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  • 8/24/16
    PATENTS GRANTED in the last year

    PATENTS APPLIED FOR in the last year

  • United States Patent 9,426,302
    Layman , et al. August 23, 2016

    System and method for non-disruptive mitigation of VOIP fraud

    A system and method are disclosed herein for providing mitigation of VoIP PBX fraud while having minimal impact on authorized VoIP PBX users. The method includes a system for detecting potential fraud based on multiple and configurable fraud indicators as well as historical data, which can be customized for individual users or groups, which in turn can trigger the other parts of the system to mitigate fraud. The system can terminate in-process calls that are potentially fraudulent and reset the network access credentials for the user accounts or device(s) that have been potentially compromised. The system can use historical data to block further calls from the compromised user accounts or devices to specific locations where the presumed fraudulent calls were directed. In a further aspect, the system and method can automatically reset the network access credentials for authorized users with minimal down time.

    Assignee: VONAGE BUSINESS INC. (Atlanta, GA)

  • 32 million shares sold this last week, the largest weekly volume in 6 years
    +$0.72 +13% last week
    Latest Analyst Target: $10

  • AND still have a lower P/S than EGHT, RNG, and Twillio.

    The analyst says $10? Woeful under expectations

  • August 17, 2016
    HOLMDEL, N.J., Aug. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Vonage, a leading provider of Cloud Communications for business, has announced two key management appointments to enhance the leadership, support and growth of its Channel Partner program.

    Kyle Johnson has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Sales, reporting to Gregg Fiddes, Chief Sales Officer. With this promotion, Mr. Johnson becomes head of Vonage's Channel Sales, which provides more than 20 Master Agents and 350 Sub Agents with a one-stop shop for solutions and support to help them meet the full range of cloud communications needs for their business customers, whether they are serving large enterprises, mid-market companies or small businesses.

    "Kyle has demonstrated extraordinary success in sales leadership throughout his career, and we are thrilled to be able to tap into his experience with the indirect channel to lead Vonage's Channel Sales organization," said Mr. Fiddes. "Under his direction, we will continue to provide channel partners with deep sales, marketing, training and engineering support to help them leverage Vonage's robust offering of cloud communications solutions for businesses of any size."

    Vonage has also hired Gregg Rowe as Regional Vice President, Channel Sales, West, reporting to Mr. Johnson. Rowe is responsible for supporting Vonage's Channel Partners in the West Region of the United States as Vonage continues to expand its Channel Partner program through dedicated sales leadership and support for Master Agents, Sub Agents and other channel partners throughout the U.S.

    "We are thrilled to have Gregg join our team," Mr. Johnson said. "His deep experience in cloud communications and commitment to providing an exceptional partner experience will further strengthen the relationship between Vonage and our partners ,,,,,,,

  • 50 DMA above the 200DMA, price above the 50 DMA. Still in Golden Cross functionality, it is a long term analytic tool as you should understand. Look at the past ones, it is not all immediate UP.

    As far as defections, you may NOT have noticed, but this board is not available to everyone anymore. There is a new Yahoo format board (which is just as bad as this one functionally). There are many other good outlets for posts, I'll let you figure all this out, ways to get to it, and others. I have no trouble.

  • United States Patent 9,420,117
    Majd , et al. August 16, 2016

    Systems and methods for matching call detail records for the same communication generated by different elements of an IP telephony system

    Call detail records (CDRs) that are generated by different elements of an IP telephony system in connection with the same communication can be matched to one another using timing information contained in the CDRs. Other information in addition to timing information, and which is present in two CDRs relating to the same communication may be used in conjunction with timing information to match CDRs from the same communication. Also, information relating to the type of flow path that a communication follows through the elements of an IP telephony system may also be recorded in a final CDR that is created for each communication.

    Majd; Casem (Holmdel, NJ), Farkas; Jason (Belle Meade, NJ), Sullivan; Matthew (Brown Mills, NJ)

    Applicant: VONAGE NETWORK, LLC
    Assignee: VONAGE AMERICA INC. (Holmdel, NJ)

  • In Nexmo Acquisition, Vonage Reaches for the Cloud -- and Twilio
    By Anders Keitz Follow | Aug 15, 2016 | 9:00 AM EDT

    Twilio (TWLO) is among the hottest stocks in this market. But it is not the only game in town when it comes a cloud computing platform that can integrate text with other offerings.

    There's another smaller, company that is growing quickly that you probably never heard of because, improbably, it's owned by a real down-and-out company: Vonage (VG) . Nexmo, which Vonage bought for $230 million in cash and stock, may end up being the son of Twilio.

    Vonage has been around since the end of the dot-com bubble, best known for providing business and residential telecommunication services. You might remember commercials featuring a talking ear and mouth or another in which Vonage "Betterfied" your home phone service.

