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    by jeff.blizz Jun 28, 2015 6:45 PM
    bra1ntrust bra1ntrust Jun 30, 2015 8:55 AM Flag

    Lego uses about 13-15mm pounds per year . A PLA +PHA combo of 90/10 would be about 1.3 to 1.5mm pounds of PLA or about 2-5mm dollars. This would be ramping up over the next 15 years ( -2030) so the immediate usage -if it was PHa +PLA and exclusive to MBLX PHA would be in the initial phase about 500K per year, Nice to have but not exactly the killer r app we need,

  • Coast to Coast bans being legislated

  • These were options that were paid for by a surrender of a portion of the employee bonus. So unlike options that cost nothing and then you pay a price for the stock these were options that were paid for and then give you a right to buy the stock i'm guessng they were gratned at the 25 cent per share cost of the investment. This is a sign of executive commitment PLUS an easy source of cash for a cash starved company

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    Why Does MBLX Drop Every Day?

    by isthislega1 Nov 13, 2014 9:31 AM
    bra1ntrust bra1ntrust Nov 13, 2014 10:01 AM Flag

    Experts tell us more Sellers than buyers...

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    PHA Production at full capacity in US, but not MBLX

    by dagiw Apr 9, 2014 11:26 AM
    bra1ntrust bra1ntrust Apr 9, 2014 11:43 AM Flag

    Highly doubtful ....but they are a private company and can write whatever they wish to write... my understanding is that they produce minimal quantities of PHA in a pilot scale. this is not full plant capacity is is full available capacity and I doubt its more than 2-3KT per annum based on the 3 tanks they show in their video.

  • Industrial Potential of
    Polyhydroxyalkanoate Bioplastic: A
    Brief Review
    Matthew Bernard*

  • Settlement Date Short Interest Avg Daily Share Volume Days To Cover
    1/31/2014 4,891,159 130,319 37.532202
    1/15/2014 4,998,450 111,469 44.841615
    12/31/2013 4,902,927 230,700 21.252393
    12/13/2013 4,838,190 863,968 5.599964
    11/29/2013 4,027,510 423,859 9.502004
    11/15/2013 4,023,793 220,220 18.271696
    10/31/2013 4,070,397 86,656 46.971900
    10/15/2013 4,059,182 67,687 59.969891
    9/30/2013 4,052,155 47,991 84.435728
    9/13/2013 4,019,793 39,926 100.681085

    Read more:

  • 02.06.2014 - plastic garbage useful combat

    the current debate on the banning of lightweight bags bags made ​​of plastic has now reached the entire European Union. According to the EU Commission 2010 EU-wide average of 198 plastic bags per citizen were used, in Germany there were 71 Most are made ​​of lightweight plastic and are therefore often used only once, compared to tote bags made ​​of stronger material. Even if their actual life cycle so that is quite short, carrying bags can last from lightweight plastic for hundreds of years and are used as a harmful, microscopic particles into the sea and thus harm animals and plants sustainably. too, the German Bundesrat considers that according to the press release dated 19.12.2013 in the loads of the oceans by plastic waste is a serious problem and supports the goal of the EU proposal to reduce the consumption of these light plastic bags in Europe. However, one also points out that more appropriate measures are essential to combat littering the landscape and oceans sustainably with poorly degradable plastic waste. The Federal Council therefore supports efforts to reduce the improper disposal of plastic waste. He criticized, however, that the Commission's proposal focusing unilaterally on the reduction of consumption, without taking into account the very different starting points in the Member States. For example, Germany has a high-quality collection and recycling infrastructure. Nowadays there are already sustainable and market-ready solutions with biodegradable plastics. The bioplastics produced by Metabolix Inc. mirel ® and Mvera ® build within a short time in contact with soil (compost) and water (river, sea) and in biogas plants. A study by the Institute "Organic Waste Systems" in Belgium shows that a plastic bag from Mvera ® with a wall thickness of 288 microns within 12 weeks is completely decomposed by bacteria. Metabolix makes its bioplastics mainly from Polyhydroxialkanoat (PHA) ago. PHA is produced by microor

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    Short Interest

    by normey Dec 26, 2013 10:04 AM
    bra1ntrust bra1ntrust Dec 26, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    On Dec 6 the big day 1,129,305 shares were shorted so this is no surprise. Some may have covered but there were enough traders to take their place.


