the hail ride companies are somehow hurting the rental agencies... my title for this thread is a good summary of their comments though if you do not have time to take in their presentation.

  • advanceiscoming advanceiscoming May 18, 2016 8:02 AM Flag

    posted before the Form 4 wire release. LOL I'll take the gift bump from yesterday, but that is just the start of the run higher here and the C suite guys are yelling with those BIG insider buys.

    shorts will be smoked here.

  • advanceiscoming advanceiscoming May 18, 2016 7:59 AM Flag

    Don't you just love that i wrote that without knowledge of the Form 4 filings that hit the wire afterwards?

    HTZ and CAR too are both going a bunch higher from here, but HTZ is the uber cheapest of the two.

    And longs, if you didn;t catch it yesterday, give a listen to the CAR conference presentation. They shared much about the business, with a special fun discussion of why Uber, Lyft and other hail ride services are not a problem for the rental companies...

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    by advanceiscoming May 17, 2016 9:28 AM
    advanceiscoming advanceiscoming May 18, 2016 7:56 AM Flag

    and oh... check out the new CRO and CFO Form 4 filings... they both bought a dumptruck full of shares too.

    Nice messaging on what they think about the stock being below $10, on the eve of the HERC spinoff which will be worth close to day's stock price (HTZ) for both companies.

    Shorts got there gnads stomped yesterday, but they are going to be smoked in the days ahead.

  • New CEO Tague just filed a Form 4 documenting purchase of 66,000 shares Friday and yesterday...

    Also, have a look at the 13F filings as of March 31. Icahn was flat for the quarter, but 7 or the next 9 largest holders ADDED OR INITIATED NEW POSITIONS in HTZ last quarter.

    The stock was trading around $11/share going into the end of March... so if the large 13F filers liked it at $11, they must REALLY love it down here at $8.

    As I wrote yesterday, this has a GREAT CHANCE TO DOUBLE BY YEAR END!

    Avis is at the Barclay's conference this morning -- CEO right now. Both of these companies about to go parabolic to the upside. Shorts are going to be squished.

  • The blue sky listing work is underway and the red herring print of the S-1 registration for HERC is about ready... $600m of ebitda and apportioned debt will be off the HTZ balance sheet within just a handful more weeks now.

    The spinoff should be worth at least $6/share to the current HTZ shareholder (point estimate is $7/share) and the residual balance sheet and FCF should support at least $8/share for the HTZ piece.

    The current valuation is all part and parcel of a brilliant set up as structured buybacks are happening in the prelude to the S-1 for HREC going out... this stock will soon lift off in a rip your face off rally to quote old Jeff Saut.

    Anyone still short this and Avis is an idiot... they are both incredibly cheap on historical EV/ebvitda range multiples, and ebitda is ready to resume growth with the lowest share counts seen at both of these companies (HTZ and CAR).

  • Both are trading at the low end of historical ebitda multiples, and while HTZ is relatively cheaper (EV/ebitda) and has the HERC spinoff propectus in registration for a closing over the next several weeks, CAR is a screaming opportunity too.

    Both should be able to double by year end as the currency headwinds turn to tailwinds this year, the EU economy picks up more steam and now that the excess car inventory is resolved with no further valuation issues coming through on either company.

    Shorts will be creamed, starting now.

  • Hail rides are less than 3% of daily revenue in the US market.

    Study the SEC files of both HTZ and CAR to learn the facts, and put any moron saying Uber, Kyft and the cabs matter to AVIS and HTZ's business on ignore to stop wasting your time reading worthless dog #$%$.

    This is being set up for a double before year end... Load the freighter.

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    by advanceiscoming Apr 25, 2016 10:27 AM
    advanceiscoming advanceiscoming May 16, 2016 2:56 PM Flag

    DAL told thw street all today with the capacity comments... the bs drop is over... smart money taking off hedges again now.

    Watch the legacy carriers and LUV take off from here. Back to full position on these four now.

  • advanceiscoming advanceiscoming May 16, 2016 7:10 AM Flag

    All of that puffery and no information that is not well understood by market participants. In other words, all of the "news" you list is not news and in the stock.

    The negatives impairing ebitda metrics?

    1. currency headwinds (USD strength vs euro in particular)

    2. pricing due to bloated inventory (now self-resolving as older cars taken off line)

    3. inventory mark-downs (about played out now)

    4. CAR is fligning the empire too much.

    Still, the stock is very cheap and that is why the value guys are stepping into the pitch hard now.

    HTZ is cheaper, especially considering that the HERC spinoff is coming. Own them both -- theywill be big 2H16 winners.

  • Good to see Latin America percolating with solid RPM and load progress.

    It's time for the group to get going again.