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berger500financial 20 posts  |  Last Activity: Jun 30, 2016 9:54 AM Member since: Jun 16, 2011
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  • berger500financial by berger500financial Jun 30, 2016 9:54 AM Flag

    Vacation Time!

    The Systems are getting shut down as EVERYTHING is SET!

    Have A Nice Summer Everyone!


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  • berger500financial berger500financial Jun 30, 2016 9:32 AM Flag

    BABA $118.20 All Time High
    ANALYSTS HAVE $20 Over The All Time High As The PPS based on Current Events NOT Predictions. Any NEWS out of Alibaba will get The Analysts to Raise Targets and NEWS is Coming from The Worlds Largest eCommerce Company as Guidance Says Expect Developments.

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  • berger500financial by berger500financial Jun 30, 2016 9:20 AM Flag

    Private Label Producer: SAMSUNG

    The Smartphone will be pre-loaded with Alibaba APPS when Purchased gives Alibaba additional Revenue Streams by Set Commissions Associated with The User Regristration & MAC ADDRESS.

    Since Alibaba is The Face Book, GOOGLE, and Amazon Of China (Asia) This Prediction Is Probable.

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  • He said I'll bet You and Sure Enough!!!!
    Robbie called to say that ALL THAT WAS JUST A BET AND YOU MM's ARE OK.... LMAO!

    That's A First that is proven. BABA should be over $100 Now with The News and EASILY $100. He said he could mess with The MM's Head and bet A C Note On It! HE WINS THAT ONE!!!!


  • The Wall Street Journal
    June 28, 2016 9:03 p.m. ET

    Alibaba: Why Morgan Stanley Raised Its Target To Street High Of $130.60
    By Shuli Ren

    Morgan Stanley raised its price target for Alibaba Group (BABA) from $119.30 to a street-high $130.60 a share, which represents a potential 71% upside from its current share price.
    Why is Morgan Stanley doing this now? Amid all this Brexit uncertainty, risky assets tend to be sold off first. The bank’s upgrade at this point in time suggests analysts’ conviction.

    According to analyst Robert Lin and team, Alibaba has transformed itself from an e-commerce to a data company, which fetches a higher valuation. It is essentially the same argument for (AMZN).
    Specifically, Alibaba’s AliCloud will drive significant value. Lin wrote:
    We value AliCloud at US$39bn, based on 4.5x F20e P/S; our US Internet team values AWS at US$91bn by applying 5.6x F17e P/S. By F20, we estimate that AliCloud’s revenue can reach Rmb58bn, at a 89% CAGR for F16~20; – surpassing AWS’s revenue in 2015. We believe our long-term multiple for AliCloud is justified given faster growth and visible revenue opportunity. It has 500k paying customers, including half of the top 35 Chinese “unicorn” Internet companies. Its value is further supported by the significant positive impacts on all of Alibaba’s businesses.

    Our DCF-based price target rises 9%, reflecting AliCloud’s better revenue and earnings outlook.

  • berger500financial berger500financial Jun 29, 2016 8:22 AM Flag

    I better get a "LARGE SCREEN SMARTPHONE" and Run "SpellCheck"..... LOL!
    It's All Mobile these days...... Everything is done Mobile and if those basher's ONLY have that on Me things are better then Anyone Imagined. I don't know if +290 (75% A's & 24% B's) Credit Hours and 7 Degrees Means Anymoe..... LOL! I guess that Semester where I got a D and had to retake 608 "Statistics For Managers" is going to come back and hurt Me.... I knew that was going to get Me someday. So, if I had been on My Laptop EVERYTHING would be Cool? I will stick with My Smartphone and get a Larger Screen to make Everyone Happy..... LOL! You can't bash A 2 Decade +28,500% Portfolio if You take Out The +60,000% Gains in 100% SLV That was Hedged out I'm doing REALLY BAD. It's Documented here to get BABA ($65) and Then Buy 2 to 1 PUT Insurance under $80 just says it ALL..... I LOVE THIS! I will get that larger screen Smartphone for Posting so I can SEE EVERYTHING I POST TO MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY!.

