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  • Now claim he has me on ignore to run away from backing up his claims. Since he likes to brag, I think he should show his trades, this way we know he's honest. But knowing this guy for just a few hours, he will be the first cockroach I out here. Maybe he surprises us. But I'm not holding my breath. Every board has a clown named supplier. He has to ignore to run away and then I own him.

  • arql07 arql07 Jul 2, 2016 8:20 AM Flag

    Produce at $1325 an ounce or produce at $1800 an ounce? Which one makes more sense? Be patient, you want to be on the gravy train valuation, not the one you are advocating. Every day they wait means you will see 15x the growth price of gold. This is a cash cow, because they are waiting.

    For every $100 move we wait, that means an much greater return for us. Here is what you are missing, the past 2 years, all gold mines have had to go after their strongest veins to make a profit. When the price of gold rises, the ounces available will actually fall, because now all these mines that extracted they best ore, will now move towards their ore that is less productive. We want that to happen first, because we didn't have to do this. That is why we wait. Our CEO is seasoned, he knows the score.

    I understand you want a price move, but the smart play here is PGLC to delay and delay. There are going to be discoveries that go from pennies to $25 a share. We are ahead of that curve, we have small float, a leach pad and smaller opening costs then any discovery mine out there. Here's another issue you are missing, the by products that also go hand in hand with most mines are not our issue. We are not a copper/gold play. We are a gold mine, so as long as the copper price stays low, this prevents the acceleration of all mines at once. They do not need more copper/zinc/lead....they need more silver and gold.

    Read the PEA and plug in the $1500 gold and see where we stand. Every $100 increase in gold here adds huge to our reserves. Our day is coming. We have one of the shortest routes to ramping up.

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    biotechsupplier will

    by arql07 Jun 27, 2016 8:43 PM
    arql07 arql07 Jun 27, 2016 8:52 PM Flag

    The other move he could make is have an alias claim he doesn't have to show anyone anything. You see with pumpers you have to cut off the obvious games they play. I think if you want to brag about positions, then you show they are real. But I sense this clown is all talk, but can get me to eat crow by showing all the trades. No he will scamper under a rock.

    BTW today's markets are not rewarding on news you are asking the fda to approve. OPK actually received a approval last week and the stock did nothing on the news.

  • Worked for Nemont and one other large mining entity. I believe they maybe getting ready to sell this to the largest bidder. If gold gets near $1400, goodbye. The things they have in place makes this a buyout target. That is why they have delayed. Interesting how gold move $100 and all of as a sudden this one starts to toll things out. This was always a discovery play.

  • The drug has a life of 6 hours and they are looking at benefits around the 108 hr mark? No wonder why MS questioned the method of action here. I can see the FDA have little time to decide this one. If you cannot explain how it works this late after the drug wears off, how do you expect the FDA to give the nod? Really? AF was very kind to you and actually pinned a nice piece. However he chimed in after MS tweeted and agreed.

    Sorry but I think what you are going to get, is 9 months of the FDA throwing this one back. Hope I'm wrong, but they are going to dilute on news they will ask the FDA. The decision is over a year away and they will burn through cash so fast. Well the guys who paid .62 will not want anyone question the realities here. Good luck and again be careful here, because I have a feeling the pumpers are in bed with the toxic dilution that will definitely be coming. Will monitor and wish everyone good luck.

  • arql07 arql07 Jun 3, 2016 2:32 PM Flag

    Roryrae you make no sense at all. If the Democrats cannot created more then 38K jobs and those jobs were low paying ones and another 495K people stop looking for work last month, how are their policies working. Maybe they will make you bathroom monitor for the transgender decisions.

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    What am I missing here

    by arql07 Jul 3, 2016 11:39 AM
    arql07 arql07 Jul 4, 2016 8:05 AM Flag


    I have no skin is this game. I am just an investor doing my research. I notice things others may just fly by. I will be the first to congratulate. However, I turn over every rock and see what is under it. So far, I don't like late location changes to trials. I don't like they Pr a COM that they have to tell you they still have to pay for it.

    The subset was definite a red flag. I think it's difficult to prove what you are going after. Funny how all this becomes crystal clear after you get a bad outcome. Then the same parties here will be scratching their balls and giving every excuse. Best part and I will share this, they have to leave you with a new ray of hope. I read your reply and all you did was make excuses. I like excuse makers, because on every board I've seen the poor outcome, had a message board just like this one.

    All I have done here is give you something to watch for in the future. Your fate is already sealed. I don';t see any insider buys, but you think you can beat those odds. I see a trial that had to look at a subset for any ray of hope. But you all are much smarter then I. You allow clowns to lie on these boards. You allow the multiple id's to show support when the rest of the world thinks .43 is to high.

    It's easy for the clowns to take cheap shots, because right now, you still have hope. But after the outcome, I wonder how these same id's will slither away. I see trouble with a capital T here.

