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  • bass9189 bass9189 Jul 15, 2016 8:16 PM Flag

    The information will be posted on the new Yahoo blog. I will have a different screen name per Yahoo staff. I also believe this group think it is exempt under the Securities Acts of 1933 and 1934 because of nonprofit status of some companies. They are wrong! Their lawyers are giving bad advice. The new Yahoo blog is much better than this message board. Yahoo is out to make money on ads, so this maybe the reason for the change of the board. Everything is good and it is what it is. I'll post information on the new blog. The the SEC reference number is posted there already.

    If we let bullies and people who try to coerce shareholders to give up their interest keep this up, this will never stop.... they will keep taking money from small investors through these schemes. These people have been operating for years and their actions to steal from investors are getting worse not less. They are from the west and now they are moving east.

  • bass9189 bass9189 Jul 15, 2016 12:34 PM Flag

    I may write some to the new message board. Hopefully, Yahoo will add a button to boot people like larry off others conversation. They guy is an complete idiot, mental case and stalker. .

  • bass9189 bass9189 Jul 15, 2016 12:26 AM Flag

    The problem is he want mention any of the subsidiaries in court. He had already removed them from any communicate with the public. From what I read, he is not saying the assets don't exist but that he could not locate the records and the parties with personal knowledge of there whereabouts Vu Le and Thu Le are related to each other or she may be using her middle name for some records and first name for others. Courts petitions will often list all her ...AKAs. Vu Le has some knowledge of this case and the facts pertaining to Thu Le. First things is to gather all the facts.
    Other shareholders need to complain about what happen in this case. The SEC may not listen to only two people. For a class action lawsuit, it only takes one shareholder and a lawyer to take the case. Some lawyers will do it if there is more than a million dollars in assets to recover. Their cut would be about $300,000 on a settlement or a successful case. I think there is a lot more than million dollars in Latteno assets here that got transferred to private or personal properties.

    For JP, why did he get involved with Latteno and in this case? And how did he find out about Latteno, the preferred shares and opening for a CEO. Something is not panning out with him.

  • bass9189 bass9189 Jul 14, 2016 12:35 PM Flag

    We can hope that others complain to the SEC about this case. Some seems to think by sitting back and doing nothing a person will come along to pump the stock up. They are wrong, most regain volume or price. An investigation and civil suit for recover of assets is their best chance of getting the money back. They also understand that a debt holder has also served Mr. Winston and Ms.Le according JP. This the debt holder can file to have Latteno reorganized and insolvent under bankruptcy law. In both cases he will take control of the remaining assets and JP may get the rest. Thus, him and JP will wipe out shareholders to control what is left of the company....including the Latteno name. They can start fresh with new shareholders and no debt.
    They can also hire the same group to do this all over again. These people are playing games while trying to rip off shareholders. I suggest shareholders file their SEC complaints and/or look up what happens to shareholders when a company files for bankruptcy or debt holders does a debt in possession. They can look this information up on the OTC research. This end game here.
    What JP stated also does not make much sense and is contrary to his actions.

  • bass9189 bass9189 Jul 14, 2016 12:41 AM Flag

    Regulators will take years to complete an investigation into this case. As you know, the loudest voice get most of the attention in the room. Laws and courts can be very tricky in prosecuting and recovering assets in these cases. One mistake can cause shareholders the case. I think the key is to locate Andrew Winston and And Thu Le for an interview. Problem is they may have went back to Vietnam. This is why it is best for the SEC to investigate this case and make proper referrals to other agencies. Investigators will likely not say much about this to victims because at least one of the parties has degree in computers. And they are trying to find out what people know about their activities, locations and connections. Some of the basic methods used to solve these puzzles is called a Venn Diagram, mean shareholders have to prove that all the people were connected to each other and devised a plan to transfer the interest of Latteno subsidiaries to family, friends, insiders or close associates. All have to connect back to Mr. Winston, Ms. Le. and a crime or violations in securities laws. Like Ponzi schemes, the criminals and their associates can not benefits from it when caught. The ones who made money on it will have to return assets and cash to a court appointed conservator or trustee to distribute assets to the victims.