    But now it is moving toward cloud communication services with its acquisition of Nexmo, the second-largest Communications Platform as a Service ("CPaaS") company in the world. Essentially, Nexmo provides communication application program interfaces (API) to let other people and businesses integrate various forms of communications, such as messaging, into their own applications.

    This means that Nexmo competes directly against the industry leader, Twilio

    Already Vonage has seen an impact on its income statement from the $230 million acquisition. Nexmo is responsible for $8 million in revenue in the second quarter, which is only about a 10th of Vonage's enterprise revenue of $86 million. The company reported total revenue of $234 million for the quarter. The company also said on an Aug. 2 earnings call that Nexmo revenue is projected to be in the high $80 million range for the full year 2016.

  • The analysts agree, Profitable Vonage is undervalued, they have upped target prices.

    08/03/2016: Oppenheimer_____BUY___$6.50 to $7 _Timothy Horan
    08/03/2016: Dougherty________BUY___$6 to $8___Catharine Trebnick
    08/03/2016: William Blair_____BUY_____________Dmitry Netis
    08/01/2016: FNB_____________BUY___7.50 to $8.73_Robert G. Routh
    07/28/2016: Needham_________BUY____$6 to $8___Richard Valera
    06/14/2016: Citi______Upgrade_BUY__$6 to $8___Mike Rollins

    Let's look at the P/S:

    The competitors:
    Twillio P/S 19.0
    EGHT P/S 5.5
    RNG P/S 5.1

    Vonage P/S 1.4

    If Vonage was valuated like it's unprofitable peers:

    $100M Revenues would be Valuated like Twillio = $1.9B
    $191M Revenues would be Valuated like EGHT and Ring = $1.0B
    $623M Revenues (non business) would be Valuated at1.4X ?? = $875M

    $3.775B market cap. $17.68 a Share

    Oppenhiemer analyst Timothy Horan commented, "VG TRADES AT A LARGE DISCOUNT TO PURE-PLAY BUSINESS PEERS."

    "Here we note, it seems to us, that either shares of TWLO are being materially overvalued by the market or shares of Vonage with Nexmo are being materially undervalued," analyst Robert Routh of FBN wrote in a note.

    Yet the Analyst's Target prices are less than half of that $17.68. Vonage has more Revenues, FCF, EBITDA. and Profits of its three competitors combimed, Their Market Caps combined are 5X Vonages.

    More upside at VONAGE?

  • Vonage only reported 1/3 ($8M) of Nexmo's revenues this quarter.

    Look what happens if the other $16M is added next Quarter!

    TOTAL Revenues VG:
    2016 Q2__ $234.0M_____
    $16M Nexmo revs added ___$250M total Quarterly ___ $1Billion annual going forward.


    2016 Q2__VG_$86M___RNG_$91.8M___TWLO_$64.5 M__Q1_17_EGHT_ $60.0M
    2016 Q1__VG_$77M___RNG_$86.5M___TWLO_$59.3M___Q4_16_EGHT_ $57.3M
    2015 Q4__VG_$71M___RNG_$83.4M___TWLO_$51.3M___Q3_16_EGHT_ $53.2 M
    2015 Q3__VG_$57M___RNG_$76.8M___TWLO_$44.3M___Q2_16_EGHT_ $50.9M
    2015 Q2__VG_$49M___RNG_$70.7M___TWLO_$38.0M___Q1_16_EGHT_ $47.9M
    2015 Q1__VG_$42M___RNG_$65.3M___TWLO_$33.4M___Q4_15_EGHT_ $43.5M
    2014 Q4__VG_$27M___RNG_$61.9M___TWLO_$27.7M___Q3_15_EGHT_ $41.4M

    $16M Nexmo revs added ___$102M Quarterly business_ PASSES RNG for largest Business Revenues

    8X8 inc___$211M__$2.36___$273K____$3.0M____$.03____$16M___$.19____-($5M)__-($.06)
    VG WINS!___X______O_______X______X________X_______X______X_______X_______X

    TTM Business Growth:
    VG_____$37M___ 75%___X

    GUIDED GROWTH_ BUSINESS REVS from last report::
    Company__Market Cap__Revenues__Earnings___FCF

    8x8 inc_______$1.2B_____$221.5M___-($5.2M)____$25.3M



    VG has 1/5 the market cap of it's 3 peers COMBINED.

    Yet VG has 17% MORE revenues than it's 3 peers COMBINED.

    600% MORE earnings than it's 3 peers COMBINED.

    300% MORE FCF than it's 3 peers COMBINED.
    Comparison Ratios

    8x8 inc____5.5___48.0_____350.0____4.4___46.8

    AVG VALUATION of peers over VG

    AVG UNDER VALUATION of VG Combined ___ 8X

    If Vonage was valuated like it's lesser peers, PPS would be $40

  • Oppenhiemer analyst Timothy Horan commented, "VG TRADES AT A LARGE DISCOUNT TO PURE-PLAY BUSINESS PEERS."

