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  • ciscokid33067 by ciscokid33067 Jan 14, 2014 1:29 AM Flag

    Was at opening day for the Port Orange location. The restaurant was busy. The place has a very clean and comfortable feel to it. I also likes the sign and logo outside. the concept has a fun quality to it. really the exact same as Subway. But when else do you have unlimited topping options to make a personalized pizza? That is the uniqueness of the experience. Is the pizza as good as the local pizzeria I usually go to? Nope-----but it is not bad, and the toppings give it a spark.

    The price I believe seems reasonable to most patrons. But in truth this has to be a very solid high margin business. They are charging basically what it cost to get a large pizza at Dominoes for a much smaller pie, but with unlimited toppings. If Pie Five can do the volume they will surely have a hit on their hands. This is why the they have a strong franchise lineup. They have a new and exciting concept that has high profit potential. I do find the concept more exciting then Subway. It is not Chipoltle or anything close however. Will be watching the volume per unit carefully going forward,

  • ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 Sep 25, 2012 9:54 PM Flag

    Last I saw we are still on the BUSH budgets. TAX rates the same, medicare,social security, military spending ETC. But yes this does need to be changed.

    Interesting that the GOP does best with seniors on both medicare and social security. While Dems do best with the youth vote who get the least of the government pie. I agree with you Spok on the nature of the problem. But it is the Republican party that has been a budget disaster since 1980.

    I do understand why Republicans would feel frustrated right now. I urge all of you to return your party more to its roots and away from this current movement. Or yes you will keep losing.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    A Brief History Lesson

    by snoopydo122 Jul 6, 2012 5:20 PM
    ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 Jul 7, 2012 8:11 PM Flag

    Spok when Obama was sworn in he had 58 dems in the senate. Eventually the vote count gave Al Franken a win and the senator from Pennsylvania switched parties. Obama had 3 months of what you call absolute power. Your much better on company analysis.

    As for the post that started this thread. I would just like to thank Bush for all his brilliant decisions. He did a hell of a job----medicare part D, no child left behind, those really efficient tax cuts, the Iraq war, Deregulating derivatives in two separate votes that occurred in 2001 and 2004. Bush was fantastic!!!!

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    down 7.8% today 6.35pm cisco news

    by jimmymcowen Jun 12, 2012 12:27 AM
    ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 Jun 12, 2012 1:34 AM Flag

    Well until they are a ten percent customer it is not a given. But heck we have a lot of strong evidence FIO is rocking. Larger business wins from AAPL and FB for starters. Throw in OEM agreements with HPQ, IBM, DELL, CSCO. (one more coming). Also integrated right into the CRM network. I could go on. Seems like if the stock stays weak it is a gift to those that add.

    The client list is about as good as it gets. But having the larger clients getting bigger and displacing other large vendors is very impressive.

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    Finally some good news - cisco is the new customer

    by zmarfani Jun 11, 2012 7:02 PM
    ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 Jun 11, 2012 7:51 PM Flag

    Your a short that is gonna overplay his hand!

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    CSCO site - hopefully testing is done

    by imaloserjustlikewt May 23, 2012 4:32 PM
    ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 May 23, 2012 9:13 PM Flag

    Collaboration with Cisco may prove a little larger then an add on component. We shall see.

    Hope your short-----you will be funding my shares.

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    Revenue Outlook for 2012 is 2x 2011

    by hongikjon Feb 22, 2012 9:23 AM
    ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 Feb 22, 2012 8:02 PM Flag

    I guess you would have passed on Facebook in the private markets too before it was profitable. We are betting that this will become massively profitable. They are partnering with some rather large industrial companies.

    Perhaps your hypothetical company is not as well positioned????

  • ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 Sep 9, 2011 9:23 AM Flag

    Mr Perry is a former Democrat---and he is very much for big government in how he has governed anyway---that is just a fact.

    Social Security keeps the poor from starving----most people do simply not have the ability to save for their retirement. Yes the program has to be adjusted every so often.

    Mr Perry is an interesting figure------but I would learn about him more before making up your mind on his actual effectiveness. I doubt his popularity stays this high----he has trouble among Republicans in his own state for a reason.

  • ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 Sep 9, 2011 1:20 AM Flag

    So Rick Santelli is the hero again for that conversation. I guess we could abolish social security? That would probably have massively positively ramifications for the country. I wonder why every other developed country on the planet has social security? I guess they all run Ponzi schemes? I guess Santelli is smarter then almost every other central form of government on the planet?

    Well might Santelli be wrong ? A ponzi scheme is by definition an illegal act to swindel your money. Now I grant you social security has issues that we all know. Not enough workers to support the system for too long at current rates. We will raise the payroll tax minimium and or the age of recipients. This is really not rocket science. Without social security many of our seniors would be flat broke on the streets. This would surely not be good for the rest of us either.

    Social security does need fixing------but this is one of the examples where government did something right. Most of the darn world uses a like system for a reason.

    As for Friedman-----I do not know him well enough to comment. Santelli though----OH boy--------If he is the leader of something(tea party) You aint talking about the bright bulbs of the bunch.

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    My Gift for you......

    by lawrence.ho33 Aug 31, 2011 9:10 PM
    ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 Sep 1, 2011 12:00 AM Flag

    NASA dont give up now-----LVS is right in front of massive expansion. It has based after a monster run. Now it has huge relative strength versus the market in the latest correction. They are also cleaning up the VIP issue.