    RL Berger

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  • berger500financial berger500financial Jun 28, 2016 7:01 AM Flag

    I give You My WORD That If I Post under BERGER 500 FINANCIAL I Will Disclose it in My Message and My Word You Can Take To The Bank. I have Worked way too hard and long to lie to Anyone. Anyways, The Mumbers say to Me 97and Us that BABA is So Indervalued it would make Anyone that had Passsed 8tg Grage Math that Alibaba is Priced so Deep of Duscount to The Matket That BABA Must go Higher!

    Thank You!,
    Robbie L Berger!

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  • There was a Segment that was talking about Portfolio Allocation By Sector, Specific Equity Positions, and The Correction following BREXIT. The Analyst said that Companies in Technology have been just slammed down and in specific Alibaba's fall that makes no sence at all because The Revenues are in China where BREXIT means nothing. Then add the fact that The Company Growth is off the charts & is positioned to continue to keep its pace and even expand Revenues as China Grows. There was talk about The US Tech Companies Exposed to The Eurozone Will take losses & the growth will slow because of Their Buying Power and They still said get some Technology Equities because there will be a rebound later after The Global Financial Companies bottom out and a recovery after a Recession will make Technology Stocks Attractive. However, in the here and now there is a Company in China with Explosive Growth Now and into the Future that has No Exposure and the Stock has been just hammered with The Other Stocks in The Sector when Alibaba should NOT have corrected with the Others & it was Already Trading at A Steep Duscount To its Peers. So, The same thing came Out of The Analysts Mouth at least 5 Times Over..... BUY ALIBABA! This is RL Berger and the Reason for Texting under BERGER 500 FINANCIAL is that I already said I was going STEALTH because I am going to Talk with Jack Ma and once I do I do not "Kiss & Tell" because I have CEO's that will talk to Me ALL the time because of My Reputation that has taken decades to Build and Keep and I WILL NEVER Jeapordize What I have Built in Trust with Companies. I have NOT spoken to Jack Ma YET! I will be talking to Him Very Soon at His Convenance and My Messages "IF ANY" will come Through My Trade Name and EVEN THEN MAY NOT BE ABLE TO TALK TO THE BOARD BECAUSE I WILL HOP ON JACK MA's BOARD IF ASKED TO THEN I WILL BE AN INSIDER & WE KNOW THE LAWS. Robbie L Berger is Me and I AM STEALTH and I Wrote THIS MESSAGE FYI. Just Do The Basic Math On BABA!

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  • berger500financial by berger500financial Jun 27, 2016 3:19 PM Flag

    I gave a minimum 2 Contracts for Each 100 Lot of BABA Shares Owned...... Keep 1 and SELL The Other @$11 and Follow The Plan for those in Our Group.

    OK....... Enough manipulation for anyone to see for a day.... Now I am going Stealth AND USE THAT SALE TO GET THOSE SPECIFIC CALLS!!!

    Now I'm Going Stealth for real..... BERGER 500 FINANCIAL will fill in on Occasion.
    See the rest of You on the Private Noard after I take a break from this BS...... We are in mid $60's on The last Dip and got The $80's at Perfect Time..... So Far We are UP & Can NOT LOOSE A RED CENT. Just keep it in line. It's been nice meeting some of You. In 5 Years You will be So Glad You got BABA ANYWHERE UNDER $100 You will be Ledgends Of The YAHOO! BABA FINANCE BOARD.... LOL!

    Take Care and as ALWAYS!,
    Good Trading!
    RL Berger

    PS: A Gift for All..... Grab Physical Silver Bars and Stash at A Bank Box Just in Case The $hit Hit$ The Fan!

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  • berger500financial berger500financial Jun 24, 2016 3:06 PM Flag

