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  • My demonic minions know I am getting closer and closer to harvesting their completely trashed old souls. They look outside knowing that my eternal fires of damnation below need no metaphor of that charred and destroyed ash covered landscape, but why not do it just for grins. My grin has strong eternal teeth. Please be somewhat sober at harvest because your screams are the best part of it for me. Thanks.

  • Big fires are giving my Board Troll minions a mouthful of ashes and brimstone. A taste or their failed eternity. If I burn 1 ID I burn 10,000. It's all the same to me. Eternally. My bifurcated tail lashes them where their loofahs are stuffed upon the mast of a sinking mommy in law's ship. Everything around you is so very flammable. Ian will be riding in your hearse. He has brought me many trashed pansy 'souls' who begged for war and got one up close.

  • A Golden Oldie for my moldy minions! "I am the god of hell fire and I bring you: Fire. I'll take you to burn. Fire. I'll see you burn! Fire. To destroy all you've done. Fire. To end all you have become. I'll feel your burn! You've been living like a little girl. In the middle of your little world. Your mind. Your tiny mind You know you have really been so blind. Now's your time burn your mind. You're falling far too far behind. You're gonna burn! Fire. To destroy all you've done. Fire. To end all you've become. I'll feel your burn..." What a clever song I wrote back in those good old days of Satan rock, when rock stars had boyish style and board trolls stayed under their daughter snitching, child molesting, mommy in law mooch, EBT fraud bridges. Will children's suffering now be all visited on thee to please me? Can't you see? Try not to scream or p. It's only what you wanted. It's only what you ordered. Being delivered. At your door. Special delivery. Now don't you feel special?

  • Isn't it jUST too funny? I post 1 factual post and my soon to be eternally burning eternally hateful #$%$ minions post over 65 public hate screeds! know I own the board troll's evil evil minds but they insist on telling the public that. You can see why I won't allow them to post their screams from their eternal hades below. They had their chance on your side of the dirt and chose only to believe in lies and their hate while they ruined their families as they tried to ruin other folk's lives. One of my minions snitched their own daughter, another one partied on cash they made on a neglected burning daughter. Why do these Bean Team trolls hate women and themselves so much? Who cares. I tried to help these failures and gave them too many chances. Now I'm jUST sharpening my pitchfork for the coming harvest. This will hurt a little, oh say... eternally. E-t-e-r-n-a-l-l-y.... Burning beans. Soon.

  • ebay.satan ebay.satan Aug 13, 2016 2:14 PM Flag

    A second direct hit instant melting response Johnie Osborne z50com and yet you doubt I completely own your eternally burning 'hind? YOU decided to be a daughter snitching life failure and YOU want to keep your failure publicly viewed every day. Now go beg mommy in law for some lunch because even though I have an eternal foot long to pound you with there's no way I'm treating your bloated carcass to Subway. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • ebay.satan ebay.satan Aug 13, 2016 1:57 PM Flag

    Hi John Osborne z50com. Ebay is so evil even I would not go there. I don't need your cheap Chinese made old rusty tools. Your instant meltdown hateful direct hit response pleases me. I am pleased to completely own your failed and miserable daughter snitching childish mind. We all see you have no soul. Roasting soon? Of course you are. Very very soon. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • My poor broke evil Bean Team is packing on their char and meth, getting far more angry as their eternal harvest rapidly approaches. Nothing is noisier than old man failure guilt. Everyone screams and begs at my harvest. We all see the crops rear up (literally Ripples Club gals) as they are harvested to please me. It might be fun to have them do a mentally ill self loathing gay Omar Mateen exit. My old evil Bean Team is packing on massive char to have their marbled bloated carcasses on my grill eternally. Those failed old Bean Team Board Trolls have been marinated and soaked in a hatred brine bitterness daily for 15 years. That is some old scalding failure served up sizzling. Their screaming rendered up flesh literally peels off the bone like tasty meth smoked Salmon. Yummy. Good eating. Good laughs. Echoes of failed miserable existences. Eternally. Eternally. Eternally. E-t-e-r-n-a-l-l-y.


  • Why are so many worthless writhing Board Troll Terrorist IDs so busy obsessing eternally over all one poster? What power HE has. A rare man wields such power. HE is a magnet. They are tiny iron shavings. HE destroys them daily and hath kicked them below to my eternal hades fires. It will be a roasting for animals all unworthy to crawl the earth. They decided their eternal fates with their hatred. And the funniest part: is it actually HIM? HE sacrifices PWs unto me and was rewarded but HE will never ever dwell down here. God upstairs hath elevated HIM and Alumni and I can not lay a bifurcated glove on any of THEM. THEY rock my old tired demonic trolls...