    On another note, Vu Le is listed as the agent for both V-Star and GTG (with the same address). Ms. Thu Le claimed she worked for GTG prior to her CEO job at Latteno So they had to know each other. She made claims that implied GTG merged with Mekonza and Mekonza was own by Latteno. She never actually did a merger or got rid of the all records. The value in this company is to recover the assets and rout out he insiders=shareholders/debt holders who caused all the problems.... Vu Le and Thu Le may also be one in the same.

  • bass9189 bass9189 Jul 13, 2016 1:25 AM Flag

    These are people are career white collar criminals. They likely have civil cases in more than one state for defaults and defrauding their creditors (shareholders). They have been doing this for years across state lines. Surprised the FBI has not caught onto them. They have ripped people and creditors off for millions over the years.

  • bass9189 bass9189 Jul 12, 2016 12:16 AM Flag

    Joseph Pittera was the lawyer who helped Mr. Winston set this whole thing up. He has been charged in a separate case. The complaint would have to be against Pittera, Andrew Winston, Ms. Thu Le, Ms. Trihn (Trina) Ta, maybe Pacific Stock Transfer and a few others. First, the potential plaintiffs would have to locate all parties to serve them. Second, they would have to determine venue (jurisdictional questions). I have not found anything where JP filed a complaint with the SEC against Mr. Winston and Ms. Le violation of any securities laws. If what he found is true, this action would have been a must for him.

    Mekonza was also registered in Delaware, was active in 2013 with agent Trung Anh Le. Rx Harvest Collective was registered in CA, active in 2013 with agent Robinson To. So I am not clear why he could not find these companies. DMND,Inc. was also active and registered in CA 2014. agent Robinson To. Menkonza was also allegedly receiving seafood shipments from Vietnam in 2014. He also did not name the debtor. These companies had both tangible, intangible assets, tax assets ( write offs against profits), contracts and prepaid expenses. In addition, between 2013 and 15 Ms. Le and Mr. Winston issued over 9 billion shares claim Latteno owned all these companies. To date not cash raised from these shares went to Latteno (the "company"). This sounds more like a case the SEC should refer to the FBI if they don't return the assets.

  • bass9189 bass9189 Jul 11, 2016 12:24 PM Flag

    Since his appointment and election to the Board, CEO John A. Pinheiro
    has sought to determine the whereabouts of certain corporate records, including all financial records and liabilities, subsidiaries and all corporate papers not contained at the transfer agent, Pacific Stock Transfer Corp. CEO Pinheiro has conducted a diligent investigation of the current whereabouts andmore importantly on the business activities including all subsidiaries of the two former officers and directors, Andrew Winston and Thu Lee. We note that these same two officers and directors, Andrew Winston and Thu Lee were served legal process to collect a corporate debt in late 2014, did abandon theCompany in total, and did abandon their positions with the Company in that face of that debt as well as
    other Company obligations. Mr. Pinheiro attempted to contact Mssrs. Winston and Lee through legal process, phone, email, letter, their corporate attorney, the transfer agent, state records, and via private investigator to the then listed Company offices. All then Company offices and subsidiaries were later and
    have now been determined to be completely abandoned, devoid of any necessary paper work to justify the presentment of and placement of their stated subsidiaries onto and within the Company books and records moving forward. This includes subsidiaries Mekonza Corp. and Rx Harvest Collective Inc. ,
    and until verifiable and valid information is received and properly assessed, these subsidiaries are completely removed in every way from the papers, reports and records of the Company.

    Looks like john tried to locate them. They all are in hiding somewhere. If anyone has information of their where about contact the SEC and/or post it.

  • bass9189 bass9189 Jul 11, 2016 1:04 AM Flag

    "The cornerstone of this system is the registration of all those authorized by the DEA to handle controlled substances. All individuals and firms that are registered are required to maintain complete and accurate inventories and records of all transactions involving controlled substances, as well as security for the storage of controlled substances." Wiki

    Latteno officers are required by law to provide accurate records to the Feds and/or States of all their MJ transactions. The Feds can and will go after them. If they can't produce these records, someone should get prosecuted for securities fraud. This implies they used misleading and false statements along with the MJ hype to sell securities to the public ( steal money). This may also open the door for the federal authorities to ask questions about statements made about the seafood business. They think they have reports, well the Feds have a truck load paper work, laws and regulations for them with another truck full following it to their lawyer's office. It will be interesting to see how this will work out for them.