    Addition: Sitting for a LARGE FILL 1/2% Lower may not happen or it could dip EOD. and Your PPS could be better. The Ideal is to Fill by EOD for Next Week. Alibaba is ALMOST IMMUNE from BREXIT because The Growth is in China and We have Guidance already........ BABA is a Flight To SAFTEY! The US Financials are in DEEP S$&T! No FED RATE HIKES for Year(s) with The STRONG USD is GREAT if You are Travelling Over Seas....... NOT GREAT for US Companies with Global Exposure. Expect Pockets of EU and Chinese Companies to Fill the Void of The STRONG USD. It's a GOOD THING the Average EU Investor has A 20% Allocation of Gold and Other PM's In Their Savings. Globally You have to Shift to Mooving Operations to China, Mexico, etc.... To stay Competitive Now rather than Maximize Profits for Stake Holders. BABA is A GIANT within China alone and can Sustain Their Growth Models; I suggest Alibaba getting into The North American "NAME BRAND eCommerce Arena" before Black Friday....... That is Totally Doable and NOW maybe the time to get The Platform "TWEAKED" and setting up Warehouse & NA Operations Ahead of Plans. Alibaba has HUGE POTENTIAL to go on The Offensive in NA with The Strong USD, Stagnant Wages, Eroding Middle Class, and Acceptance Of Online Shopping In NA & Go right for AMZN with A Coke vs Pepsi Marketing Strategy "Taste Test". Alibaba is Going Global In Every Segment in eCommerce or Internet Related Company Subsidiaries as already seen. Give Me 1 Hour With Jack Ma and I could have The Business Plan Drawn Up... Too Bad He has already Thought FAR Into The Future for This and has an ALREADY TWEAKED NA SITE(s). Never Underestimate Jack Ma and His Vision that He has The Funds To Make A Reality....... Putting up A Clone of AMZN in NA is Competition and not Counterfitting..... Example; AliPay and On and On. You can't stop a Freight Train with a Kleenex Tissue. I'm Out for The Weeken.... See Everyone Monday!


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  • berger500financial by berger500financial Jun 24, 2016 2:30 PM Flag

    Good for a quick 10% Return w/ PUT COVERAGE over 4 Weeks with a 94% Degree of Accuracy & PERFECT for The LONGTERM Low Entry/Addition of Shares.


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  • berger500financial by berger500financial Jun 21, 2016 10:27 AM Flag

    Done Posting........ NICE JOB!!!

  • berger500financial by berger500financial Jun 21, 2016 10:14 AM Flag

    If BABA can stay under $200B Market Cap ALL WEEK with $1T Revenues We can ALL LOAD UP!
    Sentiment is Key....... Another quick PUT FLIP to Add to The Core; Premiums are still way too high to Max ROI. Some things just can't be fixed because of those in The Know. OMG!!!! Watch SOROS LOCK & LOAD! This maybe tougher to handle. Thanks ZACKS!

  • berger500financial by berger500financial Jun 21, 2016 9:45 AM Flag

    We want Them as cheap as possible on a Load-Up!

  • berger500financial by berger500financial Jun 21, 2016 9:35 AM Flag

    Beep........ Beep........ Beep!

    The Street made it Official by grabbing the Headlines....... You Got To Love It!!!!
    Last Dip before Take-Off.

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    leaps call options volume are soaring

    by wallellaw May 27, 2016 2:32 PM
    berger500financial berger500financial May 27, 2016 3:16 PM Flag

    I made +%60,000 in "SLV" EFT CALL Options when Silver took off a few Years back. My BEST Trade. We know BABA is Severley Undervalued and timing the "BREAKOUT" is not an easy task. I Would be using LEAP's +100% Out 5 Quarters.... Nice CALL wallellaw! I was just checking out for the Weekend and saw Your Post. Many Fund Managers are getting Cash off the sidelines and dipping Their Toes in the Water here with BABA......... We were joking with BIG MONEY on how to rename the FANG's..... The Buying has Doubled to Quadrupled in BABA from the Pullback and There are A LOT of Shares to be Scooped Up In Stealth Mode which is almost Impossible in Today's Markets. I Like today's Action with The BIG GRAB coming from All Markets and keeping BABA down to maximize The Buying. SOROS had Filed already and You know more Forms will be Filed Before The Long Weekend. Once BABA leaves the Station it is not coming back. I've missed My seat and also didn't cash in My PUT's in the Past and Lost Serious Gains BIGTIME! All I know is I would not get caught Short in BABA or This Market for that Matter. I'm Out Of Here. Have A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend!

