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hothectors 184 posts  |  Last Activity: May 12, 2015 6:55 PM Member since: Jul 31, 2009
  • How can that happen with our lib president fixed news?
    You mean you at fluclkked up news are full of it?

  • A Blow-J___B that is. The problem in American is that the rich like the poor being stupid. 5% of the people have 80% of the money and assets. They like having it all and they do not care when the poor go nuts.
    Now if you happen to be a lucky one born to a rich family or you were lucky and born with an IQ of 140 or higher and are relatively good looking, you do not have to worry about money. It falls your way when ever you want it where ever you are. That is just the way it is.
    I was born with both and I have always been lazy and yet I graduated from a great University with honors. I have always gotten jobs easily and women too. Not until I have gotten older have I understood how random things are.
    My wife is hot and NO, she did not go with me for the money. She is not stupid. She went for looks and money--HAAA HAAA. But to be fair, I chose her because she was so so sexy and smart too.
    We think we work hard but wait a minute? Do I work in the fields? NO Do I kiss rump for a manager at a company? NO
    We own and operate our own businesses and like you clowns here, we make huge money in the stock market doing nothing.
    Life is good but it sure sucks for the masses.
    Both Republican rich and Democratic rich agree about that. The difference is that the Dems want to throw them a twig now and then but the GOP want to push them down even lower.

    My advice to any young person is to be a doctor, a good lawyer, or start your own business. Screw working for a company. They cannot pay you enough to make it worth being their lapdogs. Some of the managers at a place like Intel are so so stupid and yet you have to lick their rumps. HAAA HAAA
    Quit and start a company.

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    Silvermont processors--time to short ARMH!

    by amdsuckks May 12, 2013 3:10 AM
    hothectors hothectors May 12, 2013 3:36 AM Flag

    armh is roadkill

  • hothectors hothectors May 10, 2013 6:54 PM Flag

    Hey, you Right-wing crybabies are improving. You say he is from Chicago now but before you said he was from Kenya. But I will give you a point of fact, he is from born in Hawaii and now lives in Chicago. But no matter, he is President for almost 4 more years and there is nothing you and your crying will do to change that. Funny thing is the Stock market loves him and is making new records almost daily now. Did you happen to know that Dallas voted for him. Houston voted for him, San Antonio voted for hit too. In fact, every major city in the Nation was won by the President. Now since you right wing dirttttttbummms are so so full of hate, your Right wing GOP will end up losing the next Presidential election too. The Dems can run anything and win because the majority of voters hate rightwing jaaackkkooofffs.

  • I love my home and so I say this as advise knowing it will not be head and that is sad.
    I have had the pleasure of working in multiple nations and I have seen a little of this world.
    You love movies? Then go and watch the top movies from other nations and you will see the best the world has to offer. I am not saying great movies are never ever made in America but they are few and far between would you not agree? The American movie business makes movies for those who are 12 to 20 in age and they insult even them with the simplicity of the movies.
    When was the last time America was not fighting a war somewhere? The vast majority of time from WW II to the present America has been at war. Is that not sick? other nations are not at war are they. Japan? NO Germany? NO
    Russia? NO China? NO
    Then you wonder why it is the world thinks negatively about Americans? Perhaps when you act like an #$%$, you become unlikable.
    The great music of today is out of other nations too. The 1960s had American music all over the world but not now.
    Oh well.
    Look at the jerks on TV on CNBC. Ricky Santelli, a proud backer of Mussolini know doubt, I WAS telling us how the markets would crash and America was doomed if OB was re-elected. Now the jerkoffff is smiling as the market hits new record highs and the American economy recovers.
    Well--it is about time American understand how stupid they have been and what jerks are running the nation in our Congress and in the white house. OB is a little better than Bush but that is like saying the smell of a skunk is a little better than the stink of a dead pig. They both smell bad do they not.
    Intel will hit 40 this year.
    It is still run from beautiful Northern California.
    By the way---it only takes a 5% change in the population from right to left to turn the nation back in the correct direction. But OB is no Liberal is he. He is fighting wars we do not need to fight. Yet the right is so crazy that they call him a Commie

  • Nothing gonna stop that Tick Tock that has slowly but surely left all but Arm chips in the toilet bowls flushed down like the brown that they are. Now it is Arm which will be crushed by those shrinks.
    it is like the German army (ARM). It got off to a great start and pushed deep into Intel's territory. The pain has been deep for Intel but Intel slowly but surely has built up a Huge army with endless ammunition. Now the counter attack has begun and Intel will soon march with guns blasting into Arm's territory. Those phones and tablets will most of them have Intel inside before the end of this decade. In fact, in two years there will be 40% of the phones using Intel and perhaps 70% if Samsung goes Intel again.
    The New CEO will take Intel to 10 nm and then even smaller and faster chips.
    Before this decade is done, Intel will have split once or twice and this board will be filled with posters who have become multi million airs from their long play on Intel.
    PS--Many of the new longs will be Apple longs who used their massive profits to invest and double down again with more windfalls from Intel.
    The rich get richer.

