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  • Aschoff observed, The latest data support the view that NSI-566 cells demonstrate biological activity in all three indications and could lead to clinically meaningful treatment benefits. Neuralstem also provided anticipated timing for its NSI-566 programs. Final follow up from a Phase 2 trial in ALS (n=15) was completed in December 2015, and a larger Phase 2b efficacy trial for ALS is scheduled. Every NSI-566 treated patient in Phase 2b will receive 40 cervical and lumbar injections totaling 12 million NSI-566 cells, and endpoints including ALSFRS, grip strength, and vital capacity will be measured at 9 months. Neuralstem also plans to initiate a Phase 2/3 chronic stroke trial in China in 2H16, and continue its treatment of chronic spinal cord injury in a higher dose cohort...

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  • Yesterday the most important newspaper in Italy, where I live, speaks about the drug. It's the first time I see. Google "Repubblica + nsi 189". It's a positive review.

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    Yahoo group?

    by mattd.account Aug 13, 2015 10:09 PM
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    Me too please

  • The triumph of idiocy.

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    Aschoff wrote, “Neuralstem ended 2Q15 with about $23.7 million in cash, which should fund the company into 2016. The U.S. District Court of Maryland dismissed StemCells’ patent infringement case with prejudice in a case against Neuralstem, in favor of Neuralstem. The judge characterized StemCells’ patents as unenforceable. This is an important development because StemCells would have otherwise been a direct cell therapy competitor.”

    “Neuralstem is finalizing its regulatory and clinical plans to initiate a 200-patient multi-site Phase 2 trial with NSI-189 for MDD, which is expected to start in 2H15, following positive top-line Phase 1b data with NSI-189 for MDD from 2014. A larger Phase 2 efficacy trial with NSI-566 for ALS will start by YE15, and we expect a more thorough analysis of the last ALS trial results to also come by YE15. We expect Neuralstem to adopt an enriched enrollment and to recruit healthier patients that are more likely to benefit from NSI-566 therapy. We estimate that the refined patient population in the trial will still represent a majority of the 5,600 newly diagnosed patients.”, the analyst added.

  • I think -189 is worth $1.50 alone. I think -566 is probably worth $3

  • errico51 errico51 Jul 27, 2015 6:12 AM Flag

    Please provide key worlds to find this article. Thanks

  • Prejudice is a legal term with different meanings when used in criminal, civil or common law. Often the use of prejudice in legal context differs from the more common use of the word and thus has specific technical meanings implied by its use. Two of the more common applications of the word are as part of the terms "with prejudice" and "without prejudice". In general, an action taken with prejudice is essentially final; in particular, "dismissal with prejudice" would forbid a party from refiling the case, and might occur either because of misconduct on the part of the party who filed the claim or criminal complaint or could be the result of an out of court agreement or settlement. Dismissal without prejudice (in latin, "Salvis Juribus"[1]) would leave the party to option to refile, and is often a response to procedural or technical problems with the filing that the party could correct when filing again.

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  • in a research report issued Monday, Brean Capital analyst Jonathan Aschoff maintained a Buy rating on shares of Neuralstem, Inc. (NYSE MKT:CUR), with an $8.00 price target, following the company’s first-quarter financial results and update on its pipeline.
    Aschoff noted, “We believe that at the current valuation, there is almost nothing for any NSI-566 program, and thus that interest in the ALS program will increase once the comprehensive results are presented by a KOL, and thus view the current valuation as quite conservative.”

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    Potential Newbies

    by minnesotafarmcountry May 1, 2015 10:48 AM
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    Minn. Pease tell us who are the preminent long opinion leaders of this Board

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    New tweet from Ted Harada

    by edgarferrari Apr 29, 2015 2:30 AM
    errico51 errico51 Apr 29, 2015 7:52 AM Flag

    Excellent finding. Ted is the first but not the only proof that nsi 566 works. He deserves new injection. God bless him and all Als patients. In memory also of my mother died for this orrible desease some years ago.

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    Article on SCI Trial

    by mattd.account Apr 4, 2015 1:48 PM
    errico51 errico51 Apr 4, 2015 3:25 PM Flag

    According to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, nearly one in 50 people is living with paralysis. Until now, there wasn’t much hope. But a new study involving stem cells has doctors and patients excited.

    Two years ago, Brenda Guerra’s life changed forever.

    Guerra told Ivanhoe, “They told me that I went into a ditch and was ejected out of the vehicle.”

    The accident left the 26-year-old paralyzed from the waist down, and confined to a wheelchair.

    “I don’t feel any of my lower body at all” she said.

    Guerra has traveled from Kansas to UC San Diego to be the first patient to participate in a ground-breaking safety trial, testing stem cells for paralysis.

    Joseph D. Ciacci, MD, Professor of Neurosurgery at UC San Diego told Ivanhoe, “We are directly injecting the stem cells into the spine.”

