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empiredh 345 posts  |  Last Activity: Jun 15, 2012 10:46 PM Member since: Jan 11, 2012
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    so they recycle pictionary from 1989?

    by lemongelo4 Jun 15, 2012 10:07 PM
    empiredh empiredh Jun 15, 2012 10:46 PM Flag

    u got to remember it's a different generation... plus they will find a way to get people with iphone involved..buying draw something and the company for $178 mil doesn't sound so bad anymore........they might of bought a gold mine. If this takes off, I'm sure they'll start doing it with other games as well.......time will tell, but I only see an upside from here. If you are short, I would sit on the sideline for a bit to see what actually come out of this game show. Seacrest involved, I'm thinking will be a big hit.

  • With the deal with CBS, if draw something comes a hit...u know what kinda money they will be making. If this game show becomes popular like Wheel of fortune...We are talking about stock hitting new highs down the road. I would be scared, if I was shorting this stock

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    Come on Clwr

    by empiredh May 15, 2012 8:36 PM
    empiredh empiredh May 15, 2012 10:03 PM Flag

    I bought in 200,000 shares at $1.52 but I sold half of it off on the 7th following monday at $1, day I bought back in at $1.30... my average is around the math...200,000x.21 is 42k.., I was also down more on Znga, but actually got it all back yesturday and today. I'm not here to impress nor do I care if you believe me or not you so take it anyway u like it..

  • empiredh by empiredh May 15, 2012 8:36 PM Flag

    I'm down over 40k on this stock in 2 weeks. I have too much invested in this stock, but might have to load up more to lower my average if it gets lower or stays the same by Friday. I just can't see this going much lower any thoughts? Shorts or long....please have a point, don't just post nonsense.

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    by len11knows May 15, 2012 8:00 PM
    empiredh empiredh May 15, 2012 8:31 PM Flag

    What do you think the purchase price would be? I'm thinking at current price plus 50% value...maybe $12-$13 if they draw up a deal this month.

  • This is what we all been waiting for, better late than never. Shorts are going to cover with their shorts this week. Gl longs, I see $9.50 by Friday

  • znga will pop now probably get a bit of resistance around $9.80 break that and I think we can see $11 by end of month

  • Nice pop for long holders on another down day. Wait til FB comes out, this stock will pop another 10% easily. Thinking we will hit $9 this week.. good luck to all longs

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    by kiplingway May 11, 2012 3:50 PM
    empiredh empiredh May 11, 2012 4:36 PM Flag

    god bless you n your family. not sure why people post hateful or any type of argument. no need for trash talker everybody's here to make money and get encouragement. best of luck to all

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    200,000 shares of zyna

    by empiredh May 11, 2012 2:46 PM
    empiredh empiredh May 11, 2012 4:30 PM Flag

    I have lost 20 k on this talk, obviously you are going long on thr stock I don't really need your crap. don't have anything positive to post when you r long, stop being pathetic and do not reply such a stupid comment. with people like you owning the stock makes me almost think twice about holding it any longer

  • I bought 200,000 shares of znga, thought worst would be 10% down which I am today. Hope for a pop, loast alot of $$$ this week. Hopefully next week we will see a green week. I can't see anymore bad news coming out on this stock........or can we? lol, If it drops another 10%, I'm going to have to take a bigger position on this stock, which is bit scary since this is my first time buying into this stock and since it has no history, who knows what may come from this

  • empiredh empiredh May 4, 2012 6:15 PM Flag

    I'm with you going long...but what's with the name calling. Keep it civil.

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    I'm looking for $2.00

    by empiredh May 3, 2012 3:35 PM
    empiredh empiredh May 4, 2012 12:28 AM Flag

    techguy, If you are looking to 10x fold your money..ask your broker about Mako. I don't work, so I look at stocks and look for good entry point. Only reason I've done so well, is cause the market has been great thus far and I have alot of time on my hands. But, if you are looking to 10x fold your money, ask your broker about Mako. Mako and LGF are the only 2 stocks I will hold for long long term. Alot of people are comparing it to ISRG, few years back. Good luck buddy.

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    notice shorts don't like facts

    by tommcintyre42 May 3, 2012 2:45 PM
    empiredh empiredh May 3, 2012 11:57 PM Flag

    call it wishful thinking, but the way the chart looks, I think it's going to hit close to $2.70 around middle of July. Good luck to you longs, shorts....history repeats itself, always goes above $2.00 get it through your heads and save your money.

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    I'm looking for $2.00

    by empiredh May 3, 2012 3:35 PM
    empiredh empiredh May 3, 2012 11:44 PM Flag

    Zen, what's with all the anger. I don't mind if you disagree with my way of thinking...but come on, name calling? Not sure where it's coming from, you must be shorting the stock and angry that I put 250k into this stock? I'll pray for you, hope you find peace, I wish you well my friend. I know 9 out of 10 people are probably full of it and I really don't care, I'll listen to postive and people with informational post...but I never make my decision on someone's post here. I'm not here to impress you or anyone, I'm just posting what I did today and root with my brother all going long on here.

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    I'm looking for $2.00

    by empiredh May 3, 2012 3:35 PM
    empiredh empiredh May 3, 2012 11:32 PM Flag

    Don't hate the player, hate the game. I didn't say 100k I said 200,000 shares. If you look back in OCT post and at NOV post I bought in heavily on same type of situation. Not sure why people would pay someone to pump on here, not like people on here have any control. Just stating what I did and the facts. I have 4x my money this year so far, I sold my hotel 7 years ago and wasn't doing anything for the last 5 yearsm so I started trading. I live in Medina (where Bill Gates lives) so I am surrounded by people with money....that know how to make them. I just started trading last year, I have many investor friends who give me advise. You can take it with grain of salt. Only stock I took a 5% lost this year was on NOK. If you smack talkers have folded your money 4 folds in profit, I'm willing to listen to any advise. I know it can be stressful for some of you guys, but there really is no need for smack talking on here just make you sound uneducated. Good luck to you all

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    nice close 1.55

    by vetfrc May 3, 2012 4:01 PM
    empiredh empiredh May 3, 2012 4:14 PM Flag

    Yeah, between my brothers and I, we bought in 7% of todays shares sold.

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    I'm looking for $2.00

    by empiredh May 3, 2012 3:35 PM
    empiredh empiredh May 3, 2012 4:01 PM Flag

    I bought in alot of shares last week at 1.42 and sold it at 1.49 been watching it...I don't see this stock going down anymore I think we hit the buttom. If it goes under me I'll back the truck up on this stock. I'll sell of my other stocks and load 80% of my portfolio in to this one...

  • AEM looking good, gaining some losses at end of day on a bad market day...looking bullish to me when gold price dropped and market is red and gains 60% of it's lost back for the day..Wait til gold price goes up this will shoot up big time. I bought in low few months ago, so I'm not that worried but for you who just bought in, this will hit $42 -$44 by end of this month

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    Ok..I am back

    by michael_sumuntria May 3, 2012 1:44 PM
    empiredh empiredh May 3, 2012 3:41 PM Flag

    I was doing the same...I just bought in 200,000 shares of clwr. Also bought 20,000 shares in Znga. Just for fun I bought into GMCR 1,000 shares at $24.76 at 50%down earlier, figured it would be fun stock to play with such a drop. Planning on selling Gmcr within a week if it goes back to 30 bucks.

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