    100 before the end of 216.

  • Hey James--You #$%$ you clown.
    Intel 18 price target and it will be over 30 before you change your BS!

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    Obama won and the Dow is going higher. HAA HAA

    by amdsuckks Apr 27, 2013 12:56 PM
    hothectors hothectors Apr 27, 2013 1:13 PM Flag

    Yeah and now if only two or three of the old #$%$ rightwing trash on the Supreme Court can get sick, all will be well with the world. The Supreme Court with a 6 to 3 Lib advantage is all good. Then if Hillary wins for 8 years more, we can get 8 or 9 libs on the court and completely rape the rightwing teabagging #$%$ #$%$ in this once great FDR nation.

  • hothectors by hothectors Apr 27, 2013 3:13 AM Flag

    It will be here soon.

  • That is two losers in a row you backed so let us make it three.
    Maybe you can nominate a #$%$ next time.

  • Yeah and you are worse than #$%$ in the bottom of a public toilet in India.

  • hothectors hothectors Feb 12, 2013 11:32 AM Flag

    No one gives a sheet what you say because you are a teabagger and you spew lies like a dog pissssing on himself.
    YES--you LOST--you will continue to lose because you are a KKK rightwing trasballing teabagging crybaby LOSER!
    But I do enjoy seeing you scream because I love your pain.

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    Is it true regardinf the free Obama phones?

    by att4glte Feb 12, 2013 11:15 AM
    hothectors hothectors Feb 12, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    I would not care how he won as long as you rightwing traashnuts lost.
    Let me recall--you say he is not American or at least not born in America.
    He was born in Kenya or something.
    He is a commi
    He is in fact part of a plot from birth. HAAA HAAA
    Gaaawwwddammmed are you people funny.
    I love hearing LOSERS cry.
    You for example.

  • hothectors hothectors Feb 12, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

    Class? You GOP walk with KKK southern boys so do not talk class to we Libs.
    You clowns voted two times for GW and startes a war in Iraq for no reason.
    AND--it your rightwing nuts your friends, who want to stop women from having the right to end a pregnency even after RAPE!
    It is like the 14th century over in your party and you feel good there? You are sick.

  • And yes--we Libs would vote for ANY DEM over your GOPtrash.
    We hate you rightwing #$%$ and want you to be 100% removed from power because you are like a pimple on our Dem rumps. You stink and irritate us.

    Hey--and for you GOP God nuts.
    God is all powerful
    Obummer won
    God wants Obummer and therefore you are anti god--satins #$%$.

  • Teabagging KKK clown att4 needs to self deport to Alabama.
    of course, he still believes in Fuxed up news and the fact that he cried on election night makes no difference.
    Yes--his is a crybaby LOSER but he is funny at least.

  • hothectors hothectors Feb 5, 2013 10:47 PM Flag

    I understand what you are saying BUT, it is not Arm but Qualcomm which makes the chips using Arms designs which is hurting Intel now. Lots of people are using tablets and phones in place of their Computers now. Intel Intel gets volume sales into those markets, people will not see growth from Intel.
    Yes, I would bet that Intel will win the fight but it is going to take a few years and that is causing pain for Intel NOW!
    By the start of 2014 Intel needs to be in the phone and tablet markets in a meaningful way. We are talking 20% market share or more.

  • hothectors hothectors Feb 3, 2013 10:08 AM Flag

    Oh yeah--Motorola the maker--owned by Google.

  • The X Phone with Intel Inside shipping in huge volume early 2014.
    Google is one nice friend to have for Intel.
    Google people spend 24 hours a day figuring out how to make our lives better and how to screw their competitors. Even Apple people use Google on their Apple devices because It is simply the best.

    Intel on Google phones will be the hot item in 2014.
    X phones will explode on to the market and only idiots will still be paying Huge money for Samsung and Apple smart phones there after.

  • Before the end of this year, it will become clear to all and Qualcommi will become a great short.
    Intel explode up
    A commitment from many large companies---based upon Intel meeting designs and benchmarks in both power and performance are rumored to be signed.
    Imagine quiltcom with near 100% marketshare in smart phones with its Chip losing almost all of that share in 3 years.
    SHORT the PIG and laugh.
    Intel 80 or higher in two years.

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