  • One less melting Shunday old Bean Team gals. Once day closer to my harvesting of your evil. To put it in words old failed boomers can understand "Time keeps on ticking ticking ticking... into the future..". Your eternal future will be blazing. Where else would old daughter snitching board trolls go? God will never forgive a frittering board troll drug addict so HE boots you down to me for kindling wood. It will be a nice bar-b-que. Every day you'll beg me not to relive your many failures. Like now, but with hot eternal flames for an ancient eternal flamer. I'll never tire of your futile screams. I have the Boseβ„’ noise canceling headphones. I bought them on Amazon as I want the real ones, not some fake Chinese made ebay nonsense. PS: one guess: who wins your coming dead pool?

  • 🎡🎢"There's old Johnie z50com Osborne and he's looking mighty tired, snitching out his daughter, all meth'd up while ebay lying. And there's ancient Sullied, his busy tongue is lapping tail and hope old Patrick Mitchell has the beans to pay their bail. Old Gay Nurse Tommy still jibber jabberss, happy in endless pain, and save a truck of brimstone for Lisa and poor Richb, making money off their daughter's blaze, is really mighty lame. Yes every night at Ripples, they make diseased bears come, then they go. With only one thing in common: they get my eternal fire down below..." 🎢🎡

  • It's a rough old world out there right now eh my Terrorist Board Trolls? It please my bifurcated tail that you're so busy busy busy spreading, and echoing, you eternal hate and agony. Shout loudly, as dirt will soon muffle your screams. It's funny to see your little ebay pumping so hard yet your hate, misery, failure, public humiliation jUST worsens and increases. You should have let ebay have a quieter manipulated pump instead of calling out to all the shorters because I was going to use those long profits to paint your cage down here a fresh shade of blood red that might at least blend with your own. We all see your terrorism getting worse. We all know it will end very badly and very eternally. There is no escape as God hates board trolling daughter snitching mooching liars.


  • jUST another "Shunday" for the board troll terrorists? We jUST see terrorism increasing and death everywhere while Yahoo hosts my miserable old Bean Team Omar Mateen types. It's yet another painful lonely lonely lonely Shunday Shunday Shunday for Ripples Club (Pulse?) gays to echo echo echo their eternal eternal eternal 247 misery. They DO cry about their hate, failure and gayity daily, monthly, yearly, through the decades. 15 years of their melt is a wink in the eternal time frame. Thinking people will be pleased to know you won't hear these old failed fools when they roast here below. I won't hear it as I'll have Skynard cranked up. GOP Board Trolls meet next week open carrying in a failing police state. Looks like we'll have more company down here.

  • Obviously Bean Team Board Troll Omar Mateen "lives" do not matter. Not one bit. I had to note in my Book Of The Eternally Doomed that the evil Bean Team Mateen Board Troll Gang laughed publicly about another human tragedy, as they do again and again, as terrorists always do. They bet I won't be collecting them soon but they roll snake eyes again and again. I collected in San Bernardino today. It's not hard to find white trash with White Pages. It will be no loss to the world when there's burning and looting well up the terrorist board troll's tails. We all know idle Talons are my workshop. Maybe i will let them do a Pulse Club on their Ripples Club as an ironic way to end their failed "lives" as gay mental failures and publicly puking, daughter snitching, angry old haters. Sharralynn Rose waits for them down here and is livid that they went all Tommy Johnie Patrick Sullied Lisa to wreck her eternally failed war. All their doing. Yes, jUST the facts. Failed "lives" of failure get nothing but burnt.

  • Yum! Smell that roasting flesh, that smoking char, the filthy greasy gay meth madman roasting his utterly failed essence unto thee. Eternally. He ensures that every fiber of his useless charred flesh is packed with drugs. Its sad how EBT card moochers can spend so freely. He'll be tethered down here soon as my personal rabid dog. I will make him do tricks but he can never do enough to burn off his fat. He is a well marbled eternal melter. Soon his overflowing jOHN will flush with a powerful roar. Very soon. Then silence on his board of hate. His pathetic hades screams will only ring in his ears. We use the Bose noise cancelling headphones down here to rock our eternal brimstone beats. No one wants to hear the namby pamby daughter snitching hate screams. jUST melt. Eternally. Most painfully. Eternally. Agonizingly. E-T-E-R-N-A-L-L-Y. As above so below.


