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  • See: “Ron Paul vs Bernanke: Is Gold Money? - July 13, 2011” (youtube)

    Have any of these Fed types since that time recanted? What should be done with an organization that continues to damage the futures of everyone, except those in the financial sector? Will Donald Trump take them on, as did US President Andrew Jackson in their previous incarnation?

    Should their charter, recently renewed, be revoked out of “incompetence”, or, more likely, seditious intentions?

  • goldbug49ers by goldbug49ers Jun 20, 2016 2:08 AM Flag

    Why are those who write about it so timid? Why do they not call “a spade a spade”? The whole concept of this private central bank to run the economy, and virtually everything else, was a criminal enterprise from the get-go. It was an attempt by the elite to be even greater tyrants, without equal throughout history, and the wealthiest ever to exist, bar none.

    When reading editorials about how the Fed is merely inept is enough to make anyone that knows differently want to puke. They have known ALL ALONG what the end game was to result in virtually grinding poverty for all except them and their circle of control freaks.

    So why not come right out and say so? Fear? Fear leading to what; a “long train of abuses” in which existence is worse than the alternative? Perhaps the inhabitants of this nation need to again read what is stated in the Declaration of Independence and recover their missing backbone.

    When gold hit $1300 last week and was subsequently crashed does anyone believe it was overbought? Or are those who regard it as yet another “hit job” to suppress its price as a means to support the notion that government sanctioned fiat counterfeit Monopoly money has validity just “conspiracy theorists”? Mark Lundeen has his most recent piece out which states as part of the Marxist Manifesto:

    “5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital an exclusive monopoly.”

    Now we await the usual mb Marxist(s) to support the above objective.

  • goldbug49ers by goldbug49ers Jun 17, 2016 2:31 PM Flag

    Usually when interest rates rise, previously issued bond prices fall in the secondary market to compensate for current interest rates. However, what happens when interest rates are negative? In a secondary market for bonds (previously issued) do those bond prices, as they fall, actually provide positive returns instead of the negative returns at issue? The whole concept is beyond the pale and no one we’ve queried in an Internet search addresses this. The fact that they don’t is curious, since it has always been a topic in the past.

    So what is the expected return in a secondary market for bonds that have negative rates? Remember that for corporations they are legally on the hook for payment of their debt obligations before stockholders, if bankruptcy becomes an issue. This gets into the mathematical concept of “imaginary numbers”. And for sure the whole idea is quite “imaginary” and a few other choice words that exceed the TOS on Yahoo.

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    People really are stupid

    by rpfla Jun 29, 2016 11:54 AM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jun 29, 2016 2:21 PM Flag

    People ARE NOT really stupid. They continue to trust their government, which is a BIG mistake.

    We follow SLW Call Options. A January 2018 Call at a Strike Price of $15, on Jan 19, 2016 sold for $1.65/Option. Today that same Option is currently at $9.80/Option, which is about 6X the previous price on Jan 19 (about 600% in about 5 months time).

    We DO NOT any longer have interest in the Options market because it appears rigged, and don’t care how certain the outcome might be. Rigged markets can have some unknown consequences too long to get into on a message board. It is much more difficult to cheat share owners. One method of avoiding the current day Wall Street cheats, unencumbered by regulators, is to take physical possession of the shares by contacting the Stock Transfer Agent for delivery of the shares to your possession.

    When the Anti-Brexit crowd keeps calling for new referendums until they get the result they want it should be clear that those types of people (also representative of those in US financial markets) are completely crooked and have no respect for the voice of the People. We recently learned that the Euro Administrators are calling for the military invasion of countries that carry out their own Euro Exits to return to their previous currencies. We will say that none of those that are planning to do so, at this point, have stated returning to a gold standard when they issue government bonds. That means they are too attached to the fiat scam’s potential to continue robbing their inhabitants. With an Obama Administration, still in power, we would not be at all surprised if Euro militarism is supported by the current Administration in the United States, with military weaponry, either overtly or without disclosure. These are current day Nawzis, but significantly worse in our electronically connected world where government guided drone weapons can really ruin the plans of the ?Exit crowd.;

  • goldbug49ers by goldbug49ers Jun 1, 2016 2:57 PM Flag

    We listen to Alex Jones on radio (infowars). Last night some top military members (colonels, etc) discussed child six slaves under control of various UN high officials. The Vatican as well has been involved in covering up this type of activity.

