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  • psycho picosecond traitors, backed by their O'fer contort n distort shills, will whipsaw markets.
    Innovators will innovate. Ever faster!
    I'll stick with the facts.
    With (Cymer)ASML.

    Françoise Locoh-Donou

    So, George, we’re making a lot of progress. We have over 30 customers now that are deploying 200-gig systems from us and we’re really quite unique in this capability still in the marketplace in terms of the competitive environment. That number is going rapidly as we have roughly about 200 customers now that deploy 100-gig and a lot of these customers are starting to adopt 200-gig and 16QAM technology.

    We’re seeing that initial applications for that are in the metro, but that’s starting to move to more metro regional applications. And as it migrates to metro regional then we’re seeing more customers of that. All of that, George, it’s driven by – we see a lot of needs for increasing capacity effectively across the globe and a lot of our customers don’t have a lot of fiber and so spectral efficiency is very important for them and our 16QAM technology is really leading the market with spectral efficiency.

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  • The 21st will be bit intense like never before. Rapid change is NOT Armageddon. Just the opposite.
    shills insist the 1960's will repeat. The O'fer shills.
    I'll stick will Bezos (until HE is disrupted).
    I'll stick with (Cymer)ASML.

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  • The Fone guys are the 21st version of the 20th PC guys.
    The problem?
    The pace they need to pick is way, way faster.
    The Fone guys are being disrupted just a few years after being acclaimed as geniuses.
    Think Smart Thingy.
    Insist on Cymer. They are here making everyday extraordinary.

    Also during the quarter, Israel based HumanEyes introduced its Vuze 3D 360 degree VR camera targeting consumer via movie production featuring full HD stereo camera pairs and based on Ambarella’s A9SE camera SoC, the camera enables users to capture, import and share 4K 3D 360 degree virtual reality video and stills. And in May, Chinese VR pioneer, Wushilan, announced Insta360 Nano VR camera. Based on Ambarella’s A12 SoC the Nano offers 360 degree video recording in a very small form factor allowing easy direct connections with smartphones.

    In summary, we’re pleased with our execution during the first fiscal quarter of 2016 as we introduced our first 14nm IP camera SoC and continue to see strong design win momentum for our new SoC family across all market sectors. While near term headwinds remain in the wearable sports camera market and there is some supply disruptions of Sony image sensors as a result of April earthquake, we remain confident of a renewed revenue growth, based on our technology leadership, product roadmap and the potential of our current and future market.

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  • The Robot/Drone Age has just started.
    One of many 21st Next Big Thing(ies).
    shills scream Armageddon during very, very exciting times. 7 figure pay contort n distort O'fer shills.

    During the recent Asia CES in Shanghai, Ambarella demonstrated the industry’s widest range of flying camera SoC solutions, including its A12, A9SE and H2 SoC, all supporting 4K or Ultra HD resolution video at 30 or 60 frames per second and the advanced electronic image stabilization.

    In May, Chinese smartphone giant, Xiaomi introduced its new Mi Drone, which offer consumers the combination of a high quality video and affordability. The 1080p60 model sales for approximately $380 and 4K model for $450. The drone cameras are based on Ambarella’s A7L and A12 camera SoC respectively and include advanced features including gimbal-based stabilization, outstanding video quality, automatic takeoff and the full 30-minute of flight time.

    In April, at the International Security Conference held in Las Vegas, Ambarella introduced its latest IP security camera SoC, the S5, targeting professional, high-quality 4K and multi-image IP camera design. S5 is Ambarella’s first 14-nanometer IP camera SoC and supports up to 4Kp100 H.264 or 4Kp60 H.265 video. It’s the industry’s first IP camera SoC to support a new 10-bit HEVC profile for outstanding representation of high contrast scenes and greatly extended color gamut. S5 also includes advanced features, such as 4K multi-exposure High Dynamic Range fusion, 360° de-warping, ultra-low light processing, and quad core A53 ARM CPUs to support advanced analytics.

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  • Looks like Apple forgot to disrupt itself.
    Asus took advantage of the lapse.

