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  • Ashraf Eassa : "Nvidia is a mediocre player at best in mobile graphics."

    Ha ha ha ha!

    Best couldn't have said it better himself.

    Google it boys -- including those that are pretending Not to have seen it;

    How Nvidia Can Win The Android Tablet War Seeking Alpha

  • bestville_daily_gazette by bestville_daily_gazette Nov 20, 2012 11:10 PM Flag

    A weak weak showing for nvidia today, boys.

    VERY weak.

    Just no buyers willing to, well, buy nvda.

    Here are the lowlights of today's trading action.

    NVDA today closed at it's #2 Lowest price of the Year 2012.


    On very weak volume.

    Oh so weak.

    Just 8.4 million shares.

    Versus the average trading volume of 10.7 million shares.

    It also had it's #2 Lowest Open of the Year 2012 ($11.59)

    It tied for the #1 Lowest Intraday High of the Year ($11.63)

    And nvda also turned-in it's #2 Lowest Intraday Low for the Year today ($11.37)

    And keep in mind boys -- this is Not golf, where lowest score is best.

    Did I mention?

    It was a VERY weak showing for nvidia today, boys.

  • bestville_daily_gazette bestville_daily_gazette Nov 15, 2012 9:05 AM Flag

    "The Dallas-based company [TI] had made some headway in the smartphone market a few years ago. But recently the biggest mobile phone makers, including Samsung and Apple have opted to design their own chips for their respective Galaxy smartphones and iPhones.

    TI says it's time to reconsider its strategy, opting instead to embrace what many industry experts believe is the Future of the mobile sector: embedded connectivity in everyday items, including appliances, cars and even clothing."

    Maybe Jen didn't see the news?

    About Samsung and Apple opting to design their own smartphone chips.

    Which explains why nvidia has only 00.90% of the cellphone application market.


    Take a look, boys.

    At that highly educational chart from EE Times.

    ("Analysts clash over Marvell's apps processor sales - EE Times")

    Which shows Smartphone Application Processor Shipments (millions of units),

    for the First Half of 2012.


    I'll graciously provide it again for Our fine readers.

    96.5 million __ Qualcomm, THE King of smartphone application processors

    65.6 million __ Apple's self-designed iProcessors

    29.9 million __ Samsung self-designed processors

    23.2 million __ Marvell processors

    18.4 million __ Texas Instruments ("This market is too small, boys")

    12.6 million __ Broadcom smartphone processors + on-board cheerleaders

    10.9 million __ Mediatek processors

    4.6 million __ ST processors

    2.4 million __ nvidia

    1.1 million __ Spreadstrum

    With little nvidia having only a miniscule 00.90% of the smartphone processor

    market, is nvidia really IN the smartphone processor market?

    Ranked #9 out of 10?

    Looks like time for nvidia to reconsider their mobile processor strategy.

    Like Texas Instruments did.

  • Texas Instruments to lay off 1,700

    By David Goldman | CNNMoneyTech | November 14, 2012: 6:12 PM ET

    In excerpts.

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Chipmaker Texas Instruments said Wednesday that it will lay off 1,700 workers in an effort to shift focus away from its Struggling mobile business.

    The job cuts represent about 5% of TI's staff, and they are part of a previously announced restructuring initiative aimed at cutting costs and increasing its presence in the burgeoning embedded device market.

    Shares of Texas Instruments rose about 1% in afterhours trading.

    The Dallas-based company had made some headway in the smartphone market a few years ago. But recently the biggest mobile phone makers, including Samsung and Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) have opted to design their own chips for their respective Galaxy smartphones and iPhones.

    TI says it's time to reconsider its strategy, opting instead to embrace what many industry experts believe is the Future of the mobile sector: embedded connectivity in everyday items, including appliances, cars and even clothing.

    "We have a great opportunity to reshape our [mobile] processor and wireless connectivity product lines to concentrate on embedded markets," said Greg Delagi, head of TI's embedded processing division, in a statement. "These job reductions are something we do with a heavy heart because they impact people we care deeply about."

    TI said it expects to be able to save $450 million by the end of 2013 by making the cuts. The company said the layoffs will cost $325 million, most of which will be realized in the current quarter. "

    Note the last paragraph, boys.

