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    by mavrickk122 Aug 21, 2016 11:30 PM
    arndace2 arndace2 Aug 22, 2016 2:41 PM Flag

    We all know that AMD sold it's HQ offices long ago for much needed cash. Since then, AMD has sold everything that wasn't nailed down, plus a heap of assets that WERE nailed down. The end of amd is still very distant. Amd can always move into the new Chinese JV digs for much lower rent before amd completely vanishes into chip heaven. I'm curious how long a con company lie this really can hold out. The AMD book will probably be a best seller - "How a con company survived for a half century without ever actually making a dime."


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    by arndace2 Aug 19, 2016 10:31 AM
    arndace2 arndace2 Aug 19, 2016 2:36 PM Flag

    Umm, I might be the dumbest for providing real good day trading advice to all the gullible morons here. I might also be the dumbest for setting on the sidelines witnessing this AMD-swindle. (But I assure you that you hold the record-dumbest position for not making a dime for 10 years).

    I moved on many years ago and have made a fortune beyond your narrowminded comprehension.

    That doesn't change my interest in following this prime loser con company. Much can be gained by learning the ways of a stupid con company like AMD.


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    by hamhas1 Aug 19, 2016 10:21 AM
    arndace2 arndace2 Aug 19, 2016 10:40 AM Flag

    You are a simple mind. iNTEL is much smarter than that. They target AMD's best selling chips, not the entire price market. They can keep a lid on any part of AMD to maintain intel profit margins. It's about volume and profits - things that AMD can't grasp. "CRUSH" is not an intel goal. If that were a goal, intel could have EASILY done that at any time during that last 20 years. You are a dumb newbie.

  • AMD can only lose less money, never become legitimately PROFITABLE. Childish game chips can't save AMD. NVDA AND INTEL BOTH have strangle holds on AMD. Global Foundry and Samsung both cannot overcome the massive intel foundry leadership technologies.

    Thus, ZEN remains generations behind intel and must resign AMD to low end servers, and medium end desktops (which are a rapidly dying breed). AMD has already resigned itself to low end graphics cards, where graphic cards themselves are definitely a dying breed (cpu + graphics on one die, meets 90% of the real needs). Game chips make no money. Amd is in too much debt and must continue to sell (con) assets and IP.

    AMD is long term doomed unless a totally new development not yet conceived by anyone, surfaces.

    No AMD PROFITS are possible.

  • arndace2 arndace2 Aug 17, 2016 5:50 PM Flag

    More useless garbage from "give you this". The ONLY thing worth posting is how much MONEY amd might make from this useless geek #$%$. MONEY MONEY MONEY. Nothing else please dammit.

    In 45 years of failure, AMD has never learned how to make MONEY - the prime directive of every company.

    So stuff your geek hype where da sun don't shine.


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    by arndace2 Aug 12, 2016 8:18 AM
    arndace2 arndace2 Aug 16, 2016 12:51 PM Flag

    U R correct about Wory Weed's efforts to direct AMD away from intl. But AMD's very deep seated culture - dating back to AMD's founding philosophy of "25% cheaper than everyone else" - is alive and well. A culture, like a religion, is mighty hard to change, when everyone there believes that they are worthless. Su heads a worthless CULTURE, and so far, has only succeeded in selling more of AMD's assets. She can't charge higher prices and make money like companies who have genuine pride.

    Post again if AMD ever achieves 50% gross profit margins, and stops gushing red each qtr. Hype and hope don't count.


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    by arndace2 Aug 12, 2016 8:18 AM
    arndace2 arndace2 Aug 12, 2016 9:04 AM Flag

    Actually, I've been correct since AMD was over $40. I've also been correct in recommending day trading to make many times more than long holders. If you were lucky enough to snag AMD at $2, you have not made one dime until you actually sell. You wont sell on your conviction that AMD will go higher. Like most just like you, you will hold until it's $1 and will take a loss on the way out. That what gullible long AMDers always do.

    Day trade this loser.