    This trial had difficulties and they are having trouble making sense of it. The red flags are there. Gamblers ignore the red flags and that is why biotech's love the unsophisticated. You pay for all discovery.

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    What am I missing here

    by arql07 Jul 3, 2016 11:39 AM
    arql07 arql07 Jul 4, 2016 9:28 AM Flag

    I didn't know this. Pumpers are effective at keeping everyone ignorant. That is also why they cannot show their trades. This is the stuff that should be discussed here. How is it the clowns telling you they bought 700K shares are also the ones who haven't raised a single issue here. Like I stated before no basher has cost you a penny here, but the pumpers always do the most damage.

    If the subset got help, then the P value of the data is not reliable is it? No wonder no insider buys.

  • If you are brave enough to type them, then you should be brave enough to validate what you claim. My guess is bs and quickie are small time. Have very little background in bio's. Most of the unsophisticated here are chasing a dream. You can gamble if you have only 1000 shares, but claim you have 255K shares. Big difference. Then toss the dice. But to keep pretending you are a big shot, then have to run like a cockroach, well that has to wake some up here. Now either you are honorable or you are a pretender. But see i didn't throw the first insults here, you did.

    Honest investors want a fair shake here and not a con job by the pumpettes here. I only look at the two clowns here, what happens if I turned up the heat. How about the excuse makers show up at the same time as BS and quickie and start showing any id here is unique. I;m sure I'm dealing with one immature clown with 15 id's. If you are so assured of what the outcome here is, then the news will override everything.

    But you are scared little boys and you will continue for the rest of your lives to play games. Disrespecting honesty and integrity at all cost. We saw it on NEPH, PVCT, AEZS, BIEL. The pumpers always cost the greatest damage.

    Let's see if biotechsupplier ever mans up and show us early trades and the latest.

  • How come you are hiding from showing your trades? That looks very suspicious. Are you a liar and now caught in your web? That's the way it looks. Because the longs are suppose to be the stand up guys, but I have discovered over the years, the longs are the deceitful type.

    If the pumpers are lying what does that say? To me it says that they are here to pump to move toxic dilution, like the $8M that was raised in Feb. This one stinks worse then PVCT. It has the same shady element.

    When will a long here show something real? 9 pts outcome is what you need to pump. Tell us why this is important. I think you have a very bad board here. The worst of the worst. That is what I see immediately. Maybe there is a few honest investors who buy the story. I'm not here to burst anyone dreams. Just out who to not trust. Pretty cool how I depants biotechsupplier. That clown didn't have a chance.

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    by arql07 Jun 28, 2016 10:14 AM
    arql07 arql07 Jun 28, 2016 10:31 AM Flag

    Where are your buys biotechsupplier? This should have been resolved in minutes and yet you cannot validate anything. You should have shut your face and now your id looks suspicious. I have more on you. I always know ahead that the dumbest clown will show his cards immediately and you did not let us down there. You like to stroke investors, but when exposed you shrivel up. Maybe you can claim you were in the pool.

  • arql07 by arql07 Jun 29, 2016 12:36 PM Flag

    How come no insider participated? Now before some clown tells me they couldn't, NEPH does RO all the time and insiders finally on the third one bought. Did the insiders think that .275 was to high or were they altruistic and just let the investors in?

    I guess maybe some of them thought .275 was too expensive. I would think that quicky and BS would show their trades to impress us. But something prevents them from being honest. But everyone now can see that. BY the way I also warned about Neph, some of those clowns are holding $40 that is now worth .29 or something close to that.

    The one thing we all don't want to be is the victim of a company that still needs years to prove something real. I try and discover something positive, but so far am falling short here. BTW I will be the first to show something I like. I do it all the time on BIEL. But I'm I find more dogs then bones. Just like quicky's wife.

    But why didn't insiders scoop up any shares of the last $8M they raised. Well first they rewarded themselves those shares that cost them nothing. Why gamble when you know you changes the trial so many times locations. That you had to dig for a subset to hang your hat on.

    For clarity, I used yahoo for my insider stuff. I know that yahoo facts are as honest as listen to biotechsupplier buy claims. So if I missed something please correct me. All we all want is just some old fashion honesty and that is rare today on these boards. Now I have numerous investments to watch and this one has been fun to swat the snot out of several id's here. Always fun when I know rory is hard at distracting everyone from what is really out there. So have fun ladies and please pump. It's not like you can show us anything real. BTW quick your wife stated she can tolerate the quickness, but she stated that she also has to constantly ask you "is it in". What did she mean?

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    Beware...July 1st...Friday...AH's

    by pearsby09 Jun 30, 2016 1:21 PM
    arql07 arql07 Jun 30, 2016 1:39 PM Flag

    Bad news always comes after the bell on Fridays. I think there are sufficient red flags that point at that data wasn't going their way.

