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cons_have_knee_burnz 46 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 1, 2016 12:50 PM Member since: Nov 12, 2003
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  • cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Jul 1, 2016 12:50 PM Flag

    Go to the company website and click as far back in time as you can with the News Releases. You will see this company has been nothing but lies of "impending" deals since inception.. Heck, with the Zefs they even lied outright of fake deals with 'distributors' for hundreds of thousands of units. For a laugh go back and read about how much money the US military would save using the Elektra.. sounds almost exactly the same as what they are spewing now.... nothing has changed.

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  • cons_have_knee_burnz by cons_have_knee_burnz Jun 16, 2016 11:49 AM Flag

    Pathetic.. The 10-20 share buys to keep this looking in the green or at the high end of the spread mid or end of day.. Who buys so little of any stock and pays more in commissions on a trade outside of someone trying desperately to manipulate it. He'll run out of allowance soon though.

  • cons_have_knee_burnz by cons_have_knee_burnz Jun 16, 2016 11:45 AM Flag

    I thought Beggar said last fall that he was stopping the release of non-substantive nr's filled with fluff that he said previous management had been doing... So why does he continue to do it and follow the same penny playbook? Obviously in spite of supposed testing with KM (which we all know hasn't or won't pass pre-testing) there isn't anything better to release.
    And this new version of energy tech is not who they have been working with since2013. First it was ETA, then all the supposed 'experts' from there vanished, and it was changed to ETG, then ask those 'experts' vanished and the company name change again... It's a total joke. Why does Beggar need to lie so much? Is it because the is nothing good that's truthful with this sham?

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  • cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Jun 14, 2016 1:28 PM Flag

    P.S. what happened to that 87% claim in China zerochump? Was that a lie as well or does it just work better over there?

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    by zerosum2013 Jun 11, 2016 2:04 PM
    cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Jun 14, 2016 1:25 PM Flag

    ah.. yes.. 'proved' just like you have been saying the last 3-4 years right?

    So industry expert, why would KMI not do at LEAST the 120 cathodic profile they wanted? Why not continue to test that and the other things they asked for?

    Name one case in history where a pipeline regulator has allowed a device not fully tested on a pipeline, or with a whopping 24 hour test.

    What happened after TCPL had a very short test.?. you know.. that test that happened right after the last CEO Cecil Kyte bailed on the company.. funny his timing eh.. right before it failed.. almost like he knew..

    I swear you could staple a red flag to a 2x4 and beat guys like zero(insert name here) and AISI over the head a few times and not only would they still not get it, but come back for more.

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  • cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Jun 14, 2016 1:19 PM Flag

    Zerosnoop/zerosum have been shown to be the same person, fabricated the "ROI paper" through their daytrading office to try to prop up the PPS to sell into it.

    Sorry, the NR is another in a long history of vague releases meant to have the paid pumpers like you go out and tilt the conversation with the wild speculation and spamming posts everywhere. How much do you get paid to do this? People are no longer swallowing it.. even on RB many are turing against the childish antics of this guy. Just check out his postings to H2o and ask if that seems like a banker or someone who could afford more than $3-4k in stock anyways... more like a teenager who is mad his 'brilliant' stock play with his allowance has gone sour.
    It's been "proven" for 3 years now chump according to you.. seriously.. you are just embarrassing yourself now.

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  • cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Jun 14, 2016 1:13 PM Flag

    Seriously.. how does it feel? How bad are your losses now riding this down from your purchase at $1.50 down 90%? Feeling like an idiot yet? Is this why you have to spam the boards desperately with the lies and fabrications? To try and get a few more suckers in to prop up the PPS so you can limit your losses on their backs? Seriously, you guys are pathetic clowns with your interpretations of these joke NR's and how it's now "proven" and "factual" without one actual shred of proof.. or if so, where is it? You never 'do' have that do you in your incessant pumping.
    And blah blah blah Gary.. blah blah. This is just more of the completely laughable idiocy you morons think you are smart over. As posted before, here is the definition of 'debauche' that if you tools looked up before harassing the first name you found on google, would see how stupid you are:

    "A person who habitually indulges in debauchery or dissipation; a libertine. a man who leads a life of reckless drinking, and self-indulgence"

    Perfect for a handle no..? Or would it be better like 'zerodebauche' or something equally idiotic? lol!

    Now with your last postings, and easy to see postings still up over the last couple years on multiple boards under your zerosum, zerosnoop and wonderwoman id now have actually motivated mr. debauche with the slander to move on RB and you guys legally.. congrats and have fun!

    My god are you clowns laughable.. Perhaps if you spent half the time doing actual DD you would see what a failure your decisions have been, instead of trying to 'out' someone. How exactly will that help your pathetically poor choice to buy into this stock exactly?\


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  • cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Jun 13, 2016 2:36 PM Flag

    Hah hah hah .. PROVEN.. how often has this wing-nut said this?

    "The test results speak for themselves; test results of the AOT have yielded an 87% viscosity reduction, and it was on some of the thickest crude oil in the world in China."

    Ho ho ho hah hah ha.. wow.. 87%.. PROVEN ha hah hah..