  • Wory Weed was probably amd's only realistic CEO who concluded that amd had to pull the plug on the idea of ever winning a cpu battle against intel. The cpu choices were to sell dirt cheap low end cpus and lose money, sell mid stream cpus at lower prices than intel - and lose money, or, keep trying to make better cpus than intel and make tons of money. The latter (best cpus in the world) never happened and the probabilities of that ever happening are 100 to one against amd. Thus, Weed cleverly disguised his defeat announcement by re-directing amd into alternative "Custom chips" - hoping to make a profit and phase out the eternal cpu losers. He started that alternative custom chip plan with game chips. The problem with his plan was far too cheap entry prices just to win the MS and SONY contracts. That one mistake has condemned amd to low end and no profits, which in turn, forced amd to keep competing with intel. No other large custom contracts have been secured since then. Weed was fired, and Su wouldn't dare the same tactic.

    Amd continues to lose money on cpus, has nothing to top or even equal intel, and intel has a new armada planned to keep amd losing money in 2017. Su hoped to snag lucrative GPU card business from NVDA, but instead, like Weed, slashed the new GPU prices to just gain market share. The same losing plan that got Worry Weed fired. Now NVDA has an armada of new GPUs due out to keep amd down at low end again.

    Amd has turned to ZEN to save their cpus and even snag some server business. Unfortunately, amd has given most of that server opportunity to the Chinese JV partners and intel is planning to trounce ZEN.

    The only thing left to amd is more cheap game chips and a long shot entry into VR chips. Amd swears that VR will be gigantic. Amd is wrong again about VR.

    Amd is defeated, regardless of the hype and the stock price. Amd continues to lose money and must resort to selling assets to stay alive.


  • arndace2 arndace2 Aug 11, 2016 5:54 PM Flag

    There ya go AGAIN. "ZEN is arriving in 2017" says absolutely nothing. Also, everyone constantly ignores what intel will have by then. iNTEL's i7 is ancient history now. Amd's ZEN will likely be low end again by 2017. In order to ever make a dime, amd must at least match intel. So far, amd has no hope. Amd just can't let go of the 45 year failed dream of making $1 competing with intel. Only one man at amd, Wory Weed, admitted that amd must abandon trying to compete with intel. He was fired. So now, amd is free to lose money as far as the eye can see.


  • arndace2 arndace2 Aug 11, 2016 5:17 PM Flag

    Would you PELEEZE try to accept objective truth for once in your miserable life? Just coldly read your own post for all the gross flaws in it. Count the number of "if"s in it. See all the "assumptions" too.

    It's NOT YET a "fact" ZEN is 1.38x the old FX-8350 b/c it's not in production. And that's not even an important OBJECTIVE (to be better than several year old technology).

    And then you CONTINUE your insanity by saying "if" these new results are true, amd will debut as promised... faster junk:. Moron, that is very old technology competition which places amd at the bottom of the chip competition, and thus, at no profits a usual. ZEN will be facing an armada of new intel chips by the time ZEN is released, and far worse than that, ZEN will not release in large numbers until much later in 2017, when intel will likely be in huge production volume with vastly better chips.

    Can you do anything at all to cure your psychotic disorders? Can you merely learn to read all your uncertainties, hopes, and delusions? Can you imagine what the word "gullible" means? Is there ANY hope that you might get a clue about the business world or what "competition" really means?

    I vote "no hope whatsoever for you" as in EVER. You will always be dumb and gullible.


  • arndace2 arndace2 Aug 11, 2016 12:37 PM Flag

    If, if, if. If ZEN's momma had balls, it would be ZEN's daddy. How or why can you pull #$%$ like 4Ghz clocks out of the sky like that? Do U have pathological disorders?

    Hints like your post strongly suggest that ZEN cannot achieve high end preformance. Thus, amd will remain a low end provider, a low profit margin company, a Chinese JV loser, and there's nothing new happeningg.

    Amd refuses to learn its lesson. AMD was recently determined to cease competing with intel. They just could not pull the plug and will remain in their eternal losing spiral.

