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  • easymoneyman00 easymoneyman00 15 hours ago Flag

    If shorts want to cover they won't cover 8,300,000 shares cheap they will cover and drive share price up to where it should be! Days of cheap shares are done! Market Makers are having a harder time everyday to manipulate share prices for the Short Hedge Funds players! Our platform has to seriously scare the HELL out of these short hedges! They don't want to give back all there gains! Lm technology is making them very uncomfortable right now! This is my honest opinion!

  • Volume manipulation is Definately been going on between some short hedges back and forth. Low volume because that ping pong effect was allowing retail longs to snag shares cheap here and there! With all this newest PR's they can't get people to release shares anymore! Believe me they will keep trying but if continual great news keeps coming look for us to slowly go up on low volume as retail shareholders keep buying at pre- split prices of .06 cents! That's ground floor pricing here that is STUPID CHEAP with all the news we have going! This should be easily $20 or more with all the News coming online! I'm super excited about our future and hope Short Hedge funds keep price surppressed for at least one more month as I sold a rent house and will be investing heavily on Sept. 1st if price is $10 or lower! Low volume because retail buyers only as we go up slowly as I've said before! MM 's aren't trying to steal shares right now either because they lose too many shares to savvy retail shareholders such as me! I'm not about to not buy under $10 a share its a free gift. We continue to go higher until Shorts or Market Makers try to manipulate shares down to get others to wonder if something is wrong when the only thing wrong is them trying to scare retail shareholders into selling! Be smart and savvy so when the MM 's drop share price in the pre-market .50 a share be ready to grab any that are selling at that time because that's a scare tactic to get you to sell. Low volume is good as you see we're going UP not being manipulated down so they can do a share grab from unsuspecting retail shareholders. When they start the manipulation again BUY BUY Buy with both fist if they drop this again! No F-ing way we're at $8.00 a share that's just plain manipulation of our stock by the Market Makers trying to grab and sell shares back to Short Hedge Funds cheap without moving share price up! Market Makers good luck on buying 8,300,000 shares in the next few months cause its not happen!

  • It's consolidating right now on low volume! This is going to go up slow and sure until news of a BP partnership or FDA approval of our 1st vaccine! Over 8 million shares short right now ... Can you imagine where the share price goes once they have to cover? It will be like winning the lotto overnight. BOOM ! Then comes the bidding war! Do you have the guts to stick it out?

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    Shorts not going to cover

    by gonesurfing9 Jul 25, 2016 3:12 PM
    easymoneyman00 easymoneyman00 Jul 25, 2016 8:26 PM Flag

    Gone surfing , Stay at the beach cause I know your not stupid enough to be short! That's for the big boys going short as a retail investor you could bankrupt your self pretty easily if you get Cushitic away from your computer! I believe we have ZERO shorts as retail investors, too many positive things going on at ADXS! Heck were building a manufacturing plant? Hint Hint that should tell retail shorts that something is going to be produced? I think we do get a genuine BP deal on our cervical cancer vaccine! I do believe that whom ever steps up will have 1st rights to the whole platform for the highest bidded price at that time! Crazy that not enough retail folks like us even know about ADXS? Just very many Bio's out there that look good too! We're still a dark horse but don't forget we're a Trojan horse that at anytime can come and kick your #$%$! When we do get FDA approval we will be sought after like no other Bio... Risks vs Reward is all I can say to all who read this post! Life changing Immunothrapy therapy will change the way cancer is fought in the future! We can be the company to lead this fight with LM technology. We're on a deserted Island at this time but we have a ton of groceries and all the fresh cold water you could drink! Good luck to all who have endured this stock

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    Shorts not going to cover

    by gonesurfing9 Jul 25, 2016 3:12 PM
    easymoneyman00 easymoneyman00 Jul 25, 2016 8:10 PM Flag

