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burnaka 74 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 14, 2016 2:44 AM Member since: May 19, 2010
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  • some make is utilizing the UNDO function TO peek at a previously deleted/ignored post. If you make a ton of mistakes I get the need for an undo function. We put a person on ignore, then put their name in the subject line, really??? They R in your head when you do that, and typing their NAME puts them even deeper.

    So as I like to say, when visiting an eye sore as this has degraded to, use the IGNORE function a LOT, then NO sneak peeking, thinking you were wrong using the function, or OH forbid missed a buy, buy, buy, or sell, sell, sell.

    Uncles is free to join, but though an OPEN forum, it is monitored and has an enforced for board policy. To date only 3 posters have been asked to leave umm, booted off. Not sure who exactly, but as I said, it is public W/ a private twist. So GOOGLE uncletizz, an excellent research website. Ideas other than Opko are discussed in threads, investment ideas bandied, and the nimble pick up on good companies making better returns for joining.

    PS. price will follow revenue, ssh, tell the person next to you, they might make a buck too.

  • burnaka May 17, 2016 6:43 PM Flag

    Rubin exercised on May 5, and sold enough to cover his INCOME TAXES, the filing on the 5th had the numbers wrong, what is shown TODAY is just a restatement correcting a graphic error.

    I agree, INSIDERS should OWN ONLY ONE stock that of their own company, THAT is why I hate GATES for DIVERSIFYING his holdings out of MSFT. In fact every inside that ever sold a share should be fired for not putting my interests first and foremost.

    Think about it, what a nerve those insiders have wanting to own more than a diversified portfolio of ONE. Glad I am NOT an insider, I can own 50 stocks and no one questions my motives when I lighten up here and go heavy there.

    PS. Price WILL follow revenue, ssh, patience.

  • burnaka May 17, 2016 5:59 PM Flag

    Word is he wanted to buy his wife a new BMW i80, the sale of the options did not quite cover it, only 120k, he had to dip into savings for the rest. You people SLAY me, every insider on the planet SELLS options like they were RADIO active, and when some guy at Opko picks up a FEW bucks spending money IT is A mystery. He still has over $3m in shares, so he is buying a car, get over it.

    Green, metallic, special order. Nice ride. Then again am sure you all knew that. LOL.

  • Sad sad stat,e an utter waste of time.

    Share price will ULTIMATELY follow revenue, that is ALL you need to know.

    The rest here is noise, signifying nothing, umm, but a short circuit, umm, feed back loop. What do they say, doing they same thing over and over expecting a different result is a sure sign of Damaged brain cells?

    Guess that's not it, but spending 24 7 here, umm, posting up or down, LOL. One tear swells, get a real job, one with the hope of snapping the insanity.

  • Sector is getting clobbered, shorts with better insight UMM, KNOWLEDGE were on VRX GILD, and REGN, and BLUE a company with a phase 1 or 2. The YAK YAK is OPK has been destroyed, fact is the entire bio sector has been crushed Amgen and Opko are doing well, opko is beating AMGN ytd, but only by a % or so.

    It is all about THE SECTOR, do not listen to the yak, IF they knew what they were talking about, they WOULD NOT live here dancing over a few percentage point dip when VRX is down 75%, BIIB 14%, wile Opko is relatively flat for the year,oops, down under 5%, does not even cover their margin expense.

    They can yak about earnings too, Opko CRUSHED on revenue, and still beat on earnings, and would have been .02 positive with out a one time charge. Opko is up better than half the time POST earnings. This time, no, but NEITHER was SBUX who had very good earnings. Fact market is trashing bad EARNINGS by a TON and trashing GOOD earnings a LITTLE, Trashing BAD HARD EVERY time, TRASHING GOOD 3/4 of the time.

    This market wants to tank, I REALLY wish the DANG thing would crater a few thousand points, I have my shopping list ready. When they get GILD to a P/S = to a steel company, umm, I might be a buyer. That is the type inane rhetoric being spewed by the savvy group here. You know, those having trouble paying their margin premium, but were afraid to bet against YACKMAN and VRX, umm.

    Addicted to OPKO, TYING UP THEIR cash for pennies, while the ENTIRE SECTOR CRATERED. Live on the OPK board, miss the STX crash, Appl crash wmb crash, but you got your .05 ytd. GOOD CALL.

    VRX, umm, NOT TOO late, might have .05 downside left??? Might go to low teens? HMMM.

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    An interesting theory

    by yousef.salama May 10, 2016 11:08 AM burnaka May 10, 2016 5:11 PM Flag

    CL, not sure which theory gets the prize, lol, the Dr. Frost theory, or the mouse theory, I do know the mouse theory is far more believable, I mean, they have even made cartoons about it proving it as fact. SO, WELL, there is that, betting SOME missed that point when criticizing the mouse theory. Some people, just DO not get IT.

