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  • bear_cubster by bear_cubster Aug 15, 2015 8:48 PM Flag

    I check Twitter almost daily and now I have begun using Periscope. At first it seemed like it had poor connection issues but it seems like lately it has gotten much better. So I was wondering if the addition of Periscope will help Twitter? I mean I use Twitter almost daily and Periscope on the weekends. Compare this to Face Book which I haven't used in about 3 years now. So why is Face Book something I don't even use continuing to become more valuable when it seems like it is mostly for families to post pictures? In comparison the up to the minute trends, celebrities, and cool people all seem to be on Twitter and now beginning to be on Periscope? Is Twitter just not doing enough to market themselves and Periscope? What gives?

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  • This week in Orlando, Trader Joe's opened a store on the same street as Whole Foods as far as I know I think there are now 2 Whole Foods stores and 2 Trader Joe's stores in the greater Orlando area. Although it is smaller with less selection the prices are definitely better at Trader Joe's, good luck trying to find wine for $3 per bottle at Whole Foods. I like Trader Joe's own unique brand items better than Whole Foods. I like them both but with a new store closer to me, I will probably go to Trader Joe's a bit more than Whole Foods but still go to both of them. I wonder if the lower prices and popularity of Trader Joe's will hurt Whole Foods. Until recently, Whole Foods pretty much had most of the Orlando organic market with 2 stores to 0 Trader Joe's stores but now Trader Joe's has caught up with 2 stores of its own. I used to live in CA so am very familiar with Trader Joe's products.

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  • It seems odd to close all 133 stores in Canada. That is a ton of stores. You would think some of these 133 stores had to be making a profit? So if that was the case, why not keep the ones making a profit open and simply close the ones losing money or breaking even? Lets say hypothetically 40 of the 133 were making a decent profit. Keep those 40 stores open and simply close the rest. You have to figure each store had at least some regular customers. By keeping open the ones making money, it is likely the profit of those stores would even increase as people who really love Target would simply drive further to the smaller number of stores that remained open. Additionally, this would enable Target to take a closer look at the stores doing well and incorporate those idea eventually into new stores. Just because the majority of stores did not do well, doesn't mean you get rid of everything including the stores doing well. Besides I would think they would want to keep a foothold in Canada for future growth prospects. I shop at Super Target regularly in the U.S. but often notice a lot of things that could be improved (i.e. not offering a 10 items or less line in my store and the Cartwheel App which I have had a lot of difficulty with) often makes me wonder about this retailer. IMHO

  • I used to use it all the time years ago, now haven't been on in several months. I still look at Twitter as it is easy to read Tweets on my IPhone while waiting in line for something or on a lunch break, but never go on Facebook anymore, not sure if my account is even active anymore as I don't remember my password and seemed too much of a hassle to try to retrieve...anyone else?

  • I eat at Panera more than I do any other restaurant. I can go there for breakfast, grab a bagel or scone and a coffee before work. For lunch it's a great option (ate lunch there today, Tomato/Mozzarella panini is great with kettle chips and love their unsweetened acai tea or hibiscus tea which I can't find anywhere other than Panera). For dinner there are soup, salad, and pasta choices. Everything is freshly prepared and I can get in and out quick. So why is the market cap of this company only 4.56 billion? Compare this to say Chipotle which has a market cap of 19.10 billion or almost 4.2X the market cap of Panera and doesn't even have breakfast (as far as I know). I go to Panera a lot, I almost never go to Chiptole as I prefer Rubios (awesome fish tacos, Chipotle does not have fish tacos), Moe's (like Chipotle but better and off the cuff awesome queso), and Del Taco (best prices of the burrito chains and they also have good fish tacos which did I mention Chipotle does not have?). So with a plethora of similar choices that I like better, Chiptole almost never gets a visit from me. However, Panera I eat at all the time as there is no place like it. It is nothing like the other sandwich places which pretty much just offer subs. Plus the great thing about Panera is that unlike a sit down restaurant, it is affordable so I could eat there often, and unlike a greasy fast food restaurant, I am always pleased by the quality and healthiness of the food at Panera. So why such a low market cap compared to Chipotle?

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  • The best thing I like about my IPhone 5C is the cool bright green color. With the see through polka-dot blue case it is a real looker and really stands out in the world of plain not very attractive metal phones. It looks like the new IPhone will just be available in the not very attractive metal colors like silver, gray, gold. Are there plans to make it available in multi-colors like the 5C or do I need to wait until the IPhone 7 comes out? It seems obvious that you would make it in more colors to appeal to more people. I mean how hard is it to have different colors? Until then I will keep my shiny green IPhone 5C which IMHO is the best looking IPhone to date.

  • I noticed I hardly ever use my IPhone 5C to actually call or talk to someone on the phone. Here are my top 5 uses recently in terms of time spent. #1) Addictive Games (Clash of Clans/Boom Beach/Minion Rush) especially the first two, I mean anyone who has played Clash of Clans or Boom Beach knows how addictive these are. #2) Texting #3) Web Searching/surfing (Google/Yahoo) #4) Social Networking (Twitter/FourSquare/Swarm) #5) A toss up between Camera/Calculator/Weather I Phone features.

