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  • booleansearcher by booleansearcher Dec 21, 2014 9:24 AM Flag

    this year. Boolean

  • could well be another catalyst and one to watch closely. It is judged to be a solid indicator -much better than the other manufacturing surveys. We also have new home builds on tap on Tuesday. But the Richmond could give a clue to interest rate trends as well. The coming week will be interesting. I will be in Spain for the holidays and looking forward to 2015.......the present oil drop has given us a bit of a thrashing but alas that is all part of the game. I bought and added to various holdings on the drop as always you must keep your eye on tomorrow. Health and happiness my friends. Boolean

  • RIGged........economic expansion is going build sharply in 2015......WORLDWIDE. I know these things. That is what I do and do it very well. Most commodities are going to do a 180 so your shorts are toast. You decide what to do of course but I just thought it was fair to give you a chance. Boolean

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    do remember

    by booleansearcher Dec 20, 2014 12:28 PM
    booleansearcher booleansearcher Dec 20, 2014 6:16 PM Flag

    Remember - a lot of what was achieved in the past was due to THE GUBERMENT giving them the gravy - when those contracts were flowing it was an easy gig but when that started to dry up management had no answers and was why I hammered them on broadening out their focus. They have always been pretty anti-shareholder so it would be a huge sign if they would step up and BUY ON THE OPEN MARKET and not just take options for under achievement. Management is suspect and I will leave it at that. If they do get some broader contracts in the next month the stock will react just as it may drop if they lose the small business issue being addressed now. Good luck and you have the channel right on as far as the movement of the stock with 16 the very upper level and only for a short time. Boolean

  • booleansearcher by booleansearcher Dec 20, 2014 12:28 PM Flag

    if some of these bigger contracts come thru guidance will accelerate forward but there are also costs that will increase so what comes to the bottom line is still the unknown. again - if management was strong then you would not be so concerned but them being a weak link you have to be concerned and temper your enthusiasm. IF they would just come out and BUY SHARES ON THE OPEN MARKET when they have a chance instead of constantly SELLING THE GRAVY investors would feel a lot better. Management won't do it though as they appear to have no confidence in their ability to manage this company so the free money is the one they TAKE from shareholders. Boolean

  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Dec 20, 2014 12:10 PM Flag

    NOT SAYING BULLISH YET -- looking at 2015. The stock may well fall more here especially with the SBA decision pending and the 53 million award overhanging them. No - management is a very very weak link here and that makes it tough to buy. That they are moving more into commercial as I have screamed at them to do is positive albeit late. That they refuse to buy shares on the open market shows their contempt for shareholders and a lack of belief in their own rhetoric. They take the gravy money in options and then sell them when they can - total top 1% belief system. Now my key indicators though are moving very positive and they may move into full bullish in the coming weeks. We shall see. Again commercial growth should spur increased revenues but I need to see management show they have the skill set to get it done.
    They need to sell the company but they won't until they secure their gravy or can make deal that does that. Remember the CFO was an M&A guy in the past and this is company that clearly needs to be SOLD. The market has been on fire and all this management can do is take that fire and burn down the stock price. Without the freebies from the guberment they are lost BUT showing some movement into commercial.....commercial should show strong numbers so if they can start to get some of that gravy then we will be fine. What I want is for SOME BIG MONEY TO COME IN AND PUSH MANAGEMENT TO MANAGE or to be removed. I send out requests for that but to date no is a small company.
    So bottom line I would wait to see if it drops thru year end - maybe the insiders had some word on the SBA decision and had family sell at the end of the day as it took a hit then. Who knows. I may do some more DD later and get back to you but I right here and now there really is no reason to jump in.........YET. Boolean

  • you were wrong. Cover your bet and your tracks and move on. Boolean.

  • insiders are buying to support it in a solid way and it should have a good move in 2015. We are finally getting the cost structure in hand and bottom line results will follow.