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    An interesting theory

    by yousef.salama May 10, 2016 11:08 AM burnaka May 10, 2016 5:01 PM Flag

    Not sure why I am responding to this, but I too have a theory, that theory is that Swiss Cheese has a ton of holes. The thing is my theory can be, sort of, maybe be, you know, backed up by fact, or simple observation. Now some Swiss Cheese might have no holes, or very small holes, have not looked at every piece of cheese to verify this fact. It is well known that those holes are likely caused by mice, small, small mice, they need to eat too.

    Well that is my theory and though it has holes in it, and it is about holes in theories, IT DOES not HOLD a candle to your theory, in fact it pales in comparison to the point that it may need be revised. My new theory is that Swiss Cheese will likely never have holes in it again. All those holes have been usurped by A Dr. Frost controlling PRICE theory, the mice wept loudly upon hearing this news, WELL,in theory they wept, I did not back that up with one fact either.

    This is my theory, and I am sticking to it.

    PS. Price will follow revenue, eps, will too.

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    When Frost announced the PFE deal,

    by cl122cl May 10, 2016 10:56 AM burnaka May 10, 2016 12:35 PM Flag

    It is all about perception. Not one thing to do with facts. If Opko struck a similar or far worse deal with GILD, MRK, Amgn, the stock would rocket. The fact they struck a deal with a PARTNER far SUPERIOR to those companies in the CKD area somewhat gets a YAWN cause the new partner is not a household name. They are as formidable in ckd as gild is in HIV but not many know who or what they do.

    Thing too, Opk is set up for explosive growth, but fact is, the TWO biggest drivers, the RAY international revenue and PFE deal, where we get to own 1/2 of the PFE HGH franchise, is still at best 18 months off.

    Once both of those franchises kick in, generating revenue in the 500-600 million range, at no expense, not only does revenue explode up, but eps takes a HUGE leap.

    Some one was pointing out various companies and market caps to point to opk's being fairly priced or over priced? Comparing a steel stock with 10% growth, to a med stock doubling revenue y/y but with steady q/q growth that planes at 15% then jumps 200%, then plans, then jumps up again is NOT apples to apples, more like a raisin to a water mellon if GROWTH maters.

    Price will ultimately follow revenue. Eps. will follow revenue too.

  • that could have been a tad better. One time charges knocked .03 off earnings, pushing a .01 positive number to the wrong side of the number line. STILL, MASSIVE ORGANIC revenue growth.

    Think about last q revenue at 279m with a 15m bonus from TSRO. Subtract that bonus out for a second you get = 264m. So 264m was pure revenue last Q, 291 ( this Q ) -264 = 27m Q/Q revenue growth. Solid 10.22%+ q/q growth, and firing on all cylinders. Those who do not think this 10%+ is all that good, annualize it. I will take 40% annual growth, year in year out. The best part is, that 40% number umm, is LIKELY TOO low. Figure 1 and 1/2 quarters of Rayaldee sales, 4k up take doubling and like Emeril Lagasse, BAM, BAM !!!!we can kick it up a NOTCH.

    Last year 2015, full year revenue was, 294m, we JUST DID 291m in ONE Q !!!!! 3m short of 2015 annual revenue. Talk about revenue growth. Talk about A brilliant deal buying over a BILLION in revenue for ninety cents on the dollar. Pay 900m, get 1BILLION in sales, built in sales force, built in revenue growth. Dr. Frost,
    DANG, you are the man.

    So there you have it, my annual pump Opko spiel.

    OH, Share price WILL follow revenue.

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    Great call by Burnaka on revs,

    by cl126cl May 9, 2016 7:50 PM burnaka May 9, 2016 8:54 PM Flag

    PS. HALF the sales!!!!!!!!!!!!! From GP not even Uro drs. THAT is HUGE news.

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    Great call by Burnaka on revs,

    by cl126cl May 9, 2016 7:50 PM burnaka May 9, 2016 8:51 PM Flag

    Hiding behind door number one, two or three is the Medicare reimbursement number. They have stated they are happy with what insurers are paying, but that medicare number WILL add a ton of clarity. Everyone is ASSUMING 600, but that might be low. Current 4k revenue at 600 would be about 19m annual, thing is, uptake has doubled since FEB. Love to see that double three-four more times this year kicking in 80m-100m would be huge. Dr. Frost DID say at the AUA meeting THEY WERE SWAMPED. Funny too, a year ago people walked RIGHT by their booth, get in the guidelines, get 200 people selling it, you become the lady with a full dance card. Standing room only, wait in line, no pushing, we will have a sales rep there on Tues, Next.

