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colie_44875 26 posts  |  Last Activity: Sep 26, 2016 6:56 PM Member since: Sep 21, 2001
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  • colie_44875 colie_44875 Sep 26, 2016 6:56 PM Flag

    Much like Globalstar waiting on the FCC decision to approve or disapprove GSAT. Each day brings a financial burden to GSAT with their impending debt payments. If I remember right they had enough money to get thru this year, but may need new sources come next year. Either by issuing new stock, or going further in debt. At least with Iridium, they could possibly look to other companies to launch their satellites, we're stuck with this FCC and their double talking bureaucrats.

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    by rericksen Sep 21, 2016 3:12 PM
    colie_44875 colie_44875 Sep 22, 2016 11:58 AM Flag

    What #$%$ me off, is that last year and the first part of this year, these devices were suppose to be on the market this summer. Now it was pushed to 1st qtr. next year. Not good.

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    by rericksen Sep 21, 2016 3:12 PM
    colie_44875 colie_44875 Sep 22, 2016 11:55 AM Flag

    I agree with what your saying, but who would someone report that they are having trouble playing their game? The average person would not know. I have trouble with the free wifi I use going in and out when playing an on line Texas Poker. Its just the way it is. I'm not paying for it, so I just have to accept sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. If I paid for it, then it would be a different scenario. I would either quit paying for it or accept that is a consequence of playing the game.

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    by gsattlps Aug 26, 2016 11:31 AM
    colie_44875 colie_44875 Aug 27, 2016 9:58 AM Flag

    At least we made a new Post Pai vote No high of $1.36, previous high was 1.34. Next week will tell the story, whether we go higher or if this was a head fake.

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    Why is this board so inactive compared to past?

    by rootsproducts Aug 19, 2016 11:19 PM
    colie_44875 colie_44875 Aug 22, 2016 9:52 AM Flag

    My guess is some of the people who were on this board, don't know it is still working.

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    Would like a breakout.

    by holman.d Aug 9, 2016 7:23 PM
    colie_44875 colie_44875 Aug 10, 2016 8:37 AM Flag

    We seem to be setting lower highs. $1.20 now seems to be the wall. Need to get above $1.34 level, which is the high since the Pai vote.

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    New GSAT ex parte

    by think_about_it_now Jul 21, 2016 11:11 AM
    colie_44875 colie_44875 Jul 21, 2016 11:42 AM Flag

    On July18, 2016, Jay Monroe, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Globalstar, Inc. (“Globalstar”),spoke by telephone with Edward “Smitty” Smith, Legal Advisor to Chairman Tom Wheeler, regarding theabove-captioned proceeding.1Mr.Monroe urged that the Commission expeditiouslyadoptrules in thisproceedingto authorize an innovative broadband service,Terrestrial Low Power Service (“TLPS”). Such rules wouldserve the public interest by adding 22 megahertz to the nation’s broadband spectrum inventoryand alleviating congestion in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. Simply put, consumers will be better off with the expanded capacity made available via TLPS. Pursuant to section 1.1206(b)(2) of the Commission’s rules, 47 C.F.R. § 1.1206(b)(2), this ex partenotificationisbeing filed electronically for inclusion in the public record of the above-referenced proceeding.

  • colie_44875 colie_44875 Jul 12, 2016 10:29 AM Flag

    D a m n I put Pcstel, Sat and kinsma on ignore and lo and behold there is hardly anything to read on this board since they make 95% of the postings.

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    New Microsoft E-Parte...APPROVAL?

    by persico125 Jul 11, 2016 11:13 AM
    colie_44875 colie_44875 Jul 11, 2016 1:33 PM Flag

    Sure took them long enough to initiate testing of the 2.4 GHz ISM band. I would have thought after a month and a half since getting permission, they should have completed it by now.

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    New Microsoft E-Parte...APPROVAL?

    by persico125 Jul 11, 2016 11:13 AM
    colie_44875 colie_44875 Jul 11, 2016 1:27 PM Flag

