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  • Apple board is clueless about Wall Street, sat by like morons all the way down to 385 with NO answers.

    Unless you are interested in riding down there to 385 again, you need to think about another approach.

    Apples rise up coincided with Ichan involve,ment, you are a fool if you think it was a coincidence.

    I am with Icahn all the way, the man is not perfect but I know he won't sit there and do nothing and watch stock fall to 385 again

  • I mean seriously? It I were BP, I would tell Obama to goto hell and move my operations to the Chinese and vacate the GOM completely and lets see how Obama makes up those jobs. The Fisheries economy is only 600 million inthe area while Oil is a 20 billion industry. The stock has been sold like the Fisheries is like some 100 billion industry So unless the fishermall wiill all be paid 1000 per shrimp, this stock is WAY OVERSOLD>

  • They handed out 20B for nothing.

    Didn't get promise of har liability cap

    Congressman still yelling at them

    Now Anadarko is yelling at them

    The Once loyal shareholder been stabbed in the back, now will be selling soon.

    Pension funds holding stock will now be suing and selling.

    WHere is teh value here? Yes the stock price is low but that is assuming they can be doing business as usual soon! And there will be NO BUSINESS AS USUAL FOR A LONG TIME!

  • castcore castcore Oct 14, 2008 2:07 PM Flag

    Paulson made a HUGE ERROR by acting on Fannie Mae, who was in way better shapes than all these other banks. Something must be done!

  • castcore by castcore Jun 5, 2010 12:21 AM Flag

    As an Investor, I follow the news and I know BP is trying everything
    it can to stop this leak and do things right. The US president and
    politicians are barking like a mornic dogs , no because like he
    cares about the people but they see this as an opportunity to get more
    votes from a tradionally republican leaning states.

    And the Media is out for blood to sell stories, Anderson Cooper is
    looking for another meaningless plaque by ignoring facts. All this
    while people are taking advantage of the situation by buying boats and
    moving to Louisiana and claiming to be VICTIMS.

    Mr. Hayward, right now is NOT THE TIME TO TURN YOUR BACKS ON YOUR
    INVESTORS, who are the only ones sticking and supporting BP through
    this whole incident.

    No matter what you do with the Dividend, these blood thirsty animals
    wil still look for other things to bark at.

    And I find it funny that Americans and it's Government give guilty
    TERRORISTS due process and a trial by jury but BP seems to be judged
    and tried already before all the facts come out? I am ashamed to be an

    I urge you to not turn your backs on the investors who is supporting
    BP, right now they are all BP has. Do not take away the Dividend, you
    need to come out and assuage your investors so they will continue to
    stand as one with you and BP. BP , I don't have to tell you need all
    the friends they can get now. So it makes NO SENSE to turn back on the
    investors now to appease politicians with an agenda and who will just
    find something else to bark about even if Divvy is cut. Your investors
    meanwhile will become even more loyal if you keep the dividend as a
    gesture of returned loyalty!

  • I am as independent as one can get. But I love America. My parents came to this country as immigrants.

    Now onto Obama, I listened to what his Pastor had to say and researched the man's rhetoric. It is absolutely no that much better than what I hear from some of those Radical Muslim clerics.

    And Obama belonged to this man's church for 10 years? And listened to that type of garbage for 10 years and chose to stay until he is running for president?

    Just toss everything aside, are people actually still considering voting for this man just based on the fact that he didn't find a need to leave the church of this America hating pastor until pressed to do so?

    That was enough for me.

  • Jus ding by the comments here, I can only conclude most people here don't understand the slightest how capital markets work. In short, a company buying back stock when the stock is under values reduces float and is intended to return shareholder value, especially long term investors. With that said , the only people who would oppose the buy back of an under valued stock would be people who think the stock are over valued, and people who wants to short the stock. And that is why the instant you heard the stupid Apple board come out against Icahn, you saw the stock fall and short interest increase.

    Icahn's plan is sound at 50 billion, I think at this price, it should be 75 billion.

    In summary, if you believe in Apple and you think the stock is under valued now, there is no reason why you would oppose a stock buy back. But if you are a short or think the stock is over valued, you of course would not want a buy back.

    All this noise about saving money to buy companies and worry about rating agencies are just beyond stupid.

  • castcore by castcore Jun 29, 2008 2:01 PM Flag

    Just step back for a minute. With this new ad nauseam about Mortgage crisis blah blah. You don't think Ken Lewis, the CEO of one of the largest banks in the World, has had his people come up with the WORST POSSIBLE SCENERIO that can happen with CFC merger? You don't think he has looked at CFC's books over and over and accounted for the very worst scenerio? Or do you think he is just going in blind and going to watch CNBC the day after the merger closes and go " Oh my gosh?"

    By going ahead, he has taken into account the WORST POSSIBLE scenerio probably times 5 and decided it was still profitable for BAC and something BAC can withstand even the worse scenerio happens.

    Is tht so hard to understand?

  • castcore castcore Feb 7, 2014 11:39 PM Flag

    I love seeing the pig almost lose it today talking about the Buy back, it's like somebody forgot to feed her

  • This is as low as an American president can get

    There was NO need for BP to agree tot he 20 billion essentially open check book fund with Obama. Obama had NO jurisdiction other than his stupid mouth! But instead BP buckled, gave in and stabbed the only firneds it had left, the Investors in the back as well!