    "Here we note, it seems to us, that either shares of TWLO are being materially overvalued by the market or shares of Vonage with Nexmo are being materially undervalued," analyst Robert Routh of FBN wrote in a note.

    VG "pure-play" peers are 8X8 inc, RingCentral, and Twillio
    TOTAL Q2 Revs VG:
    2015 Q2__________$234.0M (record)

    TOTAL Q2 Revs Peers:
    EGHT_ $60.0M
    Peers Combined: _$216.3M

    YES! VG WINS IN Q2 REVS VS it's 3 peers combined
    TOTAL Q2 Net Adj EarnsVG:
    2015 Q2____________ $0.08 per share

    TOTAL Q2 Net Adj Earns Peers:
    EGHT_ $0.05
    Peers Combined:____ -($0.01)

    YES! VG WINS IN Q2 EARNS VS it's 3 peers combined


  • Aug-03-16:VONAGE: Dougherty______ BUY___$6 to $8___Catharine Trebnick

    Aug 3rd, 2016 - RINGCENTRAL Reports Second Quarter 2016 Results
    ___Business Revenues of $91.8 Million, a 30% YoY Increase___$291M TTM
    ___GAAP Earnings of -($7.7 Million) or -($0.11) per share._ -($0.40) TTM
    ___Non-GAAP Net Income of $5.4 Million or $0.02 per share. _-($0.09) TTM

    Aug 2nd, 2016 - VONAGE Reports Second Quarter 2016 Results
    ___Total Revenues to a Record $234.0 Million ___ Record $914.4M TTM
    ___Business GAAP Record Revenues of $86 Million, a 75% YoY Increase___$291M TTM
    ___GAAP Earnings of $1.0 Million or $0.0046 per share._ $.08 TTM
    ___Non-GAAP Net Income of $18.0 Million or $0.08 per share. _ $.32 TTM

    Aug 1st, 2016:VONAGE: FNB_________BUY__$7.50 to $8.73__ Robert G. Routh _ 2 P/S

    Aug 1st, 2016 - FBN Analysts Say Either Twilio Is Overvalued, Or Vonage Is Undervalued

    July 28, 2016: VONAGE: Chart forms a Golden Cross

    July 28, 2016: VONAGE: Needham_______BUY____$6 to $8___Richard Valera _ 1.8 P/S

    July 21, 2016 - 8x8, Inc: Needham______BUY____$15 to $17 _ 7 P/S

    July 21, 2016 - 8x8, Inc. Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2017
    ___Revenue to a Record $60.0 Million Increases, a 25% YoY Increase _ $221 TTM
    ___GAAP Net Loss of ($0.5 Million) or ($0.01) per share._ -($.06 TTM)
    ___Non-GAAP Net Income of $5.4 Million or $0.06 per share. _$.13 TTM

    July 18, 2016 - 8X8, Inc: Dougherty______ BUY___$15 to $18 _ 7 P/S

    Jul 18, 2016
    Coverage on Twilio (TWLO -4.2%) has been initiated at multiple firms today
    _JPMorgan sets a Neutral rating with a $39 price target (current price $41.30). _ 16 P/S
    _Goldman Sachs starts coverage with a Hold rating and $33 target.
    _Canacccord Genuity issues a Hold and $40 price target.
    _Pacific Crest Securities initiates a Sector Perform with no price target.
    _William Blair assumes an Outperform and no price target.
    _JMP Securities has set a Market Perform rating with no price target.

    June 14, 2016: VONAGE: Citi______Upgrade_BUY__$6 to $8___Mike Rollins _ 1.8 P/S

  • 2nd quarter numbers past and present! A more long term, focused view!

    Shares outstanding
    2013 Q2__210.2M
    2014 Q2__209.1M
    2015 Q2__212.9M
    2016 Q2__213.6M *

    2013 Q2__ $204.8M - TTM $835.2M
    2014 Q2__ $218.9M - TTM $854.8M
    2015 Q2__ $222.0M - TTM $871.6M
    2016 Q2__ $234.0M - TTM $914.4M *

    2013 Q2__$0.97 - TTM $3.97
    2014 Q2__$1.04 - TTM $4.09
    2015 Q2__$1.04 - TTM $4.09
    2016 Q2__$1.10 - TTM $4.28 *

    2015 Q2__VG_$49M
    2016 Q2__VG_$86M___TTM__$291M *

    2013 Q2__$27M
    2014 Q2__$29M__$106M TTM
    2015 Q2__$38M__$141M TTM
    2016 Q2__$40M__$150M TTM *

    AJD. NET EARNINGS per share:
    2014 Q2__$.07__$.21 TTM
    2015 Q2__$.09__$.32 TTM
    2016 Q2__$.08__$.32 TTM *