    Do you even have a clue what intel has in their pipeline due out for when ZEN arrives/ Obviously not. ZEN is low end NOW and will be even lower end by next year.


  • arndace2 arndace2 Aug 11, 2016 9:57 AM Flag

    Absolutely every hype like this means nothing. What means everything is how many chips will amd sell and at what PROFIT MARGIN (and "WHEN"). You have no business sense whatsoever.

    Game consoles during the last few years is a great example. Amd always gives their chips away at almost cost. That's the 45 year amd-culture. Jerry Sanders (founder) literally established amd on that one premise - namely, "25% cheaper" chips. Just think about that, if you have any brains at all.

    If intel has enjoyed a stellar growth for 45 years at an average profit margin of 60% (true!) and Jerry's simple business model suggests "25% less", then can you so much as subtract 60% minus 25% to get 35% profit margin? Can ya?

    Guess what Sherlock. A motley 35% margin for amd reduces amd to a loss company. All chip companies need a higher than 40% profit margin to thrive and grow. The amd culture which persists today is doomed to eternal losses. Sanders mistakenly thought that he could steal a small chunk from intel and become a large company. His arithmetic was doomed from the start.

    Now, Amd repeats the same mistake every month on every chip sold. Worse still, amd gives secret volume discounts to win deals. Amd is caught in an eternal trap because to average +60%, you must have the very high end chips. AMD never does. Never.

    So your hype post might make you feel better, but you are a gullible business moron. Amd will remain a low end loser.


  • arndace2 arndace2 Aug 10, 2016 8:47 AM Flag

    All you gullible hypsters lack one giant ingredient. You apparently shut your mind to the existence of one word: "COMPETITION"

    AMD is not an island to itself. NVDA and intel really do exist. Focusing only on AMD hype has been the fatal undoing of all AMD fans. Yes, you saw AMD just barely release RX480 graphics cards (in very small quantities) but seem to pay zero attention to NVDA's release of vastly superior cards. And you don't even seem to recognize that desktops are a fast dying breed ta boot. Few buy desktops, and far fewer even NEED a fast graphics card. iNTEL has built sufficiently fast graphics right onto the desktop cpus. Did you even hear the little word "sufficiently" fast? In other words, "sufficient" means "meet the need", not exceed the need. That's the art of "MAKING MONEY" - the one grossly missing ingredient at AMD. AMD is always forced to cater to the minority markets, while NVDA and especially AMD are left with the small nut case nerd markets.

    This entire stock market thingy is about MAKING MONEY - something that AMD has failed at for 45 years. Nothing AMD has now or has planned can change that bad AMD culture. NVDA does exist. iNTEL does exist.

    Both of AMD's competitors have lineups spanning well into 2017 and beyond, that claim to keep AMD in the inferior world and thus, low price world, and thus, no profits at best, and LOSSES most likely well into 2018.

    AMD's "one time gains" game is NOT A BUSINESS MODEL. It's a con game.

  • It's hard for me to even imagine how they could be as incompetent if they intentionally hired saboteurs. And I doubt that you even have a clue what I just said. Yahoo is imploding right before our eyes. Not just the childish msg boards, but the entire financial website too. Charts are broken. Quotes are broken. International quotes are next to impossible. Even their news quality is way down.

    As soon as I leave this post, I'm going to view Yahoo stock to see if their stock is also imploding. AMD might finally have an incompetent rival. I don't see how any company can be MORE incompetent than AMD.


  • arndace2 arndace2 Aug 5, 2016 10:14 AM Flag

    As usual, all of your posts are ignorant. It makes no difference if Sony makes 8 killings, if they know how to make a profit - and amd continues to remain ignorant of profitability. Amd could sell 80 billion game chips and still not make a profit. That's what amd has done for 45 years. Why change now?

    Amd is in the business of selling everything at cost and often below cost. That's what you don't get. Amd marks chips up by 15% when they need to mark up everything by 150%. They can't do that for many reasons. The reasons are embedded in NVDA and intel - and are accepted deep inside Amd's CULTURE.