  • bass9189 bass9189 Jul 11, 2016 12:02 AM Flag

    I agree with you. The Justice Department can after them anytime its wants to. MJ is still a controlled substance and Federal laws are still superior to State laws. The DEA and regulators can decide to pursue certain cases for criminal prosecution. If Mr. Andrew Winston, Ms. Thu Le, Ms. Ta and the Nguyens want to play this game, then the Feds and the court system can also play the game too. The Feds may take a hand off approach of people with clean hands in dealing with investors but not individuals who use MJ hype stories to only sell stocks to unsuspecting small investors. They can deny the PRs and get charges with securities fraud or admit to them and get charged with selling drugs. The Feds can arrest them at anytime. Right now they are playing games with the Federal government. State laws will not protect them in this case.

  • bass9189 bass9189 Jul 10, 2016 12:11 PM Flag

    I think you should look at this another way. This stock is in the dark and ill-liquid, meaning it does not have any buyers or sellers making a market for it. This was caused by insiders who transferred assets out of the company and stop providing material information to the public about the company. The reason for the stop sign and warning. Investors no longer have confidence in the company or stock. The only to restore investor confidence is to force Ms. Thu Le and Mr. Andrew Winston to explain what they did with the assets.... with the hope that shareholders can recover some of those assets to Latteno. This is the only way liquidity will return back to the stock. If anyone tries to create the impression of many buyers and sellers without an investigation, civil suit and settlement to return the assets, the SEC will shut this stock down (suspend it).

    The crooks may also claim that shareholders are trying to pump and dump this stock. And the SEC likely will not do or complete an investigation into this matter. Ms. Thu and Mr. Andrew Winston will do anything to stop an investigation into this. From my experience, the crooks and their lawyers always try to portray the victims as the bad guys. One defense is of a prudent person who should have known this is a scam. Buyers now will be buying at their on risk...buyer beware.

  • bass9189 bass9189 Jul 9, 2016 7:45 PM Flag

    You understand this term: Caveat Emptor. This means buyer beware. Past shareholders were under a different situation where the seller had the responsibility to provide them ("the public") with material information that concerned the company, acquisitions, selling of assets and the issue of its securities.... Caveat Venditor. Now this stock is all buyer beware. Some honest shareholders have posted the information about this company officers and their transfer of assets. There is also a warning on the stock for nondisclosure of company information to the public (buyer beware).

  • bass9189 bass9189 Jul 9, 2016 4:51 PM Flag

    Best not to buy until this mess is sorted out with Andrew Winston and Thu Le. It is not clear when the Latteno actually closed the deal to acquired Mekenza seafood business or GTG was actual combined with Mekenza to form one seafood company. Most of the financial statements appear to be copy and pasted information. Both Thu Le and Andrew Winston stop signing the later filings of the reports to certify the contents are true.

    Right now there are no assets to support a trade of the stock. Thu Le and Andrew Winston have disappeared or moved back to Vietnam. And it is no telling where Keith Nguyen and Derek Nguyen went to. Some of the properties and assets were converted to private entities which make it hard for shareholders to get the information without a court order. This group views US small investors as stupid and the SEC as ineffective in dealing with this case. There should not be any trades of this stock until there is recovery of assets(if any). Hopefully, legit shareholders who got caught in this mess can get some of their money back through a civil suit brought against the parties.

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    by leftcoastjack1 Jun 28, 2016 1:22 PM
    bass9189 bass9189 Jul 8, 2016 7:13 PM Flag

    Have on ignore but you keep on posting. FYI: I am an active trader who made my money on legit trades. I don't go around buying into companies only to wait for the next CEO to pump the stocks. Also money I invested here was from profits on other trades. So far, I have never had company officers transfer assets out of any of them. You don't seem to know much about this company at all. you repeat others research. You have also been following investors around message boards with the same old nonsense for a while. This is not your first rodeo. You don't listen to me when I tell you to take your meds and stop it. We call this process due diligence in the markets. Investors can follow companies or groups to determine rather or not to invest with them. Right now I am following a group on the OTC markets and a few other companies in other markets. I don't write on there message boards because you will only change your screen to start the same mess. You are a mental case. Problem is Yahoo staff want shut you down for targeting and harassing people on its sites.