    "The layoffs will cost $325 million", covering the 1,700 ex-employees.

    $325 million / 1,700 folks = $191,176 per ex-employee.

    So when Jen finally catches-up with the semiconductor industry lay-offs, remember boys.

    It's gonna cost a Lot of shareholder's cash.

  • bestville_daily_gazette bestville_daily_gazette Oct 29, 2012 10:42 AM Flag

    "It's almost mindboggling how fast Titan operates.

    The system is capable of churning through more than 20,000 trillion calculations
    each second -- or 20 petaflops..

    The system, developed by Cray, contains 18,688 nodes, with each containing a
    16-core AMD Opteron processor..."

  • bestville_daily_gazette bestville_daily_gazette Oct 29, 2012 10:25 AM Flag

    ELEVEN (11) months.

    Just like your wrote, right ibbey?

    "T43: flagship, quad-core A15 (4+1), CPU at 2.0 GHz (Q3 2013)
    AP40: mainstream, quad-core A15, CPU at 1.2 - 1.8 GHz (Q3 2013)"

    nvidia : The next best thing to watching paint dry.

  • bestville_daily_gazette bestville_daily_gazette Oct 29, 2012 10:22 AM Flag

    Oh, and ibbey?

    As you posted yourself, those Tegra #4's are what, ELEVEN (11) months away.


    That's an ETERNITY at the speed that Apple and Qualcomm and Samsung and yes,

    even Broadcom, are cranking-out the new mobile chips.

    nvidia's Tegra #4 will be too little, too late.


  • bestville_daily_gazette bestville_daily_gazette Oct 29, 2012 9:45 AM Flag

    You boys are, well, quite late again.

    Take a look at the Genuine Apple A6X processor.

    TWICE as fast -- both CPU and GPU -- as the A5X.

    And it hit the streets in October 2012 -- Not "unveil the Tegra 4 at CES in 2013".

    The Genuine Apple A6X, you can buy one Today in the Genuine iPhone 5.

    As well as the fourth generation iPad.

    And the Tegra 4/Wayne?

    Where oh where is Wayne?

    Maybe you can buy one on the Fourth of July, 2013?


    Google the Crushing details : Deducing details about Apple's A6X processor

  • bestville_daily_gazette by bestville_daily_gazette Oct 19, 2012 9:38 AM Flag

    "FBR Capital analyst Craig Berger this morning reduced his ratings on Advanced Micro Devices, Marvell and Nvidia, citing the continuing weak condition of the personal computer market. Note that AMD after the close yesterday reported grim Q3 results, while Marvell chopped its guidance for its October quarter."

    "Nvidia: Rating to Market Perform from Outperform. “We are downgrading shares of NVDA … as we meaningfully reduce exposure to PC chip stocks given ongoing Demand Weakness, Poor Reports about Win8 uptake and consumer receptivity, and continuing smartphone/tablet cannibalization impacts."

    Looks like the PC parts makers -- like nvidia -- are now decidedly out-of-fashion, boys.

  • bestville_daily_gazette by bestville_daily_gazette Oct 16, 2012 10:55 AM Flag

    Reuters: Amazon in talks to buy TI mobile chip arm

    Oh my!

    My my my.

    Poor already struggling nvidia.

  • bestville_daily_gazette bestville_daily_gazette Sep 14, 2012 3:04 AM Flag


    Looks like that Hyung Lim guy -- the trafficker in nvidia insider information --

    just plead GUILTY.

    And is now singin' like a bird to the Feds.

    “On a number of occasions, and at my request, this friend provided to me material, nonpublic information concerning Nvidia,” Lim said. “When I did this, I knew that Kuo wanted the Nvidia information so that others could trade Nvidia stock.”

    “In return for providing this information to Kuo, I received cash and other items of value from Kuo, including material nonpublic information concerning other publicly traded technology companies, which I used to trade on my own account,” Lim said.


    Check it out for yourself.

    Google this: Ex-Altera Executive Pleads Guilty to Passing Insider Tips


    Makes you wonder, right?

    It sure does.

    Who the "unidentified friend" was that worked in nvidia's Accounting Department?