  • I see ebay is still wallowing in the sub $24 doldrums while my organized Bean Team Terrorists pretend they're not an organized gang by taking a well organized break from their daily miserable hate spam. No Independence Day from my burning burning burning hades below. They have earned an eternal vacation here to roast forever because of their actions, life failures and eternal hate. Even the very worst of my demons despises a daughter snitch so I know God could never ever forgive it. Soon it'll be time to leave the high desert heat for some BBQ below. Hmmm, smell that roasting and burning, mounted on its own loofah like a most loathsome fajita. Yum.


  • I jUST laugh when bloated Johnie Osborne z50com yelps DIRECT HIT BRIMSTONE EDITION in her old, tired bloated IDs. It will smell of tuna when we throw that one on the brimstone barbie. It will be a yelping sizzling old Bean Team Time! Cooked in their own daughter snitching mommy in law mooching juices. My demons already drool over such a fine breakfast. They love starving the little Bean Team by feeding them their own puke, hatred and misery because nothing but nothing is tastier to them than a little Ripples Club Foie Gras. Ram it down the old fatties. A few peppers on the side. That's some good eternal eating. Well sizzled. Skewered upon their own Ripples Club loofahs like fat Fajitas. Ring a ding a ding ding a lings. Time to echo echo echo your misery tired old gals. Don't worry about your 15 years of daily hate and public humiliation. You have eternity to heave all of your endless misery. Eternity..... Eternity.....Eternity.....Eternity.....Eternity.....Eternity.....Eternity.....Eternity.....


  • Yet another pathetic week of the weakest losers on earth burning burning burning Ebay and their miserable old lonely loser selves unto thee. Oh. how they try to shake off their throbbing pounding loofahs as they dig deeper ever deeper into their eternal burning brimstone fate. Oh, how they try to shake off their worthless life failure as they drag everything around them down here to burn. Ebay knows that burning feeling. Bean Team terrorists will most likely shoot a place up on their way down here. There will be no Pictionary to play with here, but only my mean demon's quite pointy and hard pitch forks on Bean Team tails. Team like. Team like. They have no choice.


  • Isn't it too funny to see jUST another week of the weak board troll bean team publicly bleeding out their eternal shame and pointless abject misery? Again and again. Eternal agony for the deserving. Burning ebay down like a Santa Barnara brush fire but burning their own failed lives down like a brimstone tornado soon. Should I have them do their Ripples Club like the little Mateens they are? Or should they choke while crying all alone in their p soaked beds screaming in yet another Flyktning pounding loofah dream? So many choices. How would you like the hate spammer daughter snitching child molesting drug huffing cyber trolls here to shake off their mortal coils to burn forever with me below, as all evil and uselessness does? Myself, I'm thinking jUST 'clap on clap off'.

  • The evil losers toss and turn in their fevered sleep, with visions of Ripples man parts and crying young children dancing in their useless old brains, waking with their loofahs pounded deep with soiled yellow sheets. Long ago they used those sheets to Klan but now wish they could hide their Ripples shame in them but everything about them is known. Every tiny thing. They run from mommy in law hovel to mommy in law hovel, soaked in the brine of their utter foulness. They will light into eternal flames the second my demons harvest them Within 2 seconds they'll realize what a sad useless waste their miserable failed "lives" of lies were, then have all of eternity to be rendered down to little bean candles. Daughter snitching board trolls have nowhere else to go but down down down to my house of pain. I have built it for the doomed. The doomed resonate hate to my calling. Their failure marches here daily. Their displayed misery pleases me. My bifurcated pitchfork plunges them. Deeply.

  • I just love a bleeding red ebay chart to match the bleeding red destroyed anii of my failed old Bean Team's 247 15 years of rage and hate. Nothing pleases me more than impotent old Ripples Club meth addicted trolls daily spouting a fountain of brimstone from every hole, but they're destroying the most evil stock in the world, so I'm conflicted. On the one hand I enjoy their personality self-carnage and their tossing of salads but on the other, I enjoy their excessive bleeding because they'll make a nice sizzling sound when roasting on my brimstone. I find the funniest thing about human existence is they think they're tiny few years are so important but when they've wasted them by daughter snitching, child molesting and meth huffing, we get eternity to have our little chat.

    E-t-e-r-n-i-t-y. You'll find out what it means to me. Very soon. Very soon.

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