    Taking away the already Ex Div Dividend was the last straw for me. I think the whole BP board should be FIRED for utter incompetence.

    If you are going to agree and give the 20B, atleast trade it for a hard liability cap! But BP didn't do any of that but just liad down and let Obama rape it's loyal investors.

    The 20B is just a start, it will never end. That money will be going to mostly scammed and lawyers.

    They should have close ranks, be loyal to investors, kept dividend and fought this like Exxon through the courts. Exxon got its damages from 5 billion to 500 million 19 years later.

    Bad, stupid move by BP. They need to go bankrupt.

  • Companies like amazon with good sales CEOs have way worse numbers gain big! Apple is not darling of street like Goole so need people like Icahn to bust some balls and set people straight! So don't diss Icahn but embrace him unless u want this #$%$ every earnings!

  • It's obvious last 2 years what the board is doing or not doing is not working. They maybe great at running Apple business but they don't understand Wall Street. and No amount of arguing will change that. And like it or not, the stock price , unless they go private is a HUGE PART OF THE COMPANY and important job of the board! Ichan is is not perfect but he is Wall Street Savvy, it doesn't hurt to try to work with him! Look at Hastings of NFLX? His stock was at $60 and falling and now it's $300 just 16 months later

  • And it's something that BP could have held on to and JUDICIOUSLY handed out as they find fit. I would have waited for the courts. Big mistake by BP!

  • By trying to get out of the contract with Rig, they are digging their own grave.

    You can always make back the money extorted by Obama.

    But if you upset the deep drillers by not honoring a industry standary contract, drillers will not work with you. RIG has Chevron, Exxon, Petrochina, Petrobrasil etc that are waiting to get their RIGS. What is BP thinking here? No drillers will work with BP if they know BP will not honor anything they sign! Hello!

    And if you cannot get to deep water wells, get ready for Bankruptcy. This time for real!

  • I know the Analysts are all trying to short the stock but are people really believing this #$%$? I mean Samsung came out with a brick they call a watch last week and people didn't have this reaction.

    The 5C is now too expensive? Were these same people last week saying they worry about the 5c being too cheap? So which is it?

    The 5C will be VERY POPULAR just like the Colored Imacs were in the early 2000s. This will cater to the younger 12-15 crowd and perhaps a more artsy crowd who can care less about the geeky specs. This will be the case both in the US and emerging markets.

    If you have a 13 year old girl, getting a phone first time, do you think she will pick the Silver 5s with Finger Print scanner or the 5C in that hot pink?

    If you have a 13 year old boy, do you think he will pick the mature looking 5s or you go for the black shiny 5c?

    Parents will push the kids to the 5c too because it is still a bit cheaper.

    And the genius of Apple here is there will be no cannibalization because the more mature crowd will still want the 5s with the Biometrics and extra camera stuff for only $100 more.

    The 5c scenerio will be even more so in emergin markets like China, where the one child system basically make most kids spoiled brats and this plays right into Apple's hands with this 5c. Parent can now spend a bit less to get their Child that Iphone they been watching and hearing about on TV.

    Do not under-estimate how much effect these Hot Color phones will have on Teenagers.

  • Didn't these idiots in the Senate like Levin CREATE some of these rules Apple is using? Apple would be stupid not to legally pay as little tax as possible, LEGALLY. And why am I not surprised that our government is so much debt when we have complete morons in Washington like these Senators?

  • castcore castcore Jan 10, 2014 12:59 PM Flag

    Look at all the good news with Mac sales and Motorola, Docomo, and look at what this stock is doing and the board sits there. If you don't think this is broken, you are dumber than a tree.

  • castcore by castcore Aug 29, 2010 4:09 AM Flag

    And a guy leases the car from you, signs contract that he will return the car in one piece no matter what and will accept the car and all conditions as is.

    2 weeks later, the guy totals the car and starts saying the contract don't count .

    So 2 months later, the guy comes back and want to rent another car from you, you would have to be stupid to rent him the car right?

    And all the other car dealers on the street will have known about this guy, will they rent him the car?

    This is very , very stupid move by BP. A move that can bankrupt them. Obama and US Govt will never have BKed a company as profitable as BP because as long as they can pump more oil, they will be fine.

    But now what they are doing is taking a knive and stabbing themslves, injuring themselves and preventing them from ever working and make the money they use to make!

  • Apple is getting paid FULL price from Walmart ,. Walmart is using it to get people to into the stores. Why is Walmart doing this with Apple but not Samsung or Amazon? Because they know people will respond to Apple products and not Samsung or Google or any of the other #$%$!

    Apple will expand into the hands of people who otherwise will not be able to afford Apple stuff, taking them away from other loss leaders like Google, and Amazon. Pure Genius...

    Looks like TCook is carrying on Jobs Thermo-Nuclear war just fine....

  • For what? A company whose products are so desired that they cannot keep it on the shelves? People should really be selling Amazon, CA sales tax will destroy them...Watch and see...

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