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    MC-21-300 rollout

    by vesti_vesti Jun 8, 2016 12:55 AM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Jun 8, 2016 11:59 AM Flag

    Rolling a plane out onto the tarmac is not the same as carriers starting to fly it. This plane schedule is a year plus behind BBD. Let's compare notes again summer of 2017.

    @According to Irkut Corp., the MC-21 backlog includes 175 firm orders. “The number of soft orders exceeds 100 aircraft,” the manufacturer said. Its customers include Russia’s Aeroflot, Red Wings, IrAero, Sberbank Leasing, Ilyushin Finance Co. and Air Kyrgyzstan. The manufacturer has not revealed the exact timeframe for testing and certification processes, saying the “МС-21 aircraft will be certified both to Russian and international standards.

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    New China strategy

    by blackoutbuzz Jun 6, 2016 3:33 PM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Jun 8, 2016 11:48 AM Flag

    No apology necessary. I've been long NSRGY since 2010 and will continue to hold for many years to come. The company is about as solid as you can get in the space. They appear to have run into a bit of a headwind lately - very conservative company in my view - but when I see news like the China moves I am confident they will figure it out and recover faster growth again. Their holding in L'Oreal is an interesting diversification too.
    PS: I noticed GMCR (or more accurately the private equity that owns it now) is yanking their Keurig Kold system that KO was so confident about before they sold their stake.

    @Keurig Green Mountain, which made its name as a maker of single-cup coffee machines, is laying off more than 100 workers after its Keurig Kold home soda machine system fizzled out after less than a year on the market. The company said Tuesday it’s discontinuing the first generation of Kold and offering customers refunds for the full purchase price. The home soda-making machine debuted last fall to questions about its affordability for the average consumer. The suggested retail price of the bulky countertop units was $369.99, with each soda pod costing more than a dollar — significantly more expensive than buying and storing cans of soda in your fridge. Keurig said 130 employees will be affected, 108 of them in Vermont, and most of them workers on Kold pod manufacturing and related support teams. Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin said his understanding was that other parts of the company would not be affected. The company had high hopes when its Kold machines debuted, suggesting they could eventually be bigger than its coffee brewers, which it said at the time were in about 17 per cent of U.S. households. It didn’t say specifically what caused it to pull Kold, but acknowledged that what they learned from the Kold rollout would be incorporated into future beverages makers.

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    How to shut up your nervous lenders....

    by smokedlobster Jun 8, 2016 8:27 AM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Jun 8, 2016 11:29 AM Flag

    Yeah, kinda like the big FU they just gave to shareholders.

  • blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Jun 7, 2016 10:08 PM Flag

    What I don't understand is why the SEC decided that dark pools and HFT systems were acceptable and/or necessary to begin with. Both mechanisms seem to run counter to the principles of an equitable and transparent public market system.

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    good reviews from swiss air first flight ...

    by putinchoi Jun 6, 2016 6:24 PM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Jun 7, 2016 7:37 PM Flag

    You are the one being naive if you believe that BBD will continue to do deals at that discount rate for the foreseeable future. The 60% off sale is nearing its end.

  • blackoutbuzz by blackoutbuzz Jun 7, 2016 7:02 PM Flag

    So where is SSTK on this?

    @SAN FRANCISCO - Getty Images is banking on immersive virtual reality supplanting static photographs as the dominant way we experience remote worlds. The 21-year-old photo agency announced Tuesday that it is creating a new Getty Images Virtual Reality Group, whose aim is to grow the current crop of 12,000 360-degree still images that Getty has amassed over the last four years.

  • blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Jun 7, 2016 6:43 PM Flag

    about 22% less than they should get if you go by what Mr. Dell paid to steal DELL from its public shareholders.

  • Jeffries analyst gave the group a big fat thumbs down. But apparently they like AYI.

    @Philips Lighting has shone brightly since its IPO on May 27 but analysts at Jefferies have warned it looks set to fade. Unconditional dealings in the Philips' spinoff began yesterday in Amsterdam after the IPO of about 25% of the group and the stock by Tuesday's close had risen to euro 22.30 from an IPO price of euro 20.00. But, initiating coverage, Jefferies slapped an underperform tag on the stock and set a price target of just euro 17.00. "The dominant profit producer (Lamps) is in structural decline, LED lamps are inherently more competitive and Home (which is loss-making) is too small to matter. The key to the investment case is therefore Professional, which is 37% of sales but much less profitable than leading peers. We are sceptical about the turnaround prospects," Jefferies said. The analysts noted that the company's professional unit - its second largest - commands lower margins than its peers, or 5% compared with about 14% for Acuity (AYI) .

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    New China strategy

    by blackoutbuzz Jun 6, 2016 3:33 PM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Jun 7, 2016 6:35 PM Flag

    I am not a sales&marketing guy and it appears I misunderstood your reference to the term e-commerce..I thought it was identical to DTC, but I see now it implies all forms of internet-based interactions. I agree NSRGY could not continue to do well without an online presence, but I also do not think they will lose out if they don't adopt a DTC system.

