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  • drjhnathan by drjhnathan Sep 30, 2014 4:24 AM Flag

    I'd be scared being long here. It looks weak in premarket, and it the stock break 86.62, there is no floor.

  • drjhnathan by drjhnathan Jul 30, 2014 11:40 AM Flag

    Parker Harris, co-founder, sold about 1/4 of his total holdings yesterday.

  • drjhnathan by drjhnathan Jul 24, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

    Who would be a poor man, a beggarman, a thief --
    if he had a rich man in his hand.
    And who would steal the candy
    from a laughing baby's mouth
    if he could take it from the money man.
    Cross-eyed Mary goes jumping in again.
    She signs no contract
    but she always plays the game.
    Dines in Hampstead village
    on expense accounted gruel,
    and the jack-knife barber drops her off at school.
    Laughing in the playground -- gets no kicks from little boys:
    would rather make it with a letching grey.
    Or maybe her attention is drawn by Aqualung,
    who watches through the railings as they play.
    Cross-eyed Mary finds it hard to get along.
    She's a poor man's rich girl
    and she'll do it for a song.
    She's a rich man stealer
    but her favour's good and strong:
    She's the Robin Hood of Highgate --
    helps the poor man get along.

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    Lawsuit against Yoku announced

    by drjhnathan May 21, 2013 3:27 AM
    drjhnathan drjhnathan May 21, 2013 3:34 AM Flag

    In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet video industry in mainland China, a series of copyright disputes and lawsuits have arisen. During the rights safeguarding process, Youku Tudou Inc. insisted on protecting its own interests with legal representation. Even though it paid considerable costs in safeguarding their rights and interests, the significance and meaning of success was much greater than the compensation obtained from Youku Tudou Inc.. Chinese government and judicial departments' tolerance for copyright infringement in grey zones is getting lower and lower, and reflects their strong determination to protect intellectual property rights. T

  • 这起事件中会有人坐牢么?




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    Prana announces $5.8 million R&D refund

    by brewman228 Apr 4, 2013 1:37 AM
    drjhnathan drjhnathan Apr 4, 2013 3:26 AM Flag


    , 2013;
    Prana Biotechnology (NASDAQ:PRAN; ASX:PBT)
    it has received a A$2.
    refund under the R&D Tax Incentive
    Program, a program administered by
    d the Australian T
    axation Office.
    payment is part of approximately $5.8 mil
    ion expected to be received for the 2011
    12 and
    13 financial years
    was received
    to support
    research and
    clinical development of PBT2 for
    Huntington and
    Alzheimer’s diseases, as well as other
    research activities
    Parkinson’s disease and other neurological indications
    his Australian Government funded program is commendable because it provides
    significant amounts of non
    dilutive cash to suppor
    t our
    research activities
    addition to the $2.
    million just received, we
    a further
    of over A$3
    million for R&D activities
    from 1 July 2012 to 30 June
    ”, commented
    Geoffrey Kempler, Prana’s Chairman

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    Form 6-K

    by pivalde Mar 2, 2013 7:11 AM
    drjhnathan drjhnathan Mar 2, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    Below page 10 it says: :Reach2HD is on target to report results in fourth quarter of 2013."

  • drjhnathan drjhnathan Jan 17, 2013 1:24 AM Flag

    Journal of Huntington’s Disease 1 (2012) 211–219
    DOI 10.3233/JHD-120029
    IOS Press

    Research Report
    PBT2 Reduces Toxicity in a C. elegans
    Model of polyQ Aggregation and Extends
    Lifespan, Reduces Striatal Atrophy and
    Improves Motor Performance in the R6/2
    Mouse Model of Huntington’s Disease

    Robert A. Cherny, Scott Aytona , David I. Finkelstein, Ashley I. Bush, Gawain McColl
    and Stephen M. Massa

    Background: There is evidence that interaction with biologically important metals, particularly copper and iron, contributes to the pathological aggregation and toxicity of the mutant huntingtin protein in HD. PBT2 is a novel 8-hydroxyquinoline drug in clinical trials for AD and HD which restores metal homeostasis and has demonstrated neuroprotective and cognitive benefits in animal models of AD and in a Phase IIa clinical trial in AD patients.