    "The FIRST Commercial AOT device has JUST been completed and weighs 20 tons. It is finally ready for commercial application and use, and finally available to be put in the hands of the oil industry. "

    Oh god hah ha please ho hah hah make it stop hah hah hah... How many YEARS has this liar being saying it is commercial and ready for sale? Obviously this guy knows NOTHING and is content to lie and spam ANYTHING.

    Funny back then how much zerosum spammed RB... until he created zerosnoop to be the spammer so he could be the 'dangerous, brooding thoughtful one' in the zero boy band!

    "$1.47-man I should have bought some at 1.30ish "

    Hah hah.. wah w hah hah! Wow should ANYONE be listening to this tool anymore?

    "I plan to BUY when we break 1.50. Why? Because when stocks break through a resistance level what it does it forces market makers and shorts to decide to cover who have their stops there, or buy stops (buy orders)."

    Hah hah.. big player dispensing his "wisdom" lol!

    "Tobin Smith?-FOX NEWS! CHIC! WOW! WOW! WOW!!! great job Chic!!! he wants to meet Cecil??? OMG that is AWESOME! Whew hewww!!!! "

    Siiigghh.. plenty more but I've had my limit of stupidity and moronity for the day.

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  • 2014-08-04
    "Please note the t/c lease was terminated, not the testing as clearly stated in the 8k below."
    hah hah hah!

    "Further examination will reveal the the option to purchase has not been terminated. "
    What a moron.. like couldn't purchase without a lease.. obviously they didn't want to do either. Guess he has the same brain capacity as Whacky who puts money into something when he can't even comprehend a single NR put out without a cheerleader "translating" it for him.. and after this long still to dense to see how wrong they have all been!

    "PumperDumper, you wouldn't want to be short on this stock "
    Hah hah hah! BOTH of these idiots HELD on while the stock tanked!! HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!!

    "I think this institutional investor, the Guggenheim ETF is a going to change the playing field for the trading for STWA/ZERO. "

    "Goodbye RB! I'm joining JT's site, it will be my new home where we investors can talk about our company."
    Hah hah! How well did that work out? Did sheltering yourself from the truth make it all better -$1.25 later? ROTFLMAO! Guess better to listen to momo player than someone in industry eh?

    "I am the BIGGEST fan of Elektra, while AOT will be the bigger money machine the Elektra will excite me more when it gets focus back towards it."
    Hah hah hah.. wow make it stop.. please hah hah hah!

    "Speak to the investors who have been at the shareholders meetings and previously grilled the management with many questions. These are the people that have answers."
    Ya sure.. #alwayswrong

    "ZERO will one day create GENERATIONAL WEALTH for those investors who bought shares for less than $2 today. You heard stories about early Apple or Google investors who became fabulously wealthy. And you may have thought to yourself, "Why didn't I invest in those?" Today, you have the chance to be the one who will be telling those stories in the near future. ZERO will make many people wealthy"

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    by zerosum2013 Jun 11, 2016 2:04 PM
    cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Jun 13, 2016 12:41 PM Flag

    Yup.. And also zerosnoop on many other boards.. spams and tries to hype the PPS up. He's been pumping every NR as a "sure thing" to a sale since the Elektra days. You should have seen how excited he was over the Haven Flow Loop testing! The newly hired M&A firm operating out of a field in Texas also got him wet! Above is his new "go to" spam he is pasting all over. And just in case it wasn't clear to you, he felt 7 minutes later he had to add how excited he was about it as that would be the icing on the cake for most investors and hedge funds to know out there.
    Sad thing is zerosum/snoop/DJjibjob/Smile/docDuh can't argue anymore on anything as he's completely been proven wrong up until now. So they avoid any debating now, and stick to the self congratulatory posts in their circle like that will protect their investment.

    Sad thing is obviously due to time-lines specified by KMI it is impossible for testing, if it has started, to be over. And if it started, there would be lease payments. For any testing to start, the AOT would need to be integrated for such testing.. snoop and his cheerleaders say the word "integrated" means testing is a success, without one shred of proof to back that up. The laughable thing is, in 100% of previous cases they have speculated like this as to these vacuous NR's from Beggar, they have been wrong... But hey.. maybe shoot for that "even a broken clock is right once a day" thing eh!

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  • cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Jun 13, 2016 12:32 PM Flag

    Who are you? His mama? Oh ya.. he's a Singapore banker with millions of shares.. ya right but has time to spam investment boards day after day with falsehoods and lies. Isn't it getting tiring of being wrong all the time? From The Elektra on you have been 100% wrong every single time, and I have been correct. How does that feel? How bad is your bank account getting? It's gonna get worse now that KMI hasn't even started to test this thing. Testing will fail just like TCPL. KMI has specific benchmarks to test that STWA can't fudge, fake, or "take back to the lab" like TCPL. But hey... TCPL was a success right.. but somehow after this "success" that TCPL want's so bad they couldn't even get it to function 3 times in with KMI.. laughable.
    And actually it is you everyone is laughing at. Funny all the pro's starting t turn against you and your alter-ego snoop over on Raging isn't it? About 5 hangers-on on iHub. You gotta wonder about a tool who falls so in love with a stock he puts their loser ticker in his name.. must be his only holding to do so. So ya.. a pro on the industry and investing right? LAUGHABLE.