    Yes, that's right, 4k, Yes we are the only lab, no problem, Weds. work for you? OK, see you then, lol.

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    Great call by Burnaka on revs,

    by cl126cl May 9, 2016 7:50 PM burnaka May 9, 2016 8:27 PM Flag

    Thanks CL, Ferryman was dead on too, he called 288, I put in the shout box and here 290, so we got lucky, umm got it right. Did you notice the tiny tiny charge on the NOTES, those paper charges have been a thorn to eps. I thought it would be a positive EPS. .02-.08. Without the Options expense, ANOTHER one of those hidden things, they would have made .01. Opko is right there, right on the CUSP of positive eps. Thing too, this 50m they are getting, NO WAY to know if they take it in one Q, or spread it out like they are DOING with the PFE revenue. Point is, is that 50m tacked on next Q, or 5m over 10 quarters. They do not make it simple do they. THING is, I think they DO have a choice, and they can pick option A or B. The annual revenue estimate IS NOW TOO low, so is EPS. estimates. See if we get an upgrade From icky Oppenheimer. I would do one of these, OOPS, oh sorry we lost that call,lol. Next, yes Ladenburg, your question?

  • burnaka May 9, 2016 4:44 PM Flag

    Ferryman, we need get jobs estimating revenues, we did better than every analyst.

  • only .01 beat a .02 loss. CC NOW. 291 REV, that is banging.

  • burnaka May 9, 2016 2:04 PM Flag

    Yes, Yes, and Yes. They still have expense to get through the phase studies, but in this recent deal the dialysis aspect is a shared expense. THESE become pure PROFIT, no expense deals, once approved. It is all future income, but Opk in time will be getting 1/2 on pfe deal, likely around 20% on todays deal, and about 14% or so on the Varubi deal. Figure in the 500m plus range as a GUESS, too early to get a REAL numbers, betting that is low end by 2018. EPS. 1.10 right there plus our own US sales on drugs and diagnostics.

    I have said several times, Dr. Frosts best skill is growing revenue, umm, eps. and share price follow.

  • It would take OPKO the better part of a decade and COUNTLESS millions in start up expense to build and become a global leader in the CKD market. Rayaldee international would SLUG along for years as a cash drain as sales SLOWLY build, and in time would add to the bottom line once CRITICAL mass was hit.

    OR let me think, HOW about being profitable TODAY, hit critical MASS today, ASSURING OPKO's pipeline growth by partnering WITH a global LEADER in CKD. UMM, let me think, guarantee it today, or gamble on owning the whole Ray franchise in a rapidly advancing competitive bio industry and hitting critical MASS 5-10 years from today. If I go that route, I can SPREAD my resources around the globe, instead of concentrating on SAY one continent or country like the US.

    Glad DR. Frost RUNS Opko, and not some who have no clue, who post fears about the deal, umm, Stating Opko is selling the future, OH BROTHER.

    Share price will follow revenue, give it time, Rayaldee rockets out of the gate, will not crawl as it would have before this deal.

  • burnaka May 8, 2016 1:42 PM Flag

    I was not actually talking to him. It was for the benefit of those who might have read the spewage. Calling him out to give reasons is the same as telling him to go fluchimself,

  • burnaka May 8, 2016 12:31 PM Flag

    Really, a .05-.12 loss? OK, umm, WHY? Explain how you get to that figure. I can make that argument too, but it would be without conviction. Now if you are just spewing out a number because it helps your position, umm, short position, then that is a great exercise in blah, blah blah. IF you are going to spew a number, EXPLAIN IT, back it up with something other than, I am short therefore, a miss, I guess good, you do not guess good.

    My expectation for a beat is because last Q there were several 1 time items that will not impact eps. My revenue thoughts are that small incremental growth in 3-4 divisions is enough to make up for the 15m one time tsro payment. Your theory is ??? I thought so.

  • burnaka May 7, 2016 2:22 PM Flag

    All this talk about the options in 2016 at 9.99, anyone notice the 2015 options at 14.42, guess not, those 2015 options are now out of the money, but am sure Dr. Frost has no intention on letting them expire worthless.

    Think it a good thing Opko does not grant options at ANY DISCOUNT to the current price, plus MAKES insiders WAIT a year before they can exercise.

  • burnaka May 7, 2016 11:58 AM Flag

    PS. Amazes me that some think this news. Amazes me more that NO ONE,or almost NO ONE looked over the prior filings TO KNOW what on EARTH the were yaking about. Except CL, he looked, but most others, blind rants. If you can not understand the basic things in an sec filing, but rant as if you DO, umm,, think Fidelity Funds, let them read the filings for you.

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