    Duh, Gonesurfing are you trying to bash? No sheet shorts aren't going to cover till approval or BP partnership! They are playing the odds that ADXS doesn't get FDA approval. Big Short hedge fund players are here and they don't read the news or care they are playing the odds that a small baby bio such as ADXS fails! ADRO has given them hope with them failing there pancreatic cancer trial early on. Only problem I see is we have had all trials go remarkably well and a bunch of CR's and PR's to go with them! So I wouldn't bet against ADXS at this time, safety and life expectancy is crushing all the other therapies at this stage of the game. I don't see that changing down the road the only thing I see changing is that we will get faster FDA approval than most here think! Remember Hedgies are short because only 2 players with this LM technology us and ADRO, they feel that there bet is still good? I feel my bet is much better since we're at $7.94 rather than $30.94! I'm very long with a whole lots of shares and I add at every chance these short hedges allow me too! Are you even invested in ADXS? I would say no! Just by all your posts? I'm not a pumper as you see but I'm just the opposite of shorts and I'm getting longer each month. I don't mind the share price what so ever as this is my biggest investment in the stock market! I know the risks and the rewards I'm in for the long haul! I do believe we get our 1st FDA approved vaccine in 2017 and then it's hell on wheels from there! Our platform will be the envy of Immunothrapy, every BP in the World will be bidding on ADXS once we get out1st approval. See I'm here for that because a few retail longs have been here for years and years we believed when everyone else didn't , vindication for our platform is coming and I will be here praising Dan and thanking him for helping ADXS get to the market to save and prolong cancer patients lives around the world ! This is my honest opinion!

  • easymoneyman00 by easymoneyman00 Jul 25, 2016 9:23 AM Flag

    Those shorts are trying hard to knock this down I love it ! Buy all you can this is a gift from them! Buy Buy Buy as we know this will go up very soon! Market Makers may be doing this also! They love buying cheap and selling later ! Kinda Bull_hit but it is what it is a gift if you have CASH!

  • easymoneyman00 by easymoneyman00 Jul 23, 2016 3:31 PM Flag

    There are only 2 bio's that have LM technology ADRO and ADXS which make this a very unique way to treat cancer. I'm not bashing ADRO I'm just wondering why you are invested here and not ADXS? We have tons of things going on at ADXS fast track designation on our lead construct, orphan status on various vaccines, Euroupen FDA equivalent of our FDA fast tract on 2 other constructs. Things are going quite well for us just wondering why you all stay here when all signs point to us as the leader in LM technology? Again not bashing just believe you can buy more shares and be invested in the better of the 2 company's as for as more mature trials and a much bigger pipeline to follow? Your failed pancreatic trial hurt us both yet your still here and not with ADXS? Your failed trial had given major short hedge funds more firepower to short us since we have similar technology even though it's not the same! Yet when we get all this good news your shares track higher off our success? That's because of the link between our LM technology's! Do what you all think is best but if you go back to the IPO in the fine print where patents are present your CEO had told everyone we ADXS hold most of the patents and that your success would depend a lot on patent protection and expiration of ADXS's? Wow?

  • We longs think there crazy they think we're crazy because most Short players in the bio tech industry play the stocks short because of history with small bio's. Only problem is they don't care about news they are keeping the peddle to the floor on us because only 2 players LM technology us and ADRO. ADRO has given them hope early on that they have a safe bet since there Pancreatic trial failed! They think that longs are just stupid to be on this space since ADRO trial failure early on. When in fact our platform is superior and more proven than ADRO's, given these facts and all the good news lately people here should realize these shorts are big hedge funds not retail. Retail shorts see the writing on the wall but big hedge funds are playing the odds against us just like longs are betting we go up they are playing over all odds against all small bio techs which orally fail and fail miserably ! They the hedge funds betting against us are shorting 1/3 of the float..,Can you imagine when we get any approval of any 1 of our vaccines how much this stock will skyrocket? Trust me I've been there done that you will wake up 1 morning and the stock could double or triple overnight! It's like winning the lotto it can change your life! If I were anyone reading this post I would be thanking the person whom told you about ADXS for just having the chance to invest in this risky yet rewarding bio tech play in the very near future! Please don't worry about share price your very fortunate to be able to continue to buy at these extremely lucrative prices! This is my honest opinion! Dan doesn't control share price shareholders do! Shorts at some point will have to cover once FDA approves anyone of our constructs then it's going to be crazy! So enjoy the fact that SHORTS are allowing us ADXS shareholders the opportunity to buy all we can on the cheap. People here kill me worrying about share price? Would those folks sell out if we're at $20 tomorrow ??? Heck no they wouldn't !