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    New China strategy

    by blackoutbuzz Jun 6, 2016 3:33 PM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Jun 7, 2016 4:08 PM Flag

    Not sure I follow you. Certainly standard media (TV and print) and more recently e-marketing to promote and raise brand awareness are essential. But I believe NSRGY sales are primarily through wholesale and retail distribution in brick and mortar stores - grocers, convenience stores, etc. I don't think the majority of consumers buy their food goods online yet.

  • blackoutbuzz by blackoutbuzz Jun 7, 2016 12:28 PM Flag

    How does a stock trade millions of shares daily and not move in price? BBD has been stuck in neutral for several days even as the market plows ahead.

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    Judge rules no $200m payment to MRK

    by yjacket81 Jun 6, 2016 8:22 PM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Jun 6, 2016 10:01 PM Flag

    How much was GILD down when the courts previously ruled in favour of MRK?

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    SHPG upgrade

    by blackoutbuzz Jun 6, 2016 9:52 PM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Jun 6, 2016 9:55 PM Flag

    The new target price for SHPG was put out last Friday after the deal closed

    @6/3/2016 Jefferies Group Boost Price Target Buy $223.00 - $262.00

  • blackoutbuzz by blackoutbuzz Jun 6, 2016 9:52 PM Flag

    SHP.L closed on the LSE at 4407 GBp today The new target price is ~37% higher. That corresponds to an ADR target price of ~260.

    @Shire : *JEFFERIES RAISES SHIRE PRICE TARGET TO 6050 PENCE - 'BUY' 06/06/2016 | 03:00am EDT

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    by dancekids1 Jun 4, 2016 12:55 PM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Jun 6, 2016 9:48 PM Flag

    I recall waiting up to a week for settlement after a deal closed, but a month is absurd. Glad to see you got it sorted out.

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    EXC to close two plants

    by blackoutbuzz Jun 2, 2016 2:18 PM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Jun 6, 2016 7:08 PM Flag

    Yes, EXC previously warned that they might have to shut down the plants, if the state did not take actions to address the fact that the plants are losing money in the current environment of low price power. Now they have issued a decision and taken charges against their balance sheet.

    Although new plants add to U demand, each plant that shuts down reduces it. The output from a plant that shuts down may never be replaced, due to energy demand reduction through efficiency programs (led lighting etc), or if it is, it could be by a different type of generation source (natgas fired, solar, wind). That nuclear output is lost forever, irrespective of any U demand growth from new nuclear plants. The end effect is that net demand for U is lower than it might have been if the plants had not shut down. Period.

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    Hey EMC management

    by blackoutbuzz May 27, 2016 2:35 PM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Jun 6, 2016 6:51 PM Flag

    Well there it is finally.

    @EMC special meeting of its shareholders to be held on July 19, 2016
    Close of business on May 13, 2016 announced as the record date for the special meeting
    Shareholders planning to attend must pre-register no later than July 12, 2016
    The transaction is on schedule under the original timetable and the original terms

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    BXLT float

    by blackoutbuzz Jun 3, 2016 3:14 PM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Jun 6, 2016 3:41 PM Flag

    Hmm... volume traded today is not even close to that of the few days preceding the merger. I wonder what fraction of float was held by arbs through the close of the deal? If they didn't buy back on the open market to close out their short SHPG leg of the trade, I assume that now they will simply transfer the shares received back to the MM who supplied them. And of course not all former BXLT shareholders (excluding arbs) will want to dispose of their new SHPG shares. So unless volume picks up in the next few days, there may not be any significant selling pressure. In that case the stock price should start to move up in short order.

  • blackoutbuzz by blackoutbuzz Jun 6, 2016 3:33 PM Flag

    NSRGY is set to trial online sales. Interesting approach to try to increase sales growth there.

    @3:19 am Nestle to offer its entire range of locally produced products and others from overseas to consumers via Alibaba (BABA) Groups e-commerce platforms (NSRGY) : The six month joint campaign leverages Alibaba's online and mobile marketplaces. The campaign features more than 150 products from 30 brands, 67 of which are new for Chinese consumers including Nido milk powder from the Netherlands, Nestl Damak chocolate from Turkey, Nescaf Gold from France, and Nestl and Wyeth infant formula products from Switzerland, the UK and Germany.

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    they do and dont want it to go parabolic

    by putinchoi Jun 6, 2016 10:06 AM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Jun 6, 2016 1:35 PM Flag

    As these low price levels I suspect the each new order will produce a step change in the stock price. There will not be any way to control this. In fact, contrary to your thinking, I would prefer BBD make a flurry of announcements at each show and leave the market makers scrambling like rats to get all their remaining luggage on board the ship. Then slow steady sailing back up.

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