    Shareholder equity
    2013 Q2__$320M
    2014 Q2__$337M
    2015 Q2__$367M
    2016 Q2__$415M *

    Shareholder equity/shr
    2013 Q2__$1.52
    2014 Q2__$1.61
    2015 Q2__$1.73
    2016 Q2__$1.94 *

  • United States Patent 9,407,672
    Cicchino , et al. August 2, 2016

    Systems and methods for reducing signaling in an internet protocol telephony system

    A telephony communication setup request sent from a telephony device to an element of an IP telephony system includes a first encrypted code that is generated using one or more data items that are specific to the telephony device. The element of the IP telephony system receiving the setup request obtains the same data items locally and creates a second encrypted code. If the second code matches the first encrypted code, the telephony device and/or the setup request are authenticated, and the element of the IP telephony system proceeds to setup the requested telephony communication.

    Cicchino; Domenic (Freehold, NJ), Huang; Kevin (Princeton Junction, NJ)

    Applicant: VONAGE AMERICA INC.

  • dgroves0 dgroves0 Jul 28, 2016 5:01 PM Flag

    Ahh Jasiop, you have been defecating on my posts a long time now.

    NOW you post, "Your insanity is reaching new highs as well as mine trying to bring you down to reality."

    You Jasiop will bring me to reality???

    My POST WAS FACTUAL, not insane. In FACT it was the same post as the one I posted LAST TIME WE SAW A GOLDEN CROSS, with this line added:

    "THE LAST GC for VG happened Jan 13, 2015 - PPS went from $4.05 to $7.42 (83%) in 10 months."

    So you must think all the Gains then and before were INSANE?

    Each subsequent gain after the golden cross, over the following months was INSANE???

    And here is how you answered THAT POST on Jan 13th 2015, that subsequently saw an 83% gain over 9 1/2 months::

    jasiop • Jan 14, 2015 9:11 PM Who knows for how long in this market environment "golden cross" will be able to push VG upwards.Or maybe the share price is just following EGHT's pps trend just like it has been for last 5 years/compare 3,6,12 month charts/. After all my speculation about probable technical broad market correction with S@P500 at 2000 level has not diminished yet so even magic golden cross formation may not help much despite highly anticipated/as always/ excellent earnings report.

    You are a real genius Jasiop!!! You are really Special, Jasiop.


  • ATTENTION! Within Two days, Vonage will produce a 50/200DMA Golden Cross Formation

    The Golden Cross is mostly used with longer term moving averages.

    It?s an especially strong signal when the 50 dma crosses above the 200 dma. MR MARKET's signal of extreme Bullishness

    Technicians, and computer programs (MR MARKET) will see this GC as a sign that the market has turned in favor of the stock.

    This GC will be the fourth in VG history.

    THE LAST GC for VG happened Jan 13, 2015 - PPS went from $4.05 to $7.42 (83%) in 10 months

    Previous to that Oct. 2012 - PPS went from $2.25 to $4.75 (111%) in 16 months

    Previous to that August 2009 - PPS went from $.60 to $5.35 (891%) in 16 months

    Just in the last 10 weeks, we have seen VG move up from $3.90 to $5.76 (+48%) to set up this Golden Cross

    NOW AT $5.76, the GC Will HAPPEN Within two days!

    I have covered how the comparison values show, profitable, huge FCF generating Vonage is hugely undervalued to it's unprofitable direct competition, 8X8 inc., RingCentral, and Twillio in previous posts.

    Will we see another up move? WE SHOULD! (arguing with the market my #$%$

  • dgroves0 dgroves0 Jul 27, 2016 4:16 PM Flag

    "arguing with the market." ?????

    This is up 50% in the last two months! Two analysts have RECENTLY put $8 targets on it.

    AND it is way undervalued when compared to it's direct competition.

    More Revenues than the competition combined, profitable unlike that competition, and 1/5th the Market Cap.

    SEEMS like there will be a lot more upside, in the coming months,

    SO SORRY, if that offends some readers.

    2016 ttm Q2_VG_$???M___RNG_$???M___TWLO_$???M___Q1_17_EGHT_ $211M
    2016 ttm Q1_VG_$254M___RNG_$317M___TWLO_$193M___Q4_16_EGHT_ $209M
    2015 ttm Q4_VG_$219M___RNG_$296M___TWLO_$167M___Q3_16_EGHT_ $196M
    2015 ttm Q3_VG_$175M___RNG_$274M___TWLO_$143M___Q2_16_EGHT_ $184M

5.94-0.01(-0.17%)Aug 26 4:02 PMEDT