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  • antimachine_kudo antimachine_kudo Jul 9, 2016 12:24 PM Flag

    Thanks arhdan9 for posting this part for me. Initially I didn't know why yahoo wouldn't allow my to reply to my own post, and the space limit could not afford everything in one post.

    Anyhow, thanks again and good luck.

  • antimachine_kudo antimachine_kudo Jul 9, 2016 12:18 PM Flag

    It's your speculation. Can you wait for its validation or move on if you so believe, sell and find other greener pasture, or simply sue the company.

  • antimachine_kudo antimachine_kudo Jul 9, 2016 12:16 PM Flag

    It is my strong belief that there will be a major short covering coming within the next few weeks judged by current ultra-low share price (it should have never been at such a low price, no reasons, absolutely not), the closeness to a major revealing of many optional developments in the company, and the current on-going change of tide shifted from cart-t and/or CI toward DC-based therapeutic cancer vaccine treatment (cure) (note: it is my speculation)as well as the general trend of money inflow to biotech, which is on going.

    Because unless shorts have bullets penetrated their heads making them totally blinded, a major short covering must be and will be coming, even if I prefer it not!

    end of post

  • I posted it first in IHub, which got deleted twice due to some colorful words I used I guess. So I removed those words, and reposted it in Ihub this morning. In case I also post it here:

    The current development regarding FDA's order to stop Juno's pivotal P2 trial due to deaths of patients has a very significant meaning regarding the future landscape of cancer treatments:

    Cart-t as a group may have run into corner as the investment world finally come to a long overdue conclusion: this class of treatment is dangerous, cumbersome and costly, and its benefit/risk ratio is so unfavorable.

    CI as a class has shown some success with very limited treatable patient population due to its nature.

    Increasingly, more and more people will realize DCVax as a therapeutic cancer vaccine platform will emerge as a new and more broad blockbuster cancer treatment class due to its pristine safety profile and potential significant efficacy; with combinations with CIs, the platform may be potentially a cure for some cancer indications.

    At this point of time, anyone who is debating on the purpose of debating is obviously naive or up to something that a normal investor will not do. So please stop engaging in such distractions, either from an old topic which has been discussed before with no new meaning but endless new speculation; something to do with fine prints pulled out from company's sec filing which have been covered in the previous discussions; and any other FUD such as tailored, sometime out of context copies and pastes of some selected FDA documents, and ambiguous subjects such as comparing a "lackluster device" to a potential blockbuster cancer vaccine treatment in any angle negative or ambiguous possible, etc.

    Continued in next post.

  • antimachine_kudo antimachine_kudo Jul 7, 2016 8:19 PM Flag

    You are right. Hedge funds get all the spelling right but placed wrong bet in whole cart-t technologies. He may have some spelling wrong, but he seems to understand the future of cancer immunotherapy.

    For this one, I totally agree with him. NWBO is the future!

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    You Lose No $ if You Buy Today

    by antimachine_kudo May 31, 2016 8:18 AM
    antimachine_kudo antimachine_kudo May 31, 2016 12:40 PM Flag

    I gave you a thumb-up for your caution and criticism. No I am not a financial advisor. Everyone who has been around this board for a while knows me. I am a retail investor with significant stake in nwbo: more than 400,000 shares in control including option.

    I guess people are just not sincere when they are talking about bankruptcy (hey the price is fully reflected on that already), etc., so how can the price goes to zero if the company will exist one year from today, five years from today, and when the company has potentially lucrative cancer treatment platform DCVax. Yes, L for brain might be a failure, but the technology will be refined for other indication or a new pivotal trial for specific subtype of brain cancers such as the m-type would be launched with much higher probability of success in the worst scenario, namely, the current L trial might be a failure.

    Plus, we should not forget DCVax-D for all inoperable solid cancers. I don't want to get it to details on how much the D will be worthy, but there is definitely values that.

    Then, there is L for brain cancer under HE program, which has a five years of approval. So there is some value there too.

    Then, the combination trials with big farms CIs, etc with both D and L.

    The list will go on and on.

    Now you tell me how you can lose all.

  • antimachine_kudo by antimachine_kudo May 31, 2016 8:18 AM Flag

    I posted a short while ago in IHUB the following post. Although it is very simplified, you can do your own DD and to have your own opinion:

    "Dan88 Tuesday, 05/31/16 08:05:26 AM
    Re: None
    Post # of 63372

    If you buy at this level of price, you would not lose even a penny:

    Assume you have $10,000 fund ready for nwbo, now you can have $5,000 of nwbo, i.e., about 6,250 shares at an average price of $0.8.

    Worst scenario: L fails (the reality is L could fail in the existing P3 trial but it would also be in combination trials and it would still be commercially available under HE program), then the share price could be halved to around $0.4.

    You should buy another $5,000 at the price of around $0.4 for about 12,500 shares.

    Then you would have a total of 18,750 shares at average cost of about $0.53.

    Trust me, a couple of months after the bad news fully sink in, the price would be right back to the level of $0.6 or above.

    After six months or so, depending on the news such as combination trials, or HE finally starts, or some longs funds get in or short funds finally cover their butts, the price could easily be up to $1 or even higher.

    So you will lose no money if you buy today, and are willing to buy more f the price is lower in case of very bad news.

    GLTA "

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