  • This company is hard to figure out. First years ago they sold off Smokey Bones, which at the time was their chain that I visited the most (not anymore since I cut down on beef/pork). Now that I am eating more fish and it seems like others are too, what to do they do but get rid of Red Lobster which is probably the most recognizable seafood chains, yet keep Longhorn (a steakhouse). With more and more people eating seafood nowadays (and eating less beef) this is a head scratcher. Especially when you consider the steakhouse market is much more competitive and has much more competition than the seafood market. I simply think they needed to modernize the chain and make it a bit more appealing to the 20-30 something crowd by adding more seafood options that appeal more to a younger crowd like sushi, fish tacos, etc. I think a seafood chain like Red Lobster has more potential than a carb heavy pasta place nowadays, I mean who really orders spaghetti at a restaurant anymore? The investors who got the Red Lobster chain got a super bargain. They can keep the existing cash cow locations, close the locations not doing so well, and expand on the chain, maybe making smaller hipper locations that serve sushi, more high-end locations or, branch out into the fast casual like Panera or Chipotle type stores, lots of options...

  • bear_cubster by bear_cubster Apr 6, 2014 12:45 PM Flag

    I can't be the only one who is not surprised by FB stock going down. Years ago I was on Facebook multiple hours daily, then I got to the point where I looked at my Facebook a few times a week, then once a week, now about only once or twice a month. Others I know use it less often as well. So was surprised the stock kept going up and up. Eventually something had to give. I for one am so bored with social media sites like Facebook so others must be as well. When they came out they were cool, but after a few years of using them I am pretty much over them. I mean I use Foursquare and Twitter weekly a bit more but only for a few minutes at a time like when I am waiting for my morning coffee at Dunkin Donuts. I would rather play Clash of Clans on my IPhone than read some junk someone posted to FaceBook. IMHO social media sites have jumped the shark, I am looking forward to the next big thing....

  • Having multiple colors to choose from is such a simple idea but can generate a lot of new business. Sure some do not care, but many people can be fanatical about the color they want and will want to immediately ditch their boring old black or white IPhone 4 or 4s right away and upgrade to a newer color. Plus you know how people like attention so a brand new yellow IPhone with dotted pink Apple case just might be what they want...

  • I sell on Ebay and have a score of over 1,200. However, this week something happened to me on Ebay that should be a wake up call to all sellers. I sold a silver half dollar. My listing CLEARLY stated that the buyer assumes risk if insurance was not taken by the buyer. A fairly newbie buyer with a score under 35 bought it but did not want to pay for insurance. So I sent the coin as I have done many times before with no insurance. The buyer then claimed not to receive the item. I have a copy of the receipt from the post office showing what I paid to send the coin. However, astonishingly Ebay sided with the buyer and removed the money from my PayPal account which is scary if you think about it. It made me wonder so someone can just create a new account buy something then say they did not get it and possibly get the item for free? I was shocked that they would treat a longtime seller that has made them a lot of money over the years so poorly it just seems like poor business practice IMHO...

  • I went to Las Vegas and spent a week at Mandalay Bay (One of MGM Resorts nicer properties). It was great. The last time I went to Vegas was in 2010 and back then you could tell Vegas was struggling. However, this time it was bustling with business, Saturday Night (before Easter) the strip was super-packed. I have never seen it like that before and I have been to Vegas many times. MGM looks cheap here, I mean they easily dominate Vegas and have many of the best Vegas properties (Mandalay Bay, Aria, MGM, Luxor, Excalibur, Monte Carlo, Mirage, Bellagio, New York New York, and others) plus properties in other locations as well. Shares seem cheap to me (especially compared to LVS and WYNN), so I picked up some and will buy more if it dips any lower. Things seem to be looking up for MGM, IMHO...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Is it because they are cheaper? Well you get what you pay for. Pay extra and go on a nicer cruise, you will be glad you did..

  • Has anyone noticed that as AAPL has been going down GOOG has been soaring? Not long ago they were about the same price per share. Now APPL is around $450.00 whereas GOOG is over $750.00, over a $300.00 per share difference. Wow!!!

  • bear_cubster bear_cubster Dec 17, 2012 8:27 PM Flag

    Amazon, LOL, Walmart and Target just stopped selling the Kindle Fires this year..

  • Remember all the people not long ago buying an I-Phone 1 for like $499.00? LOL

  • I don't know why anyone would dis Panera. Now it may not be the next Apple or anything in terms of investing, but if you compare it to say Chipotle, Panera looks cheap. I eat there twice a week for lunch and once or twice a week for breakfast (far more than I visit any other restaurant chain). I like it because it is much cheaper than a sit down casual restaurant (self-serve don't have to tip) but it so much better than 95% of the greasy fast food places out there. Lunch at under $10.00 is easy on the budget too plus they give you reward points so I get lots of freebies too. Plus great atmosphere to catch up and surf the web. Lots to like...

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  • bear_cubster bear_cubster Dec 1, 2012 3:07 PM Flag

    No way you could have bought a steak dinner at Outback for $15. Add in drink, tax, and tip and you are way over $20 per person easy and that is if you get the smallest/cheapest steak on the menu. I eat at Panera twice a week for lunch and occasionally for breakfast. For lunch I am always under $10 and for breakfast I am always under $6. Sure I could spend a buck or two less if I ate at McDonalds instead, but why when you can spend a buck or two more and get real good quality food instead of fried food from overly processed frozen fries and beef patties??

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  • Good riddance!

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    DRI runing out of cash

    by newtech0 Jul 13, 2012 9:44 AM
    bear_cubster bear_cubster Aug 20, 2012 9:43 PM Flag

    What does "runing" mean? Huh? Low PE, healthy dividend, cash cow chains like Olive Garden/Red Lobster that bring it loads of cash daily, what is this dude smoking?