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    by leftcoastjack1 Jun 28, 2016 1:22 PM
    bass9189 bass9189 Jul 8, 2016 5:51 PM Flag

    Here is another mystery in our logic puzzle: DALLAS, Oct. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- PBS Holding Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PBHG) announced today that the company has entered into an agreement with Kaloca Holdings Inc., to acquire majority interests in Kaloca Holdings Inc.'s wholly owned subsidiary Global Trading Group Inc.

    If Latteno acquired GTG from PBS Holding in 2013, there should be a record of at both companies. This means that Latteno shareholders still own GTG and Mekonza. Not sure how Derek and company managed to transfer all the assets back to themselves by just changing the name. There is also a question of what happened to the prepaid expenses (asset) on Latteno's balance sheet. Latteno also tax assets associated with it that just transferred to somewhere else, maybe V-Star.

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    Still here

    by chasedad1 Jul 7, 2016 9:21 PM
    bass9189 bass9189 Jul 8, 2016 2:44 PM Flag

    Here is another company Derek claims for himself....Carpassion. He likes exotic cars. Problem is does not put his name on many of the PR or websites. In some case he acts as an alleged consultant for the group to develop websites and market the securities. But his name is not on the cover sheet of the company. From careful investigation, investors can see he is involved with many of these penny stock scams and their intent was to fleece small investors not build companies or shareholder value.

    PS: I don't know why Larry is replying to shareholder posts when no one wants to talk to him. He started in Nov. on this board with the same old comments. Everyday he state the same things over and over. I guess he think people will get tired of him and stop posting about this case. This a good forum about penny OTC stocks and the people who scam small investors with them. We should keep the conversation going.

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    Still here

    by chasedad1 Jul 7, 2016 9:21 PM
    bass9189 bass9189 Jul 8, 2016 12:50 AM Flag

    Contrary to what some may state on this board, the OTC market companies are not all bad either. The website can also provide small investors with very good information. A few bad apples are making the whole look bad. They need to be dealt with.
    Edit: "Following this story can enlighten investors on some unethical people who operate in the OTC market place. It will let them know not to get involved with anyone associated with this group or the companies they are involved with.... private or public." There is much to learn here.

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    Still here

    by chasedad1 Jul 7, 2016 9:21 PM
    bass9189 bass9189 Jul 8, 2016 12:12 AM Flag

    CEO Thu Le comments: "It was a difficult decision to turn down such a generous offer from this publicly-traded seafood supplier. Our number one reason for this cancellation of sale is due to the fact that we've received quite a few emails coming in from concerned investors stating the main reason they're in LATF is because of Mekonza and its potential growth." PR

    So she knew investors and shareholders were interested only in the seafood business. What does she and insiders do, they issued over 9 billion new shares and then transfer and/or shut down the alleged seafood business. They are going to get charges against them, guarantee you. Authorities need to question JP and Pacific Stock Transfer Company. Both may be part of a civil suit.

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    Still here

    by chasedad1 Jul 7, 2016 9:21 PM
    bass9189 bass9189 Jul 7, 2016 11:58 PM Flag

    Investors and shareholders will always get something out of this, Following story can enlighten investors on some operate in the OTC market place. It will let them know not to get involved in anyone associated with this group or the companies they are involved with.... private or public. This case will also help small investors in their due diligence of other OTC companies. Pacific Stock Transfer Company may serve as a red flag for anyone who wants to invest in these companies. I can't see how it allowed Mr. Nguyen and company to operate for all these years without reporting their activities to regulators.

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    by leftcoastjack1 Jun 28, 2016 1:22 PM
    bass9189 bass9189 Jul 7, 2016 11:39 AM Flag

    I don't think Larry is one of the insiders associated with this case. He sounds like a nut case who who got paid to write on this message boards. Investigating him will likely lead to a dead end. Insiders don't want this story to be told, so they may have just paid a blogger service to disrupt any conversation about it. I have seen this before, meaning the top people pay some low level persons to do their dirty work. The persons are normal drug addicts, hackers, small time thieves or people with problems. They are hired to through people off the bigger picture (scapegoat). Larry is likely some loser who is on drugs (meds) and semi employed with a series of special needs issues.