    Part 1

    Re: Notice of Ex Parte Communications
    Use of Spectrum Bands Above 24 GHz for Mobile Radio Services, GN Docket No.14-177;
    IB Docket Nos. 15-256 and 97-95; RM-11664, WT Docket No. 10-112 (“Spectrum
    Terrestrial Use of the 2473-2495 MHz Band for Low-Power Mobile Broadband Networks,
    IB Docket No. 13-213; Amendments to Rules for the Ancillary Terrestrial Component of
    Mobile Satellite Service Systems, RM-11685 (“TLPS”)
    Dear Ms. Dortch:
    On July 6, 2016, representatives of Microsoft Corporation met in separate meetings
    with Edward Smith and Ariel Diamond, Office of Chairman Tom Wheeler; and Johanna
    Thomas, Office of CommissionerJessica Rosenworcel. Microsoft was represented by Michael
    Daum, Principal Technology Policy Strategist; Paula Boyd, Director, Government and
    Regulatory Affairs; and the undersigned. On July 7, 2016, Mr. Daum, Ms. Boyd and the undersigned
    met in separate meetings with Brendan Carr, Office of Commissioner Ajit Pai; Daudeline Meme,
    Office of Commissioner Mignon Clyburn; Erin McGrath, Office of Commissioner Michael
    O’Rielly; and Julius Knapp, Michael Ha and Brian Reagan, Office of Engineering and Technology.
    The focus of each meeting was the significant broadband potential of the bands identified in
    the Spectrum Frontiers proceeding referenced above.
    Microsoft expressed its support for the Commission’s proposal to make the 60 to
    71 GHz spectrum band available for unlicensed use, and encouraged the Commission once
    its rules were final to move quickly to ensure that it was adopted as the U.S. position in the
    World Radio Conference process. Microsoft also encouraged the Commission to extend the
    unlicensed 60 GHz band framework beyond 71 GHz to 72.5 GHz in order to create four
    rather than three WiGig channels and urged the Commission to allocate the 72.5 to 76 GHz

  • colie_44875 colie_44875 Jul 8, 2016 6:29 PM Flag

    Everybody knows something, although it probably doesn't pertain to GSAT.

  • colie_44875 colie_44875 Jul 8, 2016 1:08 PM Flag

    My thinking is if he doesn't have the votes now, I don't see him getting them in the next month or two. This will be taken off circulation, and in limbo we go again. I'd like to see some good news, maybe at least the new phone coming out and some possible deals with it. This feels like Chinese Water Torture.

  • colie_44875 colie_44875 Jul 8, 2016 12:06 PM Flag

    I'd like to know what the FCC is waiting for? Both sides have filed their expartes and apparently the R&O was rewrote. What it taking so long to vote on it?

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    by lakenonapatriot Jun 29, 2016 5:30 PM
    colie_44875 colie_44875 Jul 1, 2016 12:04 PM Flag

    I agree 100% he has been on here every day posting post after post. If he was globetrotting, he must be staying in the hotel room on the computer all day long. My guess is he was ruined financially and lives in a dream world, probably an alcoholic trying to drink his troubles away.

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    by lakenonapatriot Jun 29, 2016 5:30 PM
    colie_44875 colie_44875 Jun 30, 2016 12:22 PM Flag

    If approval is not soon it won't happen at all. All concessions have been made. If commissioners still decide not to vote or vote no, then even with all their speeches about increasing wifi, and reducing spectrum congestion, promoting innovation and competition, they really are just looking out for big boys lining their pockets.

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    by lakenonapatriot Jun 29, 2016 5:30 PM
    colie_44875 colie_44875 Jun 30, 2016 10:09 AM Flag

    Ok Vic, lets say your idea of the R&O is correct. How would that affect deploying TLPS in foreign countries. Is it on hold until the year is up and GSAT gets full approval, or can they start deploying when the current R&O is approved? If they have to wait, I still see the financial burdens being a giant hammer over their heads and not sure they have the resources to go beyond 2017, unless they are able to sign deals. That will be decided by what a Location is. Could it be a business that has multiple locations, or is it like just a single school or university?

  • colie_44875 colie_44875 Jun 29, 2016 12:24 PM Flag

    I'll say this, if we don't get a yes vote by end of July, I don't think one will come. They will take off circulation. Everything has been said by both sides, its time to make a decision. Either you, The FCC Commission, who touts expanding wifi, increasing competition and ingenuity, and striving to connect all of America, don't vote yes, your all gas bags with no honor and duty to your positions.

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    Pat's statement on Media Ownership

    by ejmcga Jun 29, 2016 11:16 AM
    colie_44875 colie_44875 Jun 29, 2016 11:21 AM Flag

    If it is proved that his e-mail was a signal for Google or other shorts to sell, then may a bus run over him as he leaves the FCC office for the last time.

  • colie_44875 by colie_44875 Jun 29, 2016 11:13 AM Flag

    It seems the big volumes have dried up, last week we did this much volume in the first 10 minutes of trading. Not sure what it means, other than a big player sold out.

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    World Markets part (2)

    by gkoolaid523 Jun 29, 2016 10:50 AM
    colie_44875 colie_44875 Jun 29, 2016 11:09 AM Flag

    Then the big question, is what happens if it does not get approved in US?

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