    It's like an inside AMD RELIGIOUS CULT. Almost impossible to break a cult without DOD intervention.

  • arndace2 arndace2 Aug 3, 2016 5:37 PM Flag

    Why come here? Every one of your posts are useless, uninformative, and gullible.

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    gp100 delayed into 2017

    by jf3110 Jun 22, 2016 4:39 PM
    arndace2 arndace2 Aug 3, 2016 9:34 AM Flag

    Most of us amd-vets uderstand this very well (that you are a dope). We also understand why you should be worried sick over the amd-killer NVDA chips. That too is the norm for amd. Either NVDA slams amd into the low end world, or intel does it. In every instance, amd always ends up at the low end, and losing money. It's the 45 year, amd cardinal rule. md alwasy has to con somone out of more survival money. Amd is damn good at the numerous con jobs. I mean, really good!

    In 45 years, they've launched many convertible debentures that sucked i billions, they've borrowed billions, sold off every asset that wasn't nailed down (including their own office buildings and land), amd flash divisions and other divisions, and now, they are conning asians into buying their inferior patents. No one so far (except the bank lenders) have ever made a dime from buying from AMD.

    You are right in fearing NVDA in 2017. Amd will be flat broke in 2017 (AGAIN). Besides, Samsung and GF wont be mastering 14nm until late 2017. That's a con too - especially Global Founderies eternal cons.

    Worry worry worry! Or just short this turd and relax.

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    by arndace2 Aug 2, 2016 7:59 AM
    arndace2 arndace2 Aug 2, 2016 6:10 PM Flag

    I hate to be so blunt and break this news to you. But for a VERY long time, just about every member here has known that you are one of the dumbest here. So, I hope you don't get overly upset by me pointing out how utterly outrageously GULLIBLE you are to so much as paste all that complete rubbish. It illustrates how amd can con so many so very easily.

    Since there is a 98% chance that this swooshed right past you, let me waste a bit more time on you. AMD actually EARNED NOTHING. They swung a side one time deal and then reported it as earnings. Not only is that shady, it's a down right lie. An accounting trick which probably will be challenged by more than one - if not even forcing them to re-report correct GAAP numbers.

    AMD should NOT report a $300mln JV income all in one qtr, when the deal is structured to be paid (to AMD) over a course of a couple YEARs, even then, ONLY PAID IF MILESTONES ARE MET. Do you grasp this, moron?

    Unless the deal that I read was radically changed, to an absurd "pay it all up front" deal, [which no sane asian company should or would do], AMD has grossly grossly misrepresented Q2.

    AMD simply LOST $70mln in Q2. Period. You really are both a moron AND GULLIBLE. AMD hasn't EARNED any money for many years. They don't know how. They are an Enron, a Maddoff, a TSLA con company, period.

    Next Q and beyond, NVDA and intel are unleashing an armada of vastly superior chips that we KEEP amd at the low end and losing money, in case you have no clue. Everyone is nibbling away at amd's childish chips (which also can't EARN money). VR is so far away and the hype so exaggerated, that I refuse to listen to your blathering VR posts.

    Do me a BIG favor! Either put me on ignore, and/or direct no posts to me.

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    by arndace2 Aug 2, 2016 7:59 AM
    arndace2 arndace2 Aug 2, 2016 1:45 PM Flag

    no, pisswinkle. i was the bully who broke their teeth. want a demo?

    i needed no parenting. i was born smarter than american adults. and i do not receive or respect anyone taking subsidies. but above all things, i wish the very worst for cons and theives, which is why i monitor loser amd, and why i try to grasp how gullible you are.


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    by arndace2 Aug 2, 2016 7:59 AM
    arndace2 arndace2 Aug 2, 2016 11:31 AM Flag

    AMD is well into the tank stage - down $1 in just a few days. I see no reason for holding back a $5 tank - especially if the $294 con report is challenged and Q2 is properly restated.

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