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firerock2 14 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 7, 2016 2:15 PM Member since: Nov 15, 1999
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  • With the drop a week ago there was NO drop in HP. I found that odd. I also notice there still is zero trading you mean to say no one is buying or selling this stock? Really! Why is this happening.

  • firerock2 firerock2 Jun 29, 2016 7:59 PM Flag

    You are a scammer shortie! I bought Fonar at 6 bucks it's now 19...I like Bill Mathews!!! go away and grow yourself a pair.

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    Excellent quarter

    by helloasiafromusa Jun 22, 2016 10:51 AM
    firerock2 firerock2 Jun 22, 2016 8:05 PM Flag

    den mfgr's profits/margins are based on a formula something like 2.5 times their bill of material. So, trailers get the same mark up as anything else. Trailers are 70% of the business thinks. This is good!!!

    Sentiment: Buy

  • firerock2 firerock2 Jun 21, 2016 4:05 PM Flag get the prize for commenting accurately. It's the definition of the wording in the laws they try to pass that are a problem. And, they tend not to define same leaving themselves able to define it, anyway they want later, to our peril. I think my X wife was a terrorist (lol) ...see what I mean about definitions. Americans would pass/go for a law that was crisp and clean and very well defining.

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    Do we need the "firepower"....

    by firerock2 Jun 21, 2016 2:49 PM
    firerock2 firerock2 Jun 21, 2016 3:55 PM Flag

    Ya know, it might be smart to get the paperwork for a full auto. Our politicians are so inept they would likely ban just the semi automatic leaving the other untouched. I'm sure Finestien and Pelosi know the

  • The Assault weapon is simply an automatic trigger pull gets you one shot and with a magazine you can get a lot of shots. The question raised is do we need that for our personal security??? I'll give you the answer. YES and it is more correct to say HELL YES! Just as the bad folks swarm stores and loot ;
    as soon as we can no longer afford to give the getto free money for doing nothing...they will swarm personal residences...six or more to a vehicle...close to interstates for quick getaways. They will kick your door in, the swarm will take all they can grab and they might just kill you and yours or rape your wife or daughter in front of you. So, YES I need firepower and I dam well am going to keep or get what I need. Be prepared America. The worst is yet to come. The bad guys do not value life. Protect yours from them if and when they come. (What the hell does Hillary or any of them know about threats...they have people with guns protecting them AUTOMATIC GUNS!)

  • No laws will stop the Muslim crazies, ever. As Americans we need to arm up and become proficient. If 10% had a gun in Orlando the outcome would have been very different....even if 1% of proficient people had a gun. We need to get rid of gun free/killing zones. You have a choice Americans...arm up and become proficient...break the law and carry EVERYWHERE or be a sheep bleating and begging for your life. It was 300 to 1 in Orlando and he won! Wake up!!!

  • firerock2 by firerock2 Jun 18, 2016 5:52 PM Flag

    we already have one. Jarrett a devout Muslim from Iran is Ob"s closest friend and advisor. That is why he won't use words to offend her/Muslims. At days end most White House people go home whereas Valarie goes to the private living quarters...cheeeeeezz. This explains a lot of things.

  • As a kid in seventh grade I got a BB gun. So did many in the neighborhood. At first we used the BB tube, about the size of a roll of pennies, as a target. We got so good and so bored we started shooting flies...yes flies! There were about six of us that were that good. In the winter we tossed a BB on the Ice and it was the target. Now, I am a CCW person. You pick your odds...the shooter MIGHT get me by chance in his first blast...not likely. Next comes my turn. I'll bet you like those odds better than begging for your life. I say if 10% of the 300 had a gun this story would be very different and if this was a gun free zone...someone should get the stupid person of the year award. More guns, no gun free zones and we even the odds a bit. Wake up America...or get killed like a sheep bleating for life.

  • firerock2 firerock2 Jun 17, 2016 10:29 AM Flag are right on1` I have suggested that our local police put a program together for CCW people who might have to interface with cops in a place where a shooter is active. Training is the answer. More guns is the answer as well. 10% with guns in Orlando would have made it 30 good guys against a punk...who found out there aren't 72 virgins waiting for him...just death. #$%$.!

  • firerock2 firerock2 Jun 17, 2016 10:14 AM Flag

    Never! Here is what will happen. People will realize that if 10% of the 300 in Orlando had a gun...the shooter would be dead a lot sooner and more would have survived. As we wake up and get rid of no gun zones...more guns will be sold. They will NEVER confiscate guns in this country...NEVER.

  • Trump is right. Ban them until THEY reform their religious beliefs. The ban should force that. You can't be a peaceful person when you believe in the Koran!
    Guns...ban the gun free zones! If 10% of the 300 had a gun in Orlando the shooter would have been dead a lot sooner and more people would be alive. Wake up America...arm yourself and protect yourself as best you can. Become proficient as well!

  • Their Trailer division has finally shaped up and represents 70% of revenues and motorized is doing well also...not only for WGO but industry wide and...the stock drops a buck a share! Someone is making a lot of money on these dollar rises and dips! Quit it and lets move up two or three bucks a share this year.

  • firerock2 by firerock2 May 25, 2016 5:00 PM Flag

    I just seen an article in Popular Mechanics featuring the Eyebrow Class A which is a throw back to the very early days of the motor home industry. Now, and someone please prove me wrong, why would they even bother putting such an ugly motor home on the market. It's embarrassing! Are these ugly ducks selling????

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