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  • insider_expert insider_expert Jul 26, 2016 9:31 AM Flag

    Term lenders want some of the over $500 million given out with bulk of it, over $350 million going to bond holders...and if they get their way on this it may actually benefit the company and shareholders as theybelieve specially bond holders are being paid too much cash and if they given some of that cash in return for a meaningful discount on their $640 loan that would be great for equity holders ...but even simply giving bond holders less cash and keeping the balance would be even better...

    Wrt Noble the term lenders feel the settlement proposed is not just as when Noble spinned off Paragon a couple of years ago it saddled it with some bad contracts in addition to over one billion in debt and they are demanding more out of Noble than just some tax matters regarding Mexico...if they get their way and Noble agrees this may tremendously help the company and hence the shareholders as well...

    As to your other question courts customarily do not alter the plan but can provide incentives for parties to renegotiate the plan themselves (such as threat to disapprove the bankruptcy)..,having said that Paragon's case regarding Noble is unique as this is a separate and potential lawsuit entity by itself and the judge may see it as an almost separate case of different nature which I also kind of agree and was surprised to see the Noble matter included in restructuring matter to begin with but also letting Noble get away with almost paying nothing... you know yahoo message board on desktop/laptops have been a mess my case they automatically switched my nickname...I managed to alter it and it is now simply "insider" while on my iPhone I can still use "insider_expert....

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  • You are claiming that your selling of your shares in the last few days, with the last 50,000 shares you claim to have sold yesterday, is what has caused a near 40% drop in the share prices....I have to admit I believe your claim as that is the exact explanation provided me by the question to you is that you posted your claim under the newly designed desktop version of the yahoo message board whee some usernames were automatically changed to auto-generated usernames (mine were changed to "bijanb"...could you tell us what username you have been previously posting under because RS has no track record and was never used except for yesterday ....

    In any event according to the company nothing is changed and the latest FAQ still stands....If so I owe you a thanks as your action provided some longs, including myself, to add shares (including tens of thousands I was able to add yesterday)..,

    Disclosure: I am long this stock and have not sold any shares this year...

    My advice to longs: As mentioned and according to my communications with company YESTERDAY nothing is changed and they continue to expect the plan to be approved in its present form with no significant changes ...I have chosen to believe the company over badgers such as Fun Trading of SA who has ulterior motives and have been may want to do the same and welcome to contact the company on your own..,

    One last thing: it is a shame that some have once again begun badgering the need to stop...

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    Shorts with license to kill

    by goskiing99 Jul 15, 2016 3:55 PM
    insider_expert insider_expert Jul 16, 2016 3:00 PM Flag

    That is exactly why I call it "opportunity knocks"..,this keeping Noble's feet to the fire, even if it takes couple of months longer, could potentially be a major plus for the company and hence a major boost for the shareholders...Shareholders #1 objection to the restructuring plan is been its leiniency with Noble who saddled Paragon with over a Billion in debt and contracts like those with Petrabrass of less than desirable my view at the end of the next couple of months in the worse case scenario we'll end up with the plan in its original shape...but with this Noble heating there are potential for Noble to take on more responsibilities and even a bite out of the debt...,
    I have no idea if markets are going to grasp this important and potentially bet positive matter sooner, in which case the stock should turn around and begin ascending again come Monday, or later which is where my "opportunity knocks" comes in and if the price corrects further it only provides opportunity for longs to accumulate more and more and more...

    As aside, someone here had questioned whether at the end of the next couple of months the 65% of restructured shares given to shareholders could be compromised to which my definite response is a big fat NO...
    If you read the latest FAQs released be the company on their website this last week the make the same very clear (this after the main body of hearings already behind us) addition the next couple of months is solely about addition the term lenders, while questioning how much cash given to bond holders and questing the agreement with Nible, they have never questioned the 65%...of course even if they had company's FAQ of last week makes it clear the 65% will be contained in the final approved plan...

    I added only some shares on Friday but may liquidate some other stocks to buy Paragon more aggressively ..,

    The longs that listened and added shares a few months ago are now very happy they did...

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    Anything up?

    by jmmarque1 Jul 15, 2016 11:20 AM
    insider_expert insider_expert Jul 15, 2016 3:15 PM Flag

    There is a major problems accessing this message board except from a mobile device...what a pity ...hopefully yahoo will get it fixed soon....

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  • insider_expert by insider_expert Jul 15, 2016 3:12 PM Flag

    The plan's confirmation is now expected to take another couple of weeks or more as the wheels of our legal system grinds forward. On the surface the seems a disappointment but in reality this is no doubt a golden big time opportunity to add as I have been this morning and plan to continue doing don't like uncertainty or holding funds in an stock for too long while waiting for a court's ruling...Imaging what FNMA investors feel as they've been waiting for several years now just to see if they'll have their day in court which in itself, provided they get the chance, may take months or years (and yet the share price is held pretty good).