    Further, there is a gun-running activity going on that the US Congress has been given multiple reports of, going back before “Fast and Furious” to 2008. They did nothing except ignore it putting these military members’ lives on the line for looking into it. They had photographic evidence of weapons, including stinger missiles, that were traced to US sources and the “Fast and Furious” operation by Eric Holder. Is I possible the Egyptian bound airliner was brought down by one of these weapons?

    One in the Border Patrol was killed proven by this investigation. Others part of the disclosure operation were threatened. Our Congress is so corrupt that it is unbelievable the level of evil they will stoop to, including, of course, Hillary Clinton, who was responsible for the death of Ambassador Alexander in Libya.

    We believe it is our responsibility to write about this because of the abject ignorance of the general US public about their government. Probably these few words will do nothing, but we encourage all who read this to listen to what Alex Jones and his guests have to say. Gaining profit solely from the deterioration of this country from people’s flight to precious metals to insure their economic wellbeing is an evil way to become enriched.

    We also recommend the writings of Avi Gilbert on many PM websites. We find some disagreement with him because historically phony money placed into markets to achieve results (QE, etc) by central banks will not achieve desired results.

    Wait for the usual conspiracy theorists” responses or observe the usual “thumbs down” from them. Just know the kind of people these represent. We have for some time refused to answer any of their brain-dead responses to our messages.

  • ... using DNA to bring back the dinosaurs.

    We think it would be much more useful to humanity to bring back former POTUS Andrew Jackson, who could then raise the specter of court trials, based on the Coinage Act of 1792. These would go after Fed officials for their constant lying about the economy and the direction of interest rates.

    Then the country could proceed in a police action to go after elitists worldwide, instead of the barbarous wars the country has been engaged in, which has been a problem; that being the fostering of the all encompassing usage of counterfeit fiat Monopoly money and all its incarnations, such as the many related derivative products. These, by far, will bring about the specter of a worldwide Dark Age; a return to times prior to when specie replaced the barter system.

    All those who continue to support this system of criminality need to be wacked, verbally, and if that fails to work, physically, within the context of legal systems, if courts can be resurrected from their cowardly tendencies to be supportive of the worldwide criminal network of government backed counterfeit money brought about by the age of instant digital communications.

    Perhaps the “dim-bulbs” at the Fed will wake up before it’s too late to see where its current pathway is leading and voluntarily shut its doors; placing responsibility for honest money in the hands of the politicos. (That statement should really lead to some downers for this Topic.)

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    Negative Interest Rates

    by goldbug49ers Jun 17, 2016 2:31 PM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jun 17, 2016 4:22 PM Flag

    An additional thought on this is that if the value of these bonds falls, the payments to the borrower will rise in any secondary market (if such exists). This is so incoherent as to be considered totally irrational. But it seems that “mums the word” on any that would speak of this issue. Apparently in Europe there are many irrational people willing to part with their money into such a scheme that puts them in the lowest category of the intelligence scale. How many will fall into that category in this country with the arrival of negative interest rates here? Or will the PM markets take off in historical proportions because there is enough intelligence remaining in the US population to refuse to be robbed by the banksters and corporatists?

    There is also the issue of long dated bonds. If they don’t have a market because enough rational people remain the original buyers of those bonds will be on the hook to pay the borrower (probably government in this case) for up to 30 years because they can’t escape their obligations. Further, many who are currently with a broker and have a money market account, typically in government treasury bills, will experience plunging account totals.

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    US government corruption

    by goldbug49ers Jun 1, 2016 2:57 PM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jun 1, 2016 10:23 PM Flag

    Note that our prior prediction came true, with an answer to our commentary. Those who always take the “conspiracy theory” line or make personal attacks, based on “mental” issues, are among the most dangerous out there to those who value liberty. Their objective is to destroy it. If there is evil, they are supporting it. And note the methodology is always the same.