    RL Berger

  • The weak hands were "Shaken From The Tree" and BABA comes out on Top Again. There was a mistake in Valuation based on BABA with a P/E of 18 and AMZN with a P/E of 200....... AMZN is Pushing a P/E of 300!!!! With the Post Valuating BABA and using AMZN where a P/E of 200 was used BABA would Trade over $880 PPS. Now Add another 100x Multiple on That. I am LONG AMZN and SO BULLISH ON BABA so No One Can Say I'm A AMZN Basher. It was stated That BABA will be a $1,000 Stock Split Adjusted in 5 Years. With The Additional 100x P/E added We Can Put That In Stone. At A Time In History As China Is Becoming One Of The Economic SuperPowers and BABA is A Capitalism Success Story In Comunist China, America Needs to Embrace The Worlds Largest e-Tailor and Give Mr Ma Credit where Credit is Due....... Do Any Of You Older YAHOO! Finance Members from back when We had Large Caps in Our Aliases remember going on Alibaba and Dreaming of Opening A Chain of Dollar Stores after seeing The Manufacturers Products and Pricing.... LOL! Ma is A Success Story and has Shown His Passion for BABA even if He couldn't make it at KFC.... How many of Us Could? BABA is Dedicated to Providing A Service That Reaches Out Globally Supporting Capitalism from A Communist Country while Setting US Companies and in Specific Small Business A HUGE BASE OF BUYERS that will Help Americans Do Business In China. LET ME SAY THIS ONCE AND ONLY ONCE. EVERYONE WHO IS ANYONE KNOWS BABA "WILL BE" WALL STREETS DARLING VERY SOON. With that said with The Accounting & Counterfeit SMOKESCREEN cleared away... No PUN Intenended. BABA "Is" The Most UNDERVALUED STOCK on The Street Or AMZN "Is" Trading 16.5 X HIGHER THEN IT SHOULD BE! I Hope Not Because I'm LONG AMZN. That Values at $1,330 PPS Today and Only Growing Daily. EVERYONE Enjoy The Weekend and Our Freedoms. GOD BLESS AMERICA! "
    RL Berger,
    Berger 500 Financial

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    BABA gets 4x Volume...... Lucky Buyer's!

    by berger500financial May 26, 2016 5:48 AM
    berger500financial berger500financial May 26, 2016 11:12 AM Flag

    It appears if the majority of Everyone out there has a good grip on The Stock both Long and Short. 1 MAJOR FACT that I do not see is Valuations placed on BABA. That can be excused by the TRANSPARENCY of The Financials. So, With that stated when BABA Accounting gets inline with US "NORMS" then BABA should Trade neck and neck with its Competitors or Same Industry Equities. For Example AMZN Trades 200x P/E. I know where The TRANSPARENCY in BABA is Crystal Clear, however NOT normally A Regular Practiced Accounting Standard with US Companies Filings. BABA Trades with an 18x P/E and is traded there for The Income Line On The Financials. BABA is doing nothing wrong; BABA is just not jumping off The Bridge because Their Friends Say to Do It. If You have A $10 Bill in Your Wallet and You Report You have $10 that is Not A Lie; it does not matter if You got the $10 Bill from change at The Pump getting gas or the $10 Bill comes from change from an Oil Change........ A $10 Bill is A $10 Bill. Businesses in China get Change "Sometimes" in ways that are not Recieved by let's say AMZN does. BABA Reports The $10 Bill As Income Which It Is and The US Regulators Scratch Their Heads because of The "Income" and WHERE TO REPORT IT. In The End BABA has A $10 Bill from that Transaction and this has happened Over and Over to Chinese Companies. BABA being The WORLDS LARGEST "e-Tailor" will have MANY of those $10 Bill Transactions and it is Income in The End. Give BABA A Respectable P/E of 200 Just Like AMZN taking Out The Fact That BABA has Higher Growth and Marketshere with ALL The Other Metrics/Technicals and A 200 P/E BABA is A $888.00 Stock and UNDERVALUED!!! Once BABA is Let Loose Watch Out because BABA is Here For The Long Run and Only Going To Grow at A Higher Rate Then AMZN for Example. The Cloud Computing is Just Starting to Take Off. BABA Can and Will Exceute It's Business Plan and The Street Knows This Crystal Clear. BABA is An Easy Canidate for The $1,000+ Per Share 5 Years Out.⚡

