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  • amdmonkey7 by amdmonkey7 Jun 27, 2015 2:36 PM Flag

    Some of us might be confused and bewildered when changes our because of failure to see the forest from the trees. A short term play in the markets and in politics can go against the long term line but inte end the line will win out.
    America is becoming less white.
    Whites 5 and younger are now less than 50%.
    Older people who make up the core of the conservatives are of course passing away.
    This means political parties both are moving left.
    Most all cities with more than 100,000 vote for a democrat for president each election now.
    Dallas,Houston. And San Antonio all went to Obama. So as Texas becomes more urban, it is of course pushing left.
    So the push left in the republican party will soon be dramatic. Want proof?
    Obama care passed and the GOP did not seriously try to stop it but just said they did.
    Look at gay marriage.
    Now the rebel flag comes down.
    The wind is blowing left and those from the old right are being thrown over board.

  • The fact that you are upset by a little joking around tells us you are in a bad mood.
    Oh well. You will get over it and get used to it.

  • Nobody has been able to right this amd ship.

  • Break his neck. oops
    Put him in the van and drive. Say he did it to himself.

    Go from manslaughter to murder 1.

  • Intel will soon break past 40 and then we will see why. Soon after we will get a series of events that will take Intel net profits up in massive moves. The stock will go to 50 then 60 then 70 all before the end of 2015.
    The same posters who said sell at 21 will of course be saying sell at 70. I think I will hold for the next split at 120.

  • Intel TV
    Intel massive wins in Phones and tablets
    Intel in the Iwatch
    Intel server chips running it all

  • The stock market ignores them all because in the end, it is demographics that are driving the nation's political roads.
    Each year, there are more DEMs as a percentage and fewer Repubs. It is called the changing demographics.
    Mr. Taco Bell is not voting for you KKK teaparty clowns. The Dems could run any idiot and that person would win the Hispanic vote by a 3 to 1 ratio. You see--old white trash GOP, they hate you as much as they hate you.
    Then we of course have the Black vote and it too will NOT switch to your KKK party because NO person on earth is that stupid.
    OK--then we have young people--they hate you rightwing gay hating religious KKK nuts. So basically, your base is old and dropping dead from old age is it not GOP.
    Obummer could drop his pants and screw a dog, and the Left wing of the Dem party would still vote for him over and Republican. You see, they hate you.

    So you are going after Obummer in hopes of hurting the Dems but you just do not get it. You idiots will not pass immigration reform and therefor you are going to lose 80% of the Hispanic vote in the 2014 elections and come 2016, ANY DEM can win the White House because you lost before it even begins. You can tune into Fuxed up news and believe them but I think even you rightwing niiimmrods understand you are on the wrong side trying to battle upstream.

  • People who see Apple and Samsung as being able to block Intel from getting massive market share with its CPUs in phones and tablets are just using childish emotional rants for thinking.
    Intel will be shipping the Silvermont and the phones with it will be selling this Christmas and those phones will HURT Apple and Samsung.
    Just like Apple and Samsung killed off Nokia because Nokia failed to change fast, New Phone companies will rip into Apple and Samsung.
    Intel is the Apple killer.
    But really--it was inevitable because Intel HAS to sell to anyone who wants its chips due to its near monopoly in CPUs and past history. Intel could have never given Apple and exclusive deal even if it had wanted to--which it did not want to.
    Look at the benchmarks on the new Intel chip and then KNOW that it will be in the US market in Volume in phones late this year and early 2014. Intel does what it does.
    It shrinks chips and makes them in ungodly volume.
    NO company can do it better because Intel, unlike others, has been doing this for over 30 years now. Making CPUs is what Intel does.
    Now it will put the Intel X86 into tablets and phones and ARMH and companies that rely upon Armh designs like Qulllycom, will be Roadkill--just like AMD was.
    Intel to 40 this year and much higher in 2014

  • amdmonkey7 amdmonkey7 May 10, 2013 12:47 PM Flag

    Yeah because you can drive 30 miles over the Indiana border and buy all you want in a red state.
    You ignorant #$%$
    If dim was a good thing, you would be a great man.
    Romney lost
    Get over it.
    Your crying is pathetic.

  • The stock goes up but true AMD fanboys would rather have AMD go bankrupt and lose all their money rather than to see AMD eaten alive and killed off by Intel.

    You will be assimilated AMDers.
    Resistance, while funny, is FUTILE!
    Intel inside.