  • easymoneyman00 by easymoneyman00 Jul 20, 2016 9:43 PM Flag

    ADXS will be just fine! All in due time! We all will be rewarded very handsomely n the very near future! Been here a long time planning on only being here 2 more years then retiring. We have the goods just need to prove it to BP on when that happens were off to the races! ADRO and us are the only 2 in the industry using the LM approach, pretty sure BP isn't sold nor do they want a dead end platform in case this sheets the bed! All shareholders and DOC and management see the writing on the wall but BP wants definitive Proof that our approach works and then and only then do we get BIG money! Everyone wants it now.... Shut the front door people it's gonna take FDA to confirm 1 construct works and EVERY BP will come in and bid for our LM technology. Remember were way ahead of ADRO in our trials and once we get full confirmation from FDA we will write a number on a piece of paper and see who blinks or doesn't blink!

  • easymoneyman00 by easymoneyman00 Jul 17, 2016 9:28 AM Flag

    Is carT therapy safe? How bout Gilbert only saying 3 deaths at JUNO instead of 4? He said he mistakenly forgot it was 4 not 3 like he had reported? Who is he kidding? He mistakenly said 3 because 4 sounds like a lot more! Seems lots of deception going on at these CarT company's . I will stick with our LM technology they can keep carT. I just hope no more patients have to die before they scrap carT therapy

  • easymoneyman00 easymoneyman00 Jul 14, 2016 9:41 AM Flag

    d63119w, I totally agree on RSU's he's helped himself to more than what he's shown to be worth! That is the truth,but to get the best people possible you have to lure them away from other BP's and for them to come over to a very small Bio such as ours you really need to entice them away from there comfort zone to make it worth there while to give up the security they have with BP . Signing bonus's are normal when luring attractive talent to your company . I just hope on the end these hi rings end up being totally in shareholders best interest ! Cause like iv'e said were not getting much done at this time regarding a BP partnership to help fund phase3 trials! Like I said before we're getting offers Dan just thinks those offers are not in our best interest at this time. He mentioned that a couple weeks ago! He believes we will have a better chance to negotiate a deal with BP in a few months! That's why I believe he has hired this person from BMY so she can better understand our platform and be better equipped to deal with BP's negotiators relating to our company! I see this last hire as the icing on the cake, he's moving along at what we all think is a snails pace but he see's it as strategical planning to give as much value as he can to shareholders. I'm not a fan of DOC but I really do think he's doing things in such a matter as to dot all the i's and cross all the t's and doesn't wNt to leave anything on the table with BP. Just my opinion!

  • Or have we? Now we have SPA with the start of our phase 3 trial and a pretty sick platform with multiple constructs and we haven't had 1 decent offer? I'm sorry I'm not buying into all the conspiracy theories that everyone is messaging. I for one think offers have been coming in but they want the whole ball of wax! Dan wants to Franshise each and every construct because he believes we have such a platform that we can profit much more by Franshising each construct rather than selling out much too cheap to BP at this time! I really think he believes that he has the Goose that is going to lay GOLDEN EGGS and doesn't want to sell that goose to any BP for less than a set amount ! BP see's him playing hardball but as a shareholder I really think he's trying to create as much value as he can for us Longtime shareholders. I'm not a great big fan of his but I truly believe he's all in and doesn't want to sell us short as he's had to in the past! Remember he has much more to lose than any of us, he and all management continue too add at any chance they can....Why is that? They know what they have,fellow shareholders please be patient with them. Remember GOG results...Best Ever results and that includes a drug that makes about $ 2 billion a year on one construct! Please be patient as you can with Dan I really think he's positioning ADXS to command a very nice price in the very near future! I want that Golden Goose to bring a nice price or let that bird lay golden eggs for years to come! Just my opinion!