    Their objectives originated with the Nawsis, and earlier with Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration, who was comparable to Josef Mengele. Few are aware of this, and those who are should become informed. What you learn, besides in Wikipedia, was kept from you when educated. Look beyond Wikipedia, which whitewashes Rush’s biography. Browse for the title: “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum” where Benjamin Rush is mentioned. Be sure to view the video. Those portrayed in this video seek one thing, control over others, without one smidgen of support from science, but a ton of it from the pharmaceutical industry. All recent mass shootings were committed by those on psychiatric drugs, giving socialist politicians an argument to legislate against gun ownership, and ultimately to strike out the 2nd Amendment.

    While we appreciate Alex Jones efforts to restore liberty in the United States, we believe this is part of the past he is unaware of. All associated with Dr. Thomas Szasz, who died a few years ago, also echo much of his research into similar gross violations of human rights.

    What we have come to realize, through such works as “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, is that most of the support for the various anti-liberty schemes originates with “money”, and who controls its issuance, which the Rothschild’s understood to make them so wealthy. All of this is on topic for this message board.

    We associated our screen name with what we believe in. Those with unintelligible screen names do the opposite. Their views are universally opposed, as is what they post with their additional screen names.

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    The Fed

    by goldbug49ers Jun 20, 2016 2:08 AM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jun 24, 2016 3:33 AM Flag

    “...That's the story and the banksters are sticking to it. ...”

    There appears to be a lot of confusion on how manipulation takes place, in one of its forms. Taken from “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, he gave the explanation that JP Morgan and the Rockefellers provided large advertising revenues to media outlets, even going so far to reward outlets monetarily when editorials were posted favorable to their interests.

    This was a later strategy after it became obvious that their ownership of all news outlets was causing great controversy by slanting the news as the banksters saw fit. So they largely divested themselves of these for a more behind the scenes approach.

    We take any mainstream news media commentary “with a grain of salt”, knowing that it has a high probability of being presented to support bankster interests. Further, we despise all of those who pose as journalists for that very reason, considering that they are bought and paid for by bankster interests.

    We have also noted that many PM editorialists totally deny that "manipulation" takes place, and state that those who believe it does, when the markets don't go their way will have years of losses as a result. However, these same editorialists are selling short term trading strategies, such as Elliot Wave. They never mention the people like Warren Buffet do fundamental research for their success. Of course short term strategies are meant to rope in paid subscribers.

  • goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jun 30, 2016 8:16 AM Flag

    “...Lets see how he deals with being completely ignored. ...”

    We came to the same conclusion, as have others, when it comes to these jerks who continually post the same responses over and over. In our case they finally gave up trying to respond and instead thumbed down everything we posted. Get ready for that and don’t take it personally since the rating is worthless. The trouble with your suggestion for others to use this technique is that as long as they are unaffected they won’t take the advice.

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    Terrible jobs report!

    by thermonuke Jun 3, 2016 8:34 AM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jun 5, 2016 11:24 AM Flag

    We’re going to post a downer here. In order for the Fed to get out of the price fixing business it will take a LOT more pain. We’ve said this before, and will say it again. When the Founders were still living the Coinage Act of 1792 was made law, along with the penalties to prevent exactly what is occurring today.

    It simply is not possible to convince those who have made greed backed by criminal counterfeiting represented by what is so obviously stated on USA paper money say, “We were wrong. Honest money and not all the smoke and mirrors represented by what is required to keep fiat money alive is the solution.”

    Therefore courts MUST employ those sanctions or a bloody revolution will eventually occur. We prefer the penalty be exacted on a few rather than the suffering of billions. A revolution is the WORST outcome because what emerges could well be worse. A corrupt underpinning (fiat money and all its incarnations) can NEVER be fixed. Stating the obvious, and the gruesome requirements to bring about a fix, are not something that will be embraced until a higher pain level reaches many more people. The bankster class is like a dog with a blood lust that manages to invade a chicken house. The farmer knows the solution.

  • See the very interesting graphic within titled, “Systemic Risk among GSIBs”

    This shows the tight linkage of Deutsche Bank with all the other central banks, providing a readily understandable idea of what WILL happen if Deutsche Bank fails, and the ripple effect it will cause.

    Most of the risk is within the derivative Ponzi schemes these banks, and particularly Deutsche Bank, have engaged in. According to this column Deutsche Bank holds 13% of the total outstanding global derivatives amounting to $72.8 trillion.

  • goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jun 10, 2016 10:23 AM Flag

    Bill Holter is not the only one to take notice that editorializes on the outflow from COMEX:

    “COMEX Registered Silver Owners Per Ounce Jump To Record Leverage” by SRSrocco

    There are some interesting charts therein showing tightness in the COMEX warehouse. This is in contrast to what Keith Weiner wrote recently stating “there is weak demand” with his Rorschach style charts.

    It seems the Lone Ranger, DhB (dim-bulb, below), is soon to run out of silver bullets, as FRNs are his/her cup of tea and may decide to check into re-hab versus everyone else dim-bulb states is a candidate that opposes the Fed.

    Of course the rest of us know that crime doesn’t pay forever, referring to the counterfeiting taking place by the US Government that partners with the Fed.

    We enjoy reading what Bill Holter writes. He’s very good on the fundamental side of the PM market, but we’ve come to view him and others as a bit premature on the “buy low, sell high” strategy. It seems there is not enough appreciation for the inertial in the PM markets, especially considering the manipulation that is international in scope. We do understand that this may arise from the realization that when the wheels come off it could take place overnight and for those who waited it might be too late to participate, meaning PMs will go into hiding and not available for any amount of worthless paper money.

    Maybe the Germans are taking delivery rather than accept the refusal of the Fed to allow them to repatriate in a reasonable amount of time from the Fed’s warehouse and could be the “someone very real and very big is standing for gold” before COMEX will only compensate with digital FRNs.

  • “’s something interesting: electric power consumption (EP)’s BEV Plot for its 52Wk Moving Average has broken below its lows of August 2013 (next chart). EP hasn’t seen a new BEV Zero (new all-time high) since August 2008. Economic demand for electric power during the entire eight year Obama Presidency has been subpar, and so actual economic growth must have been too. Washington’s statisticians can lie all they want about “economic growth” or “full employment” but demand for EP is on the decline because business is going out of business in Obama’s America. Since last October it’s only gotten worse; from then to this week economic demand for electrical power has plunged. ...”

    We now await the typical socialist reply that the EP plunge is due to much more efficient lighting technology, which some state is around 20% of EP consumption; and how about all those new Tesla models that are making their appearance, soon to be priced for “middle” America (or what’s left of them)? It seems like maybe a “wash” is going on between the two.

  • goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jun 30, 2016 8:30 AM Flag

    incidentally, you can add "dhb39399" and "lc298h" to your list. These appear together many times, sounding much the same, so we're pretty sure they are the same. It's almost like they used a random alphanumeric character generator (how un-original) to come up with their screen names. This would suggest they are paid to post and given these screen names by others who generate many of these names for those paid to post on a multitude of message boards.

  • goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jun 9, 2016 8:14 PM Flag

    Note that so far only a Democrat commie/socialist has answered this post, failing to note that Dr. Paul’s main point is that counterfeit fiat Monopoly money does not lead to prosperity; never has, never will. DhB conveniently ignores the recent jobs report that shows a staggering loss in the labor force participation rate (62.6% matching the June 2015 rate) leading to a 4.7% (lower) unemployment rate. We assume the readers can figure this out when Dim-H-Bulb replies touting the 4.7% figure as a positive, therefore consider any stats from the source to be dubious. These are the kinds of numbers Soviet economists used to produce as cover for Communism’s failures and dim-H-bulb (below), perhaps working out of the Venezuelan Embassy.

    We believe, of course, that this is not an accident of poor judgment on the part of the Fed, which has been answering to European interests as has its predecessors from this country’s very founding. It is a seditious policy to destroy the country. We are not alone in that judgment. A healthy economy is paramount to national security. What better way for an enemy to destroy it than through its monetary system. You needn't believe us. Thomas Jefferson said much the same.

  • goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jun 12, 2016 5:17 PM Flag

    It is obvious that one in the "barbarous relic" crowd has arrived with his/her 4 or more screen names to down-vote our topic. For the rest of you there is no need to be timid, as you are not outnumbered.

  • We have long had issues with the thinking and policies of Milton Friedman. One of us, in particular, remembers Friedman’s pronouncements that the dollar’s value could be maintained by manipulating the price of gold. Yes. There, we said it-MANIPULATING (which for those of you who follow a number of financial editorialists are told it is non-existent except to minor degrees).

    However, Friedman was currying political favor with those who disliked the gold standard, and was, in all probability, what garnered him the prized accolade in the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. Of course, for those who remember, even Yasser Arafat was a recipient.