  • That iiiiddddiooot whose name is better unspoken said 18.
    When it hits 30 this summer, he will still be saying 18.
    Oh yeah--last time the stock market did this well--we had a Dem President as well.
    Clinton and now Obummer run up the markets while wallstreet cries all the way up. it is too funny.
    I just collect the money and smile.
    Intel to 40 later this year is possible.

  • People love trashing people but in the end, it just does not matter what they think does it unless you are a pop star.
    I heard people trashing Kenny loggings one night when I was out for a beer.
    I had the disk jock put on Danger Zone, and the entire place lit up as that song cranked.
    Yes--Kenny sucked most of the time but that time he hit one out of the park.
    So Intel sucked for 13 years now. That is an undeniable fact. OK--not sucked if you consider the Div but it has been below good for sure.
    But now---oh now--it is in the first inning of one great game which will see all the Intel fans forgive it.
    When this decade is done and Intel has split once or twice, no one will remember the pain of the last decade except for the poor #$%$ who sold.

  • Reply to

    Intel inside & out

    by hothectors Apr 27, 2013 3:13 AM
    amdmonkey7 amdmonkey7 Apr 27, 2013 3:23 AM Flag

    If you watch TV on the internet, you will be using huge amounts of server power.
    Intel sells the chips for those servers.
    Even if Intel loses out in the race to become THE top Internet TV company, it wins because all those companies will be pushing the use of massive amounts of Server power.

  • Obviously there is much more to this Intel move up than meets the eye.
    Intel TV
    Intel phone chips
    More news to come.
    When it hits 30 mid summer, will some clown still have an 18 price target?
    Stupid is what stupid does.

  • Of course you will still be here pumping it even though you own no shares.
    You really need to get a girlfriend.
    OK--or a boyfriend.
    Right now, you amdpumpernuts are less fun to listen to then a republican debate.

  • amdmonkey7 amdmonkey7 Feb 12, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    I am monkey it is not as if I am trying to hide. I have the old one--you want me to use it?

  • Iwatch
    use Intel X86

    This opens up the distinct possibility that Apple will switch to Intel for its IPads and Iphones too sooner than later.

  • amdmonkey7 amdmonkey7 Feb 12, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    Hey att4.
    Your life is a wreck I can see.
    Get a pretty woman and stop being such a loser.
    What? You weight 400 lbs and are eating twinkies as you type?
    OK--go on a massive diet. Lost 5 lbs a week for 45 weeks, and you can then go get the woman and stop you pathetic and useless political postings. I mean really.
    Do you think the powers that run the nation give a rat's about what you think?
    OB get elected because the powers backed him. They still back him.
    Look at Intel. Paul O--I like him--but he spoke out against eh pres and weeks later--he is gone.
    Those boys who run Intel are LIBS!
    Funny but California just balanced its budget with a DEm gov Jerry Brown.
    8 Years with Arnold-GOP--and the state was hopelessly in debt.

    But really--you need to get some Sweet female because you live here and that is no good.
    People laugh at you and you are so lonely--you prefer that to being lonely.
    I---think you are curable so go get a woman my man.

  • It is all ArmH chips now Intel is fighting so go back to your hole AMD fanboy loser.
    How did that 100-100 club work out for you AMDers?
    Oh--and I love your new fabs.
    Those benchmarks for the CPUs look fantastic too.

  • If you want to shoot yourselves, resist the urge and instead barf onto your TV while watching fuxed up news.
    You cannot have your country back you 18th century nearathal dirtbags.
    Suck it up and be a man.
    Quit your crying.
    You lost and your GOP Congress is just feeding you what you want to hear with lies. Truth is, 80% of Americans think you GOP teabagging losers are complete morons.
    When I am in the mood for a good laugh--I tune into Hannity and watch him lie to you. Hey--Hannity said Obummer would lose. He won.
    So Hannity is either an idiot or a liar. It is the liar and you who believed him are the idiots.
    Fuxed up news---is a fine news organization so balanced that almost no one other than you rightwing losers watch it.
    I have to admit--the night of the election, I was watching fuxed up news because I knew it would be fun watching the GOP right cry like little bbbtchhhes. Kelly was great and completely made a horses rump of Karl. karl--NO NO NO--I want a recount. HAAAA HAAAA

    Eat shttttttt and die GOP rightwing scuuuuuuumbagggging loser clowns.
    Your Pal
    Monkey (Obamacare is law) HAAAAA HAAAA

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