  • but I am going bullish on it now. 2015 should drive it higher even though management won't buy on the open market like most intelligent and shareholder centric managers do. They are freeloaders we know but even they won't be able to miss gaining in 2015 so I will go bullish on them - maybe they can trend down a bit more to make it a real deal for me. Boolean

  • booleansearcher by booleansearcher Dec 19, 2014 6:40 PM Flag

    finished it off this week. Did buy Transocean - others I really like are earthstone/energy(yes I own a lot of it due to the merger coming and the two stellar management) and supreme/ industries as well as other small oils to start taking small positions in as 2015 should be a banner year for world wide growth. Also look at those like Freeport mcmoran and bhp billiton and others. Frontier markets should also do well and high yield will come back so play safer players for now like vanguards high yield bond and not the higher risk players with much higher yields as those higher yields come with much higher risk but they will perform well if 2015 turns out to be as good as I think. Good luck and always do own DD. ALWAYS. Keep your eye on treasury shorts as they have been basing as well - 10-20-30 year shorts with risk rising as years rises so be careful to pick according to your risk tolerance. Boolean

  • evaporate in 2015 as world-wide growth accelerates and demand increases. I hold a lot of oil and those like rig and also much smaller earthstone/energy that has two buy recommendations out with targets of 35 per share. So many like this are just plain oversold on computer driven selling and end of the year portfolio arrangement. I buy when others run.......VALUE. Boolean

  • moves hit and push commodities higher -- it is inevitable. But shareholders just have to hope that the big money doesn't rip off shareholders before this happen and wipe them out. Huge potential but also huge unknowns. I don't trust any of them. I have not had many losers but this has been a loser so far. Boolean

  • booleansearcher by booleansearcher Dec 18, 2014 9:50 PM Flag

    it will likely be sold and rising sales are going to really come home in 2015.......but I do believe they will be sold during 2015.

  • as usual my big picture macro view wins out and watch as INFRASTRUCTURE comes into the limelight - BAM the commodities and its players are going to surge.......and oil will move higher. The USA will lead the world but China, India and frontier economies are going to run and the old stalwarts like Germany will also ride along. PSYCHOLOGY. Now something could come in and mess it up so be wary and be alert. LOW OIL IS BAD MEDICINE and even if it drops today or tomorrow or whatever it will not collapse as that would destroy the economic revival. Got it. Boolean

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    Sharp market RISE to start

    by booleansearcher Dec 16, 2014 7:30 PM
    booleansearcher booleansearcher Dec 17, 2014 9:16 PM Flag

    YES - it did.

  • and I know I have been right.......early as usual but RIGHT ON. 2015 will begin a massive infrastructure rebuild and it will drive oil/gas/commodities and stocks in general higher and it will allow interest rates to rise slowly under the veil of this rebuild.....not a lot just slowly and methodically. Stay tuned -- highlight this call and be sure to BE THERE. See you this weekend. Till then....... Boolean

  • booleansearcher by booleansearcher Dec 16, 2014 7:54 PM Flag

    now along with the entire market - looks like the bottom finally clinked as many of my holdings showed gains today even with the market drop and that is typically........I say typically a perfect call on reversal time as I have a very broad portfolio

  • booleansearcher by booleansearcher Dec 16, 2014 7:30 PM Flag

    maybe tomorrow or no later than Friday -- my market performance pattern today says that the major selling is over. We shall see but that is what........I see so far - do want to check performance of high yield bonds though but they should have been positive with the oil market performance today. Boolean

  • will stick in the log soon and will be time to buy - look at earthstone/energy that recently had two analyst buy recommendations with a target of 35 - now trades at 15 and change. Strong management and a merger in the works. The strong companies will survive and thrive. DO OWN DD as always but there are values out there.

  • booleansearcher by booleansearcher Dec 15, 2014 9:53 PM Flag

    look at earthstone energy at 15 and change with two strong buy ratings out recently by brokerages with targets of mid 30's -- there is a lot of value out there and that is one of them. 2015 will be a much better economy so oil will rise strongly.

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