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    other than massive 4 month run up, is there a

    by rpfla Jul 11, 2016 3:10 PM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Aug 26, 2016 1:08 AM Flag

    We don’t recommend this, especially now. But since the beginning of the year those who have bought SLW calls have made hundreds of percent on their call option positions. We just cite this to show the depth of commitment many investors have towards SLW. Could this reverse? It sure could, and is beginning to look like it is happening.

    Take the $35 strike price for a January 2017 call option. It is getting close to expiry, so the massive gains are beginning to reverse as it exhibits more of the characteristics of a wasting asset. Because the Open Interest is so large it attracts those who can profit from the losses of call buyers.

    We saw a blurb a while back about American’s investment in silver bullion. Unfortunately we don’t have the time to track it down, but it said, according to the author’s investigation, that US investors led the world in their buying of silver. That he termed to be highly unusual.

  • goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Aug 26, 2016 12:07 AM Flag

    Your “First signs of inflation” is short term. Many who tie inflation to what the dollar can buy today would say that inflation truly began when the Federal Reserve System began in 1913. The dollar has only retained 3% (+/- a percent) of its value. We believe that wasn’t because of lack of ability of the Fed to control inflation. They have been saying for some time that a 2% inflation rate represents a “growing” economy. Growing for whom? The rich are getting richer on Wall Street, which includes the bankster class, their elitist handlers and those with special advantages in the financial markets. The poor are getting poorer. This is not because the elitist and their cabal are inept. It is because that has been their plan for over 100 years. Counterfeit fiat money “gradualism” by the elitists is destroying prosperity. As Thomas Jefferson stated, they are more dangerous than an invading army, and they unfortunately are not treated as such. Were they to have been treated as enemies they would have been taken out LONG ago.

    “The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer.” The reason is fiat counterfeit Monopoly money that only the general public gets access to after it has already lost value. The central banksters, in their pin striped suits say it’s necessary to produce 2% inflation to get the economy moving again. Moving for whom?

    It is so surprising what people will accept as truth.

    The Fed is in a corner, as are corporations that borrowed on near zero interest rates. Those who are admiring the continuing growth in their portfolios will one day experience a dramatic sinking in the financial markets that they are unable to save themselves from. It will happen in hours; and will continue for days. They won’t be able to contact their broker because the Internet, phone lines and digital trading systems will be bogged down by a surge from those trying to get out to cut their losses. Welcome to a world financial system created by criminals.

  • goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Aug 25, 2016 10:03 PM Flag

    Incidentally, we enjoyed the well thought out posts of Moses_On_Wall_Street, as well as SandyBeachDave. It appears SBDave didn't disappear. We hope all is well with "Moses".

  • ...during the changeover. The new one has a number of problems related to functionality it no longer has that the "old" (this one) had. For example, the new "redesign" doesn't have Topic headings. There does appear (for us at least) to allow a higher character count when posting. The spammers didn't take long to discover it, so meager steps to thwart their posts were a failure. Also, our old screen name was replaced with the name we used to create the account. This must have driven a lot of posters away that never realized Yahoo would do this and disclose who they were. We'd call that "dirty tricks".

  • We have long had issues with the thinking and policies of Milton Friedman. One of us, in particular, remembers Friedman’s pronouncements that the dollar’s value could be maintained by manipulating the price of gold. Yes. There, we said it-MANIPULATING (which for those of you who follow a number of financial editorialists are told it is non-existent except to minor degrees).

    However, Friedman was currying political favor with those who disliked the gold standard, and was, in all probability, what garnered him the prized accolade in the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. Of course, for those who remember, even Yasser Arafat was a recipient.

    Today we decided to see what others might have to say and found this piece on Forbes, written in 2012:

    “Though It Nearly Strangled Reagan's Revolution, Soft Money Conservatives Revive Friedman's Monetarism” by Nathan Lewis

    Quoted from within is the following: “... Friedman slipped something new under his cloak of old-time libertarianism: a monetary framework that discarded conservative hard-money principles entirely, and relied instead upon a system of economic management via currency manipulation. Indeed, Friedman cheered the end of the gold standard system in 1971. ...”