  • My gut tells me that there is a new investor who insisted as a prerequisite to his writing a check that a new CEO be put in place. I think we'll see some dilution but not as bad as some expect and a large enough investment to see MBLX through the next 2 years... otherwise Shaulson's 5 star world class resume and this job can not be reconciled..... There must be more to the stock purchase and to the incentives than just a new guy at the helm

  • bra1ntrust bra1ntrust Dec 12, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

    correct it's called a poison pill.. if any shareholder owns 15% and does not consent to vote with the board all other shareholders have a right to purchase an additonal number of shares

    each time the aggressive shareholder buys 15% the number of shares in the company increases and it therefore disincentivises him from buying more stock..

  • 20131206|MBLX|1129305|0|2470192|Q

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    Besides the cellulosic sugar info

    by lntw0 Dec 4, 2013 7:52 PM
    bra1ntrust bra1ntrust Dec 5, 2013 6:43 PM Flag

    Yes this is the same info I noted ... but I guess the question is if we are feeding it CO2 and H2 then are increasing the cost,, How do we capture the CO2 to feed it to the process...

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    Besides the cellulosic sugar info

    by lntw0 Dec 4, 2013 7:52 PM
    bra1ntrust bra1ntrust Dec 5, 2013 3:18 PM Flag

    Sorry I scanned for but found this when I scanned

    Combined Utilization of Carbon Fixation Pathways and Hydrogen Feeds Increase Yields of 1,4-Butanediol from Glucose

    [0124] Under aerobic conditions, the maximum theoretical yield of BDO from glucose was calculated as 0.546 g/g. Incremental additions of carbon fixation pathways were insufficient to increase this yield.

    [0125] Addition of hydrogen feeding to the base case increased the yield to 0.750 g/g. Again, incremental addition of the carbon fixation pathways did not increase this yield.

    [0126] Addition of the carbon dioxide as substrate further increased the yield to 1.00 g/g. Incorporation of the 3HP Bi-Cycle increased this yield to 2.00 g/g while the 3HP/4HB cycle had no effect.

    Is this what you mean?

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    Besides the cellulosic sugar info

    by lntw0 Dec 4, 2013 7:52 PM
    bra1ntrust bra1ntrust Dec 5, 2013 3:06 PM Flag

    can you point to the line where you see a 300% increase in yield I scanned but can;t find,


  • They seem to be "new" but I never saw an official launch.....

    This combination of disposable plastics and food is a (now traditional) target for bioplastics and extends from bags to food service items. The best successes are often seen in Zero Waste Zones such as at the recent Olympics where all food service items were limited to compostable materials allowing efficient collection and sorting on site and even composting on site with portable equipment. We had significant interest at K 2013 for our traditional compostable “single use” items. At the show we highlighted new biobased long glass fiber reinforced composites and several biobased and compostable color masterbatch products.

  • Stroebeck is
    1. A PHD from U of Cincinnati
    2, A Masters in Science from Harvard
    3. A Masters in Business from MIT SLOAN school of Management
    4, A CLOSE associate of Jack Schuler who owns with his family 5MM+ Shares of MBLX and was former head of NYSE lsted Abbot Labs and currently director of SRCL and MDT etc ,,,,
    5. Was formerly a Stock Analyst/Research Director @ Westfield Management an early investor in MBLX

    This is not just some dumb rich guy , This is one very smart very well connected very much respected investor

    I am very encouraged by this action as if MBLX would be out of money in year there would be no way an astute investor such as Stroebeck would throw good money after bad

    Tomorrow should be day when the shorts should be afraid,,,, I see this openning above 1.25 and closing over 1.50 tomorrow, on any business news

  • bra1ntrust bra1ntrust Nov 25, 2013 1:50 PM Flag

    Cereplast has a mkt cap of 7mm with 233k in cash and 15mm in debt and a negative book value, if you applied those same specs to MBLX with 100x's the cash MBLX would have a 1BB mkt cap and we'd be selling at 33 dollars per share, So I really wouldn't mind if we were just like cereplast in that aspect,

  • bra1ntrust bra1ntrust Nov 22, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

    Judge Douglas P. Woodlock: MEMORANDUM AND ORDER entered granting 26 Motion to Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim (Woodlock, Douglas)

    However there is a derivative suit still pending against the BOD

  • Ecochem will serve as a first-of-its-kind
    large-scale, international , independent
    and scientifically-supported networking
    and business platform where the focus is
    on collaborative approaches and new

    Maybe the "new 3D printing technology" conjured up by Lebed will be announced here :)

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