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  • hedgefundscontrolmarket hedgefundscontrolmarket Dec 4, 2013 7:15 PM Flag

    The whole TESLA story is nothing but PR...... It was built on money NASA gave the CEO to build rockets.....and no one even blinks that taxpayers built this PR company

  • This is not a is nothing but a hype. a $90,000 plus hype that the government funds...... It will be worth $100 in 15 years maybe.

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  • hedgefundscontrolmarket by hedgefundscontrolmarket Dec 4, 2013 7:10 PM Flag

    In its backyard barbeque department........

  • THAT IS BECAUSE THE OWN OWN OWN.....what a gerat market place Wall Street is when the crokls get to advertise and call it a recommendation. Here....'smile while I rip you off and then have no responsibility for my self serving buy recomendations.

  • hedgefundscontrolmarket hedgefundscontrolmarket Dec 4, 2013 7:06 PM Flag

    All I can give you is a THUMBS UP and an "atta boy"......

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  • This is what the hedge funds do when a company is ready to loose 1/2 its value becasue its time is done. Start a false rumor about LBO. No one wants this company. It is a dead teen brand. It is over for Abercrombie and Jefferies ran it in the ground. So lets starts rumors and post ridicilous messages about impossible valuations for a company that is set to loose millions and millions of dollars ecasuse of terrible management ....bad stores....and a bad brand....and old stale worthless inventories. Jeffries will run this in the ground. He controls the board and does not know how to control expenses. The inventory is not moving and the loses will grow. Not a compny anyone would want at any price. LBO is a joke and just a hype so hedge funds can unload this bad stock.

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  • hedgefundscontrolmarket by hedgefundscontrolmarket Dec 2, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

    It is remarkable the power that hedge funds and institutions have to manipulate the price of a stock.

    Abercrombie & Fitch posted disappointing sales results in third-quarter 2013, marking lower-than-expected top-line results for the fourth consecutive quarter. The company’s sales for the quarter declined 11.3% year over year to $1,033.3 million, while it missed the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $1,035.0 million. Weak third-quarter sales resulted mainly from poor performance in the domestic market as well as continued weakness in the overall spending among youngsters.

    Moreover, Abercrombie’s comps performance depicts a downward trend, with negative comps results for the trailing 7 quarters. Further, the company is expecting comps to fall in the low double-digit range for the upcoming quarter.

    Though the company is aggressively implementing strategies to overcome the downward sales trend, we do not see any meaningful improvement in the near term, as evident from the company’s negative comps guidance for the fourth quarter.

    A significant portion of the company’s merchandise is manufactured overseas, in countries like Asia, and Central and South America. Further, international operations account for over one-fourth of the company’s revenue, thus, exposing the company to the political, social and economic risks of operating beyond national borders. This, along with foreign currency fluctuations, may adversely affect the company’s results.

    Alongside, we believe that the company’s over-dependence on outside suppliers, intense competition from discount retailers as well as the seasonality of its business may undermine growth prospects.

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  • hedgefundscontrolmarket by hedgefundscontrolmarket Nov 19, 2013 9:06 AM Flag

    Up every day, every week, every month. Financials are no longer audited, they are written to BEAT THE ESTIMATES. and the estimates are reduced so that they can be beat. Home Depo numbers were first reduced....just so the company could beat them. The extimates go down and the stock reaches all time highs. The only thing funding the market is free government money.
    The administration is making the brokers and hedge funds rich and in return they have to hire little mice like Tim Geitner, the tax cheater. This market is a sham.

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  • hedgefundscontrolmarket by hedgefundscontrolmarket Nov 14, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

    Does anyone know if this judgement was against NILE ??? mistake. NILE does not sell counterfeit TIFFANY jewerly....It just sells low quality and over graded stones. Sorry....My bad. NILE's stock price continues to climb despite terrible numbers. Notice that the hedge funds have elininated all links to true information and any bad comments about NILE. There is no mention that the quarter was bad and that almost half of the pennies they made was from a cheesy accounting and tax adjustment. NILE has a PE around 50.....It pay out over a million in stock compensation a quarter as bribes. TIF ....which is a way more respected company and brand....has a pe of 24 and pays a $1.36 dividend. NILE is a joke.

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  • hedgefundscontrolmarket by hedgefundscontrolmarket Nov 14, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

    Add Wells Fargo to the list of banks that own and or control NILE stock. Here is the truth and you can verify it if you can find the negative information on NILE.....they work very hard to hide the truth of NILE's performanve. Cash flow is negative....check it out. Operating income is on the decline despite the great claims that sales are increasing. They only beat last quarter by one cent because they made a questionable accounting change that increased income by 6 cents a share. Their stock compensation is outrageous and they hide the fact that they use the stock compensation as a way to drain the cash by bragging about buying back shares....but they merely buy back the stock compensation they issued. It is a racket that is fed by the press and the funds that control the press and the banks like Wells Fargo that feed this stock with interest free government money. Look at niles financials closly and tell me if it justifies a PE over 50 when TIf is around 20. With a dividend

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  • Reply to

    Over 500 locations in INDIA$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    by levigrahn75 Nov 13, 2013 1:02 PM
    hedgefundscontrolmarket hedgefundscontrolmarket Nov 13, 2013 3:15 PM Flag

    Why do you think this gaurentees huge returns......YUM stock is priced so high they will have to put stores orn the moon amd mars to support the multiple. I feel sorry for those that think the stock market will go up forever whie the poor, the unemployed and the underemployed struggle. 10% of the population doing well,,,,,,can not support our fed fuled economy and the overpriced and crooked stock market.