    One of the older folks here, who worked among professionals during the 70’s, remembers opposing Friedman and getting roundly criticized for doing so. So goes the typical strident positions of the credentialed, brainwashed by academia.

    If we are to reverse course as a country it will be a LOOONG drawn out process that requires not only the removal of politicians at every level, but also replacement of those in academia and major corporations in a post Federal Reserve System environment. At this point it appears to be a lot of wishful thinking with the only alternative being to escape an impending violent revolution of unknown outcome.

    Any comment on the strange behavior or Yahoo message boards today would be appreciated.

  • goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jul 11, 2016 12:12 PM Flag

    There is an aphorism that “A rising tide lifts all boats”, which is more important than any specific technical considerations.

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    Where can this trade?

    by langdonsmith Jul 2, 2016 12:52 PM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jul 11, 2016 1:12 AM Flag

    Based on the story of Lee Emil Wanta, we believe if governments wanted to they could invade Bitcoin data storage. The former Soviet Union was brought down by similar tactics based on economic warfare.

    The thing about weapons, in this case one that hacks into the Bitcoin infrastructure, is that sooner or later more have the ability to engage in hacking into Bitcoin accounts, just like now when even North Korea has the technology to manufacture nuclear weapons. So Bitcoin alchemy is many times easier to produce. We might, for example, take a paper dollar and through alchemy turn it into a Bitcoin, ... maybe... especially if it’s one of those central bank datasets we’ve commandeered from the Federal Reserve.

    Never underestimate the abilities of the NSA. Maybe someone should contact Edward Snowden over these possibilities. Now that would be really interesting. Sitting in an NSA bunker the operator could garner Bitcoins on a worldwide basis from one location. We would call that “Theft made easy, 101.”

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    Where can this trade?

    by langdonsmith Jul 2, 2016 12:52 PM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jul 10, 2016 2:53 PM Flag

    Early on, when bitcoin started to be discussed, we noted that there was little known about who's behind it, and what infrastructure and people maintain it. That clinched it for us because that's where the fraudsters hide out. As previously mentioned, a really massive threat is a natural one from a coronal mass ejection that hits Planet Earth. That could fry everything not protected by a Faraday Cage. So who is out there that can say it is?

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    Where can this trade?

    by langdonsmith Jul 2, 2016 12:52 PM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jul 10, 2016 2:42 PM Flag

    You, of course, mean AG, not AU.

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    Where can this trade?

    by langdonsmith Jul 2, 2016 12:52 PM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jul 10, 2016 4:36 AM Flag

    And if a Carrington Event arrives, which some say is overdue, there goes your bitcoins ... poooofff. Those possessing the actual stock certificates will be unaffected.

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    Where can this trade?

    by langdonsmith Jul 2, 2016 12:52 PM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jul 9, 2016 10:48 PM Flag

    The value of SLW shares in a hyperinflated US$ scenario will achieve more than their usual value had specie money been all that had been used. That’s because the Law of Supply & Demand would become hyperactive in favor of PMs in a fiat based world.

    One other thing we would like to mention is that former Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona attempted to use what would seem to be AZ’s rights under the 10th Amendment, as relates to illegal immigration by enforcing that state’s rights to protect their border. It’s unclear to us what kinds of threats were used by the Obama Administration that caused her to back down. Some of the 10th’s spokes people suggest tactics of delay and refusal to enforce, which wouldn’t have worked in her case. Further the spokes person we watched on the 10th video appeared to have been an open-borders type person from California. Taking this a step further it would seem the nation would be better off with 49 states (minus California).

    Texas is a completely different breed of state. They have a thriving Hispanic population that doesn’t particularly like being invaded by Mexico, having fought against that invasion some time ago. We advise reading the recent history of Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean who tried to do the right thing against a Mexican drug smuggler and were thrown in jail instead by the George Bush Administration. Ramos was not given proper protection and was attacked in jail by incarcerated drug smugglers. Bush, by the way, never overturned their sentences before leaving office. He only granted them release from prison, so their record of being convicted felons remains.