    Unlike the MacBook, the ZenBook 3 won't be under-powered. At the top end, you'll be able to configure it with an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB PCIe SSD (which should be faster than a typical SATA drive). The display is covered in Gorilla Glass 4, and it looks like ASUS was also able to slim down the bezel (now the screen covers 82 percent of the laptop's front). The ZenBook 3 packs in a Thunderbolt 3/USB-C port for charging (which it says can juice the laptop's battery up to 60 percent in 49 minutes), and it should deliver around nine hours of typical battery life. As for cooling, ASUS says it's developed the "world's thinnest" fan at just 3mm. There's also a built-in fingerprint sensor with Windows Hello support.

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  • Like I said. Many, Many times. Over many, many years.
    Just the start.

    That’s 134% compounded annual growth for the next five years, and that’s the small growth. Forecasts going further are so large, it’s almost meaningless to plot them – but the forecasts are likely too low.

    Deep learning is the secret weapon for self-driving car algorithms. NVIDIA already calls Tesla, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and Audi as customers with what can only be described as “the guts of the future.”

    We’re just at the beginning of a huge revolution in automative driving and Nvidia is at the center of this change. Revenue in the automotive space grew over 50% year-over-year. While the number still sits small at $79 million, let’s take a look at why that number could grow 40-fold in the next few years. Ian Ing of MKM partners wrote:

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  • While shills harp on 20th HDD hotbox PCs and Cooktops, 2st New Tech Thingies en fuego.

    Last week, Intel Corporation snatched up a computer vision (CV) company called Itseez, Inc. for an undisclosed sum. Computer vision is a burgeoning technology in which computers use cameras to view their surroundings, then analyze what they've seen and make decisions based on it.

    The purchase is a clear sign that Intel is indeed transitioning into an Internet of Things company and away from its PC routes. The company indicated just how important Itseez may be for the future of Intel's Internet of Things plans in a recent press release.
    Here's what Intel senior vice president and general manager of Internet of Things Group Doug Davis said in a statement:
    Itseez will become a key ingredient for Intel's Internet of Things Group (IOTG) roadmap, and will help Intel's customers create innovative deep-learning-based CV applications like autonomous driving, digital security and surveillance, and industrial inspection.
    That's a pretty big reveal considering Intel is essentially staking its future on the Internet of Things and its data center business, after the company announced in April that it's laying off 12,000 employees.
    Here's what the purchase means for Intel
    Intel hasn't clarified exactly how Itseez will be a key ingredient for its IoT ambitions, but it did hint that it would boost its deep learning and driverless car technologies.

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  • gotta hand it to the O'fer shills.
    they contort n distort very, very exciting times into Armageddon.
    The sheeple simply eat it up...
    Being a Buffett groupie, I'll stick with the innovators and entrepreneurs.
    With (Cymer)ASML.

    Today Cavium announced the second generation of their ARM Holdings CPU targeted at the server market. The new chip, the ThunderX2, is expected to be available in the second half of 2017 and appears to be one of the best design specs that has been disclosed for the ARM Holdings ecosystem. There is this small matter of executing to the plan that is required. It is the follow-on to their ThunderX CPU that began sampling early 2015 and was released for production later last year.

    ThunderX2 is a 14nm FinFET design, and the company claims it will deliver 2 to 3 times the performance of ThunderX on select workloads with a higher performance to power ratio. Their plan for the X2 is to include 54 ARMv8.2 cores with a target frequency of 2.4 to 2.8 GHz and up to 3 GHz in turbo mode (versus their current 28nm, 48 core, 2.5GHz design), 32MB of what Cavium calls shared Last Level Cache (LLC), 6 DDR4 memory interfaces running at 3200MHz (1 DPC) or 2966MHz (2 DPC), multiple 10/25/40/100 Gb/s Ethernet (KR) interfaces, enhanced virtualization support (including IO), ARM Holdings Trustzone security and a variety of hardware accelerators. In fact, Cavium’s best opportunity to make an impact in the enterprise space is through these accelerators and a must have a laser focus at providing undeniable value propositions.