  • arql07 by arql07 Jul 3, 2016 8:24 AM Flag

    Did anyone notice how they slipped in the words the patent doesn't become official, until they pay for it. Really they had to tell you, that they still have to write the check. I find that strange. If you copy and paste anything from this PR, your post gets erased on yahoo. So do they have some filter thing in place, so no one copy and paste or reproduce their PR? Tried three times, small parts of it and they all get erased.

    I suggest you be careful here. The pumpers are showing you their true colors. The insiders have stayed away. The trial locations changed. The delay in data.

    One last point. On presentations why no 1Q16 presentation? They have a 3Q15 one, but not available anymore?

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    biotechsupplier will

    by arql07 Jun 27, 2016 8:43 PM
    arql07 arql07 Jun 28, 2016 7:59 AM Flag

    Every toxic board has one of these clowns and they never can show anything real. His id will disappear. The pumpers are always an obnoxious group and that holds here. First sign that longs are seedy, is their behavior. They feel they are right and that using numerous multiple id's will show strength in their opinion. I don't think he owns a single share. I believe when you see certain behaviors in longs, you need to be careful and pay closer attention.

    They seem like the good guys, but have distinct character flaws. Either they want to be the alpha dog or they are insecure or they are here to keep the pump alive. Take your pick.

    The first id we will not hear from again will be biotechsupplier. Let's see if he surprises me or what excuse he conjures up to hide the fact that he cannot validate anything. He needs a excuse to post again and my guess is it will be weak. His claim will be he has me on ignore. That is usual the route they take. But then will reply in a few days forgetting he has me on ignore. They usually are not the brightest knife in the drawer.

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    by arql07 Jul 3, 2016 8:24 AM
    arql07 arql07 Jul 3, 2016 11:56 AM Flag

    Reading comprehension at a low with the pumpers. That's not what I stated. I took the PR and copied a few things from it and Yahoo erases that post. I think the honest investors need to read between the lines and ask why would you announce a patent news, without first paying for it and getting the actual patent? Just some of the BS that goes with these PR's and after bad news, you will better understand why I posted it. PVCT had many of these and every time I poke a hole in it, there was pumper who stated what you stated. Do you wish they had listen to my questions when it was trading at $3?

    I don't mind the name calling as long as you remember who warned. My guess is ernest is old biosupplier who is fuming about not being able to show anything real.

  • Well the pumpers are some of the seedy type. Claiming they are buying large blocks, but when you ask them to show the buys, they cockroach away and hide from proving it. Why do longs need to LIE?

    2. Red flag. Large dilution of $75M on table.

    3. Small tiny subset: Two experts looked at data and laughed. OUT LOUD.

    4. The pump from multiple ids is present here. They want to gloss over all the red flags. They claim they are gambling. That means they are saying they are ignoring the flags and counting on a small window, that they will beat the odds.

    5. CEO answers, comparing MS to being associated with the NRA. A liberal answer, which always means he has no answers for you.

  • They enrolled 388 pats across 72 sites. So on average 5.4 per site. They needed younger patients and needed parents willing to get a placebo for their child instead of the generic. This is why they needed 72 sites, difficult to get parents to agree to receiving saline only. Difficult to keep the kids in it, that are not getting any benefit. They have to remain there for 48 hrs, like the ones getting your drug, then go home and answer questions for 30 days. This trial enrolled 4-68 age group. Numerous location changes. Could it be because they had a hard time with the placebo group staying around? The FDA is going to ask tougher questions then me. So I would love to read the transcript from this advisory board. The questions they will have.

    I can see how this is a nightmare to unlock. The thousand questions, you need to put to rest with 72 different sites, parents, children who just want to go out and play. Parents worried they are doing more harm then allowing their kids the generic. The doctors having to explain to their parents, why their child will have to cope with the administering. I know some pumpers want to make like this is easy to answer, when we are seeing just the opposite. How does the FDA determine the outcomes, when most is subjective. Ask a 4 year old what is your pain on a scale of 1-10? Even in adults this is subjective. A 2 to someone is a 6 to others. But somehow you have to determine if pain after the patient went home saw improvements.

    Well I feel sorry for the parents that have to watch their kids in pain for 120 hours. The other thing that throws a wrench in this, is the placebo group get hospitalization if the pain is too great. This one is riddled with riddles.

    One riddle we do know has an answer, the pumpers are incapable of showing anything real.

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    News Flash

    by biotechsupplier1 Jul 2, 2016 9:23 AM
    arql07 arql07 Jul 3, 2016 7:16 AM Flag

    You are a idiot. You have been busted lying with your own words. Could not keep the story straight at 257K shares. Ran like a cockroach when I question him. Which is what I predicted.

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    FDA meeting July 20th ...

    by sleepyeye55 Jul 5, 2016 10:31 AM
    arql07 arql07 Jul 5, 2016 3:19 PM Flag

    Where is your proof?

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