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    That is an inaccurate presentation a financial statement without the footnotes.

    1) Total financing from Magna was approx. $850K. The majority of proceeds was used for MuseGlobal software acquisition, Vivisimo upgrades, and associated legal fees.

    At no time did Yippy receive millions in financing from any entity. In fact the largest financing deal was attributed in 2011 for the Vivisimo Velocity acquisition which was approx. $900K +/- and that number is included in the financing numbers.

    The majority of our financing numbers have come through acquisitions not from direct investment, and it states that clearly in our FS.

    As for MC+A - They have about 20 full time employees. Yippy has 10 putting us around 30 people. Comments about MC+A being a one man show are completely inaccurate. The entire Google GSA division had 35 people total at their apex, now it has 8.

    Michael Cizmar is one of the foremost authorities for Google products including the GSA. We value very much his relationship with Google, and as stated plan to test on Google cloud as an option for our clients going forward.

    Google will not offer GSA type search services in the Google cloud. We have an instance of our software running on Google's platform today. The GSA is out dated and very slow compared to Yippy, hence it is being phased out.

    As many people do not know that Google search is a very heavy pig (tech talk). Meaning it takes a lot of resources (servers) to perform tasks. The Achilles heal for the GSA and Google search is that it can only search a maximum of 1000 files deep. This is useless for big data, email discovery, natural language processing, corp governance, or anything that requires deep search of large samples of data.
    In contrast, Yippy can search millions of files deep faster than Google can search 1000 in scale. Google is primarily an advertising company, and the software used in the GSA is from 2002.
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  • "Welcome to Your Data" TM
    Wonder if Yippy could sell the old slogan "Welcome to the cloud," to IBM who used to want to use it.
    -In fact, IBM changed it to "To the cloud," after Yippy had claimed its copy right.

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    New updated Yippy website.

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    Looking good.

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