    We were listening to the Lush Bimbow program during the Bush Administration as Bimbow was asked for his opinion on the incarceration of Ramos and Compean. Bimbow went to one of his “profit breaks” (since he didn’t want to respond), and returned to another caller. How times have changed since all Bimbow can do now is support Trump’s border policies.

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    Where can this trade?

    by langdonsmith Jul 2, 2016 12:52 PM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jul 9, 2016 6:37 PM Flag

    As far as your support for “The Tenth Amendment Center”, thanks for that suggestion. Anyone visiting there will understand the over-reach of federal and state governments. Without such over-reach many of our liberties would have remained intact, much to the chagrin of those that think it is their task to decide whether or not our liberties should be defended.

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    Where can this trade?

    by langdonsmith Jul 2, 2016 12:52 PM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jul 9, 2016 6:16 PM Flag

    We will await others to assign the appropriate “downers” to one screen name that posts out of the North Korean Embassy in Absolutistan; the politics supporting tyranny and fascism should be quite obvious.

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    Where can this trade?

    by langdonsmith Jul 2, 2016 12:52 PM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jul 8, 2016 9:50 PM Flag

    You probably know that Peter Schiff’s father, Irving Schiff, was essentially killed in prison by the Feds. This was within the last year. He needed medical treatment which was denied him. According to Peter Schiff, had he received the needed treatment, he would still be alive.

    That is why we believe we are at WAR with our own government. Schiff’s prison term was due to his refusal to pay income taxes based on the belief that they were illegal. His death, in our view, comes under the heading of “cruel and unusual punishment”. If the airheads in this country put Clinton in office we believe there will be a lot more of the same treatment against those who end up on the Demoncrat’s “enemies list”, where the IRS is used as their weapon of choice. Of course, Lerner was nothing but a willing accomplice for carrying out the wishes of the Demoncrats to deny the Tea Party tax exempt status during the previous presidential election.

    Lerner’s emails were destroyed by Lerner in similar fashion to the current controversy over Clinton. Apparently Clinton has too much dirt on officialdom to be likewise punished.

    The Wall Street Journal had a favorable piece on Gary Johnson, termed out former Republican Governor of New Mexico (now the Libertarian Party’s candidate for POTUS. When he was elected NM’s finances were deep in the red. When he left office there was a surplus that was not accomplished through higher taxes, but by cutting the size and removing wasteful spending of the NM government.

    We have no doubt that politicians, like Johnson, would return this country to its former era of prosperity, except for the opposition of elitists and their mass media outlets Hell bent on destroying our legacy of liberty.

    We are a bit circumspect about the Founders understanding of specie money as “amazing”. As learned individuals they had access to the historical record, whereas only common sense is needed, absent the condition of being "dumbed down".

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    Where can this trade?

    by langdonsmith Jul 2, 2016 12:52 PM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jul 8, 2016 1:19 AM Flag

    Try thinking “out of the box” for once. We believe you have no idea of what security issues could cause “bitcoin” to disappear overnight. Perhaps you could provide the title of a column that shows someone carrying a “bitcoin”. The whole idea is preposterous.

    It is literally impossible to “make fools of ... goldbugs...” You’re welcome to post your reasons why you think this is not so; bear in mind that in doing so you will be contradicting 1000’s of years of history. As for us, we prefer PM miners and royalty/streaming companies (like SLW) because of the obvious leverage it will provide when the PM sector really gets moving. We are looking at one now that could provide 600+ % returns, at a very low cost. We can’t divulge it as yet because obviously it would attract investors who would run up the price beyond what we are willing to pay. We believe it could still be bought for a little less. Later we will say the name of the company and how we found it so the method is available to others.

    Bitcoin? Hardly!

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    Clinton meets with FBI

    by general.miltz Jul 2, 2016 1:05 PM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jul 7, 2016 11:41 PM Flag

    Missing from this thread are statements of the many who went to jail or were severely sanctioned for much less than what Hillary is guilty of. Unfortunately, Yahoo has character limits or we could list them and compare how she is getting away with things that are truly threatening to the country's security. And every person that answers this Topic in support of her is also a threat PERIOD.