    Fortunately for Paragon share holders they've had their day in court and the outcome is pretty much clear with only hurdle being a couple months more of wait time...And this is where the opportunity knocks as despite an obvious court outcome the shares are being punished (manipulated?) for absolutely no good reason giving investors opportunity to add as post plan's approval shares price will be several times what it is today...

    One last point: these hearings about Noble is actually what shareholders should want in the hope of getting more out of Noble as I also did not think the plan provided enough relief from all the debts Noble had saddled Paragon with....otherwise I am saying to longs: listen you dummies it is a good thing that term lenders are holding the Noble's feet to the fire ...

    Bottom line : holding back the plan by term lenders with the hope of extracting more out of Noble should be viewed as positive for longs and as markets misread this and shares get punish it presents a major opportunity for longs to add...

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  • Check it out as it answers all questions and more (thanks to an extremely helpful IR under Lee Ahlstrom's leadership)...As we all know markets don't like uncertainty but this latest FAQs takes all uncertainty out...Bottom-line is this court case may drag out until sometimes next months partly because judge is taking few weeks of vacation...Company continues to expect a favorable court ruling with plan approved in its original form...Company also continues to expect to be out of bk this summer; Otherwise all is well and as expected but like most court cases it is going to take a couple of months or so.

    Disclosure: I am long this stock, have not sold any shares this year and have continued to add when possible; Everything posted here are purely IMHO and you should do your own DD.

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  • insider_expert insider_expert Jul 4, 2016 4:46 AM Flag

    there’s a telephonic hearing scheduled for next Friday to discuss the timing for to present testimony about the Noble settlement, which is an important part of the plan. The Term Loan lenders had attacked that settlement during the hearing and Paragon wants the judge to understand more about the settlement and why they believe it’s in the best interests of all involved. So we’ll know more about the rest of the schedule once that hearing is done.

    And so it appears we have to wait longer but as you so well explain both the delay and term lenders pressure to get a better deal from Noble is advantageous to both shareholders and Paragon... The bottom line is that the plan will eventually get approved with minimal to no changes...

    My plan is to add shares should the share prices get a haircut because of the delays...I do strongly believe that this stock is extremely undervalued and will be a multi bagger from here.

    Disclosure : I am long investor this stock and have been adding but have not sold any shares since the beginning of the year. Everything mentioned here is only my opinion and you need to do your own DD ...

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  • insider_expert by insider_expert Jul 1, 2016 3:13 PM Flag

    Someone here had said that next Friday's SC is about turns out Noble it is..,

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    WIll find out he outcome Jul 08!!!

    by xhonda94x Jun 30, 2016 6:47 PM
    insider_expert insider_expert Jul 1, 2016 9:14 AM Flag

    Although, as mentioned, anything is possible with these Status conferences but I disagree with you as the notice clearly refers to Docket 318 (which contains the whole plan of reorganization) as the subject matter and not a single item....Note that in status conference notices it is customary to indicate in general terms what it pertains to and here they saying it specifically pertains to the whole plan. Of course we can speculate all we want but at the end of day we just going to have to wait for next Friday to find out the real reason behind this SC. Good luck.

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  • insider_expert insider_expert Jul 1, 2016 7:44 AM Flag

    It is many many pages but basically at its core is the original PLAN for restructuring with some added amendments (which does not affect us as shareholders) with all the original terms.

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    WIll find out he outcome Jul 08!!!

    by xhonda94x Jun 30, 2016 6:47 PM
    insider_expert insider_expert Jul 1, 2016 7:39 AM Flag

    Status conference (SC) at this stage of post hearing (yesterday was the last day of hearing) generally is planned to announce a settlement by attorneys and not a ruling by the judge...Of course an status conference could be for a number of other reasons and anything is possible; Here is the definition of status conference:

    "a pre-trial meeting of attorneys before a judge required under Federal Rules of Procedure and in many states to inform the court as to how the case is proceeding, what discovery has been conducted (depositions, interrogatories, production of documents), any settlement negotiations, probable length of trial, and other matters relevant to moving the case toward trial. Court rules usually require the filing of a status conference statement prior to the conference. In Federal courts the status conference is also the occasion for setting a trial date"

    While not an attorney, I have been involved in some trials in different capacities and usually scheduling of an SC right after the last scheduled days of trial indicates that one side is decided for whatever reasons they rather settle the case than wait for either extended trial/hearing or for judge to rule; Also note that the notice for SC was filed by debtor's (Paragon) attorney's which is a good initial sign that if the SC is because of a settlement agreement that the debtors like the terms and are rushing in an SC to finalize it before other matters comes up or messes it up.

    Again the SC could be for a number of reasons but my hunch is that a settlement may have been reached based on original plan filed on April 19th; But it is just a hunch !!!

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