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  • crapnebula crapnebula Sep 8, 2015 7:07 PM Flag

    The institutions to which you refer are the owners of the short shares as well. Some of our retail followers have trouble getting their minds wrapped around the concept but, over 80% of the time, these guys are flat; they have the same number of shares in their long account as they have short in their short account. At such times as they wish to actually take a bias in their position, they have one of two choices:
    1) Move some or all of their long shares into their short account, neutralizing the portion thereof.
    2) Selling their long shares on the open market - causing a net short postion.
    3) Borrowing shares to add to the short account. (This choice is not currently available as there are no shares left to borrow).

    The institutions hold both sides to enable their ability to go short without the need to locate and borrow shares - often times for extortion level fees.

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    Primary Physician in SF

    by aquablue94131 Sep 4, 2015 8:23 PM
    crapnebula crapnebula Sep 4, 2015 10:02 PM Flag

    I hear that! I told my PC Doc that I wanted CG and he laughed and asked me what it was. His response was that it's probably tied to some kind of stock scam, that it was not being used by the doctors at his rather large LA medical group nor would it likely ever be. They're firm believers in Colonoscopy - the one stop shop! Not that I agree, but it was a rather disheartening experience knowing that we shareholders are forking over hundreds of millions to market this stuff and a doctor who sees 10's of thousands in his group practice doesn't know of or condone CG. Kevin! Where are your salespeople? Are they doing anything more than "lunch" with each other?

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  • Too much noise. He's not at all accurate. All we hear from this clown is the old short and distort. Just as bad if not worse than the pumptards here.
    EXAS has entered bargain basement territory at 20, Im back!

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  • crapnebula crapnebula Aug 14, 2015 4:33 PM Flag

    I think fishlips is attempting to articulate that if you're waiting for short covering to save you from the decline you're wrong. The shorts are simply taking advantage of the trend and the herd instinct of this stock to pummel the stock to compound the selloff. Sure, the shorts have covered 4 or 5 million as the prices fell and we went Down not up - destroying the thesis that these shorts were going to be driving prices higher. So tell me please, how many of the genius's on this board have come to the same conclusion that i have? that the recent secondary offering at 25.50 was nothing more than GIVING a reward to the brokerages who were holding shares for the short parties? and to the shorts themselves. Not nice.

  • You can put any spin you like on it, but NOTHING has changed except one loan expired and a new one was created to buy out the owners of the first one. A simple rollover you morons.

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    by sanctum2017 Jul 28, 2015 4:37 PM
    crapnebula crapnebula Jul 28, 2015 4:38 PM Flag

    BUMP it to the TOP!!!

  • Bad job to be in on a day like today!
    jus sayin....

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  • crapnebula crapnebula Jul 20, 2015 9:32 PM Flag

    Im glad you're beginning to see the light. This is something I've been well aware of for months. No problem oldguy, the price will move significantly ahead of the actual money into the bank. Additionally, there should be further announcements and initiatives in the meantime. The USPSTF A rating will be a license to PRINT money. But by the time the actual figures come in - our pockets will be lined with gold. Now go soak your feet or better yet, take a sitz bath, and don't forget to take your geritol. Oh and quit asking for us to shoot you. There's no need for that and besides, its a messy business. You're not even half as bad as the dimwitted dolts who normally post here.

  • 7 Million shares, dumped on your sorry heads after the close today, HANDED to the shorts. But not to worry! You're all happy that you followed my advice and shorted at 32.00 per share or at least steered clear until after today's lackluster Quarterly call meeting. BRAAAAVO! Right?
    But where is the love. It looks like very few of you clowns heeded my free advice. So many of you needed to realize that management is your worst enemy! When they get afraid, they simply reach into YOUR pocket and ROB you of equity! And you suckers line up for the beating each and every time. Sure, the company needs money to expand it's operations but just look at their timing!! OMG. I couldn't have been worse! Any sane person can see that if management actually BELIEVED in their own product, if they had a modicum of CONFIDENCE that USPSTF was going to award CG an A or B rating, then SURELY THEY WOULD HAVE WAITED UNTIL AFTER THE USPSTF RATING to float another 7 MILLION SHARES!!!!! - That's right, as I said, RIGHT ONTO YOUR SORRY HEADS!!
    You guys are too dumb for words. Someone here owes me an apology. THIS IS A DISASTER! OMG