    Since this is a Citigroup message board we are completely un-surprised that Hillary has garnered so much support here. After all the big banks, and those that controlled them, were allies with the Bolsheviks (later to become known as Communists), and funneled considerable money supporting the Bolshevik revolution. That is easily accessible historical fact. This was one of Karl Marx's strategies to install Communism in a worldwide basis through state control of the monetary system (read: Federal Reserve System as the prime example). That worked out really well for the apparatchiks but was a disaster for the commoner in the USSR.

    Now you can await replies to this from DHB39399, who operates out of the Venezuelan Embassy without the normal 8 hours of daily sweat the honest yokel has to do in order to survive.

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    What's your exit strategy?

    by moses_on_wall_street May 18, 2016 11:45 AM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jul 7, 2016 10:40 PM Flag


    We would suggest that you delete this topic since it is attracting too many ne’er do wells, such as Zolly.Mack. They clutter up the message board with copied and pasted nonsense that never changes. Some have suggested that these are paid bankster agents, and the less recognition you give them, the less compensation they will receive.

    As far as your question, posed by this topic, see “How High Is "Sky-High" Silver?” by David H. Smith. He quotes many of the well known gurus for this topic. According to them we are not even close to asking questions of this sort. We believe that to be so, as many here do, because there is NO WAY to rescue central bank systems built on fraud, whether they are in the USA or in any other country.

    However, it is worthwhile asking since it is as important to sell at the right time as it is to buy at the right time. (Buy low, sell high) We have noticed that there are a number of editorialists, since we’ve been following this sector, whose statement can be characterized as “the sky is falling, buy now before it’s too late”, thereby flushing all the dry powder from those who could make a real difference by timing their trades more accurately. Their commentary makes sense on a fundamental level, but technically speaking it is very bad. Our choice is Keith Weiner, who continues to urge caution since the Brexit vote. His conclusions appear accurate, even if his charts seem more like inverse trig functions charted together looking like Rorschach tests with the same data basis, thus inconclusive results but a record of being correct nevertheless (dumb luck?). Avi Gilbert is another with a cautious approach.

    As far as BRexit is concerned there are the ?exits yet to come that will silence the naysayers.

  • See the very interesting graphic within titled, “Systemic Risk among GSIBs”

    This shows the tight linkage of Deutsche Bank with all the other central banks, providing a readily understandable idea of what WILL happen if Deutsche Bank fails, and the ripple effect it will cause.

    Most of the risk is within the derivative Ponzi schemes these banks, and particularly Deutsche Bank, have engaged in. According to this column Deutsche Bank holds 13% of the total outstanding global derivatives amounting to $72.8 trillion.

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    Thoughts on the Silver to Gold Ratio

    by depeche_yankees Jun 30, 2016 1:11 PM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jul 1, 2016 2:44 PM Flag

    Perhaps you should consider trading silver for gold, and visa versa when the ratio reverses. One source we viewed stated that: “Most believers stake out a central ground of between 50 and 60 or if you want to be more conservative 40 and 70. ...”
    “...The obvious challenge with using the ratio is determining exactly when an imbalance between gold and silver exists – or in other words when the ratio is too high (favoring silver) or too low (favoring gold). ...”

    This is located at a column titled: “The Gold to Silver Ratio – Inside Information or Wishful Thinking” by Richard Schwary.

    There are other similar advisories with slightly differing ratios. One thing we’ve noticed is that most “traders” would be completely disinterested in this type of strategy because the time between trades for the suggested ratios can be quite long. However it is a very conservative approach that garners metal regardless of price. In that way all the "manipulation" concerns disappear.

  • goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jun 30, 2016 8:30 AM Flag

    incidentally, you can add "dhb39399" and "lc298h" to your list. These appear together many times, sounding much the same, so we're pretty sure they are the same. It's almost like they used a random alphanumeric character generator (how un-original) to come up with their screen names. This would suggest they are paid to post and given these screen names by others who generate many of these names for those paid to post on a multitude of message boards.

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