    It's called DARWINISM!

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    More testing?

    by brenda.young27 Jun 6, 2016 9:05 AM
    cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Jun 10, 2016 2:00 PM Flag

    Hah hah.. ouuuuuuhhh yea. What else would there be for something that doesn't work? Gotta keep the faith alive and "more testing" has worked for the last decade. Beggar needs a new pair of shoes! He's jealous of all the bling Kyte bought when he cashed out right before TCPL "testing"!

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  • Well zerosnoop has admitted he got in on the "private offering" of the last toilet paper Beggar sold, and then turned around and posted a fake report on the AOT linked through a dropbox account from a daytrading site. Laughable too ignorant to know that would be found out. It's pretty clear zerosnoop spreads misinformation trying to affect the stock so he can profit off it by selling into any sort of volume he hopes to create.. sadly, and pathetically enough though no volume is ever created because anyone who knows of this company are sick of the constant lies.

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    Today's price action

    by brenda.young27 May 23, 2016 4:33 PM
    cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz May 24, 2016 12:58 PM Flag

    Probably someone along the lines of "ZERO_*insert name here*". Been going on all week. It's pathetic and shows that this is a complete joke. Imagine the stampede when QSEP has to file the KMI termination and what the PPS will end up at!

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    by brenda.young27 May 24, 2016 6:46 AM
    cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz May 24, 2016 12:55 PM Flag

    From the "chairmans letter" (gag.. lol!):

    "one of which was RECENTLY deployed in South Texas"

    "afforded us the opportunity"

    PAST TENSE! Sounds to me like another failure. Should stuck with that LG Partners deal LOL!

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  • cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Feb 25, 2016 10:39 AM Flag

    Yes, the effect is real and has been known for more than an half a century. Question is, is if there was anything there, why would these companies with billions in r&d budgets not have done it on their own? Why if it is such a sure thing, did they not start with oil in the first place $80 million dollars ago? Why have they sold nothing from 8 devices the last 15 years while claiming they are going to sales on each one, have distributors, are going to manufacturing, along with wild earth-changing claims? Why did trans canada cancel testing after 2 days? Why were the pumps not isolated to even see if it did anything worthwhile? Why did Bigger say the SRI report from that test would be out last fall, but surprise surprise nothing? Why js there nothing on TDC in China other than stwa nr's? Wht the fake LG Partners lie nr if it works? Why the "Haven flow loop" lie NR if it worked? Why Kyte and Bjorn exit right before tcpl testing if it worked? The same Kyte that said the elektra would make stwa profigable in 2010 and raising funds on that lie. When every one of their devices, and Taos claims are torn to pieces, why dont they allow a reproducable test or third party verifications? Why no baseline at the PRCI? Why release numbers without something so basic?
    The onice is on the company and people making fantastical claims to prove them. So far they have not. If they really thought they could sell any of these devices, they would have had no problem doing so wouldn't they? And obviously if looking at an m&a strategy (product #9), they don't forsee anything coming in off of what they have now any time soon.

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  • cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Feb 24, 2016 4:03 PM Flag

    "capable of".. Wow! Doesnt man it will ever happen. Fact is, when a pump has to use these sorts of tactics, it's never good. I'll bet it is also capable of going on LG Partners pipeline isnt it? Wasnt the elektra" capable of" saving the american military billions?
    Laughable. If you want to lose your money fine.. Just stop begging and begging for others to do the same. It would be quicker for you to just write Kyte or Bigger a check wouldn't it?

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    Yet another investor up date letter.

    by brenda.young27 Feb 24, 2016 9:01 AM
    cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Feb 24, 2016 3:55 PM Flag

    2 weeks not months

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    Yet another investor up date letter.

    by brenda.young27 Feb 24, 2016 9:01 AM
    cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Feb 24, 2016 3:54 PM Flag

    The company has had cash coming in only from warrant conversions. Now the pps is below the conversion price, that's dried up. The only way to sell more paper, which is the only thing this thing sells, is to try to get the pps and volume up which is why there are 4 fluff pieces out in 2 months along with the laughable video. Heck with a salesforce, put out a video to sell paper! $30 grand spent on the promo to redchip. Laughable a couple months ago said he would no longer put out meaningless nrs like the previous ceo, his buddy Kyte did... But i guess when it comes to protecting a fat paycheck and compensation package that all changes pretty fast.

    Ripped off investors should be phoning them up and asking why the elektra or magcharger are not being produced with this cash if all the statements from Tao, Kyte and the company are not complete lies.

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    by brenda.young27 Feb 10, 2016 4:09 PM
    cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Feb 19, 2016 1:53 PM Flag

    DPknobgob was begging people to buy back when the Elektra was a sure hit. He's just a tool towing the company line praying that enough other suckers buy in to jack up the PPS so he can bail.. that is why he begs like a good little puppy.

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