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    Priced at close to half book value

    by bottomfisher2012 Jun 13, 2016 8:05 PM
    bottomfisher2012 bottomfisher2012 Jun 14, 2016 7:44 PM Flag

    TERP indicates that its problems are can be fixed. Valeant had late reports and got them fixed. All that is take is possibly a little extra cash in the Bond Holders pockets to fix or delay reports at times. At time it seems like amateur hour with all this mess. The current value of TERP does indicate that a higher interest rates will have to be negotiated and that some of the projects will be involved in write offs. I heard that some solar and wind projects do not produce the amount of electricity expected. So, it is both weather and equipment dependent.

    At these low prices, I would not be surprised to see some other company come up with an offer as I doubt they could be very far off in the amount of electric generated.

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  • bottomfisher2012 by bottomfisher2012 Jun 13, 2016 8:05 PM Flag

    Most utilities sell for more than book value. This is a YIELDCO not a utility, but it is analyzed as being in the utility group. It is priced as if the assets are not capable of producing utility like income returns. Yahoo has a book value of $15.23 and Value Line has $11.17 ( based on 2014 ). Utility returns might be near 8 % and at $7.50 the earnings might be only 60 cents and prove a dividend of near 45 cents. The 45 cent dividend would be comparable to another YIELDCO company NRG YIELD. If returns are higher like 8 % of the $15.23 book value earnings would be near $1.20. With a typical pay out at low end of 2/3 of the $1.20 , the dividend would be 80 cents. The price could go to over $13.00 to provide only a dividend yield of around 6%.

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    hillary may pick nancy pelosi as vp.

    by yr2012dec21 Jun 10, 2016 5:54 PM
    bottomfisher2012 bottomfisher2012 Jun 10, 2016 8:38 PM Flag

    No Elizabeth Warren better known as Pocahontas will be the VP pick. She once applied to college as white but she changed to Native American Indian to get into a position at Harvard. Apparently she has no such blood and is probably related to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. She had herself listed as a person of color but she is as white as snow white. But, as long as she says she is a person of color, she will add color to the ticket. What is the difference as you don't expect politician to be honest do you. So she should be a good pick for VP. These 2 could bankrupt all American industry and China would buy out the USA. We will need to sell them California and Alaska to pay our debts. With these 2 I would start selling off in case they get elected.

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  • bottomfisher2012 bottomfisher2012 Jun 10, 2016 8:11 PM Flag

    One way to hide their losses would be to take it private and then mark up the price to show delusional gains.
    The company would save listing fees and some accounting fees. The only problem is how to reward staff without stock options to award. They would likely simply pay more in salaries. However, they might feel free to hike drug prices as they would not be a public company anymore. Right now I doubt that taking the company private is possible, as the company is too heavily in debt. Usually you add debt to take a company private.

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    by marketin2016 Jun 10, 2016 9:12 AM
    bottomfisher2012 bottomfisher2012 Jun 10, 2016 10:07 AM Flag

    The stock should have been down only about 16 cents as there are about 341 million shares. I agree as this may have been previously mentioned and now is an accepted amount. However, it is now pricing in more possible settlements with about 4 x the settlement decline in the stock price.

  • bottomfisher2012 bottomfisher2012 Jun 8, 2016 5:17 PM Flag

    The average analyst price target is in the mid to upper $30 range. Most of the buyers at higher levels have taken the hit to get the tax loss by now. The holders bought below some of the price targets and might prove to be very smart to hang on to VRX. Some of the price targets are above $50. Even an idiot would not mind doubling his money in about 1 year. Also, VRX beats its earnings estimates the price targets will be revised upward. It is not unusual for new management to have very conservative earnings estimates and later beat the estimates.

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    Current article

    by greystone_maker Jun 2, 2016 8:42 PM
    bottomfisher2012 bottomfisher2012 Jun 6, 2016 9:27 PM Flag

    They are a major player in only in the fact that they own a lot of generating assets at many locations. However, most of the assets are small generating stations. With lots of larger generating stations closing because of Wind and Solar subsidized competition, they will become a major player of sorts. Wind and Solar Power are not reliable sources of power but sources of intermittent power. Atlantic Power Plants may fill the need for the gaps in power needs. Only small amounts of power are needed, but the prices paid can be 30 times the normal rate. So, AT could sell 1 hour of power and get paid as much as an entire days power. Wind and Solar will probably cause power rates to nearly double as the 1 hour of power needed to fill the gap be costly. With out AT to fill the gap or companies like it, the whole grid could go down. Talen Energy is being acquired now. NRG Energy might be next as it has been going up fast. Could AT be next? We may soon find out if anyone notices Atlantic Power and it could go away if it is acquired. Minus Shareholders Atlantic Power would be cheaper to run as a private concern like Talen Energy is to become. Any Comments?? I am holding for a buyer.

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  • bottomfisher2012 by bottomfisher2012 May 31, 2016 2:37 PM Flag

    With all the corruption in New York it is not surprising that the application was withdrawn. Since so many of the former bribe taking legislators are in jail, it is not clear how to get the application approved. I would hope that they wish to save money and wait to get an honest application approved. After Iowa approves, it could be hard for New York not to approve without looking crooked. Also, it is about figuring out how to do the approvals and New York may be the hardest to get done honestly.

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    Old/New Shares

    by mhez141 May 19, 2016 10:48 AM
    bottomfisher2012 bottomfisher2012 May 20, 2016 9:11 PM Flag

    You will be issued 2 different warrants and your old stock will be cancelled. I expect the one of the warrants will be in the money and of some value. However, warrants do expire and must be exercised before expiration or sold. I expect that you will get one warrant of each type for some multiple of the original share. So, you may only get 10 warrants for 100 shares of each warrant or a similar deal getting fewer warrants than shares. The warrants are for 20% of the new stock and it would be for around $250 millions of stock. Note that about 80 % of the stock goes to the bond holders for about $1 billions of bonds. The second warrant will likely be out of the money and of only speculative value. If it have an expiration date 5 years out it could help you recoup your loses. I have not called the number and I think a deal is still being worked out. In 5 years, one retired oil executive said there will be a shortage of oil.

  • bottomfisher2012 bottomfisher2012 May 12, 2016 11:59 AM Flag

    There will be 2 warrants issued. I would assume 1 warrant would be to buy at the new share price or close to it. The second warrant might be priced higher and would be of value if shares do well.

  • For a market cap company of less than 100 Million CEO pay of 3 million is out of line.
    The reason why this stock is going nowhere is the management is making off with most of the company's income. Fire the management and they might earn some income. I think they figure it is like Penn Central Years ago and SCREW the RR was what management did. If they earned something pay of a million or near that might be okay. I would not buy this company it looks like management is figuring on bankruptcy and trying to get paid before it goes under.

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