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  • crapnebula crapnebula Jul 19, 2015 2:17 PM Flag

    Right. Up 5 and down 5 - right back down.
    Now watch as Management only MEETS expectation and GUIDES LOWER due to the increase in expenses of the launch. If the past is any indication of what lies ahead, we've still got another 5 points to go on the downside.

  • crapnebula crapnebula Jul 17, 2015 10:24 AM Flag

    There are none. That's why we have been tanking. 5 points down in less than 2 weeks now...WOW!

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  • crapnebula crapnebula Jul 1, 2015 4:39 PM Flag

    Me too! I've got a FAT WALLET NOW and its WIDE OPEN! STEADY NOW....HOLD YOUR FIRE.....

  • crapnebula crapnebula Jun 28, 2015 1:14 AM Flag

    - "am i smarter than the 100%+ institutions too?"
    Shorter answer? No we are not smarter than the institutions, just smarter than you. You see we happen to understand that the "institutions" aren't just buy and hold long mutual funds. A good percentage of them are actually hedge funds that have both sides of this game and take it in and out of stasis at will. They are PLAYING the people who actually take losses trying to day trade and swing trade against them. Any one of them are capable of taking the stock up or down by significant margins at the blink of an eye when they deem the environment is right for entering or exiting their short positions. Those aren't easily found when you've got a half million or more shares to move around - so you take advantage of the opportunities as they arise. That means you get out on the good news and get in on the bad news. When this thing tanks big time, you can be sure, the hedgies will be covering their shorts. Contrarily, should we hit the upper price targets set by the most optimistic houses, you can be sure they are selling shares as fast as they can find buyers without disillusioning the crowd altogether. I figure we'll bob around here until the remainder of the premium in the July options has dried up. Watch out for kirky too He and his friends might manipulate prices lower so they can sell puts to fearful sheeple.

    aren't you glad you asked?

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  • How many of you are having trouble seeing through the "facials" you just received? ENJOY!

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  • Tomorrow morning we're going to deep six this bloated porker!

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  • crapnebula crapnebula Jun 24, 2015 3:46 PM Flag

    Dont worry old guy. I heard about a dried up old nurse in my area who's still doing colonoscopies and she's well into her 70's. I doubt she'd crack any jokes as she fondled your jewels. You'd surely wake up with a smile on your face, humiliated or not. Who knows, if it's good for her, maybe she would schedule one every year!
    Now THAT is a lot sexier story than going into solitary to drop ship your load of goods into a tupperware bowl!

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  • Congratulations friends. This morning we scored a "direct hit" but, we are not there yet.
    I will let you know when we've got these suckers fully within our sights again. If we time it right, we can detonate their ordinance along with ours for a beautiful free fall!

  • There is absolutely no comparison of EXAS to FIT. NONE!

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  • crapnebula crapnebula Jun 22, 2015 11:51 AM Flag

    Why? Because you are an idiot. How's that for an answer? What do you or have you EVER contributed to this message board lady? Nuthin, THAT's what!
    And don't count your chickens before they've hatched. This thing could do an about face and burn all of those clowns at Jeffries and Canaccord by the end of the day. What if Goldman Sachs comes in to take a big dump at the end of the day? Think it can't happen? Watch and learn numbnutz!

  • crapnebula crapnebula Jun 19, 2015 6:31 PM Flag

    Sure, he/she can hold my hand if he/she wishes, but I won't be jumping out of any windows. What you will find us doing is squatting over your simpleton head and leaving you our own personal cologuard sample. Remember, dont look up until you feel warm all over !

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