    The stem cells come from fetal spinal cords. The idea is when they’re transplanted they will develop into new neurons and bridge the gap created by the injury by replacing severed or lost nerve connections. They did that in animals and doctors are hoping for similar results in humans. The ultimate goal is to help people like Brenda walk again.

    “The ability to walk is obviously a big deal not only in quality of life issues, but it also affects your survival long-term” Dr. Ciacci said.

    Guerra received her injection and will be followed for five long years. She knows it’s only a safety trial but she’s hoping for the best

    Guerra explained, “I hope to get up and walk again. Any little change, any little hope is enough for all of us.”

    This is the first study to inject neural stem cells into people with complete thoracic spinal cord injuries. Participants must have had their injury occur one to two years ago and have to have feeling in their upper bodies. Researchers will enroll four patients in the safety trial, and then they hope to move on to a larger phase of the study.

    BACKGROUND: There are more than 250,000 Americans living with spinal cord injuries right now. The spi

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  • errico51 errico51 Mar 30, 2015 8:42 AM Flag

    Same of my previous post. Hope it is. true

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  • errico51 errico51 Mar 30, 2015 8:33 AM Flag

    We know we know. Thanks for coming and all the best for Kreg

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    The next class of NSI566 cells is coming.

    by xforum142riidax Mar 30, 2015 7:23 AM
    errico51 errico51 Mar 30, 2015 8:30 AM Flag

    If you mean Nsi 532 IGF i think it's really big. I remember some years ago when Insmed produced a drug called IPLEX, very expensive but effective for Insuline growth factor of Sla patients. If this is the news it will be huge imho

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    kreg palko in a responder

    by errico51 Mar 28, 2015 10:45 AM
    errico51 errico51 Mar 28, 2015 10:57 AM Flag

    Now onto updates. As many of you know, Veteran’s Affairs gave the family a grant to build an addition to the house. The addition is a first floor master bedroom that has doors wide enough for a wheelchair and allows for my mom and dad to sleep in the same room again. It sounds simple, but something as small as being able to sleep in the same room has the potential to radically change the quality of life. Although the brutal winter delayed construction, we’re happy to report that the foundation has been laid and most of the support is already up. The contractor estimates that construction should be done sometime in May, excellent news.


    The big recent announcement came from Neuralstem, the company that developed a procedure to plant stem cells directly into ALS patients’ spinal cords to hopefully reverse the damage to the motor neurons. Last April, my dad was selected as a recipient of 8 million stem cells in Neuralstem’s Phase II trial. There were a few complications with the surgery and we had to endure several months of tough therapy to get back on track. Nueralstem published their study on March 12th and were happy to announce that the study was deemed successful! 47% of the 15 recipients showed a response to the treatment.

    We received a call two weeks ago from the study doctors and they said that my dad was a responder! It seems that the stem cells have worked in slowing (hopefully stopping or reversing) his disease progression. His breathing tests show that he is in the 93rd percentile for his age group (that means his lung functionality is better than 93% of males of the similar age). Suffocation is one of the leading causes of death for ALS patients so this is extremely good news. My dad would also like to report that he feels better now than any time since the surgery. He says, “Although I was a different person before the surgery, I feel really good mentally. The pain is going away and I’ve begun to drop medications.” He credits his successes to more than just the stem cells. “A big part of it is due to Ann Fleet and Bonnie Soper coming every week working on my strength and range of motion.” Ann and Bonnie are two of his trainers/therapists.

    The study is a little dense with terminology so I’m going to do my best to give a summary. The study measured the ALSFRS score, a set of ten questions that provides a “physician-generated estimate of the patient’s degree of functional impairment” which is used to assess progression of the disease, as well as grip strength of each patient nine months after the cells’ implant. Seven of the fifteen patients showed either close-to-zero decline or an increase of ALSFRS score as well as a close-to-zero decline or positive strengthening of grip strength! While the study didn’t contain a control group, the average responder’s ALSFRS score was 93% of their baseline, while the non-responders declined to 35%. That is a huge difference and is great news for us. The study announcement can be found here.

    While eight patients did not respond to the treatment, Neuralstem hypothesizes they have a way to effectively predict whether patients will respond to the treatment. The study is great news to the ALS community. If these results can be replicated in their next trial, it will be the best response seen in any previous ALS trial. Neuralstem says they anticipate continuing with a trial later this year.

  • Go to kreg palko blog. His daughter is very excited about Als cure.

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  • errico51 by errico51 Mar 19, 2015 9:29 AM Flag

    Thanks to him I have added many shares At 30% discount.
    Thanks to him many weak hands have lost a fortune.
    Hope you will cry bitter tears for shorting Cur

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  • Go to the Neuralstem's site then click on investors and download the report. It seems huge on the graphics the efficacy of the pill vs placebo. Now I understand why Jonathan Aschoff put a target price of 8. Well done Brean Capital

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    by errico51 Mar 12, 2015 2:43 PM
    errico51 errico51 Mar 13, 2015 12:45 PM Flag

    Aschoff has much better score then AF in the marketplace. At least 5 times better then him and NSI 189 is the clue.

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