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  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed May 26, 2016 5:32 PM Flag

    First I asked him to tell me everything that NWBO doesn't share with its loser share/fan base. He agreed but only on the condition I don't report this to the SEC or tell anyone but what's a little inside info among friends here on the message board and regardless everyone knows this board is mentally challenged. Anyway this is what he told me in a 22 min 34 sec convo.
    1) Is LP really Enron Linda? Or is that an alias? Les was rather disgusted with this question. He didn't see what her role at Enron had to do with destroying wealth at NWBO.
    2) Is it true that 80% of NWBO is about attack those that are attacking it. He confided in me that this strategy was employed by Saddam Hussein. When things are going poorly look to focus the blame on an outside threat. It's standard governance by dictatorship 101.
    3) What happened with enrollment in the L Trial? Here he said that news would eventually be forthcoming. I found this to be the most enlightening part of the convo and I'm buying!
    4) Does DCVax use bleach or plain dirt to achieve an immune response? He said it was a combination thereof but the proportion of dirt to bleach was a trade secret.

    All in all I good talk!
    NWBO to the moon!!!!

  • Are you losers still in this pig? Didn't all of us, the smart shorts, tell you this was a scam? Enron Linda has no soul. She'll steal every last penny. And Les, hahahaha that guy would sell his mother to get another dilutive raise done. NWBO is the equivalent of injecting a tumor with dirt and then looking for an immune response. That is what DCVax Direct is. Maybe it's bleach. Who knows who cares. But it's a scam. As for DCVaxL- that's over. You can speculate all you want about why patient enrollment was suspended but this trial is now 2 years overdue. The advisory committee decision was axed. It's in complete disarray. It's over. Of course, at .70 cents you can't lose much more. On the positive side, Linda and Cognate are doing just fine

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed May 4, 2016 5:01 PM Flag

    I think this news might be fictitious

  • What an endorsement! That's like 150 tuna sanwhiches! LTBR has to sell about 1 million shares down here just to pay staff and then another million to pay AREVA for their study per their agreement to have an agreement. So 2016 will come and go, Seth will talk about the enormous progress. Once again nothing will have been done (because nothing can be done with a fuel that simply doesn't work) and Seth will be left with one option- he will have to pawn the statute he won in Monaco. That should bring in enough funds to get Tom a few more Tuna sanwhiches. LTBR! Go Seth Go!!!

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