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  • Battery performance is the biggest bottleneck for EVs. There are many battery technology companies doing research on how to make a battery that will store very large amount of energy and will take very less time to charge. That's the major key to true EV revolution. If TSLA could buy a promising battery technology company that would have make real sense. But what value TSLA will get buying a junk like Solar City? TSLA is doomed for now.

  • every country has to take responsibilities of its own citizen, no country should dump its people on to other countries like crazy. BrExit win proves Trump's ideology got accepted.

  • The key point here is, Trump is anti-establihment candidate and his message on ecnomy and naional security is well accepted by very large numbers of Americans. The part of GOP that does not like Trump is all establishment and is in sync with democrats to go against Trump. In true sense, to a large number of Americans,Trump is neighter a GOP candidate nor a Democrat candidate. Instead he is a candiate for America. The way Trump talks, many realized that he is not afraid to admit & speak the truth and hammer hard, and unless you hammer hard, things won't change at all. That's one of the key point behind Trump's success. I believe Trump will win the election easily.

  • A significant percentage of total muslim population, are radical extremists and they will be radical forever, because they want to be built that way to implement a common agenda - make the entire world muslim. This group is the most racist, most bigot, most brutal & most dangerous in the whole world and won't tolerate anything that differs their views. So more Muslim immigration from countries having radical terrorism (tell me a muslim country where there is no radical extremist), will only increase the number of radical muslim extremists in USA, because that number is directly proportionate to the number of muslim population. Overtime, this will produce a massive powerful home grown terrorism and completely destroy National Security and American (western) civilization. Europe is already getting destroyed because of this. Most of our leaders are simply stupid as they practice dirty "politically correct" culture. Each time there is a radical islamic terrorist attack, those leaders have "crocodile tears" in their eyes and don't take any real action to fight. That's why Radical Islamic Terrorism is wining ..yes it’s wining. They are not getting destroyed and our leaders making us fool by saying radical islam will lose, we will win. No, we are not wining, the evil of radical islam is wining because we are so coward to take action against them. Our duties and action ends by showing fake sympathy to the victims. That's all. With nearly 3.3M Muslim in USA, this is the situation. Now imagine what will happen when there will be 30M muslim population in US! Those days won't be far away when a girl will be stoned to death for marrying a boy whom she likes or wearing a short or for not covering hair. When things are under control, that's the best time to take action. When everything is out of control, that's the time for death. Hello Americans, take wise decision, 2016 election is extremely important as this election will decide whether America will die or survive.

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    by wes.bridgeman Jun 12, 2016 10:06 PM
    cualchemist cualchemist Jun 13, 2016 2:32 AM Flag

    many times this country behaves total nonsense because of so many idiots out there. And needless to say, most of such idiots are so called intellect with so called greatness that keep destroying our country and do not understand the root cause of the problem. There is a desperate need of a strong & smart man like Donald Trump rule this country in order to save and protect Americans. I see Trump land slide in november. Vote Trump if you want to save America.

  • and flying their flags during Trump rally !! Ha ha ha ... the whole country is broken and rotten. Who will fix this mess? Surely it's gonna be Trump. The rise of Trump should have been be lot earlier... but still have time to save this country,. Trump-2016

  • cualchemist cualchemist Jun 3, 2016 11:15 AM Flag

    US capitalism is completely broken, land of opportunity turned to land of horror to Americans.

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