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  • hedgefundscontrolmarket hedgefundscontrolmarket Nov 13, 2013 3:13 PM Flag

    You are correct and thank you for saying the truth. The institutions want you to think retail investors are back but the turth is the action on wall Street is all from hedge funds and institutions that own huge blocks of these declining compnaies like ANF. Declining sales, poor management, outrageous expenses for compensation....but they keep lowering expectations so that they can say the company beat estimates. The stok of ANF is being run up on hype and lies becasue in truth, the brand is dying and sales and declining for Abecrombie. hedge fund are crooks.

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  • hedgefundscontrolmarket by hedgefundscontrolmarket Oct 28, 2013 6:48 PM Flag

    Tiffany. Branded and trusted name. Blue NILE. Ships its lllllllllgoods from third party distributors all over the country and created the appraisals out of a garage in seale. Tiffany. Price to earnings ratio of 23. Blue NILE....Priece to earnings ratio of 53 and climbing. Tiffany. Solid profits and a 1.36 dividend. Blue Nile. Continues to reduce estimates and has never paid a dividend. Tiffany. takes care of shareholders. Blue NILE.....takes care of insiders. Tiffany had divirsified owners and holders. Bleu NILE is owned and controled by a few hedge funds and institutions. blue NILE.....your controledtrade and manipulated stock.

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  • hedgefundscontrolmarket hedgefundscontrolmarket Oct 25, 2013 5:20 PM Flag

    This is the new Controlled wall Street. As we saw this week.....bad employment numbers are good for the market. The unemployed and those that gve up looking for work are actually good for the economy becasue you have to spend more to feed and cloth people that do not work. The market has gotten way better sice Jamie Diamon has taken over wall street. The forst criminal to run the White House..

  • hedgefundscontrolmarket by hedgefundscontrolmarket Oct 25, 2013 12:58 PM Flag

    Rumors have it that people that have test driven the S in U. K. have reserved one on the spot. REALLY? More Tesla hype. Tesla does not even have a right had drive model. And becasue the government is not subsidizing the company leke they do in the US.....the cars START at around 90,000 and go up from there. Once again....Will the car sell in the UK.....Yes....a few......Bun just as in the US......It will never be profitable and the government can not pay for their California parties for ever....

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  • hedgefundscontrolmarket hedgefundscontrolmarket Oct 25, 2013 11:36 AM Flag

    This is not good news.....The government is not investigating the fire becasue they are subsidizing this compay and do not want to get caught like the last time Obama gave the solar companies federal money and they took off with the funds. This dows not chage the fact that the stock is overvalude by 500% and will not be able to afford to build charging stations becse they spent all the money on Tesla parties for celeberties.

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  • hedgefundscontrolmarket by hedgefundscontrolmarket Oct 23, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    Yesterday's unemployment numbers were terrible......Yet the market was up. Manipulation is good for a rising market. Investor meney has not return, that is a lie Funds and isstitutions are just churning the market.

    Abercrombie......Empty stores.....damaged suits.....crazy and overpaid CEO.....inventory issues.....missed the style boat.....markdowns,....stagnent invenntory.....negative press.....closing stores......terrible products......DOES NOT MATTER

    Stock will be up on negative news.......

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  • hedgefundscontrolmarket hedgefundscontrolmarket Oct 23, 2013 10:09 AM Flag

    Watching Cramer is like many of the reality TV shows of people that have no concept of reality. You watch Cramer to see how stupid he is. His combination of prescription drugs and pumping stocks he holds in his personal trust accounts is entertaining to some. His comparison of the very bad Abercrombie adds to soft port was out of disappointment by Cramer. Cramer is alot like ANF.....They are bout out of favor and on their way out..... Cramer is nothing but a paid pumper for the sponsors of CNBC......

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  • Now that government employees are again allowed to is time to investigate the Tesla fire. According to Bloomberg, a NHTSA administrator maintained early in the day that the agency is gathering data on the Tesla accident and may open a full investigation. I am not sure the government protection of this company will last. Even though the White House is desperate to have one electric comany suceed most people still remember the regulators’ probe of a fire in General Motors’s (NYSE:GM) Chevrolet Volt, which led to congressional hearings, and they’re already proceeding with caution.

    It is not yet clear when the NHTSA will release its ruling on the Tesla fire, but considering that the probe is already three weeks after the fact, it’s likely to be soon. And it is likely to not be good for a very overpriced stock. The government supplementiong of TESLA through the selling of government credits, is not fair and must be stopped.

  • hedgefundscontrolmarket hedgefundscontrolmarket Sep 23, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

    It's true......I too have noticed that more and more homeless people are wearing Abercrombie and Fitch clothing. And they are all thin and very cool. It is a good sign that ANF has expanded it lines into the homeless and "on assistance" sector. Soon over half of the country will be relying on the government for everything from health care, shelter food and very cool clothing lines.

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