    Today we decided to see what others might have to say and found this piece on Forbes, written in 2012:

    “Though It Nearly Strangled Reagan's Revolution, Soft Money Conservatives Revive Friedman's Monetarism” by Nathan Lewis

    Quoted from within is the following: “... Friedman slipped something new under his cloak of old-time libertarianism: a monetary framework that discarded conservative hard-money principles entirely, and relied instead upon a system of economic management via currency manipulation. Indeed, Friedman cheered the end of the gold standard system in 1971. ...”

    One of the older folks here, who worked among professionals during the 70’s, remembers opposing Friedman and getting roundly criticized for doing so. So goes the typical strident positions of the credentialed, brainwashed by academia.

    If we are to reverse course as a country it will be a LOOONG drawn out process that requires not only the removal of politicians at every level, but also replacement of those in academia and major corporations in a post Federal Reserve System environment. At this point it appears to be a lot of wishful thinking with the only alternative being to escape an impending violent revolution of unknown outcome.

    Any comment on the strange behavior or Yahoo message boards today would be appreciated.

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    Where can this trade?

    by langdonsmith Jul 2, 2016 12:52 PM
    goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jul 8, 2016 9:50 PM Flag

    You probably know that Peter Schiff’s father, Irving Schiff, was essentially killed in prison by the Feds. This was within the last year. He needed medical treatment which was denied him. According to Peter Schiff, had he received the needed treatment, he would still be alive.

    That is why we believe we are at WAR with our own government. Schiff’s prison term was due to his refusal to pay income taxes based on the belief that they were illegal. His death, in our view, comes under the heading of “cruel and unusual punishment”. If the airheads in this country put Clinton in office we believe there will be a lot more of the same treatment against those who end up on the Demoncrat’s “enemies list”, where the IRS is used as their weapon of choice. Of course, Lerner was nothing but a willing accomplice for carrying out the wishes of the Demoncrats to deny the Tea Party tax exempt status during the previous presidential election.

    Lerner’s emails were destroyed by Lerner in similar fashion to the current controversy over Clinton. Apparently Clinton has too much dirt on officialdom to be likewise punished.

    The Wall Street Journal had a favorable piece on Gary Johnson, termed out former Republican Governor of New Mexico (now the Libertarian Party’s candidate for POTUS. When he was elected NM’s finances were deep in the red. When he left office there was a surplus that was not accomplished through higher taxes, but by cutting the size and removing wasteful spending of the NM government.

    We have no doubt that politicians, like Johnson, would return this country to its former era of prosperity, except for the opposition of elitists and their mass media outlets Hell bent on destroying our legacy of liberty.

    We are a bit circumspect about the Founders understanding of specie money as “amazing”. As learned individuals they had access to the historical record, whereas only common sense is needed, absent the condition of being "dumbed down".

  • goldbug49ers goldbug49ers Jun 16, 2016 6:42 PM Flag

    Let’s imagine that you have a super duper Xerox machine that can produce counterfeit currency undetectable by governments. The currency you produce is good enough to invest in various derivatives. All of what you use this counterfeit “money” for is equal to the output of the Fed that is printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

    With this could you manipulate markets in directions beneficial to you?

    So how could anyone ever have expected anything different from the private European based Federal Reserve System? The seeming stupidity of the general public is understandable, since everything done by the politicians, the mainstream media and the Fed is to give the illusion that this banking system is there to represent the people. Have you ever heard anything different from those sources? What resides at the top of the American hierarchy smells just as bad as any cesspool, particularly what floats to the top.

    But if people are VERY careful and don’t get fooled by the attempts to have them part with their “money” ultimately into elitist hands they should be able to prevail.

    We recommend the following editorialists (with more to come as they are identified) that will assist you in beneficially timing your trades: Avi Gilbert and Keith Weiner. Stay away from the fundamentalist crowd that mixes fundamentals with “technical” interpretations of market direction. They’ll ALWAY get you in TOO early. Among the examples are Adam Hamilton, Jim Willie and Mark Lundeen. We like Lundeen’s fundamentalist approach, but it seems the elitists use commentary by him and others to line their pockets at just the wrong time. In order to “kill” the Federal Reserve System enough people must successfully trade the PM sector near dead bottom.

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