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • berger500financial by berger500financial May 26, 2016 5:48 AM Flag

    On days like yesterday Easy Money is given in Our Markets. As usual with Most Asain Equities There will be No Wrongdong found and the Stock will bounce. The SEC and Asian Companies have had a "Butting of The Heads" on The Accounting Formula to use when Filing Earnings. BABA is just Filing with The Format that They Are Mandated to File In...... It ALL comes down to A Company's Transparency and its ability to not give out "Specific" Business Financial Practices. As clearly seen today there were Buyers Chomping at The Bite to Buy And did They Ever. Over at Morgan Stanley Cash was coming off The Sidelines waiting for this day to get Clients In BABA that were waiting for the Pullback. As usual the Outcome will be That BABA is Cleared and the US Regulators will get what They want and The Company will keep Many of Their Strategic Practices Private while The Stock Takes Off. Once BABA Hit The Technical Bottom Options Excersises Were Cashed In From The PUT Side and after The Buying Steadily Picked Up The Classic Bottom was Formed and Started a steady slow incline to the Upside Orchestrated with GREAT PATIENCE. There is a STRONG CASE to give BABA a much higher P/E as The Worlds Largest e-Tailor that is Justified with its Competitors Trading 10x Higher Then BABA that has a Higher Growth Rate. Yes, this is RL and Congratulations to Those that Are Playing This Stock Like The Pro's You Are... BABA is so Undervalued Long Hold that in Time will be the Classic "DARLING" Stock on The Street. ALL of My Greatest Stock Picks over the Past Couple Decades have gone through "The Scare Tactic" to keep Others Away. I recall many Investors fighting it out on The Message boards when FFIV was $90 if it was going to $100 or $80 when We were ALL In at $5...... LOL! The same with AAPL, TSLA or NFLX. Back in The Day this was called "Shaking The Tree" to get Weak Holders Out. BABA is a Stock You Buy & check on The PPS Every Quarter & Spend Your "Life Capital" (Limited) on Living The Life You Choose

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • "Robbie L Berger Officially announces This April 1st to GS, JPM, and ALL The Large Groups Of Other Financial Institutions His Newest Equity Pick that He Strongly Believes Will Join His Dozen's of Previous Selected Equities that Surpassed His +1,000% Equity Gainers With A Special Note On BABA About The PreCatalyst Exceptions such as Industry P/E's and The Fact That The Growth Alone Will Come To A Point Where Equities Such As AMZN's P/E Justifications Of 200x Will Alone Shift BABA Ito A Minimum 0.5 P/E To AMZN or 100x P/E For BABA Despite The Cloud Computing AMZN Has Entered and It Would Not Be A Surprise To See BABA Follow With Cloud Computing. If BABA Enters The Cloud Computing Market With Any Asian Success It Would Be Time For The P/E Given To BABA To Reflect A DOUBLE P/E Over AMZN and "The Smoke & Mirror Strategy" To Manipulate A High Pricing Model For The Market To Grasp With The Recent Developments With The "FANGS". As With All The Successful +1,000% Gainers In The Plays I Strongly Suspect BABA To Enter Cloud Computing With A Noteworthy Asian Company Contract and All Market Makers to Institutional Investors Will Have A Tough Case Excusing BABA From Sharing Or Exceeding P/E's With AMZN. The Upside In BABA Is Stellar From The High $60's That Will Not Hold For BABA Going Into Earnings Where Short Term Averages Should See BABA With A NTT Of $80 PPS With Upside Explosive Growth With Or Without A Cloud Computing Component Added To BABA," Stated RL Berger On April 1, 2016.

    A Flash From Months Past From RL Berger's Addition Of BABA To His +1,000+ Equity Pick....... How Eerie Is His Cloud Computing And AMZN P/E Multiple Can That Ever Get? He Has Been Spot On Since March 1996 With Being Named "The Best Investor In America Beating Out Over 250,000+ Of The Top Investors By ROI Right Here On YAHOO! FINANCE Back 10 Years Ago And Continues to Have The Midas Touch With The Buy Trigger And Intuition To Get On The Record To This Day With Winning Equity Picks Year After Year.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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