    Passing along "such nonpublic details as Nvidia’s calculation of its revenues, gross

    profit margins, and other important financial metrics before the company made those

    figures public in its quarterly earnings announcements."

    And isn't nvidia Chief Executive Officer Jen supposed to have proper controls in place

    to insure that leaks of this and that don't happen?

    Again and again.


    I'm thinking there are more sordid details to follow in this nvidia insider trading story.

    Oh so many more sordid details.


  • bestville_daily_gazette by bestville_daily_gazette Sep 1, 2012 10:50 PM Flag


    EXTRA! EXTRA! -- Read all about it !


    Apple adds four (4) more iPatents to list of goods stolen by Samsung.


    Since the "new and improved" Wahoo no longer permits URL links to

    crucial, momentous, epochal, late breaking, pivotal, industry changing news,

    Market moving news -- go to Google and copy this in your browser,

    "Apple adds Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note to amended 'Galaxy Nexus' complaint"


    You can even read Apple's actual amended lawsuit there.

    In the link.

    Which Wahoo no longer permits their hapless Members to provide to other hapless Members.

    Thereby keeping them informed of crucial, momentous, epochal, late breaking, pivotal,

    industry changing news, Market moving news.

    AppleInsider News Links -- It's as if Wahoo has something to be fearful of, right boys?


  • Reply to

    1/4 Billion shares dilution?

    by FollowOn May 2, 2012 11:10 PM
    bestville_daily_gazette bestville_daily_gazette May 21, 2012 8:37 AM Flag


    Looks like more of the same this week.

    Angry, diluted nvda shareholders.

    Voting with their feet.


  • Reply to

    CEO has a good timing to sell his stakes

    by FollowOn Apr 6, 2012 8:16 PM
    bestville_daily_gazette bestville_daily_gazette Apr 11, 2012 9:40 AM Flag


    Best has received word of several folks

    spilling hot coffee on themselves,

    a lady nearly choking on a donut in Des Moines,

    and others laughing so hard they wet themselves

    while watching that youtube video.

    And while we truly regret these incidents,

    we need to remind readers that neither

    Best nor any of the denizens of Bestville

    are responsible for the consequental damages

    resulting from watching hysterical youtube videos.


  • Reply to

    New rumor about Samsung Galaxy S3: delayed till Q3

    by ibexx88 Mar 24, 2012 11:22 PM
    bestville_daily_gazette bestville_daily_gazette Mar 24, 2012 11:35 PM Flag




    (Which ibexx seems to have omitted)

    "Samsung Galaxy S3 might sport a quad-core Samsung Exynos chip, which has been tuned up in order to walk hand by hand perfectly with 4G networks.

    Interestingly enough, the rumor comes from an anonymous Samsung executive which apparently leaked this information to Korea Times.

    The Exynos 4412 processor which might be fitted on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 sports four Cortex cores running at 1.5 GHz each and -supposedly- it’s going to boost both battery life and speed up to 50%."

    Tough break, boys.

    Tegra 3 lost another "win".

    To Samsung.


  • bestville_daily_gazette bestville_daily_gazette Mar 10, 2012 10:16 AM Flag


    Do you not actually READ the news, getanidxx?

    "The official NASDAQ Newswires service
    is reporting that Apple is in deep talks with
    Android's big three, looking to settle
    the lawsuits for a per-device payment of
    between $5 and $15 USD."

    "Apple is in deep talks with Android's big three."

    No courts involved.

    No lawsuits.

    The OEM Android makers voluntarily surrender to Apple.

    And agree to sign an iLicense.

    And to Pay to the Order of Apple.

    To continue to use Apple's transformational patents.

    In their knock-off devices.

    It's no wonder NVDA is plunging.

    Their fanbois cheerleaders can't READ.


  • bestville_daily_gazette bestville_daily_gazette Dec 11, 2011 1:36 PM Flag


    And Best?

    Doesn't it seem Odd that Asus, a manufacturer of Christmas

    stocking stuffers would "start shipments the week of 12/19"?

    Kinda late, right?

    It sure is.

    What with all the Christmas cards and fruitcakes

    being mailed this time of year.

    Looks like you can scratch your Asus for this Christmas.


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