  • ciscokid33067 by ciscokid33067 Aug 13, 2011 1:44 PM Flag

    Teavana has all the makings of a great up and coming business. They have strong and increasing net margins. This will lead to very strong profit growth. They have been growing revenues at around a 35% compounded annual rate. With large room for store expansion in and out of America look for this to continue for much of the next decade. Whoever says the stores look empty cannot read the numbers----they do 1,000 dollars of sales per square feet. This is a huge number. Teavana is also benefits from the desire for more and more people willing to spend on health. They offer a product many believe helps with life longevity and weight loss. The concept is also differentiated from any other concept I know of. This stock will look cheap at this same price in twelve months. In 36 months those who purchase this issue will be really happy! Forgot to mention the 8.7% same store sales increase---------more and more people seem to like this concept!!

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    GTT Group is a patent broker

    by lindmeritage Aug 11, 2011 2:34 PM
    ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 Aug 11, 2011 6:13 PM Flag

    Thank you

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    If the president was white...

    by lvsrockshard Jul 30, 2011 11:58 AM
    ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 Aug 1, 2011 12:00 AM Flag

    DO you really need someone to break it down for you? DID you have a pulse during the BUSH years?

    He restructured spending much higher. For example medicare part D and a few wars.

    He restructured revenues much lower . For example the infamous Bush tax cuts.

    These issues continue to hurt the budget situation until they are altered. But does the Republican party wish to really change this dynamic??? It seems no----this debate is not really about the budget but power.

    Okay---then throw in that Bush left the economy in a disaster and you kinda do have to leave just a tad of responsibility on Bush for the deficit. I mean if you are at all subjective that is.

    What is amazing though is the American people will be brainwashed anyway. Invest well my friends----the division between the have and have nots is only going to get much wider.

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    by salvatore_wins Jul 22, 2011 4:58 PM
    ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 Jul 22, 2011 5:15 PM Flag

    Maybe the twenty cents its down in after hours is a buying opportunity? Just relax and enjoy your weekend----Lvs should deliver the goods next week!

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    If Obama 4 More Yrs. Texas Will Secede

    by fleetwood_89048 Jul 10, 2011 10:17 PM
    ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 Jul 10, 2011 11:56 PM Flag

    If I knew Texas would really leave I would surely vote for Obama----------can you promise????

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    When Obama speaks.....

    by led_zep1969 Jul 6, 2011 4:15 PM
    ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 Jul 6, 2011 9:09 PM Flag

    He will be re-elected not by the hand of god. But by the hand of a Republican party that has even lower standing. I did believe that Republicans really had the wind at their back after mid-terms. But a very one sided agenda is not sitting well with the public. This is not a comment on my beliefs--------But I do see polling data.


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    by ciscokid33067 May 28, 2011 4:38 PM
    ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 May 29, 2011 2:05 AM Flag

    MRVL is a company that looked over a year ago to be positioning themselves for new growth in Wireless markets. They also have a nice deal with China mobile. Cash flow has been strong.

    But they have had trouble with certain execution outside of their key storage business that has led to product delays for key customers. So I ended up getting frustrated with the company. I know they issued a market pleasing forecast the other day.

    Perhaps this is the inflection point you speak of?

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    by ciscokid33067 May 28, 2011 4:38 PM
    ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 May 28, 2011 9:53 PM Flag

    I am with you on the 80. It would be quite meaningful to many I know and myself without more explanation. I have an idea of a few of the picks Cas has. He has an affinity for picking stocks of mature brands that have been beaten down with new and improving dynamics.

    I have read few some of his past posts and know a few of the names he likes. Not sure if I am finding his favorite. But he is on at least solid ground with the two picks I read him talking about.

    Cas is always respectful of those trying to do well. I wish him well as he wishes those of us that are sticking around in LVS.

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    by ciscokid33067 May 28, 2011 4:38 PM
    ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 May 28, 2011 8:51 PM Flag

    I see that China and India have plans to develop this technology. It is far from clear to me what the sexiest way to play this dynamic is? Competition in this area is cut throat unless you have a company that has a defacto monopoly of sorts.

    So I see the big picture-----not sure how this all relates to Sunedison and ENOC. Perhaps one of the companies is WFR-------I will take a pass on that one. WFR probably has a low risk profile at this price. But am not impressed with management over the last several years and they have to commodity oriented of a product for my taste.

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    by ciscokid33067 May 28, 2011 4:38 PM
    ciscokid33067 ciscokid33067 May 28, 2011 8:46 PM Flag

    Hey Nasa,

    I spend most of my waking hours studying stocks. So I clearly invest at my own risk. Like you I have plenty of LVS and believe they are in great position to dramatically grow cash flow for a long time.

    Cas certainly has no obligation to simply give out research. But several people including myself have an interest out of respect for him. This is not a bad thing either.

    Two growers I believe in-----UA I believe is developing a great brand name and product that will have international proportions.

    Sina-----Weibo has added 40 million users in the last two months and I believe will be far and away the second largest social network to Facebook. Believe the stock has very large upside. But is very volatile.

    But Heck I think AAPL and CAT look super cheap and have dominant positions.

    BAC is not my first bank choice-----but I agree with you it has a bright future from this valuation. banks reporting the start of loan growth and at super depressed valuations sets up for a financial rally.

    I am expecting triple figures in LVS given some time. I have no problem holding for another 3-4 years at a minimum. If I see the right license wins I will expand that horizon.