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    Large Institutional Shareholders

    by fbg0316 Jul 13, 2016 4:55 PM
    easymoneyman00 easymoneyman00 Jul 13, 2016 9:11 PM Flag

    He see's the problem and is working to turn it around! Once we get someone with real negotiating skills I believe we're off to the races! He now realizes his short comings thus far and is tying very hard to bring shareholder equity to us all!

  • easymoneyman00 easymoneyman00 Jul 13, 2016 10:06 AM Flag

    They had to submit paperwork then a panel at the FDA would have to review it? This happened in 3 days? #$%$ took us so long on our HOLD??? I would have hoped Dan would have jumped on this very fast??

  • With all the paper work you all did it in 3 days? Congrats on that! I am blown away by the FDA's promptness on resolving this matter after 3 people died? Would have thought it would have taken months? Someone has serious stroke with FDA to get that lifted that quick! They must of had a team working on the paperwork you all turned into them . Trust me the FDA is not normally that fast on resolving clinical holds! I pray that this change in protacol works and no one else dies!

  • easymoneyman00 easymoneyman00 Jul 12, 2016 10:15 PM Flag

    Who gives this post a thumbs down? Are you sick? Life is precious not something you just use Humans for their Guinea pigs! I wouldn't trust Jcar015 trial at this time unless some serious time was invested to figure out exactly what caused the deaths of these 3 patients? I just listened to there CEO's interview and he Sid he thinks they have it figured out? Thinks? FDA said that's good enough for us HOLD is lifted! You all are golden to keep your trial on going? Safety is supposed to be the most important part of trials or is it ?

  • Such a double standard ! Our HOLD was forever and it had nothing to do with our treatment, they kill 3 people and it was what they were giving them but now they say they have it figured out in 2-3 days? Wait a minute now? You all just killed 3 people and the FDA is already lifting HOLD? One patient died a month ago and FDA did nothing and 2 more DEATHS later and the put trial on hold for 2-3 days and now the hold is lifted?? I sure hope they tell all future patients about the three deaths and the RISKS going further with this trial changes or not? How the heck do they have that kinda stroke with the FDA? This is not a fair playing field, Dan hire someone who has that kinda stroke with the FDA! I can't believe this hold was lifted that quickly? How can anyone on earth be so sure they have it figured out that there willing to continue this trial at the expense of young patients who put there trust into JUNO's trials here? I pray that no more deaths come from these combo therapy vaccines! These are people not mice? Let's hope no more deaths come from this vaccine.

  • easymoneyman00 easymoneyman00 Jul 11, 2016 11:10 PM Flag

    Dilution? We're sitting on a ton of cash? $112 million ! Why would we dilute? Phase 3 trials? Most of it will be paid by others partners? Have you any idea what is really going on in ADXS? Your the worst basher ever!

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    Interesting Presentation On Monday.

    by newsonthewires2006 Jul 10, 2016 1:09 PM
    easymoneyman00 easymoneyman00 Jul 10, 2016 10:24 PM Flag

    ADXS will be the leader in Immunothrapy ! NWBO is a ways away💤

  • Most Chemo and Immuno vaccines can be very costly! We deliver a product that can be sold for half the price as most vaccines on the market! Gaining a great market share for any BP that's willing to step up and Fund trials! I can't believe we still are vurtualy going it alone at this point? Cost alone should persuade a BP to make a run at us. Too many positives going on here not to think something big is going to happen soon! Not just share price but with some sort of a upfront payment with milestones payments and trial funding for our SPA . My opinion!

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