    Objectives: We assessed efficacy of PBT2 to improve function in nematode and mouse models of HD.

    Methods: We assessed the effects of PBT2 on motility in a strain of C. elegans engineered to overexpress an extended polyg-lutamine tract. We then assessed the effects of daily oral administration of PBT2 on the R6/2 mouse a vertebrate model of HD. Behavioural measures (Rotarod performance, clasping latency and duration) and measures of overall health (body weight,
    lifespan) were assessed throughout the study. At conclusion brains were evaluated for weight and lateral ventricle area.

    Results: PBT2 significantly decreased paralysis caused by overexpression of an extended polyglutamine tract in a C. elegans. R6/2 mice treated with PBT2 showed significantly better performance in the Rotarod task and significantly decreased duration of clasping than control animals. Mean body weight and brain weight in the PBT2 treatment group were significantly higher
    than the control cohort and median lifespan was prolonged by 26%. Mean lateral ventricle area in the PBT2-treated group was 46% smaller than in the control group.

    Conclusions: Treatment with PBT2 may be beneficial as a disease modifying therapy for HD.

    Keywords: PBT2, C. elegans, R6/2, metals

    ∗ Correspondence to: Robert Cherny PhD, The Mental Health
    Research Institute, The University of Melbourne, Royal Pde,
    Parkville, VIC, Australia. Tel.: +61 3 90356714; E-mail: rcherny@
    SSN 1879-6397/12/$27.50 © 2012 – IOS Press and the authors. All rights reserved
    This article is published online with Open Access and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial

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    My take on it

    by inversor86 Nov 29, 2012 6:29 PM
    drjhnathan drjhnathan Nov 30, 2012 1:05 AM Flag

    Invesor, thanks for taking the time to do this. I appreciate it!!!

  • Buying PRAN

  • Can't find anything.

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    up 10%?

    by oh_no_kennys_dead Sep 27, 2012 10:29 AM
    drjhnathan drjhnathan Sep 27, 2012 11:27 AM Flag

    Another family has seen improvement in their family member and are buying.

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    Aussie market bouncing right back....

    by eawana Sep 24, 2012 10:03 PM
    drjhnathan drjhnathan Sep 26, 2012 3:13 AM Flag

    The Aussies seem to like the stock more than the Nasdac-ies. Makes you wonder. I wonder if some people know the drug is working.

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    LX1031 (IBS) Top-Line Data Nov 2009

    by lexinvests Oct 8, 2009 2:45 AM
    drjhnathan drjhnathan Oct 18, 2009 12:13 AM Flag

    Can you provide a link? Where is that stated?

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    Dilution coming - will need to raise $

    by damsammy Oct 15, 2009 7:47 AM
    drjhnathan drjhnathan Oct 15, 2009 12:51 PM Flag

    No debt. 30 M in cash. Try again.

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    by nadavleva Oct 15, 2009 7:27 AM
    drjhnathan drjhnathan Oct 15, 2009 10:12 AM Flag

    Then let it be, it's all I ever wanted
    It's a street with a deal, and a taste
    It's got claws, it's got me, it's got you ...

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    PLX stepping up manufacturing capacity

    by robbie1165 Oct 14, 2009 10:19 PM
    drjhnathan drjhnathan Oct 14, 2009 10:56 PM Flag

    Can someone who has access cut and paste the whole article here?

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    AH-short squeeze?

    by gilacohendsdfsdfd Oct 13, 2009 3:34 PM
    drjhnathan drjhnathan Oct 14, 2009 7:26 PM Flag

    Hey Dave. No it's the same guy. quik

    Trades are back... sort of... howzit?

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    AH-short squeeze?

    by gilacohendsdfsdfd Oct 13, 2009 3:34 PM
    drjhnathan drjhnathan Oct 14, 2009 3:27 PM Flag

    Now, now.... Let's chill...

    This waiting is killing me too.

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