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  • Gee whiz.
    the shills had "investor" "concerns" about Armageddon. the Harold Campings shills. The O'fer shills.

    US consumer spending sees biggest jump in 6 years

    Consumer spending surged in April by the largest amount in more than six years, led by a big jump in purchases of autos and other durable goods.

    Consumer spending rose 1 percent last month after a flat reading in March, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday. Incomes were up a solid 0.4 percent, matching the March gain. Wages and salaries, the most important component of incomes, gained 0.5 percent.

    The strong April showing for consumer spending, which accounts for 70 percent of economic activity, is a good sign that the economy is performing notably better this quarter after nearly stalling out at the start of the year. Many economists believe the economy is growing at a 2.5 percent rate, outpacing a 0.8 percent gain in the first quarter.

    An inflation gauge closely watched by the Federal Reserve showed prices are up 1.1 percent over the past year. Core inflation, which excludes volatile food and energy costs, rose 1.6 percent. Both measures are still below the Fed's target of 2 percent annual price increases, but they have ticked up in recent months.

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  • The lagging edge bloated motherboard (with watt sucking heat generating HDDs) makes no sense as Logic, Memory and Storage are in the 1Xnm era.
    A handful of adults will make The All Silicon Solution thingies.

    This lithography sector is large - $5.6 billion in 2015, according to the report entitled "Sub 100nm Lithography: Market Analysis and Strategic Issues," published by The Information Network. This sector alone represents 16.7% of the overall semiconductor equipment market of $33.6 billion.

    There is a smaller lithography sector ($195 million), often overlooked, which is growing at four times the rate of mainstream IC lithography (18.6% versus 4.8%) - Advanced Packaging Lithography.

    Lithography tools are used for patterning Advanced Packages that house leading edge ICs. The semiconductor industry is moving toward advanced packaging, as new products from smartphones, mobile devices, and the IoT demand higher integration of features in an innovative form factor. Fan-out wafer level packaging (FO-WLP), fan-in wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP), flip-chip and 2.5D/3D packaging represent only some of the approaches used today.

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  • jamulmike by jamulmike May 31, 2016 6:16 PM Flag

    Innovation begets even more innovation. Geometrically so.
    Here, history DOES repeat.
    This is just the start.

    Atari announced today that it's partnering with Sigfox to get into the Internet of Things business. Together, they intend to create connected home, pet, lifestyle, and safety products. Work on the new products will begin sometime this year; there's no date yet for when they'll begin to roll out or exactly what products we might see.

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  • 96-layer will have SSS prices "falling off a cliff".
    128? Soon.
    A bunch of other architectures. Soon.
    SSS far, far superior on every metric.
    400G (1TB soon).
    8G (soon).
    Oh soooo much more.

    SSD Adoption in Notebooks May Hit 40% by Year’s End Due to Maturation of TLC Products and Rising HDD Prices, Says TrendForce
    Published May.27 2016,16:30 PM (GMT+8)

    In the mainstream PC-Client OEM SSD market for the second quarter, the average contract prices of TLC- and MLC-based products respectively fell 4~11% and 6~10% compared with the prior quarter, according to DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce. Looking ahead to the third quarter, the overall supply-demand situation in the NAND Flash market may become more balanced. Therefore, the decline in SSDs’ average contract prices will moderate by then because major SSD suppliers will be under less pressure to reduce their inventory stockpiles and can instead focus on increasing profits. Furthermore, Samsung’s next-generation SSDs based on TLC V3 (V-NAND) architecture will exert significant influence on the market during the second half of this year. Changes in SSD contract prices will depend on whether Samsung can successfully mass produce this product.

    DRAMeXchange Senior Manager Alan Chen said HDD suppliers will continue to raise product prices to boost their gross margins. Towards the end of the year, Chen forecasts that the prices of 128GB SSDs will be lower than those of 500GB HDDs, while the price difference between 256GB SSDs and 1TB HDDs will be less than US$5. Thus, SSDs will become more attractive in terms of cost-performance. DRAMeXchange projects that SSD adoption rate in the notebook market will exceed 30% in this year and may even approach the 40% threshold in this fourth quarter.

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